What if she was REALLY pregnant?

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Challenge 01: Back to School


Back to college, high school, or wherever. When pregnancy gets involved, it can make a bad first day even worse (or for a select few, even better ;3 )

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Challenge 02: Heaven and Hell


The darkest of the depths of Hades and the brightest heights of the Heavens combine, and pregnancies tend to result.

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Challenge 03: First Crush


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Last additions - Story Challenges
"Love Your Rival" by Pokeblue22 viewsA mistake with paperwork sends two furs together, and while things begin quite angrily between the rivals, something spurs between the two that is sure to change things for the better.Feb 16, 2016
"Snowbound" by Nexia Hatch17 viewsIn a snowbound cabin, a pair of lovers reminisce the first day they met...not a normal day. [contains mature themes including death and implied rape, be warned!]Feb 16, 2016
"Breaking the Line" by Pokeblue21 viewsHunting a particular demon seems to be harder than it looks, and when work follows the huntress home, she learns that the pleasures of the body, and the swelling aftermath, might be the darkness's strongest weapon against her.Feb 16, 2016
"Daimonion" by Orbatrix23 viewsWhen a heavenly being realizes that her offspring may bring about the apocalypse, she faces great concern and growth within her body. Thankfully, she has support from her Cherubs and help from an unlikely source.Feb 16, 2016
"Heaven and Hell" by Nexia Hatch12 viewsWhen a Geisha falls pregnant as a result of a romp with her lover, her life appears to start falling apart, but life finds a way to bring her into a greater future and a loving family. What does this have to do with the theme? Read and find out ;3Feb 16, 2016
"Asgard or Nifleheim?" by Arngrim11 viewsAn animal hybrid suffers a fatal car crash, but in the afterlife, he learns that his purpose in the new land might be more unique and prosperous than anything he may have done in the mortal realm.Feb 16, 2016
"Maternity Stay" by Zephr22 viewsThe first day of school from a unique point of view, especially when that point of view is a teacher who may had quite the active summer.Feb 16, 2016
"Sanity's Requiem: Birth of Ricril (Part 1)" by Nexia Hatch19 viewsSchool starts to a rocky start for a girl with a unique lineage and a very other-worldly being growing within her womb. Warning: violent outbursts and some gore to top it off. Feb 16, 2016
"Sex Ed (Hyper Edition)" by Karma25 viewsThe first day of college becomes quite interesting when a hyperfur school forced students into a very special version of Sex Education. Feb 16, 2016
"Breed-a-thon" by Codify31 viewsA wolf finds himself involved in a very unique way for schoolgirls to raise money for their sports teams. Who needs a bake sale when you get lots of muffins in the oven?Feb 16, 2016