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Author Topic: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....  (Read 74029 times)

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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #45 on: October 29, 2005, 05:33:41 am »


“Alright, while I agree that the girls desperately need to go the temple of Althea, it’s over two months away for those who can travel quickly.”  Lita said as she shook her head at her old friend’s suggestion.  “And there’s really no way they can travel quickly.”

“That is why you must take the shortest route.”  JorAhn said as he looked out the window, a mixture of thoughtfulness and concern growing on his face.

“Through the Blackmarsh?”  Cole blurted as he realized what the aged lion was contemplating.  “I don’t think that’s such a good plan.”   

“It’s a dangerous journey, but I believe it to be the only way to help these girls.”  JorAhn said as he looked at Rayne, Mara, and Masha.  

Talon looked at both Masha and Mara for a moment, feeling his desire to kill Rashelle fading against the knowledge that both these females were very likely carrying his children.  His gaze shifted over to Rayne, who was also in desperate need of help if she were to carry the nethercubs to full term.  He then thought of the Blackmarsh for a moment, a place filled with mutated creatures left over from the last conflict of the ancients.  Still, it was the fastest way to the temple.

“If it’s the only way to get them help, I’ll go with them.”  The wolfcoon said as he looked at both the vigresses and the cheegress.  “I’ve been in the region before, although never in the Blackmarsh itself.”

“And I can’t let them go without a healer to watch over them.”  Lita said as she looked back at JorAhn.  “They need me.”

JorAhn looked to the small table where Cole and Kamber were sitting, measuring each of them with his good eye for a moment.  

“And what of you?”  The aged lion asked them as he leaned back against Lita’s small work table.

“I’ve been to the temple before, but I’ve never been through the ‘marsh.”  Kamber said as she thought about the prospect of dealing with the creatures she’d seen in texts.  “I’ll go if it will help them.”  The young mage said as she fought off a shudder.

“I’ve fought some of the things from the Blackmarsh before.  They’re nasty.”  Cole said as he shifted in his chair, trying to find a more comfortable position for his aching ribs.  “We’ll need more warriors.”

“I’m certain I can find at least one more here in town, and have another join you later.” JorAhn said as he pulled a small amulet out of his tunic, examined it for a while, then pressed a small button on it’s surface.  

A small green light illuminated the amulet from within as the aged warrior turned scholar removed it from his neck and handed it to Lita.  She marveled at the strange amulet for a moment, then put it on.  

“That will lead an old friend to you.”  JorAhn said as he placed his hand on the young healer’s shoulder.  “The other is Keyren, whom you already know.”

Lita felt heat wash over her as she thought of the well muscled young lion.  She felt a flutter from within her abdomen as her nipples hardened.  The young snow leopardess shook her head as her thoughts began to grey and primal need took their place.  

“Excuse me a moment.”  She said absently as she quickly left the room.

Lita closed the door to her small kitchen and went to the basin, pumping cold water until there was enough to dunk her head.  The shock of the frigid water helped snap her out of her nearly overwhelming sexual arousal, allowing her to think more clearly.

“What the hells is happening to me...”  Lita thought as she placed a hand on her slightly bulging abdomen.

The young healer took another small piece of root from her pouch and placed it in her mouth.  She closed her eyes and chewed it for a moment, then swallowed the chunk.  

“That should keep me focused for a while.”  Lita thought to herself.  “A dose that size should kill my sex drive for a month.”

The young snow leopardess turned and walked back into the main room, her mind only slightly clouded by the hormones coursing through her system.  JorAhn looked at her with concern evident in his good eye as she folded her arms across her chest, trying to stop the slight tingling sensation from her breasts.

“Before you go, there are preparations to be made.”  The aged lion said as he looked the group over once again.  “I will return shortly with a few items you will find useful.”

“You can’t go out there ”  Kamber said as JorAhn turned and began to open the door.  “The netherhound....”

“Would do well not to trouble me.”  JorAhn said as he half turned to face the group once more.  “I may have grown older, but I still have ways of dealing with netherbeings.”

The aged lion then turned and opened the door, stepping through the protective energy barrier and casually walked into the early morning darkness.

Nesha looked at the old lion with amusement as he walked across the small garden area toward his home.  The netherhound chuckled to herself as she slipped into a deep shadow nearby and emerged from the darkness just in front of JorAhn.

“So, you are the one who can see me in the shadows.”  She mused as she began to formshift before him.  “You should have stayed inside the shield old one.”

“But then I would have been deprived of your company.”  JorAhn said as he looked on, watching as she grew several feet taller.  

“You are a fool old one.”  Nesha growled as she bared her fangs, slowly moving closer to JorAhn’s neck.

“Am I?”  JorAhn taunted as she drew within inches.

The aged lion suddenly reached forward, touching the netherhound with one hand as he uttered a strange word that seemed to take but a moment and last for hours to the netherhound.   Nesha flew backwards as energies arced through her, binding her to the aged lion for several seconds.  JorAhn roared as the combined energies coursed through him.  Nesha could feel herself fading as her life force was drained away, leaving her weakened and writhing on the ground before him.  She managed to raise her head and look at him one last time before a blackness she couldn’t control descended over her.

JorAhn shook his head as he leaned heavily against the nearby garden wall.  The magicks he’d just used were dangerous and very draining, nearly as much to the user as to the target.  He stood, smiling as he noted that one of the spell’s effects had worked quite well.  He chuckled to himself as he stepped over Nesha’s fallen form and opened the rear door to his house.


Rashelle panted as she watched her personal healer, a tall female albino mink, slowly walk around her.  The dark vixen rubbed her full term with twins sized belly with both hands as the healer shook her head and chuckled.  

“While I can’t say for certain if this will interfere magickally with the ritual you described, I am fairly certain that if you attempt to contain more cubs, you will most likely burst.”  The healer said as she touched the dark vixen’s burgeoning belly.  “Not to mention the cubs you are carrying are some sort of ‘taur form I’ve never seen before.  What in the seven hells did you breed with?”

“Nesha got me pregnant.  Then I had sex with Toridar.  After that I fell asleep in my study.”  Rashelle said as she fought off a wave of desire and confusion.  “When I woke up, I found myself far more pregnant than I should be by now.”

“I’m not sure what’s causing the extreme rate of growth or the multiples, but I have a feeling that you are going to get very large before this is over.”  The mink said as she touched one of Rashelle’s engorged breasts, causing Rashelle to quiver in anticipation.

“I keep you around specifically to deal with any problems that affect me.  You are a healer   Do something about this ”  The dark vixen growled as she felt another wave of desire wash over her.  “My plans are already in motion.  I have to be ready when the female is brought here ”

“Then you’ll need to use something like the artifact you’ve got stuck in Terah, because if you try to shift any more cubs into your womb without something to heal you in that fashion, you’ll split wide open.”  The mink said as she folded her arms beneath her large breasts.  “I’m perfectly willing to help.  After all, I do love it when you experiment.  I just wish you would exercise more restraint when dealing with Nesha.  You know I think she’s more dangerous than you believe her to be.”

“I know she’s dangerous, just as you are.”  Rashelle said as she struggled against another wave of desire from her loins.  “And that is why I keep you both of you around.”

The mink smiled at Rashelle’s words as she walked slowly behind the sorceress, throwing a shapely leg over the padded exam bench that the dark vixen was sitting on.  She drew herself close behind the heavily pregnant sorceress, wrapping her arms around Rashelle and cupping each of her now F-cup sized breasts, causing milk to run freely from her nipples.   The healer then began to softly nibble the side of Rashelle’s neck.

“Erin, I do hope........you aren’t planning.......to bite me.”  Rashelle panted as the mink began to gently squeeze her nipples, spraying milk onto the bench and floor.  

“But you have so much blood in you now.”  The mink healer whispered as she felt her fangs with her tongue.  “You know I’d not change you.”

“If you need........to suck on something..........make it my breasts.”  Rashelle said as she felt herself growing wetter with need.  “They’re getting.........painfully full.”

“As you wish mistress.”  Erin almost purred as she seemingly flowed around Rashelle, settling onto the bench in front of her.  

The albino vampire began to expertly lick and fondle the dark vixen’s huge breasts, causing milk to spurt from Rashelle’s hardened nipples.  The sorceress moaned as the mink began to take pulls of milk from her engorged breasts, her head thrown back in delight.  Erin gently caressed Rashelle’s belly, feeling the quickened beat of Rashelle’s pulse beneath the drumhead tight skin as she slowly worked her hand beneath the sorceress’ distended belly.  Rashelle gasped as the mink slipped her fingers deeper and deeper inside her sex, slowly working the sorceress’ most sensitive areas toward climax.  The dark vixen shuddered as she felt orgasm approaching, the sensations so great within her that she didn’t notice Erin nick her nipple with a razor sharp fang.  The mink then took long steady pulls of the sorceress’ blood mingled milk, her hand now fully within Rashelle’s cunny.  Erin switched to the dark vixen’s other breast, gently nicking the nipple with a fang as Rashelle’s breathing quickened.  She sucked harder as the dark sorceress raced toward climax, taking in as much of the pinkened milk as she could.  

“AAAAAHHhhhhhhh   ”  Rashelle finally cried as she felt her uterus contract in orgasm.  “YYYYEEssssss..........”

Rashelle arched her back as the orgasm drew on, eventually pulling away from Erin’s mouth as the mink continued to use her hand to stimulate the dark vixen’s sex.  Finally, Erin slowly withdrew her hand from Rashelle’s sex, then crawled atop the panting sorceress, feeling Rashelle’s belly press into her as she lay gently on top of the dark vixen.  Erin could feel the many pulses within Rashelle’s gravid belly as she licked her fingers clean.  

“I hope that cures some of what ails you mistress.”  Erin said as she licked each of Rashelle’s nipples, healing the small wounds left by her fangs.  “I know it made me feel better.”
“Better, and more focused.”  Rashelle said as lay on the bench, enjoying the vampire mink’s weight atop her.  “I believe handling the contents of my trunk is to blame for my present condition.”

“I’ve warned you to take more precautions with those potions.”  Erin said as she traced the outside area of Rashelle’s areola with a fingertip.  “I trust you do have another healing rod?”

“Of course I do.”  Rashelle said with frustration evident in her voice.  “I always keep a few of those around for when I play with things.”

“Most of your playthings do end up broken after a while.”  Erin teased as she lifted herself off the dark vixen slowly.  “Makes me glad most things can’t harm me.”

“I can.”  Rashelle said with a touch of menace.  “But I like to play with things that scream easier.”

Erin slowly stood beside the padded bench, her gaze gliding over Rashelle’s pregnant form.  She slowly swung a leg over the sorceress’ head, lifting herself onto the bench so that her sex was directly above Rashelle’s face.  

“You can try to get me to make other noises too, you know.”  Erin said as she began fingering the dark vixen’s cunny again.  

“Make me cum again, and I’ll let you have your way with a guard of your choosing.”  Rashelle said as she writhed beneath the mink.  “That should make you happy.”

“Then cum you shall.”  Erin whispered as she began to lick the sorceress’ dripping sex.

Rashelle shuddered as the vampire’s tongue slipped expertly around inside her cunny, sending shockwaves of pleasure racing through her.  The sorceress lifted her short muzzle to the mink’s awaiting sex, alternately licking and biting as the mink atop her quivered.   Erin paused in wonder as she felt the number of pulses within the gravid sorceress’ belly again, realizing there were more than during her examination earlier.  She smiled as she went back to her work, wondering just how many were likely to be inside Rashelle when they eventually got finished.


Keyren walked quickly through the darkened streets toward the healer’s home.  His uncle’s mental message had been somewhat cryptic, but then, most of what his uncle did seemed that way.  The young lion shook his head as he thought about his destination for a moment.  He had already been to Lita’s house earlier, and had noted she looked as though she’d been attacked.  Now Keyren’s thoughts were a mixture of excitement to see the young snow leopardess and concern for her.  As he rounded a poorly lit corner, he paused at the sight of several figures moving through the gloom ahead of him.  Four heavily armed and armored males being led by a collared female.  By the way they were moving, he doubted they had good intentions.   Keyren began to approach them, cutting through one of the small stands of trees that divided a small garden from the local smith’s yard so he could gain some ground on them without having to overtly give chase.  As the young lion stepped between two small saplings, his foot caught on something in the shadows.  Keyren glanced downward, only to see his friend Keldar’s lifeless form.  

“Oh gods.”  Keyren gasped as he starred in disbelief.

The chest plate of Keldar’s armor was cleaved in half, exposing a single fatal wound to the chest.  Keyren looked up in time to see the group disappear down a side street, in the direction of his uncle’s house.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #46 on: October 29, 2005, 05:35:47 am »


“It’s almost insanely dangerous, but it’s the quickest way to the temple.”  Talon said as he looked up from his conversation with Kamber and Cole to steal a glance at the girls as they bathed and washed in Lita’s only real luxury item, a huge copper tub.  “And by the looks of things, we need to be as fast as possible.”

“But what about this Kaden that’s following them.”  Cole asked as his gaze lingered on Rayne for a moment.  “Shouldn’t we deal with him first?”

“Kaden isn’t my real concern, it’s Rashelle.”  Talon said as he realized the effect watching the girls was having on him.  He shook his head as he looked away, trying to find something interesting on the table to stare at.  “She’s the whole reason I’m involved in the first place.”

“And how do you happen to know that black hearted bitch?”  Kamber almost hissed as she slowly moved back from the edge of the table.

“I want her dead.”  Talon said quietly.  

“There are many who want to see that.”  Cole said as he watched Talon carefully.  “But few willing to try.”

“That’s because most assassins find themselves very dead before they can kill her.”  Talon mused as he traced a small crack in the table with his claw.  “Mainly because they’re trying to survive the entire encounter.  I wasn’t going to delude myself.  I was planning to die trying at least.”

“You sound as though you’ve changed your mind.”  Kamber said as she allowed herself to relax.  “What made you change your mind?”

“I started caring more about the living than the dead.”  Talon sighed as he looked over at the girls again.

The rear door swung open as JorAhn stepped through carrying a long bundle under his arm.  The aged lion chuckled as he looked at the girls bathing.

“Ah, youth.”  He sighed as he placed the bundle on the table between Talon and Cole.  “The netherhound isn’t a problem for the moment.”

“How did you.....”  Kamber trailed off as JorAhn opened the canvas bundle, revealing several weapons and other items.

“A trick I picked up long ago.”  JorAhn said as he stepped back from the table.  “These are a few items my old friends and I gathered on our travels.  I’ve not used them in some time, and I thought you might find them beneficial.  I know we did.”

Kamber’s mouth hung agape as she stared at the items now covering the tabletop.  Some were so heavily enchanted they very nearly shimmered in the dim lights of the young healer’s home.  Others were obviously creations of the ancients, products of a bygone era whose secrets were lost, at least to most.  The young vixen gingerly lifted a short staff made of a metal she’d never seen before.  It felt warm to the touch and caused her hands to tingle until she centered and grounded.  The young mage then held it as though she were using it to spellcast, and was shocked to realize she had access to magicks she’d never even heard of.  

“That wonderful item was the staff of Archmagistress Theranna, of the Southern Empire.”  JorAhn said as he looked thoughtfully at the item.  “It is a very potent trinket.  One the Imperial guard would very much like to have back.”

Cole picked up a leather bundle of what appeared to be swords, only to find they were a perfectly matched set of blades, of eastern design.  As he drew the longest of the blades from its scabbard, he realized where he’d heard of this set.
“Are these Marisha’s blades?”  He almost whispered in awe.

“Indeed they are.”  The aged lion said as his good eye filled unconsciously with tears.  “Those blades predate the very empires of the ancients.  She told me to pass them on to someone worthy of their history.  I do that now, and ask that when the time comes, you do the same.  As she said, they’ve much fight left in them.”

Talon lifted a strangely light short bow arrayed with a pulley system, counterweights, sights and other strange items he didn’t recognize.  The whole of the bow was just over half the length of his longbow, and only a fraction of the weight.  To his astonishment, when he drew it back and made ready to hold it against it’s own tension, the string seemed to almost relax, requiring no more than a finger’s strength to hold ready.

“That is known as a compound bow.”  JorAhn said as Talon released and re drew the bow.  “While it may not be enchanted, in the hands of a practiced archer, it is quite deadly.”  The old lion then lifted a small red and white case from the bundle.  “Lita, this is for you.”

“A field healer’s kit ”  The young snow leopardess exclaimed as she took the case, setting it on another of her tables and opening it.

“I was going to give it to you this coming Yule, provided there wasn’t some emergency before then.”  JorAhn said as the young healer turned and hugged him.  “I believe the current situation qualifies.”

As the young healer turned back to explore the contents of the case, JorAhn looked to Mara, Masha, and Rayne.   They had finished bathing and were beginning to look tired once again.

“And for you three I’m afraid I’m ill equipped to provide anything that you would find of use, but I do have enough field gear to ensure that your journey is comfortable.”  He said as he motioned to a large pack sitting inside the door.  “And should you need to defend yourselves, these.”

JorAhn pulled three small devices from his pocket, each in a very snug fitting leather cover.  

“These are called revolvers.”  He knelt and placed them on a small chair.  “They are quite powerful, but each can only be used five times.  I never was able to find more of the projectiles they use.”

The aged lion pulled one of the pistols from it’s cover and quickly instructed the girls in their use, taking care not to let the girls handle them until he’d done so.  As he handed Mara hers, the rear door swung open as Keyren quickly stepped inside, peering into the gloom outside intently before he closed and barred the door.  

“Uncle, ...........we have a problem.”  The young lion said as he turned, breathing hard after his sprint to get to his uncle before the armed group.  He paused as he looked about the room.  “There.........are..”

Keyren looked at the group for a brief moment, his eyes lingering on Lita for a moment, then on Rayne as he recognized her.  He quickly refocused himself as JorAhn stood and walked toward him.

“There is a group..... after the girls here.”  Keyren explained hastily as he did a double take at Masha as she stood, revealing her nude, pregnant form as she wrapped blankets about her.  “They’ve already killed Keldar, possibly more, and they aren’t far behind me.  At least one of then has an enchanted weapon.”  He shuddered as he thought of the deep wound beneath the remains of Keldar’s armor.

“Then you shall need this.”  JorAhn said as he pulled a long, oil stained item from behind the travel pack.  “My old blade.”

“You’re giving me Starless? ”  Keyren gasped as he suddenly felt like a small cub on Yule evening.  He quickly reminded himself of the reason he was there.  

“Indeed.  You are as ready as I was when it was given to me.”  The aged lion said as he unwrapped the blade and handed it to his nephew.   “How many are there?”

“Four that I know of, plus what I think is a tracker.”  Keyren said as he looked at Talon and Cole, then to Kamber.

Just as JorAhn opened his mouth to speak, an alarm horn sounded outside. Talon and Cole looked out the window to see Kaden and his group roughly half a block away, being approached by roughly eight of the settlement’s guards.  JorAhn and the others moved to the remaining small windows, just in time to see the guards surround Kaden’s small group.


“Lay down our arms?”  Kaden asked.  “No.  We’ll be keeping them.  I suggest you leave us to our business, if you want to see the morning.”

“We know you killed a guardsman, and you’ll answer for that.”  Said the lead guard, a hulking grizzly, as he lifted his mace into a ready position.  “Now.  Lay down your arms.  This is your final warning.”

“Now Kaden, they clearly have us outnumbered.”  Said the sabretooth as he stepped forward.  “Perhaps we should take that into consideration..”

“Indeed.”  Kaden replied calmly.  “What do you suggest Marko?”

“Let me introduce them to the rest of our party.”  The sabretooth smiled as Kaden’s expression turned puzzled.

“Enough chatter ”  The grizzly guardsman roared as he brought up his shield.  “Have at them ”

As the guards started to leap forward, Marko held his halberd aloft and chanted a short incantation.  A flash of crimson light blinded everyone for a moment, halting the guards’ advance.  Thick red fog rose from the ground as Marko chuckled.

“Kill the mage ”  The lead guard shouted as he realized what was happening.

As the guard took a step forward, a massive black and red form seemed to spring from the crimson fog, landing full atop him.  A thickly muscled, red and black arm raised a wicked looking axe backed hammer above where the grizzly had fallen, then brought it down with a sickening crunch.  Other huge forms rose from the fog, dragging more of the guards down and out of sight.  Screams filled the street as the monstrous rhino-like creatures tore the guards apart.  Lights began to come on in the surrounding buildings as Kaden and the others attacked the remaining three terrified guards.  More guards appeared, attracted by the commotion, some rushing in to rescue those in the clutches of the creatures, other standing petrified in absolute horror at the scene before them.  

Kaden lifted his ensorcelled axe again, ready to bring it down on the fallen form of the guardsman he’d wounded, when a brass horn rang out from behind him.  Kaden turned to see a full rank of Imperial soldiers take a knee, revealing the archers behind them.

“Archers, Ready, Silver ”  Called a female voice from behind the wall of shields.

“Damn it ”  Kaden spat as he watched the well trained Imperial archers draw white shafted, silver tipped arrows in perfect unison.  “Fall back ”

“FIRE ”   The female voice shouted as the Reavers Marko had summoned turned to face the line of troops.
The Reavers shrieked as silver arrows cut deep  into their normally impervious hides, causing them to retreat back into the thick red fog as Kaden and his group turned and bolted down a small alley.  

“Damn Imperials.”  Marko hissed as they rounded a corner, pausing to overturn a cart into the alley.  “Why the hells are they here?”

“I’m not certain, but we need a plan for dealing with them.”  Kaden growled as they turned and sprinted across a small courtyard and leapt over a small wall.  “How far can she track?”

“Miles.”  The hyena replied with a chuckle as he watched the jynx’s large breasts bounce as she struggled to keep up with them.  “And for days afterward.”

Kaden fumed at the prospect of that.  He needed to get the female to Rashelle before the accelerant inside her brought her to term, which from the looks of her last he’d seen her, was very soon.  Still, if an Imperial patrol went missing, an entire garrison would come to find out why.  The group turned and sprinted up a hill and into the forest, using the trees for cover as arrows whistled past.


“She’s been gone for................almost a day now.”  Anya said as she tried to catch her breath.  The young cougaress wrapped her arms around her pregnant belly as she managed to sit up.  She now looked as though she was full term with sextuplets and had no idea how many cubs she was truly pregnant with.  “Perhaps she’s...........forgotten us?”

“I doubt that.”  Terah said as she felt the massive slurm beasts within her move again.  “But she may.......be distracted...........by what you did.............to her last time.”

“If she figures that out................she’ll kill me.”  Anya said as she managed to get to her feet and walk across the room to where Terah was imprisoned.

The luquine’s immense belly had grown enough that the chains holding her suspended from the ceiling had gone slack.  She now looked as though she were pregnant with a pair of fully grown horses, and her breasts had grown even larger, despite the restriction spells that Rashelle had placed on them, now pulsing large drops of milk in time with her pulse.

“I doubt............she’ll figure it out.”  Terah said as Anya stood before her, looking nervously toward the door.  “I think she’s.........far too sure.............of herself.   How do...........you feel?”

“Really full............but sated for now.”  Anya said, hanging her head in embarrassment. “I just wish......it would last.  I don’t think............I can hold...........many more cubs.”

The young cougaress covered her mouth as she realized how large Terah had become.  

“I’m so sorry.”  Anya said as she broke into tears.  “You grow...........larger every time...........I have sex..........and  I can’t stop.”

“It’s not your fault.”  Terah said as her belly bulged heavily to one side, then shifted back to normal.  “The magicks she............used on you..............are the reason..............not you.”

“But if I stay in here, you’ll burst.”  Anya sobbed.

“Then you must............try to escape.”  The gravid luquine said as she looked the young cougaress in the eyes.  “And you must go now......................while there is no one...................making use of you.............or guarding us.”

Anya felt her heart sink as she thought of what it would take to escape.  Still, if she stayed in the room with Terah, it would probably kill the luquine.  The young cougaress turned and picked up a large silk sheet, wrapping it around her shoulders like a cloak.  She knew that very soon another male would arrive to bed her and that she must be gone before that happened.  

“I’ll send help if I escape.”  Anya sobbed as she looked at Terah again, almost losing her will to try.

Terah nodded as Anya touched her cheek, then lowered her head as exhaustion claimed her.  The young cougaress gathered her courage, then moved as fast as she could manage toward the door.  She stopped and listened intently for a moment, then moved out into the hall.  She startled, nearly screaming, as loud laughter erupted from another room down the hall.  Anya turned and started walking as fast as she could away from the loud male voices, using one hand to try to hold her hugely pregnant belly, and the other to support her against the wall.  She rounded a slight bend in the hallway, coming to a pair of large staircases, one leading up, the other down.  As she looked down the descending stairs, the shadow of a large form dragging a struggling female appeared on the wall of the curving stairs, beginning to ascend toward her.  

“Oh gods.....”  Anya choked as she stumbled backwards, nearly falling.

She turned and climbed the other stairs, just getting out of sight as a huge male clydesdale dragged a slim squirrel female past.  The young cougaress made her way to the top of the long staircase, peering nervously around the corner at the top.  She starred at the palatial room before her, realizing that this must be Rashelle’s private suite.  

“Not where I wanted to go.....”  She whispered to herself as she turned to go back down the steps.

Anya froze as she heard Rashelle’s voice from down the stairs.  The young cougar fem turned and fled into the expansive room, looking for anywhere she might be able to hide.  Heavy footsteps ascended the stairs, accompanied by the dark vixen’s muffled voice, causing Anya to begin crying in panic.  She moved to the far end of the room, finally seeing a set of double doors.  Just as she managed to get inside the darkened room and put the door back as it had been, the huge male ‘taur came into view, Rashelle riding on his back, fully nude and far more pregnant than Anya would have guessed.  The sorceress now looked full term with triplets at least.  The young cougaress watched from the darkened room as Rashelle slipped off the ‘taur’s back and onto the massive bed, beckoning for the massive male to follow.  Waves of heat began to wash over Anya as she watched the huge male carefully lower himself onto the bed and roll onto his back, his massive cock fully erect already.  She tore herself from the spectacle as Rashelle began to stroke the ‘taur’s massive member.  Another wave of primal need made her fall to her knees, her sex going wet as she thought of the huge male in the next room, so very close.

“Can’t..........give in.”  Anya whispered to herself as she looked about the darkened space for a window.  

The young cougar fem saw bookcase after bookcase lining the walls of the room, but no windows.  She searched as quietly as she could manage, desperately trying to avoid the moaning sorceress in the next room.  Anya could feel her dripping sex growing more insistent as the sounds of the dark vixen’s coupling grew louder, making it more and more difficult to concentrate on finding any means of escape.  Then, to her dismay, Anya heard more male voices from the sorceress’ chamber, causing her to once again drop to her knees as her tail went to her own eager sex.  As the young cougaress bit her lip to keep quite, she noticed a long, arcing scrape on the marble floor.  She traced it with a claw back to the bottom of one of the huge bookcases.  Anya forced herself to stand once again, leaving her tail in her seed hungry sex, and began to search for a handle that would open the case.  The sounds in the next room grew louder as Rashelle cried out in climax then started yet again, unable to sate her own urges.  

“Serves you right you bitch.”  Anya managed to growl as she thought of the dark sorceress bursting, just as she had taunted Anya with so many times.

The young cougaress searched frantically, finally removing books from their shelves until the entire case stood empty.  She choked back a sob as she looked at the empty case, going to her knees again in despair.  She crawled over to the next case, leaning against it as the sexual urges washed over her again, stronger this time.  Anya slipped more of her tail inside her cunny, trying to quell the need growing within her.  As she arched her back, the case behind her moved slightly, causing her to squeal in surprise.  She quickly clamped a hand over her mouth as she listened to the sounds in the sorceress’ room.  Rashelle’s deep moans told her that the sorceress was too busy to notice.  Anya felt tears run freely from her eyes as she caught scent of the males in the next room, fighting against the desire to run to them and impale herself on whatever member wasn’t occupied.  She turned her attention to the case, pushing against it as hard as she could manage.  It moved very slowly, but steadily, eventually opening wide enough to allow her through.  Once inside the darkened space she pushed the case back into it’s original poition, then began feeling her way down a steep spiral stair.  After nearly slipping and tumbling into the gloom, she decided to lower herself one single step at a time in a seated position.  Even as she slowly made her way down the darkened stair, the waves of urgency came stronger and faster from her greedy sex, causing her to pant and tail herself even more.  

“Oh Gods.......I can’t.........I need it............so bad...........”  Anya whispered as she gasped for air.

After what felt like an eternity, she felt herself come to the bottom of the climb.  She began to crawl away from the foot of the steps, her tail deep within her sex, her teeth almost splitting her lip.  She felt her way to a corner and found light coming from a crack at the base of the wall.  Anya groped about in the blackness until her hands finally found a release for the cold metal door.  The young cougar fem slowly opened the heavy door, finding herself in the stables at the tower’s base.  She stood as best she could manage, looking about the dimly lit stalls for any potential guards.  Anya crept out into the stalls, shaking so badly she could hardly walk.  One of Rashelle’s prize warstallions whickered softly as she sank to her knees again.  The huge steed lowered it’s head over the door of it’s stall and nuzzled her gently.  As it touched her, the impression that it was concerned washed over her.

“No........I.........can’t .......make it.”  Anya managed to say as the waves of arousal grew faster.  “I......need.....a........male.”

The huge warstallion touched her again, this time giving her the impression that it wanted to help her, and that it was a male.  Anya looked into the stall, seeing the stallion’s massive cock slipping out of it’s sheath and lost the last of her will to fight.  She opened the latch to the stall, crawling inside and beneath the massive steed.  It gently touched her with it’s nose again, giving her the impression that it was concerned because she was so very pregnant.

“Please............fuck me.............please........”  Anya almost cried as the huge male’s shaft rubbed against her buttocks.  

The warstallion nuzzled her again, sending her an impression of willingness, even eagerness, but that it would be as gentle as it could manage.  Anya felt a small amount of relief wash over her as the steed’s huge organ entered her, filling her hungry sex almost to it’s limit.  She managed to make only the smallest amount of sound as the massive warsteed carefully rocked atop her, slowly working in it’s shaft until the tip penetrated her cervical valve.  Anya rocked herself harder against the huge male, managing to get almost the whole of his shaft inside her.  Suddenly the stallion stopped as the doors to the stables swung open, leaving Anya impaled fully on his throbbing member, her vaginal muscles clenching it’s girth greedily.  The impression to be silent washed through Anya as the warstallion grabbed a horseblanket in his teeth and threw it across his broad back, concealing her.  After walking another huge stallion into the next stall, a young stablehand quickly hung it’s tack and walked out of the stable, closing the doors behind him.  The huge stallion then began to gently thrust into her again, faster as he neared climax.  Anya moaned as she felt a flood of hot, thick, seed pour into her as the male atop her shuddered.  Utter relief poured over her as the urges subsided, drowned in a lake of cum.  The warstallion gently slipped his still throbbing cock out of her, nuzzling her on the neck, sending images of concern for her.  

“I’m.........better now.”  Anya whispered, suddenly realizing she was speaking to a huge horse.  “You can talk..........in a fashion.........can’t you.”

The huge stallion nodded very deliberately, causing chills of excitement to run down Anya’s spine.  She looked over at the next huge warstallion, who seemed to have a surprised expression on his face at seeing what his stall neighbor was mating.

“Trust me........I’m as.........shocked as.........you are.”  Anya said as she stood slowly, wrapping her arms around her huge stallion lover’s neck.  “Thank you.”

A vision of escape washed over Anya as she felt the huge male’s head hug her closer.

“You’d help me?”  She asked, tears rolling from her eyes.

The warstallion nodded once again, sending her the thought that it was very concerned for her, and could feel her fear as easily as it had felt her need.

“Please.”  The young cougar fem asked with a small glimmer of hope in her voice.  “Oh please.”


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Lita looked back toward the distant settlement through a break in the trees, wondering what her odds for making it back would be.  She shook her head at the thought as she turned back to the trail before her.  The young healer looked at the other girls as they walked, both vigresses holding their swollen bellies, and Rayne as the exotic cheegress adjusted her makeshift poncho.  Lita rubbed her own slightly distended abdomen, wondering how much larger the creature within her would grow.  

“You ok?”  Asked Keyren as he noticed the snow leopardess’ concerned expression.  

“I’m fine.”  Lita sighed as she looked at the tall, muscular young lion.  The urges within her were dulled, but not completely gone, and became more intense as she watched him walk just an arm’s length away.  “I just hope we make it to the Temple quickly, that’s all.”

“I just hope the Imperials took care of the group following Mara and Masha.”  Keyren sighed, trying to make some sort of conversation to keep her from noticing how nervous he was around her.  “Any idea why they’re after them?”

“From what Talon told me, Rashelle wants them for some kind of ritual.”  The young snow leopardess replied as she thought about what the dark sorceress could have planned for the girls.  “That’s why we have to get them somewhere safe.”

“We’ll make it.”  Keyren said optimistically as he thought about the Imperial expeditionary force that was now in pursuit of Kaden’s group.  

Lita simply nodded her head, struggling to keep her thoughts off anything sexual.  

Talon watched the group move through the woods from his concealed position, trying to gauge how far they come possibly travel per day at this speed.  His estimation troubled him.  The girls were having problems with a well worn trail, and they had far rougher terrain ahead of them.

“We’re gonna need a miracle.”  The wolfcoon whispered to himself as he silently moved to another position parallel to the path.  

“This is.........harder than I..........imagined it would be.”  Rayne said, breathing heavily as she stopped to stretch her back.  She laughed a bit as Cole’s gaze lingered on her for a moment too long for him not to be interested.  
“This is easier....than when......it was raining.”  Masha said with a hint of amusement in her voice.  “And at least......this time.......we’re not naked.”

“Talon enjoyed......that a bit.......too much.”  Mara replied as she thought of their wolfcoon companion, feeling desire well within her.

“The two of you.........walking naked through........the forest.........completely soaked.”  Rayne mused as she looked at the viger fems.  “Sounds like.........an enjoyable sight.”

“Not as much..........as bedding him..........in that cave.”  Masha purred as she rubbed as hand over her heavily gravid belly.  “That was wonderful.”

Mara’s mind swirled deeper into sexual arousal as Masha went on to describe Talon’s prowess, her sex growing moist as her pheromone glands began emitting their spicy fragrance into the air.    Rayne listened attentively as Masha went into vivid detail about what bedding Talon had been like, The nethercubs within her beginning to stir as she grew more aroused by the prospects of such a long journey with three handsome  males, not to mention four very attractive females.  

“Perhaps........a long journey.........won’t be so bad.”  The young cheegress mused as she looked at her companions with obvious interest.  

Mara looked at the young exotic brothel girl with a great deal of desire evident on her face.  Rayne smiled, remembering how enjoyable their last encounter had been.  Masha giggled as she watched them exchange glances, knowing that camp would be a very pleasurable experience, or perhaps even their next rest break.

Kamber watched the woods for any sign of pursuit, the strange spicy scent becoming more distracting as she walked.  She tried to place what it could be coming from as she breathed it in deeply, closing her eyes for a few moments as she walked.  The young vixen listened intently to tale of Talon and the sister’s coupling, imagining herself in place of one of them, rocking astride the handsome wolfcoon’s cock.  She shook her head as she forced herself to remember they could all be in grave danger.  This Kaden that was following the sisters had powerful allies.  The young sorceress wondered if she could face someone who had the ability to summon and command creatures as chaotic as Reavers.  She shuddered as she thought of what manner of atrocities creatures from the lower planes were capable of.  

“Netherhounds, Reavers........This keeps getting more and more dangerous.”  She muttered to herself as the spicy scent wafted over her again, causing her to breath deeply.  “Gods that smells nice.”  The young vixen said as she again closed her eyes, her mind filling with desire.  

Kamber shook her head once again, her free hand going to her hardened nipples for a moment, then slowly moving down over her abdomen to her fully aroused sex.  She paused for a moment, trying to think of a mental exercise that would clear her head, finally trying to go through a short series of energy raising drills.  As she tried to raise power, the scent washed over her again, stronger this time.  

“Oh Goddess....”  Kamber gasped as she nearly climaxed, her pulse racing as she stumbled and fell to her knees.

“Are you alright?”  Lita asked as she knelt by the young vixen’s side.  

“I’m fine.”  Kamber said quickly as she scrambled to her feet.  “Just.........just a cramp.”

“Are you sure?”  Lita asked quietly as she pointedly looked at Kamber’s obviously erect nipples.   

“Yes, I’m fine.”  Kamber said as she quickly closed her cloak over her ample chest, hoping only the healer had noticed.  “Just a little..............distracted is all.”

Lita smiled at the young sorceress as she turned and walked at her side, catching scent of something strangely spicy in the air.  The young healer breathed deeply, trying to determine what the wonderful aroma was.  As she took another deep breath, the fragile wall holding her urges in check failed, causing her to gasp as she became completely aroused.  

“Oh.......gods.........”  Lita choked as the urges drove all logical thought from her mind, making her almost completely feral.

Keyren stopped as Lita turned to face him with a look on her face he’d fantasized about.  Before the young lion could utter a word, the gorgeous young snow leopardess was pulling him into a frantic series of kisses and gentle bites as her free hand tried to tear his armor away.   Keyren began to return the young snow loepardess’ attentions, parting her loose healer’s robes, exposing her E-cup breasts.  Lita pulled the well muscled young lion off balance, lowering him to the ground.  

Kamber watched, trembling as the healer placed herself astride Keyren and began removing his leather pants.  

“What the hells?”  Cole asked as he turned and moved back down the trail to Kamber’s side, looking at Keyren and Lita with a mixture of amusement and disbelief on his face.  “Can’t these two wait until we make ca...”

Kamber cut off the rest of Cole’s comment as she pulled him into an embrace and began biting his ear gently.  Cole’s eyes rolled back as the young vixen’s hands began to explore, finding the releases to his brigandine armor.

“Wai......wait a secon.......”  Cole sputtered as he tried not to give in to temptation, remembering they were still in some measure of danger.  As he tried to think of a way to snap Kamber out of her aroused state, another set of hands began releasing the remaining catches on his armor.  He turned to find a very nude, very aroused Mara, her makeshift garments lying in a heap behind her.  As Cole wondered briefly what brought all this on, a strange yet intoxicating scent washed over him, waking feelings of desire.  After a few deep breaths, he found himself lying on the ground as Mara and Kamber removed the last of his clothing.  

“Just what in the hells do they think they’re doing ?”  Talon asked himself as he watched Mara mount Cole while Kamber straddled his awaiting mouth.  

As Talon stepped out of the dense woods and onto the trail, he found Masha and Rayne waiting for him, the ties of their makeshift tunics completely undone.

“We’re not sure what’s going around,” Rayne said as she opened the front of her tunic, revealing her huge breasts and full term with quadruplets sized belly.  “But I intend to catch it.”

“I think I may have a bad case already.”  Masha joked as she opened her tunic and held her due with octuplets size belly and rubbed her massive breasts, causing milk to run between her fingers as she cupped her erect nipple.

“Kaden and the others could find us at any time.”  Talon warned, trying to hide his growing erection behind his bow.

“The Captain of the Imperial patrol told JorAhn they were last seen heading north, and we are heading southeast.”  Rayne reasoned as she moved his arms aside, eyed his bulging trousers knowingly, then pressed her naked body against him.  

“That gives us plenty of time.”  Masha whispered as she began to remove the travel pack from his back, placing it carefully aside as Rayne opened the fly of his pants.

“But....”  Talon began, then looked to where Lita was slowly but methodically rocking atop Keyren, her face a mask of sheer ecstacy.  Mara had flipped over, allowing Cole to enter her from behind as she tongued Kamber’s eager sex.  The young vigress’ belly had become so large that her knees no longer touched the ground and her huge breasts bounced wildly against it, causing milk to spurt each time they impacted it’s drumhead taut shelf.  Kamber writhed as Mara expertly licked her ever closer to orgasm, wrapping her legs loosely about Mara’s shoulders.

Talon shook his head and smiled as Rayne removed his travel worn tunic while Masha pulled his stiffened member from his now opened pants, gently stroking as she nuzzled the back of his neck, her belly and breasts pressed against his back.  Rayne knelt in front of the wolfcoon, taking his erect shaft in her mouth inch by inch until his entire length was engulfed, her tongue playing along it like ghostly fingers.  Masha continued to nuzzle and bite the back of his neck, pulling herself close to him as she slowly working the tip of her tail into her cunny.  The young wolfcoon’s eyes clamped shut as the sensations along his cock began to make his legs weak.  Rayne continued for several minutes, teasingly switching between eagerly working him toward orgasm and gentle tonguework on his more sensitive areas.  Masha began to moan as her tail found her over sensitized cervical valve, bumping against it each time she slowly thrust it into her sex.  Her breasts pressed tightly against Talon’s back causing milk to flow freely from her stiffened nipples, soaking her belly and his back.  Rayne’s breasts, already full of milk before she’d been impregnated, had grown much larger, increasing from her normal double E cups to Triple Fs, leaked profusely as she attended Talon’s erect cock.  The exotic white cheegress gave a final lick as she slowly stood, rubbing her belly and breasts against him as she took Masha’s arm in her hand, causing the young vigress to open her eyes for a moment.     Rayne gently guided Masha to the ground and onto her back as she led Talon behind herself by his cock.  The brothel girl used Masha’s tail like a sex toy as she bent and licked her closer to orgasm, thrusting the young vigress’ tail into her, slowly building up speed as Talon knelt behind her, slipping his erect member into the cheegress dripping cunny.

Mara rocked faster atop her huge belly as Cole continued to thrust into her, causing her pheromone glands to discharge fully as she orgasmed, sending another set of eggs into her chemically altered uterus.  Her head snapped up from pleasuring Kamber as Cole erupted within her, spurting a fresh quantity of seed into her, causing her to climax a second time as the pressure within her increased, the half dozen nethercubs increasing in size.  Kamber rose slowly to her feet as Cole disengaged from Mara’s sex.  The young vixen sorceress lowered him onto his back, guiding his sex slick cock into her awaiting cunny, her back arching as he penetrated her fully.  Kamber spasmed as Cole thrusted into her, his cock wet with chemical laced secretions from the hugely pregnant vigress he’d just mated.  Mara held her massively gravid belly as she rolled onto her side, swelling to the appearance of being due with twelve cubs as she watched Rayne bring Masha to an almost convulsive climax.

Lita could feel Keyren drawing close as she continued to ride his member, quickening her tempo as the form within her wriggled in anticipation.  The young lion roared as he arched his back in climax, his large cock buried deep within the young healer’s sex.  Lita’s hands went to her belly as his seed washed over the mass inside her.  Her belly swelled as the creature within her grew in size, sending her into a long series of mind numbing orgasms, growing to the appearance of being five months pregnant.  

“OH GODDESS   ”  Lita cried as her uterus clenched around the growing mass within her.

Keyren felt the young healer crumple contentedly atop him, her breathing still ragged as she nuzzled her face against his chest.  

Talon felt Rayne’s sex tighten about his cock as she began to shudder in climax, her mouth still attending Masha’s cunny.  Within her, the nethercubs absorbed the sexual energy, growing slightly as they continued to wriggle.  Talon seemed to buck as he climaxed, sending a load of seed into Rayne’s distended belly as she felt the pressure within her grow.  

Masha flet her sides begin tingling again as Rayne suddenly twitched, thrusting the young vigress’ tail deeper than anticipated.  Rayne slowly relaxed as Talon removed his member from her sex, allowing her to reach forward and begin milking Masha’s huge breasts.  The added sensation forced Masha over the edge, causing her to quake with a second orgasm.  She wrapped her arms about her gravid belly as the nethercubs inside her crowded uterus grew, one of them magickally twinning within her.  Her belly swelled as Rayne watched, growing to the appearance of full term with nine very healthy cubs.  Talon looked at Masha in amazement as she rolled onto her side and levered herself upright, looking very intently at his still erect cock.  The vigress guided him onto his back as she threw a leg over him, slipping his shaft into her eager sex.  Rayne situated herself behind Masha, wrapping her arms about the vigress so that she could continue to milk the vigress’ massive breasts, drenching Talon in a matter of minutes.  

Kamber trembled as strange sensations from her sex washed through her, causing each of Cole’s thrusts to reverberate through her.  The young vixen felt an odd tingle as her ovaries released, sending eggs to her awaiting womb.  Cole groaned in time with his thrusts as he neared his peak.  Suddenly, Kamber felt a wave of heat flood her being as the coyote’s shaft spurted inside her, the strange, yet pleasurable sensations from her sex suddenly intensifying.  She doubled over against him as she felt a wave of strangeness wash through her, then shuddered in utter bliss as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced seemed to tear through her.

Masha shuddered as she neared her third orgasm, rocking atop Talon’s shaft as Rayne expertly milked her huge, leaking breasts.  She clenched her vaginal muscles as the sensation grew stronger within her, causing the wolfcoon beneath her to gasp as he came.  His back arched as he orgasmed, sending the tip of his cock through Masha’s cervical valve, pushing her farther into ecstacy.  

“YES      OH GODS, YES  ”  She cried out as she felt her belly swell, the nethercubs within her all twinning at once.  “MORE  ”

Masha’s huge belly swelled as she tried to restrain it with her arms, growing until she looked due with a dozen.  She slumped back against Rayne’s now quintuplet sized belly, her head resting in the cheegress’ cleavage as she tried to catch her breath.  The young brothel girl was shocked as Masha began to gently massage the cheegress’ leaking breasts, causing her to let down once again.  Her milk ran freely over Masha’s shoulders, quickly drenching the vigress as Talon regained his breath beneath both of them.

“See?”  Rayne said to Talon as he watched she and Masha continue to milk one another.  “Plenty of time.”


Nesha wrapped another layer of the quasi solid darkness around her, still trying to recover from her not-so-favorable encounter with the aged lion.  She struggled to remember the last time she’d been this badly injured, finally remembering.  

“Ancient with his.....what did he call it?”  She muttered to herself.  “Lazor?  Lasar?”

Whatever it was called didn’t matter, she finally decided.  What had mattered was that it had fired a beam of purest light, very nearly killing her.  She smiled weakly as she remembered their societies destroying one another, their weapons falling into ruin.

“Most of them anyway.”  She said as she remembered what Rashelle was trying to unlock.  

The netherhound decided to check in on the power hungry sorceress, and perhaps learn what it was she was truly after.  She whinced as she tried to sit, trembling in weakness and nausea.

“After I regain my strength....”  The netherhound said as she slipped back into unconsciousness.   


Kaden surveyed the valley behind them, watching for more of the Imperial soldiers.  He growled as he dropped down behind the rocks, frustrated by this latest in a long string of delays.  He needed to find the female before she gave birth, and thanks to the ineptitude of K’Nor, that exact time was uncertain.  

“Any sign of them?”  Marko asked as the wolfram leaned against a boulder.

“No.  But you can bet they’re there.”  Kaden fumed.  “Is there nothing you can do?”

“I am a summoner and combat mage, nothing more.”  Marko shrugged.  “Had I the skill to gate us away from those that pursue us, I’d certainly have used it before now.”

“I say we kill them and have done with it.”  The hyena male muttered as he continued fondling the jynx large breasts.

“And have everything north of the Blackmarsh crawling with Imperials inside a month?”  Marko laughed.  “Not the wisest of plans Croft.”

“Where is the female we seek?”  Kaden demanded.  “Can your toy still sense her?”

Croft whispered into the young jynx’s ear for a moment.  Suddenly, the girl mechanically stood and faced southeast.  Kaden’s scowl faded for a moment as he looked the jynx over.  Her tattered clothing was almost completely destroyed after their flight through the woods, revealing most of what had barely been covered before.  He turned his thoughts back to business, relieved that their tracker could still feel her target.  He stood again, looking past the attractive young female to the mountain serving as her backdrop.

“How do the lot of you feel about a little mountaineering.”  The wolfram said as he started in the direction of the jagged peak.


“Escaped?”  Rashelle asked as another wave of heat from her cock hungry loins washed over her.  “How could she have escaped in her condition?  Search the grounds.”

“We checked the grounds and outbuildings.”  The nervous ferret guard said as he stole a look at the gravid sorceress’ exposed, leaking breasts.  “We believe she stole one of your special warhorses.”

“No one steals a warstallion.”  Rashelle laughed.  “They’re more intelligent than you are.  They simply can’t be stolen.”

Rashelle looked back at the guard, noting he wasn’t looking at his feet as he should be, but at her chest, starring actually.  She turned toward him, slowly lifting one of her milk laden spheres off the shelf of her swollen belly.  The ferret almost salivated, then blanched as he noticed she was almost burning a hole through him with her eyes.  The dark vixen looked to the side of the room, locking eyes with her healer.

“Erin, you’re not too full for a little snack, are you?”  She asked casually, noting the expression of horror that washed over the face of the impertinent guard.

“Never too full.”  The vampiric mink smiled as the guard turned and bolted for the door.  

The guard yelped as Erin was suddenly in front of him, blocking his escape.  Before he could react, she had pinned him to the floor, sinking her fangs into his neck.  Rashelle smiled as she watched the spectacle, eventually turning her attention to the other guard.  She cocked her head in approval, noting the doberman hadn’t even twitched during the whole incident.
“Tell me your name guardsman.”  She said as she lifted his gaze to meet her with a finger.

“Reeva, mistress.”  The guard said quietly, looking her in the eye without a hint of challenge.  

“Well Reeva, I have a set of tasks for you.”  Rashelle said as she held his gaze.  “First, you will pleasure me, as I seem to have a need and all my other lovers are spent.  Second, you will return the wayward young cougaress and warstallion to me.”

“It shall be done mistress.”  The doberman said, his eyes darting quickly to her nude, pregnant form and back to her eyes.

Rashelle turned and motioned for the guard to follow her, using a small amount of magick to make the weight of her pregnant with quintuplets sized belly far less.  She smiled as she managed a sexy saunter, passing Erin as the mink finished the last of the dying guard.  


Anya panted as another wave of need passed through her, adding to the wetness already soaking the thick horseblanket.  The young cougaress’ legs began to tremble again as she felt the muscular warstallion flex beneath her.  She tried to think of anything but sex, forcing her mind onto how amazing her new companion was.  The massive steed hardly jolted her at all as he moved, making her ride as comfortable as he could.  She looked at the stars as she rode, trying to find the pictures she’d heard they made when certain stars were grouped together.  The male flexed again, rubbing the blanket into her over sensitive sex.

“Oh.......oh gods......”  She gasped as the sensations shot through her.  “I don’t know how much farther I can make it.”

The warstallion’s concern washed over her again as she held her belly, now swollen larger as though she were late with octuplets.  She began to cry quietly as the desire grew stronger.  She sobbed as the huge male continued on through the night, picking his way through the dark forest as best he could without jolting her.  
“Oh......gods........OH ”  Anya sobbed through clenched teeth as the need became unbearable.  “Stop........please......stop.”

The huge warstallion halted, then lowered himself to the ground, allowing her to slide off and into a heap on the ground.  The stallion then stood, nuzzling her neck as he breathed in her spicy fragrance.  Anya looked up at the warhorse, her eyes pleading as tears streamed down her face.  The male gently touched her neck, sending his own way of desire through her.  She looked as he stepped back, finding his massive shaft already erect beneath him.  She turned, raising her sex for him, her legs splayed as far as she could make them.  She felt a wave of need wash over her again as the warstallion carefully stepped over her, positioning himself above her.  Need was replaced by relief as his huge shaft filled her intimate space again, sliding smoothly as he gently rocked above her.  

“Yes   OH.....gods Yes ”  The young cougaress gasped as the stallion’s cock again worked into her womb, causing her vaginal muscles to clamp down on his shaft.  

The stallion whickered in surprise as the sensations made him shudder.  He quickened his tempo as another wave of urgency washed through the female below him.  

“AAHH     UNGH      AAHH  ”  Anya moaned as he neared orgasm, adding her own rocking to his own causing his cock to drive in farther with every thrust.  

The young cougaress’ milk heavy breasts slapped against the top of her huge belly, spurting sweet fluid onto the ground beneath her as the male began to shudder.  A flood of relief in the form of seed pulsed into her, driving the urges back, but not entirely away.  She panted as the stallion remained within her, draining all he could manage into her cum hungry belly.  She stroked his massive shaft, still buried within her sex as she tried to catch her breath.

“Thank you.”  She whispered as she stayed impaled on his throbbing member.  “There’s no way..........I could escape........without you.”

The impression that he couldn’t leave her to Rashelle washed through her, then a sensation like a wave of thought, then concern.

“What’s wrong?”  Anya asked as he carefully withdrew his cock from her sated cunny.

The warstallion waited until she turned to face him, then nuzzled her gravid belly.  

“I know.  I’m not sure how many are in there or when I’ll be due.”  Anya said as she stroked his ear.

The stallion looked at her for a moment, then sent her the reason for his concern.

“Oh gods.”  Anya whispered as the male showed her the image of the foals within her, then the rest of the occupants of her crowded womb.

Anya sat in stunned silence as the warstallion nuzzled her cheek, neither of them noticing the form watching them from the shadows.

Rashelle curled herself into the pile of cushions, breathing in the scent of Anya and her many lovers as she stroked her gravid belly.  

“Damnable netherhound.”  She sighed as she tried to think of a way to perform the ritual in her current state.  “If she hadn’t gotten me pregnant, things would be going so smoothly right now.”

She smiled as Reeva quietly gathered his clothing and armor, then walked obediently out the door.  Rashelle looked across the room to where Terah’s massively pregnant form half hung, her belly the only light source in the room.  The luquine seemed unconscious after the amount of energy the sorceress had generated as the guard pleasured her.

Rashelle stood and walked to the suspended luquine, gently caressing Terah’s dripping breasts.  Rashelle sent a mental probe into Terah, guaging how much energy the huge creatures within her contained.  Terah’s eyes fluttered open as the dark vixen began to lick and suck her leaking nipples.

“I have good news for you my not so little wolfmare.”  Rashelle finally said as she continued to squeeze Terah’s hardened nipples, soaking herself with the luquine’s sweet milk.  “You now contain more than enough energy for the ritual, although it is a shame that I can’t use it right away.  You’ll keep it safe for me, right?  Locked within your very very swollen belly.”

“At......the rate.........you’re growing.........I may not.........be the first.........to burst........after all.”  Terah managed as she looked at the sorceress’ huge belly.  

Rashelle’s eyes narrowed as she thought about removing the rod from Terah’s sex, allowing her to rupture slowly due to the pressure within her.  

“Perhaps you don’t contain enough energy after all.”  Rashelle said hotly as she mentally summoned her lovers to the room, altering the spell so they would be ready for her immediately.  She then caused a huge pile of cushions to settle behind her, directly in front of the impudent luquine.
Toridar and several other males began filtering into the room as the dark vixen settled into the awaiting cushions, opening herself for the huge ‘taur as he eagerly mounted her.

Terah felt a stab of pain as the healing rod moved in deeper, forcing it’s way through her cervix and into her womb.  She then felt an unseen male enter her, working his shaft into her as the sexual energy in the room began to swell the creatures inside her.  Rashelle smiled as Terah’s screams and moans once again filled the room.

“This is much better.”  The sorceress purred as the huge ‘taur thrusted faster into her, rocking her swollen belly and milk laden breasts.  

Eventually, Rashelle attempted to stand, wondering how much time had passed.   The strange sensations from her belly had occasionally concerned her, but the sheer amount of pleasure she’d been experiencing had caused her to loose track of time, not to mention partners.  She fell back again, her hands going to her belly as she impacted the sex moistened cushions.  The dark vixen gasped as she rubbed her belly, finding it seemed to have doubled in size, now appearing due with nearly a dozen cubs.  

“You may.........be right...........little wolfmare.”  Rashelle panted as she levered herself out of the cushions.  She then smiled as she looked at Terah’s limp form.  “Or you........may not.”

Terah’s belly now looked as though she were filled with three full sized horses, lifting her even higher off the floor.  Rashelle stared in satisfaction at the creatures within the luquine’s belly, now glowing so brightly they could be seen through her flesh.  

“Now there is enough within you.”  Rashelle whispered as she watched the creatures slowly move.  “And too much..........within me.”


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Lita examined Masha as the others made camp, concern growing on her face at what she felt from within the vigress belly.

“What’s wrong?”  Masha asked as she looked up at the young healer.  

“You’re doing fine.”  Lita said as she knelt and caressed Masha’s huge belly.  “We just have a long journey ahead of us, and if we all keep bedding each other, it’s going to get far more difficult for you to walk.”

The young snow leopardess looked at Rayne and Mara as she walked toward the others, taking note of how much each of their bellies had grown as well.  Her hand went unconsciously to her own belly, now swollen to the appearance of being six months along, as she tried to think of anything that could possibly keep herself and the rest of the girls from craving sex so much.  The minty root she normally used to control her normally high sex drive seemed to have no effect, and the larger they all grew, the more sex they seemed to crave.  She looked up at the stars for a moment, silently praying they would make it to the temple before her fears came to pass.  Suddenly, strong hands began to rub her shoulders, causing her nipples to stiffen.  She looked back to find a concerned looking Keyren also facing the heavens.  

“I’m sorry you’re in this mess.”  The tall lion said quietly as he continued to rub the travel weary shoulders.  “And I wish I’d known sooner about....   I’m sorry.”

“I wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information.”  Lita said as she shook her head, trying not to think about bedding him but still wanting to enjoy his touch.  “I should have told you and the others.  I was just confused and embarrassed by the whole thing.  Now I just hope we live long enough to get help.”

Keyren watched as tears ran down the young snow leopardess’ face.  He pulled her closer, wrapping his well muscled arms around her, placing his hands on her swollen belly.
“We’ll get you there, and get you help.”  He said softly as he felt something within her move.  

“I wish I could be sure of that, but even now I’m getting........aroused.”  She said as she reluctantly pulled away from him.  “And the more I sleep with you, which was wonderful, the larger whatever is inside me becomes.”

She turned and slowly walked away from the camp to the small stream nearby, crouching at the water’s edge.   The young healer felt the stream, considering taking a short dip in the chilling water, wondering if it could wash away some of the urges that were building within her again.  

Mara sat as Rayne gently scratched her swollen belly, feeling another wave of arousal radiate from her womb.  She thought of the cubs inside her, wondering how long it would be before her triplets came, not to mention all the others.  Another wave of desire hit her as Rayne began rubbing her painfully full breasts, the cheegress belly rubbing her own gravid sphere as she shifted position.

“Goddess bless, you’re so full.”  Rayne said as she marveled at Mara’s hardened, swollen breasts.  “It’s like you can’t leak fast enough.”

“Whatever those bastards used on me has been making my breasts grow.”  Mara said as she touched one of her huge globular breasts.  “The more I milk them, the more they make.  It’s maddening.”

“I’ll bet they’re extremely sensitive.”  Rayne said with a sly look as she bent and took Mara’s dripping nipple in her mouth before the young vigress could protest, taking a long steady pull of milk from Mara’s rock hard breasts.  

Masha shook her head as she watched the young exotic brothel girl pleasuring her sister.  A pang of desire washed over her, tempting her to join them.  She took a deep breath, trying to clear the erotic images from her mind as she reminded herself they had a very long journey before them, had barely left the small town, and had already gotten substantially larger.  

“Alright, here’s the plan.”  Talon said to Masha as he watched Rayne squeeze Mara’s free nipple, spraying milk into the grass.  “We’ve got the shelter set up.  Only the girls are sleeping in there due to this afternoon’s little orgy.  We can’t risk having our guard down or any of you getting any more pregnant.”

“I understand.”  She replied as she slowly tried to stand, almost falling as her balance eluded her.  Talon quickly knelt and caught her, ending up face to face with the attractive young vigress.  She sighed as she stared into his eyes.  “Gods, this is so hard.  Every touch sets me on fire.  I don’t mean to sound bad, but I can’t go three weeks without sex.  I’ll go insane.”

“Then we’ll need to find a way for you not to get pregnant every time.”  Talon said as he looked down at her massive belly.  “Otherwise we’ll need to find a way for the temple to come to you.”

Masha laughed as the wolfcoon helped her to her feet, then lay her head against his shoulder as he helped her across the small clearing to the strange looking shelter JorAhn had provided.  Inside she found strange,  reflective bedrolls spread on the floor.  Talon helped her to lie down, then turned to leave, pausing as she held his hand.

“In those rare moments when I’m not completely consumed by lust, I find myself wondering how I’m going to care for so many cubs, and it scares me.”  Masha said as she looked down at her hugely pregnant belly.  “The thought of being pregnant with six was frightening enough, now I don’t know how many I’m carrying.  There’s no way I can care for them all.”

Talon placed a finger under her chin, tilting her head up so he could look into her tear filled eyes.

“As I recall, I’m to blame for some of those cubs.”  He said as a single tear ran down her cheek.  “Not to mention I find myself very taken with their mother and her sister.  If the two of you don’t mind sharing, that is.”

Masha burst into tears, pulling the handsome wolfcoon tight to her.  

“Are you saying..............”  She asked as best she could through the tears.

“Yes.  I am.”  Talon answered as he looked her in the eyes again.  “Now.  I need to go pry your sister and Rayne apart before they start including others.”

Reeva watched as the huge warstallion rocked atop the hugely pregnant cougaress.  He smiled as he thought of how easy it had been to find them.  They’d made it quite a distance, but not nearly as far as they should have given the stallion’s speed.  He looked on as his troops flanked them, slowly and silently forming a circle around the female and her mount.

“Or is it the stallion and his mount......”  Reeva whispered to himself as he watched the cougaress’ huge belly actually bulged larger each time the massive cock sank into her, it’s mass entering and leaving her uterus.

“Sir, th’ others be in position.”  Whispered his badger companion.  “We be takin’ er now?”

“Momentarily.”  Reeva said as he watched the cougaress’ breasts bounce wildly against her pregnant with septuplets sized belly.  “Let her enjoy her last few moments of freedom.”

“Never seed a fem do a ‘orse afore now.”  The badger said in wonder.  

“From what Rashelle told me, she’ll probably beg us to breed her as well.”  The doberman said as he listened to the cougaress moan, her climax not far away.  “That should make the return trip all the more enjoyable.  We may even take the long way.”

Reeva watched as the warstallion shuddered atop the cougar fem, sending her into a long orgasm of her own.  He listened for a moment as the female seemed to speak to the stallion, her tail wrapped about the huge shaft still deeply embedded within her.  The huge steed lowered it’s head and nuzzled her as it reluctantly withdrew from her sex, the female slowly rolling onto her side with her arms wrapped around her huge belly.

“Alright, on my signal.”  Reeva said as he raised a mailed hand, pausing as he heard a crunch from behind him.

The doberman turned to see a wolf fem drop the badger’s lifeless body to the ground, his head turned completely backwards.

“Your men are dead.”  The female said softly as Reeva went for his sword.  

As the doberman’s hand grasped the hilt of his weapon, the female opened her mouth wide.  A flash of green light blinded Reeva for a moment as a strange, burning sensation seemed to wash through his chest.  The stunned doberman looked down at his chest in wonder, starring at the steaming hole where his heart had been, then sank limply to the ground.

“Some things never seem to change.”  The wolf female said as she stood and walked around the bushes the males had been using for cover.
“Oh gods.....”  Anya said as she tried to stand quickly, falling as her balance escaped her.  “Oh gods no ”

The warstallion turned and placed himself between Anya and the female, taking an obviously aggressive stance.  The wolf female stopped, raising her hands.

“I am not here to harm you,”  The female said as she turned around to show them she was unarmed.  “But there were those that did.  They no longer pose a threat.”

“Who......who are you?”  Anya said as she managed to stand, wrapping her tattered silk sheet about her.  “And who else is here?”  

Anya backed away as the female slowly walked toward them, her warstallion companion staying between her and the newcomer.  

“There were six others ready to ambush you.”  The wolf said as she motioned to the woods.  “They spoke of returning you to someone named Rashelle.  They are dead now.”

“I won’t go back ”  Anya sobbed as she looked for a place to run, panic washing over her at the mention of Rashelle’s name.

“I’m not asking you to.”  The wolf said as she tried to calm the terrified young cougar fem.  “I can help you, if you’d like.”

Anya sank to the ground as the female drew closer, now within striking distance of the warstallion’s deadly hooves.  

“I won’t..........go back........”  Anya whispered as her hands went to her massive belly.  

The female wolf slowly extended her hand to the warstallion, never taking her eyes off the sobbing cougaress.

“Touch my hand metasteed.”  The female wolf said softly to the huge warstallion, causing him to whicker in surprise as she used the proper name for his species.  “Then you’ll know I can be trusted.”

The stallion cautiously lowered his head, touching his nose against the wolf fem’s palm.  The huge steed’s head snapped back in surprise, causing Anya to startle.  He neighed as he slowly touched the female wolf’s hand again, his stance becoming more relaxed.  The huge male then turned to face Anya, lowering his head so that his forehead touched hers.  Feelings of acceptance and wonder washed over Anya, causing her panic to subside slowly.  The feeling of trust in the newcomer washed over her, along with a sense of a destination.  The female wolf slowly knelt beside her, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.   

“I am called Taxton.”  The wolf said as she placed a hand on Anya’s huge belly.  “I know of a place that can help you.  Those I seek are already headed in it’s direction.  If we make good time, we should reach them soon.”


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #49 on: December 27, 2005, 08:39:55 pm »

Wow, look away for a few months, and look at all the neat stuff that gets written!

Bravo!  Encore!


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #50 on: February 16, 2006, 10:56:40 am »

Just wanted to let those interested know there's an update on the horizon.....



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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #51 on: February 17, 2006, 02:40:37 am »

Oh man I actually missed your last posts, the october's installments ^^; Last time I read this story was like six months ago. I better start from the beginning because I'm quite out of the loop at the moment.

And there's more to come? Awesome!


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #52 on: February 18, 2006, 07:41:01 pm »

My my there's so many loose threads to pick up at this point. Who's Taxton and what will Kamber think about her current condition to name a few.

The story is wonderful and deliciously graphic in details. Should be noted also that it doesn't fall apart even though there's a myriad of characters and intervening plots. Kudos to you Amenshawn for writing it and keeping it together. I can't wait to see more. :)

It'll be interesting to see though how will you solve possible the transportation problem caused by the femmes' swelling girth. No fooling around with the males will only get you so far(if they can that is) considering that the nethercubs seem to grow just from pleasure recieved(or was that just in the beginning of netherhound pregnancy?). Regardless of that the nethercubs inside Mara haven't twinned yet and if they do I don't think she'll be able to walk without help. Perhaps they come up with something that keeps the males from impregnating them during intercourse, rigorous masturbation to keep seed supply empty?

If the femmes get too large to walk without support maybe the group could pilfer a wagon somewhere on the way or Kamber could fix up a levitation spell(but that sounds kind of cheesy).

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TB Tabby

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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I hope Wolfie notices this spambot soon.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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“Excellent.”  Kaden said as he looked through the small spyglass.  “It seems they’ve lost the trail.  Now, let’s get back to business.”

“Time to get trackin my pretty.”  Croft smiled as he bent, whispering into the jynx’s ear.  He chuckled as she mechanically stood, then turned due south.  “Any time you’re ready.”

“We move fast but quiet.”  Kaden said as he gestured back down the mountainside.  “We can’t waste any more time dodging those Imperial fools.”

Kaden turned, motioning for Croft to lead.  The hyena male spoke softly to the jynx girl, falling into step behind her as she suddenly darted into the woods.  

“She can’t have gone far.”  Kaden muttered to himself as they ran.  “Not in her condition.”

He growled as he thought of the entire day’s travel ahead of them, wasted time that would make the trip back to Rashelle’s keep all the more difficult.  He hoped the female could make the journey, considering the amount of accelerant used on her.  He shook his head as another thought crossed his mind.  If Nesha had already found her, there were likely to be even more problems.

“But then, I’ll get to kill the bitch.”  The wolfram thought as he ran, remembering that netherhounds couldn’t take mortals into the shadows with them.

He smiled as he tightened his grasp on the axe’s sculpted handle, deciding he hoped Nesha had found the female after all.


Rashelle rocked as hard as she could atop the huge black wolf, her arms wrapped tightly around her huge belly.  She felt another strange, uncomfortable sensation from inside her as she opened her eyes, looking at the other two henchmen attending her swollen breasts.  The urgency from within her doubled, causing her to shudder as the wolf’s cock began to spurt within her.  The sorceress felt the pressure inside her increase as the altered nethercubs within her grew, followed by another of the uncomfortable sensations from her packed belly.  The dark vixen used a small flare of power to summon more males, the increased urges almost impossible to resist.  The male beneath her spent, Rashelle immediately mounted another waiting shaft, determined to take in as much seed as her body craved.  She began to rock atop the new male, a large liger this time, only to feel another of the strange tightening sensations from her distended belly.  Within minutes, the liger spewed a copious amount of fluid into her, the pressure increasing yet again.  Rashelle opened her eyes, looking for another male, only to clench them shut as another of the strange sensations washed through her.  

“Need......more.....”  Rashelle gasped as she desperately tried to sate the need from within her now due with fifteen cubs sized belly.  “Got...to have......more.”

Erin walked quietly into the room, stepping over several of the exhausted males.  The vampiric mink watched as Rashelle rode yet another of her henchmen to climax, taking note of how the dark sorceress clenched her teeth and grabbed her huge belly at regular intervals.  The mink slid onto the huge bed, beginning to once again drink eagerly from Rashelle’s breasts.  

“OOHH  ”  Rashelle cried out as another of the sensations tore through her, causing her to pause in her attempts to make the newest of the males beneath her orgasm.  “Why won’t........it stop.”

Erin continued to drink from the sorceress milk laden breasts, counting as the sensations hit Rashelle with increasing frequency.  Rashelle felt the pressure within her belly increase yet again, followed immediately by another of the strange, tightening sensations from her huge belly.  The sorceress gritted her teeth as she looked for another cock to fill her, the pressure inside her belly increasing steadily as she attempted to crawl.  Erin slipped behind the dark vixen, slipping her fingers inside the sorceress glistening sex.  

“I thought so.”  Erin said as she licked the mingled fluids from her hand.  

Rashelle mounted another of the guards, a huge clydesdale, filling her sex with his massive cock.  Almost immediately, she grabbed her huge belly and ground her teeth as another of the sensations washed through her.  She attempted to rock atop the male, only to find the strength leaving her limbs, being replaced with the urge to push.

“Erin........”  Rashelle gasped as she slowly rolled off the massive cock impaling her.  “Whas....happ...ening....to....me ”

“You’re in labor.”  Erin said as she watched another of the contractions ripple across Rashelle’s gravid form.  “And fully ready to deliver.  Now lets see how many of those huge ‘taur cubs within you are grown enough to come out.”


Anya struggled to remain focused as Taxton led the warstallion along the trail at a slow run.  The constant feeling of the huge male’s muscles flexing between her legs was becoming almost more than she could bare.  They’d started their fast paced trek through the forest early that morning after allowing Anya enough time to ride the stallion in a different way.  The young cougaress looked at her massive belly rocking atop the warstallion’s back, shaking as she realized she had grown quite a bit since escaping from Rashelle’s keep.  The young cougar fem now looked as though she were pregnant with dectuplets and seemed to be growing more rapidly by the hour.  She shuddered as the male jolted beneath her, easily leaping a deep streambed.  Anya slid a hand beneath her belly, finding that her sex had again soaked the blanket.  The urges grew stronger as the steed continued to run, keeping pace with the female wolf that never seemed to tire.  

“Oh gods.....”  Anya moaned as another wave of urgency and desire shot through her.  “Stop......please stop.”

“Are you well?”  Taxton asked as the warstallion eased to a halt, lowering himself so that Anya could dismount.

“N....Need.....need to........mate.”  Anya managed as she rubbed her swollen belly.  “Please.........let him......breed me.”

“If you mate him again, you’ll get pregnant again.”  Taxton warned as she looked at the young female with concern.  “You’re already dangerously full.”

“S......spells..........spells make me.........need it.........”  Anya gasped as the urges made her legs give out.  She positioned herself as best she could for the male, using a small incline to elevate her sex for him.

The warstallion gently entered her, thrusting deep within her in steady rhythm.  Taxton watched as Anya tried to hold herself up with only one arm, attempting to milk her hardened breasts.  The wolf fem knelt, then slipped onto her back beneath the young cougaress, taking a spurting nipple in each of her hands.  Anya moaned in pure ecstacy as Taxton gently milked her breasts in time with the stallion’s thrusting, beginning to relieve the pressure in her huge milk laden spheres.  Anya opened her eyes in surprise as the wolf fem took a nipple in her mouth and began to take deep pulls from her, sending waves of pleasure through the young cougaress.  The stallion grunted as he neared orgasm, sending a wave of concern through her, mentally questioning if he should cum within her.  Anya clenched her stretched vaginal muscles tight about his huge shaft, pushing him over the edge, causing him to blast another huge volume of seed into her crowded womb.  Anya continued to rock against him, her own climax drawing near as Taxton alternated breasts, drinking deeply from the cougaress’ softening globes.  

“OOOHHH           GODDESS     ”  Anya cried as orgasm wracked her body, making her convulse beneath the warstallion as she continued to rock his massive cock deep within her.  “YES  ”
Anya gasped as the waves of overwhelming pleasure subsided, leaving the stallion’s huge member buried deep inside her.  She reached around her gravid belly, feeling her stretched sex and the shaft filling her for a moment, sighing in contentment.  

“I know........it makes me..........pregnant........each time.”  She gasped as she tried to explain.  “But it feels.....so good........when he’s inside me........”

“You don’t need to explain yourself.”  Taxton said as she looked into the cougaress’ eyes.  “I believe I understand what’s been done to you.”

“Then you.........know why..........I keep mating him...........despite the risk.....”  Anya said as she reluctantly let the warstallion remove the massive shaft from her cunny.

“Yes.”  Taxton said as she helped Anya into a sitting position.  “But understand that I’m no healer or midwife.  If you got into labor out here, unless he can help you, birthing unassisted will probably kill you.”

“Then we need.........to get moving.......because in a few.......hours............I’ll need it.........again.”  Anya said as she let the warstallion pull her onto her feet, then nuzzled her as she wrapped the torn remains of the silk sheet about her again.

“Alright metasteed.”  Taxton said after Anya had mounted.  “We need to pick up the pace if we’re going to get her to help in time.”

The warstallion sent a wave of concern through Anya, showing her the image of faster travel.  Anya grasped the simple hackamore as tightly as she could, steeling herself for the rough ride ahead.  Taxton easily hopped onto his back behind her, pressing herself close to make certain Anya didn’t fall.  After both riders were secure, the huge metasteed turned and ran down the trail, his massive hooves thundering as he pushed himself to his limit.


Talon shuddered as he crouched atop a ruined fountain.  The remains of places like this always made him uncomfortable, like he was being watched somehow.  The wolfcoon archer shook his head as he watched the others move slowly down the overgrown street.  Mara stumbled again as she tried to step over a small pile of rubble, nearly falling into Masha and Rayne before being caught by Cole.  

“We need to move faster,” Talon whispered to himself, “And they get slower by the hour.”

Talon scanned the ruins for anything they could possibly use, shuddering again as he peered into the gloom of one of the huge structures.  Again the uncomfortable feeling of being observed washed over him, causing him to think of the Netherhound responsible for impregnating the girls.   Talon extended his othersenses carefully, scanning the ruined buildings surrounding them for any sign of life.  He gasped as his senses swept over something crawling up one of the surrounding structures.  Talon steadied his breathing,, focusing on the alien creature he could feel drawing closer to the group, beginning to get a better ‘look’ at it.  Masha’s scream snapped his concentration.  Talon turned just in time to watch her fall through a tangle of vines and disappear.

Masha tumbled into the blackness as the vines continued to snag and tangle around her, slowing her fall.  The young vigress stopped short of impacting the bottom of the shaft, tangled tightly in a web of vines.  

“Oh Gods ”  She yelped as she swayed above the floor.  The vines which kept her from slamming into the floor below now wrapped tightly about her, squeezing her huge breasts and tangling her limbs.  Her huge belly protruded from the mass of vines, spared from the same constriction applied to her breasts.  “I’m stuck ”

Mara and Rayne crawled carefully to the edge of the gaping hole which had swallowed Masha, peering into the blackness.  Talon leapt from his perch atop the fountain and raced back to the group as Keyren and Cole dropped their packs and began readying ropes for a descent into the dark shaft.

“Arreshnayvel ”  Kamber called as she held her staff above her head.   Light erupted from the end of the staff, swirling about her and illuminating the hole Masha had fallen into.  

As the shimmering light chased away the shadows, Lita peered into the deep shaft, looking for the trapped vigress, but finding the remains of ancient markings instead.  The young snow leopardess shook her head as she tried to make sense of the ancient writings.  

“Gency   cess.  Use specif      Xits.  DANGER     Last do rs can aus jur or deat     Bio-we   ns resea h are    .  Gamma lev l secur y learance re    Red ”  Lita sounded out as she wondered what the red letters meant  

“Be careful down there.”  Lita said as Talon and Kamber moved to the edge.  “The sign says danger.”

“This whole place screams danger.”  Talon muttered as he nodded to Keyren and Cole, taking the rope they had secured to a large boulder and lowering himself into the shaft.  “Hold on Masha.  Help is on the way.”  

Kamber studied the faded writing on the wall as she crouched beside Lita, quietly chanting to herself as she pointed her staff at the markings.  Energy flared from the staff, outlining the words and restoring the faded letters.

“Emergency Access.   Use Specified Exits   DANGER  Blast doors can cause injury or death   Bio-weapons research area 6.  Gamma level security clearance required ”  The young sorceress read aloud as Keyren and Cole lowered Talon into the vine tangled opening.  “That doesn’t sound good.”

“That’s all we need.”  Cole muttered to himself as he played out more rope.  “Another ancient weapon running around.”

Lita reflexively placed a hand on her belly as she looked up at the coyote, noting that she felt a bit larger than she remembered.   The young healer gasped as a wave of heat washed over her, causing her limbs to tremble for a moment as desire welled inside her.  She shook her head and went through a centering exercise, clearing her thoughts a bit.

Talon pushed his way through another tangle of the tough vines, finally lowered to the same level as Masha.  

“Are you ok?”  He asked as he tried to pull some of the vines away from her face.  

“It’s....getting harder......to breathe ”  Masha gasped as he began to carefully cut several of the vines with his kukri.  “Please hurry ”

“I’m working on it.”  Talon soothed as he cut the vines binding her huge breasts.  “You’ll be out soon.”

“I thought I saw something down there.”  Masha said as her voice trembled with fear.

“Probably just some debris from when you fell in.”  The young wolfcoon reassured as best he could while extending his othersenses into the blackness below them.

Talon gasped as he felt something move below them, slowly making it’s way closer.  He explored further, trying to get some idea of what was approaching, only to find more of the same alien creature.  

“Or you could be right....”  He muttered as he began to cut the vines away faster.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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“We’re almost there.”  Taxton said to Anya as the huge metasteed leapt over another fallen tree, jarring the young cougaress’ massive belly.

“UNGH ”  Anya grunted in pain as the wolf fem behind her steadied her, keeping her from falling off the metasteed’s broad back.

“Are you alright?”  Taxton asked with concern as the warstallion slowed it’s pace, sending waves of concern through Anya.

“We need..........to slow down..........a bit.”  The hugely pregnant young cougaress gasped as she held her belly.  “I can’t take that............kind of impact.”

“Just a bit farther.  I can sense them nearby.”  Taxton said as she looked down the slope to the ruins below.

The metasteed slowed his pace, carefully picking his way around several fallen trees that littered the trail, finally stomping down the remains of ancient metal fence and entering the ruins.  Taxton looked about at the decayed structures for a moment, then patted the metasteed’s flank.

“Slow down a bit.  This was a military research installation.”  She said as she looked about as if to get her bearings.  “We don’t want any old sec systems activating.”


Kaden watched as the females rode into the ruins, smiling as he recognized the young pregnant cougaress clad in a ragged silk sheet as one of Rashelle’s slaves.   The wolf fem riding behind her he didn’t recognize, and she didn’t have the look of a slave.

“Just as well.”  Kaden whispered to himself as he watched them ride around a short wall and disappear into another tangle of underbrush.  “She can always learn to be one of Rashelle’s toys.”

“That pregger looks about to burst.”  The sabretooth mused as he crouched beside the wolfram.  “Croft’s pet says they’re nearby.  Any sign of your netherhound?”

“Not yet.”  Kaden smiled as he tightened his grip on the ornate handle of his axe.  “But that doesn’t mean she’s not about.”


Nesha swept the ruins again with her powerful othersenses, smiling as she found her quarry.  The netherhound chuckled as she felt the number and size of her offspring within the females she’d impregnated just over a day ago.  The though of bedding the three of them again ran through her mind, arousing her as she melted back into the shadows of a large overhang.

“I could always keep them for myself once Rashelle is finished with the female she needs.”  The sleek netherhound mused as she probed the area near them again, her othersenses encountering something utterly alien to her.  “What in the lower planes are you?”

Terah slowly woke, the huge creatures within her stirring again.  She listened for a moment before moving, trying to determine where the sound of a female in labor was coming from.  The luquine smiled as she realized it was Rashelle, birthing whatever was growing within her.  From the sounds she was making, the experience was proving to be difficult at best.  Terah smiled again as she thought of how Anya had used the sorcerous bitch’s own torture chemicals against her as she’d mated the huge ‘taur.  

“I hope she got away.”  Terah whispered to herself as the sound of heavy hooves entered the room behind her.  “That way one of us would at least survive.”

Terah grunted as the massive ‘taur mounted her, sliding his huge cock deep inside her.  Energy arced from her belly to the talismans surrounding her as her belly swelled, the creatures inside her drinking in the sexual energy of the male atop her.  Her moans joined Rashelle’s, filling the halls with the sounds of both females.


“Get them off   ”  Masha cried as another tentacle began to coil around her thigh.  “Please get them off ”

Talon hacked at the fleshy appendages with his blade, severing one and freeing Masha’s arm, only to have three more appear from below.  From above, he could hear the concerned voices of the others as they gathered around the pit, Cole trying to get a clear shot with Talon’s bow as Kamber chanted.  Suddenly, the young vixen sorceress went silent, touching the tip of her staff to the wall to the pit.  Reddish energy flared from the ornate staff, spiraling down the walls of the shaft, washing over the huge mass of tentacles.  From below, the shriek of something in pain erupted, reverberating off the shaft’s walls.  

“Take that you slimy...”  Kamber began, the sudden rush of tentacles cutting her off.

A group of the seemingly endless appendages snared the cluster of vines lining the edge of the pit, suddenly pulling the tangle of tough vines into the pit.

Mara and Rayne screamed as they tumbled headlong into the opening, followed closely by Lita and Kamber.  

“Lita ”  Keyren shouted as he watched the young snow leopardess get dragged into the pit, her ankles tangled in the mass of vines.  The muscular young lion barely had time to look at Cole before both of them were dragged into the pit by the vines as well.

Talon fought as the tentacles wrapped around him, slowly dragging him to the floor.  The young wolfcoon could hear the others near him, but couldn’t see them.  He tried to cut away the snake-like appendages carefully to avoid injuring one of the others, but they were very tough, and even his fine edged kukri was having minimal effect.  

Kamber struggled as the tentacles wrapped about her staff, slowly pulling it from her grasp.  The young sorceress could feel the others nearby, but couldn’t see anything in the pitch blackness of the pit they had fallen into.   She felt the ornate end of the staff slide into her hand, knowing it would soon be torn away.  Kamber screamed the simple cantrip for illumination, flooding the pit with light just as a tentacle moved in front of her face.  The alien appendage split open at the tip, forming a membranous cone shape.  Kamber felt her staff finally wrenched from her grasp as a blast of strange smelling gas erupted from the open tentacle.  Kamber’s eyes fluttered closed as the gas quickly stole her consciousness away.

Keyren’s eyes adjusted to the light as he and Cole struggled to draw their blades, fighting against both tentacles and the tangle of vines that had fallen on top of them.  Keyren watched as Rayne’s limp form was pulled down the hallway, followed closely by Mara.  Kamber and Lita seemed to be snared together, but were still close.  Cole finally drew his wakizashi, severing three of the writhing tentacles in one fluid motion.  The coyote turned to lever himself off his other scabbard, only to be blasted in the face by a pair of the open tentacles.  Keyren drew his uncle’s blade, Starless, from it’s travel worn scabbard, slicing through several of the tentacles and vines.  Three of the tentacles near the young lion opened as he drew back the ebon blade for another strike.  

“Defend ”  Keyren roared as gas erupted from the weaving appendages, causing him to stumble and fall as blackness took him.

Talon tried to hold Masha as several of the fleshy arms coiled about her, beginning to drag her away beside Lita and Kamber.  As he turned to look for assistance from Keyren, he saw a shadowy figure stand, holding the jet black blade in one hand.  The ghostly figure began attacking the oncoming tentacles, the magickal edge of the blade effortlessly cutting through them.  Talon turned back as Masha coughed, only to look into the open end of a tentacle mere inches from his face.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Nesha slipped out of the darkness in the bowels of the underground labyrinth, her othersenses guiding her toward the females that had abruptly gone underground.  She casually walked through the dusty room, looking about as lights in the ceiling flickered from another nearby room.  Movement from the far end of the room caught her attention as she spun one of the high backed chairs positioned in front of a toppled box with a glass front.  

“There you are again.”  She whispered with wonder as she watched a long tentacle rise over the half height wall beside her.  “What manner of thing are you?”

Another of the tentacles rose beside the first, and then another.  Nesha moved closer as they swayed lazily before her, shifting into her larger, more powerful form.  The netherhound reached forward and gently touched one of the fleshy appendages, watching as it slowly began to coil about her wrist.  

“No.  I don’t think so.”  Nesha laughed evilly as she grabbed the questing tentacle hard, digging her claws into in.  

Nesha gasped as the tentacle pointed at her face and sprayed a sweet smelling gas at her.  She released her hold as she coughed, the room beginning to spin.  She turned, shaking her head as one of the tentacles wrapped about her waist.  She dug her claws into the coils, trying to use her otherworldly strength to tear it loose.  Another of the snake-like tentacles blasted her in the face, then another.  Nesha felt the world slipping away as the potent gas finally overcame her resistance, slowly melting back into her normal form.  A brief feeling of fear shot through her as she felt other coils wrapping around her, dragging her from the room, then terror as an unknown darkness beyond her control took her.

Taxton stood at the edge of the pit, watching for any signs of movement from below.  The wolf fem knelt, touching the smooth inner wall of the shaft, then smiled as she felt cold metal.  She looked back to where Anya sat atop the warstallion, then looked about for a safe place for them to wait.  

“I’m going to need to hide the two of you for a bit.”  She said as she stood and walked back to the steed’s side.  “It seems the group I’m looking for has discovered the ruins beneath us.”

“Can you...........see anywhere...........he and I can......” Anya said as she panted against the urges from her sex.  

Taxton looked to one of the wrecked structures, finding one with a large articulated door.  The wolf fem lead the metasteed across the clearing, kneeling as she reached the entrance.  After a moment of searching, she located a handle and pulled, only to have the ancient metal crumble in her hand.

“Lowest bidder.....”  Taxton muttered to herself as she dropped the remains of the rusted handle to the ground.  

Taxton drew her arm back and, to Anya’s disbelief, punched a hole through the door, creating a handhold.  The sound of protesting metal shrieked across the ruins for a moment as Taxton forced the ancient door up along it’s tracks.  She then lead the warhorse inside the dimly lit structure, nodding in satisfaction.

“You should be safe here until I return.”  The wolf fem said as she helped Anya slide off the metasteed’s back.  “Just try to take it easy.  You’re getting too big to keep this up much longer.”

“Can’t...........help it.”  Anya said as she lowered herself onto the moss covered floor, holding her huge belly as the urges caused her to shudder.  She looked at herself for a moment, taking note of just how much she had grown during their fast paced journey.  Her belly now appeared full term with nearly a dozen healthy cubs.  Her breasts spurted as she lifted them off her distended belly, each taking both hands to lift effectively as she smoothed her dusty fur.

Taxton nodded as she stroked the metasteed’s flank, watching as the young cougaress positioned herself for the huge male.  The wolf fem then turned and jogged back to the open shaft, taking a small hop at the edge and into the darkness below.

Anya moaned as the huge cock sank into her again and again, each thrust causing the unborn within her to stir.  She could feel the tip of the massive male’s shaft entering her cervical valve as he penetrated her deeper, eventually working the head of his shaft through and into the fluid filled confines of her crowded uterus.  Her huge, round breasts sprayed milk as they bounced against the shelf of her hugely gravid belly.

“OH GODDESSSS  ”  Anya cried as orgasm shook her.  “UNGH       OH        OH GODS  ”

The sudden tightening of her vaginal muscles sent her metasteed lover over the edge, causing him to pour another huge load of seed into her as his legs trembled with exertion.  Anya felt a wash of relief as the male atop her drained the last of his orgasm into her, shuddering as she wrapped her tail around the base of his huge cock, squeezing out the last few ounces.

“Well.  That was quite a show.” said a male voice from the open door.  

Anya froze in terror as she recognized the huge wolfram leaning against the doorframe.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Out of curiousity, why is it that when I cut and paste to the forum, it leaves out some punctuation?  Anybody have a clue?

Does this detract from the way the story reads?  :?
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