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Tracking Terry - Week 212639 viewsHoly Smokes, I just ripped my pants! O_O

Well, actually, they kinda more like "exploded", but saying that I caused my pants to explode seems a bit too dramatic for me. Especially since it's not like I bursted into flame or anything like that. X/

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is the waistband of my pajama pants apparently couldn't take the strain of my burgeoning belly anymore, so it just gave up and ripped. Which by the way; scared the living daylights out of me. I didn't know pajama pants could rip themselves apart like that! And the only thing that prevented said pants from falling down to my ankles was my ginormous butt! It's like I have a shelf back there now! O_O

And speaking of being ginormous, I'm around five months pregnant now and with a belly like mine, it's starting to get pretty hard to move around. I can still walk (or more accurately waddle X3) from place to place pretty well; but when it comes to things like doorways, I...sometimes get stuck. And when I try to get myself unstuck from said doorways, I sometimes break the frame. Which happened once when I tried to go to the bathroom. *heh, heh* ^_^;

*ahem* Any who, now that I'm startin' to get really big, Michael thinks we should consider moving to a new place. He recently found out about this old house that was both huge and selling for cheap; and he thought that we should get it. He says that not only will I be able to move around better (the new place has huge doorways XD), but our kids will also have more room to play and grow, especially compared to the place we have now. So ultimately, we decided to move. Which, to be honest, we were kinda thinking of doing anyway. It just looks like now; we're going to be moving a lot sooner than originally expected. =P

Alright, I gotta go and get packed. See you guys next time and hopefully in the new house! :D
Tracking Terry - Week 382438 viewsWell, it looks like my pregnancy is just about over now. In the next few days or so, I'll bring all 46 of my kids into the world and then, I'll officially become a mom. Pretty neat, huh? :)

I really do hope everything goes well. My doctor thinks there'll be some problems because of my size, especially in trying to actually get me to the hospital. A few people had to cut a huge hole in the bedroom wall, just so they could get me out of the house (I got too big for the huge doorways XP). And the hospital is also supposed to be sending some kind of special truck to actually carry me there. So at the very least, I guess I'll be going in style. X3

I think the weirdest part about this entire thing are the babies themselves. And I say that because recently, they've been moving around a lot. It doesn't feel like their usual kicking though; it feels more like, dancing I guess. Like, they're just doing a lot of fidgeting around in there. I think they can't wait to meet me, just like how I can't wait to meet them. It's kinda weird when you think about it, isn't it? ^_^;

Oh, it looks like that special truck is here to take me to the hospital now. Michael has my things for the hospital stay and he intends to stay with me the whole time I'm there. Honestly, how sweet is that? XD I feel like a princess whenever he's around and I'm really lucky to have someone like him in my life. <3

Alright, I gotta go now. Hopefully I'll be home again soon and maybe when I get back, I'll have some baby pictures to show you guys. ;)
Tracking Terry - Week 172240 views*heh, heh* This little chipmunk is gettin' biiiiiiiiiiig. =P

I mean seriously, look at me! I'm not even at the half-way mark yet and I'm freakin' huge! XD And not just belly wise either; Oooohoho no. My boobs have grown quite a bit too and now, my rump has gone up from "mommy-butt" status to that of "ghetto-booty", which is a term that my hubby just loves oh so much. X3

Despite all of the added heftiness though (Curse you Little Betty! Why do you have to make such tasty snack cakes?! DX), I'm still having fun and enjoying my pregnancy. Michael is always his sweet, caring and supportive self; so with him around, I'm pretty much always in a good mood. :)

Alright, you guys take care now. I'll see you all later! :)
Tracking Terry - Week 82217 viewsHi guys, it's Terry. It's been about two months now, and certain areas are starting to get bigger now too. And by the way, I'm not talking about my belly here either. X3

As you may or may not have noticed, I'm now a bit bustier than when I first got pregnant. I also have something of a "mommy-butt" going on too. So that's kinda neat; I always wanted to be bigger in those areas. =p

And before anyone asks, no, I don't know why I'm looking up in this picture. I don't know what possessed me to look up at the ceiling, but for some reason I did, and Michael shot me in the act of doing it. I mean really, I have no idea why I would even look up there. I'm gonna end up spending all night just thinking about it, and that's gonna drive me crazy. X(

Well anyway, I guess I'll see you guys next time. Take care! :)
Tracking Terry - Afterword2201 viewsHi guys, I'm back! It's been a few months since you last saw me, so I have a lot of new stuff to talk about! X3

First of all, the birth of all 46 of my babies went very well, even though I was in labor for over 52 hours! DX Also, the babies were all born happy and healthy, with each one weighing in at somewhere around seven pounds, two ounces (A bit smaller than the norm, I know; but hey, at least they're all healthy and that's all that really matters, right? :D). Furthermore, out of all 46 babies only one of them was a girl. The rest were all boys.

Seriously, only one girl and forty-five boys! Doesn't that just blow your mind? O_o

And speaking of my sweet little princess, Michael and I decided to name her Lily; after his grandmother. We thought the name fit her well and she seems to like it too, so we just went with it. As for the boys, I won't list all of their names; because that would take forever! DX Here are a few of their names though, in case anyone was curious: John, Jacob, William, Eric, Samuel, Michael (Jr.), Robert, Reuben, and Kyle. :)

In regards to the photo, Lily can be seen here sleeping on top of my chest (She thinks I'm a pillow. Isn't that adorable? XD). I've lost a little bit of my baby weight, but I'm still pretty hefty; which is still pretty obvious in certain places. Xp I've also been producing a lot of milk lately. The babies always drink me dry though, leaving me at the size you see now (Which is good; because if they didn't, my boobs would be the size of freakin' mountains! D:). Oh and last but not least, that big, rounded belly you see in the photo isn't fat; it's actually a belly full of babies. X3

That's right folks; I'm pregnant, AGAIN! Seriously, my first litter of munchkins isn't even three months old yet, and already I'm cooking up a new batch of buns in this oven. X3 Like last time, I'm about a month into my pregnancy and I can already tell that I'm gonna be huge. I might get even bigger than last time! XD

Unlike my first pregnancy though, Michael and I probably won't be able to document it. We have 46 little-ones to take care of now, after all. It's not like we have a lot of free-time to play around with. ^_^;

So yeah, I guess I won't see you guys around anymore. But who knows? Maybe I'll see you all again sometime. :)

So until then, take good care of yourselves guys! I hope to see you all again real soon! XD
Tracking Terry - Week 122146 viewsHey there, it's Terry again. Three months in and I'm still growing. :) We visited the doctor's office not too long ago, and we were able to get an ultrasound. He says all of the babies are doing fine, but the doctor also said that he wasn't able to count all the kids that I have in here. The poor guy lost track somewhere around 27. 27 kids; wild, eh? X3

Also, I'm starting to get those pregnancy cravings I've been hearing so much about. However, they're not your typical "pickles and ice cream" sort of cravings. They're more like the "chocolate mint fudge, wrapped in bacon and halibut" type cravings. The concoctions I'm eating are disgusting and vile, but oh so nice and tasty all at the same time! Talk about bizarre. X3

And speaking of cravings, I'm hungry like, all the time now. Seriously, I can't seem to go five minutes without eating something sweet, or salty, or both. Michael caught me snacking on a Nutter-Butter bar when he took this picture. I don't mind it too much though; a mother has to provide nutrition for babies after all, am I right? =P

Oh man, I'm starting to get hungry again just thinking about that Nutter-Butter bar. I'm gonna go see if I can find any more of those candy bars around the house. I'll see you guys later. :)
Full Term2062 viewsAs Emeralis reaches full term, her poor overcrowded womb moans and groans each passing minute as it stretches tighter and tighter, swelling with eggs. Ruby and Cassie are there to help her and have brought an oil to ease the pressure off her expanding womb
Tracking Terry - Intro2034 viewsHi all! My name's Teresa Mosby, but you guys can just call me Terry. And guess what...

I'm pregnant! Isn't that awesome?! XD

My hubby Michael was the one that did the deed, and in nine months time, I'm gonna be a mom. Seriously, how cool is that? :) Anyway, even though that's pretty awesome, here's the real kicker. You see the pic of me up there in the viewer? How far along do you think I am? Two, three, maybe even four months?

Well, guess what? I'm actually 5 days pregnant.

Did ya hear that guys? Five DAYS!

I'm only five days pregnant, and already I have a fairly noticeable belly going on. So needless to say, my hubby and I were rather surprised to see that we were gonna have a pretty big family. But you know what? We're also really excited about it too. Michael and I love kids, so naturally, we both think my pregnancy's awesome. XP

Also, Michael thought it would be cool to record my progress. And since we're gonna be taking pictures of my pregnancy, I figured, why not share them with the rest of the world, right?

So here I am, five days into my pregnancy and sporting my favorite pair of PJs. Don't I just look adorable? X3
Tracking Terry - Week 42014 viewsHey all! Terry here and I'm now four weeks into my pregnancy. I just started this gig and I already look like I'm about to pop! X3

Sorry for striking the same pose as my last pic. Michael thinks the best way to show off my belly is to take a profile shot like this one. I guess it kinda makes sense when you think about it. The profile shot is supposed to be the best way to show off one's size, right? Also, he wants me to wear my PJs for the pics for as long as I can, which doesn't really bother me any. They are my favorite pair after all. XP

And in other news, I'm just having a blast with my newfound preggyness. I love showing off my belly and telling people that I'm only one month pregnant. Seriously, the looks on their faces are all just priceless! XD

Alright, I gotta go now. I'll see you guys again in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! :)
Cream and Cream again.2011 viewsThis came about from an odd idea I had. No father for Cream is ever mentioned. So could it have been possible for Vanilla to have conceived via Parthenogenesis? And if Vanilla could do it, what's to say that Cream herself can't?
Tracking Terry - Week 341944 viewsOh wow; my sheer hugeness is starting to get just plain ridiculous now. ^_^;

At eight months in, my belly is now actually touching the floor. A flat dolly (i.e. a giant skateboard-like thingy =p) was put under my belly so that I could just push it around. Thus making it easier for me to move about the house (BTW, you can't see it because my dress is covering it up). Also, other parts of my body are still growin' too. My butt looks to be big enough to have its own zip-code now, and my rack makes Pamela Anderson look like some kind of flat-chested, twig-girl. X(

So on the whole, all of this bigness is kinda making me feel a little bit embarrassed about myself, as well as a little bit...well...unattractive. :( Don't get me wrong; it's not like I'm in a "OH GOD, I LOOK HIDEOUS!" kind of mood. And Michael still tells me I look beautiful, even though I could probably crush him purely by accident. X3

Still though, it's kinda hard to feel good about yourself when you have to depend on your hubby for virtually everything. Michael even has to help me with things like getting dressed and bathing, and because of that fact, I sometimes feel like I'm being a burden to him. :( And yet, somehow, someway, he always seems to know just the right thing to say to make me feel better. And I guess that's why I love him. He always gives me his love and support, even if I don't deserve it. So thanks honey, *sniff* I love you so much. <3

...oh, sorry, I didn't mean to get all mushy like that. ^_^;

Well, I better get going now before I make you guys cry. So see you all next time, okay? :)
Tracking Terry - Week 251805 viewsHey everyone, Terry here! After going through a lot of hassle, we just finished moving into the new house (we got some help from a lot of good friends, of course :)). The place just looks awesome; it's so much bigger and prettier than I ever thought it would be! X3 I mean sure, there are a few things that need to be fixed here and there, but on the whole, I just love the new place. I can't wait to get fully settled in! XD

Also, I'm about six months into my pregnancy now, so that means it was about time for another doctor's visit. With the help of some new-fangled ultrasound machine, the doc was able to better see all of the babies (which are still very healthy :D). It turns out I don't have 27 kids moving around in there like Michael and I originally thought. Instead, we actually have 46 kids in this preggy belly of mine.

Seriously; 46! I'm not getting a huge family; I'm getting a small army! It's mind-boggling! O_o

Oh and lastly, ever since the "exploding pants incident", Michael convinced me to start wearing this uber-stretchy maternity gown that he got me; which is okay I guess. I mean yeah, it looks nice and I don't have to worry about ripping up my pants anymore (which is a huge plus X3), but why did it have to be so purple? I mean really, purple?!

And why does it have to be so tight-fitting? Honestly, it just leaves so little to the imagination! XD

Alright, I gotta go now. See you guys soon! :)
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