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Banner 17: Year of the (Gravid) Dragon152 viewsJanuary 2012 Banner
Artist: Zephr

Starting off the new year, I decided to give tribute to the animal for the Chinese New Year. And don't worry, I'm sure Vanessa (or Dranessa, lol?) will be back to bunny in no time X3 But first, fireworks!
Banner 16: Cookies From Santa64 viewsDecember 2011 Banner
Artist: Wallaroo

It seems Vanessa Love got some delightful gifts from ol' Saint Nick, and it looks like she was a GOOD girl this year =3 Happy Holidays!
Banner 10: Beautiful Belly! Quite.171 viewsJune 2011 Banner
Artist: Wallaroo

Momma-Vicky had decided to get herself some nice BBQ started, whether by desire for a party with other fecund friends or by desire from her litter to have a massive feast. She seems to be tasting the food for flavor, and I don't think we'd mind, so long as she leaves some for the rest of us! :P A great way to start off the summer!

Momma-Vicky (c) her Player
Banner 11: Little Patches of Heaven272 viewsJuly 2011 Banner
Artist: Soulless

While some are busily feasting on barbeques and swimming in pools, Soulless's overly-fertile doggie Pappy is enjoying a cool day indoors, with her massive litters inside and outside of her full belly.

Pappy (c) Soulless
Banner 13: Vanessa Love and the Maternal Magic1084 viewsSeptember 2011 Banner
Artist: rother0

Welcome back to school! And if you happen to go to a magical school, make sure you study the difference between floating feathers and creating massive litters, both being quite similar to cast!
Banner 15: Curl Up with a Good Book113 viewsNovember 2011
Artist: Rother

Vanessa Love has decided to enjoy the late snowy evening with a little reading. A few of her latest litter have been fussing a bit, perhaps even about the blizzard. So she tells them a story to help calm them down.
Banner 01 - Tina Coyote and Rena335 views(... to 12/22/09)

This here Banner sat in the Forum's Header for a number of years, since the move to the new forum setup in which we currently reside. Compiled together, this is comprised of two works by Dorian-Dark-Phoenix, a member of the site who has been quiet here for a while. The subjects are Tina Coyote, Willie Coyote's sister who ordered fertility pills from ACME Co. (meep!), and a Purple Renamon (she has a name, but I cannot recall), who is heavy with kin. As nice as the subjects are, it is also nice to see the site evolve and change around with the times. I hope Dorian provides us with more delightful pics in the future, but until then, we'll remember these two for quite a while ^^

Artwork (c) Dorian-Dark-Phoenix
Banner 02 - Pregnant Silhouettes227 views(12/22/09 to ...)

Currently, this banner resides on the Right Side of the Header for the Forums. It was this that spurred the discussion to have more active Banner art, akin to Furaffinity. The art was actually created by Wallaroo, an artist whose art is right here! In fact, his silhouettes shown here are but two of a number he made, viewable in his Gallery. Other species may replace the two girls over time, but for now, cat and mouse it is!

Art (c) Wallaroo
Banner 03 - Anailaigh under the Night Sky335 views(12/22/09 to 2/08/10)

As we discussed the new Banner system, a members named Anailaigh wanted to express her interest in a banner she had submitted to wolfie before (though she questioned as to whether or not she sent it to him). Now, here it is! The work was done by artist Malmad, and in it, we see Anailaigh the Zeolf (Zebra wolf) laying back in a dark forest and watching the night sky with her growing offspring. D'awww.

Art (c) Malmad
Anailaigh (c) Her Player
Banner 04 - Mia's Dream467 views(2/8/10 to 5/31/10)

The winner of the 3rd Art Challenge (Dreams) was Orbatrix, whose character Mia is pictured here. As the story goes, Mia is a young dragoness and has an odd dream in which she becomes the mother of many dragons, breastfeeding, raising, and carrying many many children. Little did she know that she was, in fact, experiencing foresight and would wake up swollen with the first of hundreds! D'awww. Anyways, Zephr created this banner as a prize for winning.

Art and Character (c) Orbatrix
Banner Design (c) Zephr
Banner 05 - Mixed Space Species361 views(6/1/10 to ...)

The fourth contest was to produce a species that was alien-like and pregnancy related. There was a tie between Orbatrix and Zeppy for their species, both of which are not shown here. In a tiebreaker, they drew these two species, and Zeppy won by a hair! Still, I could not let Orbatrix's art hide away, too, considering the tie. So, the dual winners get their pics on this banner! ^^

Art and Character (c) Orbatrix and Zeppy
Banner Design (c) Zephr
Banner 06: Get Behind us, but not BEHIND us229 viewsArtist: Orbatrix

Posted after the completion of Art Challenge 5, which asked to depict an Oops moment relevant to the site. There were a few entries, and Orbatrix took the gold again. In this image, a worker drone has been unfortunate enough to be guarding her backside when she suddenly sneezes, sending a large amount of her bounty to cover the poor worker. At least the eggs had a soft landing!
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