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Author Topic: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....  (Read 78824 times)

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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #30 on: July 06, 2005, 09:40:50 am »

Cole’s head snapped toward the fallen creature as one hand went to his weapons.

“Did you hear that?”  He said as he got to his feet.

“Now who’s being paranoid.”  Kamber said as she stood with him, wishing her staff had been strong enough to survive the encounter.

Cole neared the creature, blades drawn.  A puzzled look crossed his face as he bent to examine it.

“Didn’t this thing have a big carapace thingy on it’s back?” He asked as he pointed to the huge ragged holes that covered what was left of the creature’s now flesh colored back.


Talon’s head was throbbing as he continued through the forest.  Using his othersenses this much was beginning to wear on him.  He could hear a stream nearby as he followed the mental pull toward the healer.  Talon pushed through the dense undergrowth, finally stepping into the open near the stream’s edge.  In the dim light, he could make out a figure laying on the opposing bank.

“Lita?”  He called as he waded out across the stream.

The figure stirred as he approached, groaning softly and putting a hand to her head.

The young healer slowly began to wake as she rubbed the side of her aching head.  Her fingers found quite a large bump behind her right ear as she levered herself up.  Someone was calling to her, but the voice wasn’t familiar.  

Talon knelt beside her, trying to help her into a sitting position.  Most of her clothing had been ripped to shreds, revealing some injuries that looked painful but mostly superficial.  

“Are you ok?”  He asked as he removed his light cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“I think so.”  She said as she realized she was mostly nude.  

Lita pulled the cloak more tightly about her, covering her breasts.  As she touched them, they felt larger than normal.  She lifted one slightly, finding that her breasts had grown quite a bit.  She quickly placed a hand on her abdomen, gasping as she found a fist sized lump in her uterus.  

“I need to get you back to town.”  Talon with concern in his voice.  “Do you think you can travel?”

Lita nodded her head as she tried to remember what happened to her.  Her memory was clouded, allowing her to remember only a few disjointed images.  

“My pack, do you see a pack anywhere?”  She said as she tried to clear her head.

Talon looked about for a moment, finding her pack on a large stone near the stream’s edge.  He returned to her side as she attempted to stand.

“Is there another healer in your settlement?”  Talon asked as he offered her the leather bag.

“Yes, but Neves went south to purchase equipment and won’t be back for a month.”  Lita said as she opened her pack and looked for the jar of healing balm.  “Is there an emergency?”

“A problem, but nothing that can’t wait, well, hopefully can’t wait until tomarrow.”   Talon said as he watched her rub the salve on her cuts.  “But first let’s make certain that you’re ok.”

“I need to get back home and take care of something.”  Lita said as she unconsciously placed a hand on her abdomen.  “Then I can see to your problem.”

“My problem is less immediate then your injuries.  What attacked you?”  The wolfcoon said as he looked at the cuts on her inner thighs.

“I don’t remember.”  Lita said as she struggled to clear her head.  She gave up as the images danced in her head.  “Now, what kind of problem is it that you have?”

“I need someone who can deliver cubs.”  Talon said as she turned toward him, concern growing on her face at his words.  “A lot of cubs.”


Rashelle opened the large trunk her servants had placed in the room, going through it’s contents carefully.  She arranged several items on the floor before her with care, then looked over at the massively pregnant luquine suspended above the cushions.

“This should keep you from bursting like a too ripe melon, my gravid little wolfmare.”  The dark vixen said as she began to crawl in a circle around Terah, placing small talismans on the floor as she went.  “Then we can let little Anya here have another male.”

Anya held her huge belly with one hand as she looked pleadingly at the sorceress.  She now looked pregnant with septuplets, her belly tight as a drum.  Rashelle smiled as she placed a hand on her own belly, now appearing roughly six months along, then rubbed her slightly swollen breasts.  She knew that they would get larger, filling with milk as her pregnancy with Nesha’s nethercub progressed.  She hurried to finish arranging the talismans as her cunny grew wetter at the thoughts in her head.  Finally, she placed the final piece, and uttered a quiet phrase.  Light flared from each talisman as it bonded to the floor, becoming a solid part of the marble it was placed on.  Each continued to glow as Rashelle stood and touched a final talisman to the healing rod buried in Terah’s sex.  It flared as it fused to the rod at it’s base, causing Terah to buck at the sensations.  Rashelle watched with satisfaction as wisps of energy snaked around Terah’s form to the rod, causing it to glow.

“There.  That’s better.”  Rashelle said as she slowly walked around Terah’s hugely gravid form.  “I would love to stay and play with you girls, but I need to see if this is going to interfere with my plans.”  The sorceress said as she slowly rubbed her own swollen belly.  “For now though, I think little Anya here has waited long enough to sate her needs.”

Rashelle closed the trunk and motioned for a servant standing just outside to take it away as she sauntered out of the room, hands still caressing her swollen midsection.  

“I think she’s ready for you now Toridar.”  Rashelle said as she regarded the huge ramdale centaur waiting in the hallway.  “Try not to kill her though.  I don’t like it when people break my toys.”

The dark vixen watched as the huge ‘taur walked by into the room, his massive cock already becoming erect as he neared Anya.  She stood and watched for a moment as the cougaress offered herself to the massive ‘taur, spreading her legs wide to accommodate him.  Rashelle nearly climaxed as she watched Anya slowly take more of him in with each of his thrusts, finally managing nearly half his length.  The dark vixen moaned as her hands moved lower and fingers found their way into her dripping sex.  She watched as Anya cried out in orgasm, her arms wrapped around her massive belly.  The ramdale groaned as he climaxed, forcing nearly three quarters of his massive cock into Anya.  The cougaress’ breath caught as his member penetrated deep within her, blasting a huge amount of sperm into her massive belly.  Rashelle threw her head back as her own orgasm shook her, causing her to drop to her knees.  She looked up into the room as the huge ‘taur began fucking Anya again.  The cougaress held her belly in a futile attempt to prevent it from getting larger as her breasts bounced wildly against it.  Rashelle’s gaze drifted over to Terah’s suspended form.  The luquine’s belly continued to slowly swell, showing no signs of rupturing now.  Rashelle stood and smoothed her fur, then walked toward her library.

“And now to find out if you pose a problem.”  She said as she slowly rubbed her pregnant belly.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #31 on: July 08, 2005, 10:06:27 am »


Talon’s headache was beginning to intensify as he and Lita entered to main gate of the settlement.  He shook his head in an attempt to clear it as he tried to focus his eyes against the now glaring lights.

“Are you alright?”  Lita asked as she watched him for a moment.

“Reacshun hed ayk...........” Talon slurred as he slowly went to a knee holding his head.

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?”  Lita asked as she lifted his head and looked into his eyes.  In the darkness and lost in her own thoughts, she hadn’t noticed that his nose had begun bleeding.  “You’ve almost put yourself into reaction shock   Stop extending yourself ”

“Cant.....ned tu keep...........washin fr Kadn.”  Talon said as he tried to stand and failed.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying.”  The young healer said as she dug through her pack furiously.  “Damn it, it must be back at my house.  Come on, we need to keep you moving.”

“.......goddah gid bag.........to th nnnnn.”  Talon said as his eyes rolled back and he collapsed.  

Lita knelt and lifted his head, checking to see if he was still breathing.

“GUARDSMAN ”  She shouted back toward the gate.  “GUARDSMAN   I NEED HELP HERE ”

She turned back to the unconscious wolfcoon as one of the guards came running toward them.

“What happened to him? ?”  The guard, a medium sized lion , asked as he slid into a kneeling position beside her.  

“He overextended himself.  We need to get him back to my house.”  Said Lita as she tried to lift him from the ground.

“I can get him, just get your pack.”  The guard said as he easily lifted Talon.

Lita led the guard back to her house and opened the door, going inside to turn up the lamps as the guard laid Talon on the makeshift couch.  She went to the racks on the wall, returning with several small jars.  She opened one of them, taking out a small piece of dried root which she coated with a powder from a stone bowl.

“Hold him for me.”  She said as she placed a leather bound rod in Talon’s mouth and pulled it open.

The guardsman held Talon’s shoulders down as Lita placed the root in his opened mouth.  Talon’s eyes opened immediately, going wide as he tried to scramble backwards off the couch.

“Hellfires   What did you give him?”  Asked the guard as he fought to keep Talon from moving.

“Something to keep his gifts from working for a while.  Trouble is they were wide open.”  She said as she mixed a white powder with water in a small cup.  “It basically snapped his extra senses shut.  Sit him up after he calms down.”

Talon gradually stopped trying to crawl backwards away from the taste in his mouth, calming enough to sit.  The guardsman steadied him while Lita added a few more herbs to the now cloudy water.  

“This isn’t going to taste any better.”  She said as she unceremoniously poured the drink into Talon’s mouth.  “But it will take away your headache.”

Talon choked as the bitter drink washed down the remainder of the dissolved root in his mouth.  Shaking his head as it cleared.

“That tastes horrible ”  Talon said weakly as he wiped his mouth with his hand.  

“How long have you had yourself opened like that? ”  Lita asked as she put jars back on shelves.

“Few days.”  Talon said as he looked about groggily.

“If he’s going to live, I need to get back to the gate.” The young lion guardsman said as he slapped Talon lightly on the shoulder.

“He’ll be fine, thank you.”  Lita said as she found her gaze lingering on the guardsman as he left, snapping out of it as the door swung closed after him.  She shook her head and turned to Talon.

“A few days? Are you completely addled?”  She asked as she now found herself looking him over.  She shook her head and went back to the jars, taking out a small piece of mint flavored root to chew on.  

“No choice.  We’re being hunted.”  Talon said as he found himself feeling a bit better, although still near exhaustion.

“So you were sweeping to keep from being found.”  Lita said as she put the pieces together.  

“And then I went looking for you.”  Talon said as he slowly stood and found he once again had balance.  “Speaking of that, you may want to tell.....mmmm..... JorAhn that you’re ok.   He was worried.”

“Thank you for finding me.  I still can’t remember what happened.”  The young snow leopardess said as she took down a damp compress and placed it behind her ear.  “Now I believe you had a problem?”

“They’re probably sound asleep, but you should see them as soon as you’re up to it.” Talon said as he thought about the two vigresses back at the inn.


Nesha’s head began to clear as she sat and stretched.  She looked about in bewilderment as she found herself sitting in a tangle of silk sheets.  She rubbed her eyes for a moment, then looked about the room.  On the bed beside her, also wrapped in a large tangle of ripped sheets, was the cheegress that had been pleasuring both vigresses earlier.  Nesha then looked behind her and found one vigress lightly moaning in her sleep as an attractive young male lion made use of her.  The netherhound then looked over to the bed and found the other vigress being fucked from behind by a large wolf, her knees not quite touching the bed as she rocked forward onto her breasts.  As Nesha watched, she realized that the vigress was unconcious, and from the looks of her, had been for quite some time.  The wolf trembled as he climaxed inside the vigress’ cum drenched sex, causing her to quiver as she orgasmed as well.  Nesha slowly realized that her own glands felt drained to the point of soreness, and her breasts felt almost completely empty.  The netherhound tried to focus her slightly blurred vision as she moved into a kneeling position.  As Nesha moved aside, Rayne rolled onto her back, groaning as she moved.  

Rayne slowly began to gain a slight awareness of her surroundings.  She struggled to focus as she opened her eyes, catching a blurry view of the strange jet colored female kneeling beside her.  She closed her eyes and slowly faded back into unconsciousness, her hands going to her slowly growing belly.

Nesha looked at the size of the cheegress’ belly as she rubbed her tender breasts.  The unconscious female looked roughly nine months pregnant and was still experiencing the initial growth as the nethercubs within her matured rapidly.  Neasha smiled as she extended her othersenses over the cheegress, feeling the unborn within her.  She then swept her ‘senses over the two vigresses, smiling as she stood and looked for her clothing.  

“Well my little sorceress, I hope a few of my children within your prize won’t interfere with your plans overly much.”  She said as she stepped into the hallway, still nude.  

The netherhound walked the upper hallway, smiling as she passed the other rooms at the tangles of limbs from under various piles of bedclothes.  

“Well Kaden, no one left here tonight.  Of that you can be certain.”  She chuckled as she gave up on finding her clothes and stepped into a shadow.


“Two sets of tracks, look to be heading back toward town.”  Cole said as he stood and looked after the footprints into the forest.

“Then we shouldn’t be far behind them.”  Kamber said as she held a scrap of cloth she’d found on the stream’s bank.  “And we’re looking for........”

The vixen concentrated on the cloth, letting her energy fill out the remaining pieces of the image growing before her.  Within minutes, an image of an attractive young snow leopardess stood before them.

“.......a healer from the looks of her.”  The vixen said as she let the image fade.  

“Let’s just hope she hasn’t had a chance to bed whoever rescued her.”  Cole muttered as he checked his bound ribs.

“If she has, then we may have to kill her just to be certain the creature she’s carrying doesn’t have a chance to grow up to be a killing machine.”  Kamber said as she started off toward the trade settlement.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #32 on: July 08, 2005, 10:39:18 am »

I have a request for those of you out there more artistically talented than I.  I would like a few character pics or, if you are so inclined, scene illustrations.  Those interested can e-mail or PM me for more information about characters.   Thank you all for your continued interest.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #33 on: July 08, 2005, 11:16:44 am »

Damn, man! Months without any updates, and now it starts pouring out! Not that I mind, but it's a little surprising.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #34 on: July 08, 2005, 11:45:19 am »

Yeah, I know.  I had a lot of RL stuff going on (new baby, moving to another state, new job....) and another storyline idea that I had to get timelined.  Eventually I'll get that one done too, but for now, I'm glad you're all enjoying.  



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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #35 on: July 08, 2005, 12:28:46 pm »

Oh yeah. This is an excellent story. Can't wait to see how it all ends!
I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away." - Xander Harris


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #36 on: July 13, 2005, 12:57:58 pm »


“Oh gods.”  Talon gasped as he surveyed the scene before him.  

Masha was laying on her side, her cunny still glistening wetly in the dim light.  Mara still lay atop her hugely swollen belly in a pile of ripped and stained blankets and pillows, her sex still wet from recent use.  There were a few males of various types laying here and there on the floor, all completely unconscious, along with a very pregnant cheetah tiger cross.  Lita entered the room behind him, her mouth agape as she looked about the room.  

As the young healer looked about the room, desire welled within her, making her wish she had been among those littering the floor.  Lita shook her head at the thoughts, taking another piece of the minty root to chew on.  
“Masha?”  Talon said softly as he knelt beside her.

Masha’s eyes opened slightly, then closed again as exhaustion reclaimed her.

Lita looked with awe at the two vigresses, her loins beginning to grow wet at the thoughts swirling unbidden in her head.  She fought to clear her mind, wrestling her thoughts into a completely analytical format just as she’d been taught.  She approached Mara, slowly rolling her onto her side after removing the piles of blankets propping her up.  She marveled at the size of the young vigress’ belly as she tried to focus enough to allow her healing gifts to work.  She extended her senses into Mara, feeling all that the hugely gravid vigress felt.  Lita’s jaw dropped as she felt what was happening within Mara’s belly.  She then stood and moved to Masha, repeating the process.  Again she could only stare in disbelief at what she felt from within her.  Lita then moved to the pregnant cheegress, extending her senses into her as well.  She began to shudder as she was overwhelmed by the arousal the pregnant cheegress was experiencing.  She recoiled, falling back into a pile of ruined cushions.

“Lita ?  Are you ok?”  Talon asked as he quickly knelt beside her.

Lita’s breathing was erratic as Talon lifted her in his arms.  She twitched as she became completely aroused, losing to the images and desires in her head.  Her eyes fluttered open, locking with Talon’s.  Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer to her.  Talon looked at her in complete disbelief as she began softly biting his neck.  

“Hey ”  Talon exclaimed as her hands found the catches to his leather pants.

“Please......take me..........please.”  Lita begged as her mind reeled.  

Talon looked around the room for a moment.  The girls were sleeping and showed no signs of waking any time soon.  Still, she hadn’t shown any signs of this behavior earlier.  

Lita let her healing gift wash over Talon, causing him to feel her arousal as well.  Talon gasped as the sexual energy flowed over him, distracting him as Lita removed his clothes.  Within minutes she was caressing his hardened shaft as he started to return her advances.  Lita pulled him down into the pile of cushions, opening herself for him as he began to lick her hardened nipples.  

“Ohhhhhh .....Yessss......”  Lita moaned as he entered her, beginning to work his shaft in deeper with every thrust.
The urges became more intense as he fucked her, spinning her deeper into a sexual frenzy.  Finally Talon’s muscles tightened as he climaxed, his seed spurting into her uterus.  She felt a surge of relief as she climaxed along with him, the images in her mind fading to shadows in the background of her thoughts.  Lita felt as though the orgasm would never end as her uterus clenched around the growing mass within her.  Finally she gasped as the waves of pleasure subsided, leaving her gasping for breath beneath him.  As he moved off her to lay at her side, Lita’s hands went to her abdomen.  There, the once fist sized lump had grown to the size of a grapefruit, causing her belly to look roughly four months pregnant.

Exhaustion washed over Talon as he struggled to remain awake.  The constant strain of using his othersenses and the lack of food and sleep finally won, sending him into a deep sleep.  Lita sighed as she draped an arm over him, breathing in his scent for a while.  Her head slowly began to clear, allowing her to think about the immensely gravid females in the room.  She slowly crawled out of the pile of cushions and once again examined the three females, allowing her senses to sweep through each of them.  Both vigresses appeared to be nearing their bursting point, their abdominal muscles stretched to their limits over their massive wombs.  The cheegress, who Lita now recognized as a brothel girl who was not pregnant earlier in the week, now appeared full term with twins and was slowly swelling larger.  As Lita examined her gravid form, her eyes fluttered open.

“Wha......what....who are you?”  Rayne asked as she tried to sit.  Her hands went to her swollen belly as sitting proved difficult.  “Oh Gods   What happened to me? ?”

Lita remembered her name now.  It was Rayne.  She had come to Lita for some very potent birth control herbs only a few weeks ago.  She should NOT have been pregnant.

“Rayne, it’s Lita, the healer.  Do you remember who you had sex with?”  Lita asked as she tried to calm the panicked cheegress.

“All I remember is a jet colored female.”  Rayne said shakily as she felt her distended midsection.  “I don’t remember any males.”

“Can you remember anything else about her?”  Lita asked, trying to confirm what her senses had told her.

“Her breasts were leaking a lot.”  Rayne said as she tried to recall more.  “I can’t remember.  Everything’s a blur.”

“Very sleek?  Almost jackal like?”  Lita asked as Rayne struggled into a sitting position.

Rayne nodded, confirming what Lita feared.

“A netherhound.  A netherhound got you pregnant.”  Lita said as she tried to calm the frightened cheegress.  “Very pregnant.”

“If I just got pregnant, why am I so big?”  Rayne asked as she felt her belly, her fingers encountering her protruding navel.

“Nethercubs grow very rapidly at first, then the rest of the pregnancy is fairly normal.  Except in your case, she impregnated you more than once.”  Lita said as she stood and looked about the room.  

“How many are in here?”  Rayne asked as she felt a fluttering sensation from within her.  

“I felt eight, but nethercubs often twin in mid-pregnancy.”  Lita said as she tried to remember everything she could about creatures from the nether planes.

“Oh gods....”  Rayne said as she slumped backwards against the wrecked bed.

Lita looked at the two vigresses for a moment, wondering how she was going to deal with what was happening within each of them.  She shook her head as she thought of her options.  Both the overcrowded vigresses were almost ready to burst and Rayne would become more and more sexually active as she progressed with the nethercubs.  And then there was whatever was growing within her.

“Oh gods is right.”  Lita muttered to herself as her hands felt her swollen belly.


Rashelle watched as another contraction caused Anya’s massive belly to shudder.  The cougaress had been in labor for some time now, but was still fucking yet another male.  

“You can’t stop, can you.”  Rashelle mused as she watched yet another contraction shoot across the surface of Anya’s belly.  The sorceress turned to a pair of figures standing in the doorway.  “I think she’s almost in need of you.”

A pair of racoon females quickly entered the room, kneeling by Anya’s side as the huge lion fucking her from behind roared in climax.  As the huge male walked by Rashelle, the dark vixen reached out and gently caressed his still throbbing shaft, licking the mingled fluids off her fingertips with a smile.  She then walked slowly around the room, watching as Anya’s contractions grew closer together and became stronger.  The midwives rolled the massively gravid cougaress onto her back and pushed her legs open wide.  

“She may not survive this.”  Said one of the midwives as she felt Anya’s belly, checking on the positions of the cubs within her.

“She’ll live.”  Rashelle said as she knelt beside Anya and began tracing circles around one of the cougaress’ nipples.  “Just make sure she doesn’t lose any of the other cubs.  After all, they’re not big enough yet.”

Anya writhed as yet another contraction wracked her body, causing her to scream.  Rashelle looked across the room to where Terah was half hanging, half resting atop her massive belly.  The dark vixen smiled as a thought crossed her mind.  She stood, taking note of how difficult it was becoming, and walked around to Anya’s open sex.  The sorceress chanted, drawing images in the air before her that faded slowly, then let a wave of energy wash over the cougaress’ panting form.  Anya’s cries of pain changed to moans of sheer ecstacy.  The midwives looked at her for a moment, then up at Rashelle.

“Now when she delivers it will be a most pleasurable experience instead of an excruciatingly painful one.”  The dark vixen said as she watched Anya arch her back.  

The midwives looked at her with puzzled expressions for a moment.  Rashelle laughed as she turned and walked back around to Anya’s side, kneeling again on the cushions.

“My benevolence is purely self serving my dear.”  The sorceress said as she shifted her gaze across the room to where Terah hung, spasming as more sexual energy flowed into her.  “She’s almost ready.”

Anya cried out as another contraction changed into an orgasm, grasping her huge belly with both arms as the midwives bent to their task.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #37 on: July 20, 2005, 10:57:41 am »


“I can’t do anything for them here.”  Lita said as Talon shrugged on his tunic.  “We have to get them back to my home, then I can tend to them.”

“Best to get them out of here before everyone wakes up then.”  Talon sighed as he moved to wake Masha.

Masha stirred as he approached, rolling onto her other side as she stretched.  Talon looked at her for a moment, trying to gauge the size of her pregnant belly.  She was larger than when he’d left them, now appearing full term with healthy septuplets.  He quickly moved over to Mara, pulling the blankets off her.  He gasped as he looked at her immense belly.  She looked as though she was carrying dectuplets.

“How many males were in here?”  Talon asked as he tried to fathom how many partners each vigress could have had.

“There were only the two you dragged out into the hallway.”  Lita answered as she knelt beside Rayne.  “Why?”

“Something I probably should have mentioned earlier.”  Talon said, mentally cursing himself for not thinking this could happen.  “I think they can get pregnant about every time they orgasm.”

“And if I remember.......correctly, they...........did that a lot.”  Rayne said as she tried to stand using the wrecked bedframe for balance.  

“Then we definitely need to get to my house.”  Lita said as she thought about that for a moment, suddenly feeling a small swell of desire from her loins.
Lita quickly turned and took a piece of the minty root from her pack and began chewing it, hoping it’s effects would stop her from becoming aroused.  

“We should get them up and moving.”  She said as she did a quick inventory of her pack.

“Mara.”  Talon said gently as he stoked the side of her face.  “Mara, we need to go.”

Mara slowly woke up, her eyes fluttering open slowly.  She shook her head as her hands rubbed her huge belly, finally ending up in the sex slimed area above her cunny.  She looked at her hand with confusion at first, then with panic as she realized what had happened.

“Oh gods ”  She whispered to herself as she looked at her belly.  “How did I get this big? ?”

“You had sex with a few different partners.”  Talon said as he helped her into a sitting position.

“One of which was a netherhound.”  Lita added as she knelt beside Masha.  “She’s the reason you’ve grown so much.”

“Oh gods....”  Mara whispered to herself as she held the sides of her enormous belly.  “I can’t hold all these cubs.  I’m too big already.”  

“Listen.  Lita is a healer.  We’re going to go to her house.”  Talon said as he tried to keep Mara from panicking.  “Once we’re there we can figure something out.”

Lita gently shook Masha awake.  The young vigress’ eyes fluttered open as she slowly found her way back to consciousness.  

“Where’s Talon?”  Masha asked as she tried to sit up.  “What happened?”

“A netherhound impregnated you.  Your sister and Rayne too.”  The young healer said as she helped Masha into a crawling position.  “We’re going back to my home so I can try to help you.”

Masha slowly crawled to the bed, her breasts dripping on the floor as she moved.  Lita felt another pang of lust as she watched Masha’s huge belly between her legs, her protruding navel nearly dragging on the floor as she moved.  The young snow leopardess whimpered as she caught the scent of sex still heavy on her. Her nipples hardened as she watched Masha’s still glistening sex as the young vigress pulled herself up on the bed.  She shook her head, trying to clear the images from her mind as the desires slowly grew within her.  Finally she stood and walked to the door.

“We should go.”  Lita said as she tried to control her breathing.

Talon draped a blanket over each of the girls shoulders, smiling as he made eye contact with Rayne.  As they made their way out into the hall, Talon shook his head in combined amazement and amusement.

“And now there are four of them.”  He mused as he watched them carefully descend the steps.


Kaden dropped to the base of the wall, surveying his surroundings quickly.  He stood and looked at the inn at the end of the street.  A smile slowly spread across his face as he thought of his warhammer impacting Talon’s face.  

“I hope you did your part netherbitch.”  He snarled as he shouldered his weapon and calmly walked the few hundred feet to the inn’s entrance.

Kaden swung the double doors open, looking into the dim light within the inn’s taproom.  The wolfram’s brows raised as he saw limbs tangled and tables overturned.  He slowly walked into the room, stepping over intertwined bodies littering the floor.  

“Nesha.  What have you done.”  Kaden snarled as he made his way past all the rooms on the lower floor.

“Kept them from leaving.”  The netherhound said as she stepped out of a shadow behind him.  “Just like you wanted.”

Kaden ground his teeth in frustration as he looked at the netherhound.

“Where are they?”  He asked through clenched teeth.

“They’re in the grand suite, upstairs.”  Nesha answered as she rubbed the side of her neck, still trying to shake the effects of the pheromones.  

Kaden turned and charged up the staircase, coming to the double doors to the room.  The doors crashed open as he nearly splintered them with his boot.  He readied his hammer and looked about the room.

The room was empty.  The furniture looked as thought there had been a massive orgy and the scent of sex hung heavy in the air, but the room was empty.

“NESHA  ”  Kaden roared as he turned and faced the door.

The netherhound sauntered into the hallway, stretching as she leaned against the doorframe.  

“Where did they go?”  She asked with confusion as she stepped into the room.  “I left them right here.”

Kaden whirled and seized Nesha by the throat, pinning her to the wall with her feet dangling several inches off the floor.

“You stupid bitch   You let them escape ”  Kaden growled as he slid the netherhound higher up the wall.  

Nesha slowly wrapped her fingers around Kaden’s wrist, her eyes beginning to glow an eerie green.

“You will release me now.”  She hissed as she slowly began to change.  

Kaden watched as her legs lengthened and took on a reversed knee shape, her cloven hooves coming to rest on the floor.  Her clawed fingers grew longer and completely encircled his wrist.  Kaden drew back his hammer, taking aim at her face as her fangs grew more beastial.  Suddenly, she tore his grasp from her throat as easily as one might that of a small cub, then dangled Kaden’s three hundred and fifty plus pound body near the room’s semi vaulted ceiling by his arm.  Kaden swung his hammer at the netherhound’s muzzle, only to have it caught in her open hand.

“You truly have no idea what I am, do you?”  She chuckled as she held him.  “How very entertaining.”

Nesha tossed the wolfram across the room as though he were nothing but a rag doll.  Kaden crashed through the remains of the table, sending empty platters flying.  He quickly regained his feet, glaring at her as he braced for an attack.  

“No, no, little mortal.”  Nesha laughed as she shrank back to her normal form.  “I won’t kill you tonight.  But try that again and you’ll find yourself wishing I had.”

Nesha turned and walked toward the corner of the room, slowly fading into the shadows there.

“Now instead of helping you find her, I’ll leave you to your own devices.”  She mock pouted as she vanished.  “And find her for Rashelle myself.”

Kaden’s warhammer crashed through the wall where the netherhound had just been standing.

“I’ll find her.”  Kaden growled as he yanked him hammer out of the wall by it’s strap.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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The huge wolfram flipped the remains of the large bed up against the wall, clearing a large space in the center of the room.  After sorting through a few items in his beltpouch, he took out a small leather pouch.

“After all, Rashelle isn’t the only mage I know.”  He said as he removed a walnut sized diamond from it’s wrappings.

Kaden placed it on the floor, then stepped back and took a deep breath.

“Farinous.”  Kaden whispered as he felt the energy of the diamond being released.

Slowly an image began to form above the diamond.  After several seconds, Kaden could make out the features of the spell’s target.  The image became more lifelike, revealing a tall yet slender white male lion.

“Kaden   Good to see you again.  How’s the curse?”  The image said with a hollow voice.

“That’s not why I need you.”  Kaden said as he stepped toward the image.

“Well, it must be something important.  You know this stone only works once.”  Farinous said with a hint of amusement in his voice.  “So, what do you want of me.”

“I need someone or something that can help me defeat a netherhound, a tracker, preferably gifted or a mage, and a few reliable troops.”  Kaden said as he looked the image of the mage in the eye.  If he was going to call this favor in, he was going to make it worth while.

“Is that all?”  Farinous asked with obvious sarcasm in his voice.  “You really require all that?”

“Indeed.  And I need them as soon as possible.”  Kaden replied as he thought about Nesha out hunting the vigress.  

“Very well.  You’ll have them as soon as I can manage it.”  The mage said as he thought for a moment.  “And this fully absolves my debt to you.”

“Completely.”  The wolfram said with a bit of satisfaction in his voice.  “Just bear in mind I’m in a hurry.”

“Consider it done.  Stay where you are for now.  All you need shall arrive shortly.”  Farinous said as the image disappeared, leaving nothing but a smouldering, shattered diamond on the floor.   


“You’re certain that she’s in there?”  Cole asked as he looked at the relatively small house.

“Positive.”  Kamber said as she leaned against a low garden wall.

“Then we may as well get this over with.”  Cole said somberly as he fingered the hilt of one of his falchions.  “I just wish there were another way.”

“Lad, if you plan to kill Lita, you’ll need to slay me first.”  Said a deep voice from behind the pair.

Kamber spun to face the voice, hands raised as she gathered energy for a spell as Cole drew both blades and took position in front of her.  To their surprise they faced a rather aged, battle scarred lion.

“You have no idea what’s going on old one.”  Cole said as he sized up his would be adversary.  

“I know that you’re planning to do something very bad to someone I hold dear.”  The aged lion said in a low voice.  “And that I cannot allow.  I also know from your stance that you studied under Heragim, and your left side is injured.  Even weathered as I am, I didn’t teach Heragim all my skills, so think again before facing me.  And you, disperse that energy before you burn your hands off.  What in the hells were you thinking, trying that without a proper staff.”

Cole went almost white as he realized who he was facing.  He slowly sheathed both blades as he shook his head.  

“JorAhn?”  He almost whispered.

“Indeed.”  The aged lion replied as he watched Kamber slowly release the energy she’d amassed.  “Now.  Tell me why you were about to kill my healer.”

“She’s been impregnated by something the ancients created.”  Kamber said as she looked JorAhn over.  “We have to stop it before it can be born.”

“Keyren, my nephew, said she was back, and that she looked as though she’d been in a fight.”  JorAhn said thoughtfully as he placed his cane’s tip back on the ground.  “I was going to look in on her.  Come with me, and we’ll see what needs be done.”

Without waiting for them, JorAhn opened the small gate and walked across the courtyard toward the small dwelling.

“You know him?”  Kamber asked as she starred at the aged lion’s back in wonder.  

“He taught my trainer all he knows about fighting.  From what Heragim’s told me, he was one of the greatest fighters alive.”  Cole said with a hint of awe in his voice.  “You’ve heard the tales about the Challis of Storms?”

“Of course I have.”  Kamber said as she walked beside Cole.  She thought about the tales for a moment, suddenly stopping in her tracks, her mouth agape.  “Th-this is JorAhn Nightblade?”

“Of the seven hunters, yes.”  Cole said as he shook his head.  “So I don’t know about you, but I’m inclined to listen to him.  If anyone knows about the ancients, it’s him.”

“That would be wise.”  JorAhn said as he turned to face them.  “From the sounds of things, Lita has company.  At this hour, it’s business.  Do nothing foolish and don’t get in her way.”

JorAhn rapped on the door and waited for a moment, feeling as though something was watching him.  The door opened slightly as the feeling intensified.

“JorAhn?”  Lita asked as she opened the door fully.  “Are you feeling well?”

“Inside.  Quickly now.”  JorAhn said as he turned to face the darkest shadows nearby.  “And keep the place well lit.”

“What is it?”  Kamber asked as she watched JorAhn peer into the gloom.  

“A netherhound.”  The aged lion replied as he stepped backward into the house and shut the door.  “Quickly, cast a ward about this house.”
Kamber quickly rattled off a charm of protection, feeling something press against it almost immediately.  She knelt and placed a full scale barrier spell around the small dwelling, then used a flare of power to light every unlit candle and lantern in the house.

“Well done child.”  JorAhn said as he watched the young vixen finish.  “She’ll not get past that.”

“What’s going on?”  Lita asked as she looked at the newcomers in her back room.  “Why is there still a netherhound nearby?”

“Still?”  Asked JorAhn, his one good eye going wider.

“I have three girls inside that a netherhound impregnated earlier.  After that, they usually go away.”  Lita said as her excitement began to fade, being replaced by the constant feeling of desire.  Her loins began to grow hot as she looked at Cole.  “I was just about to start.....treating them.”

“Are you well?”  JorAhn asked as he watched her for a moment.  

“No, not really, but I have to care for them first.”  Lita replied honestly as her hand went to her swollen midsection.  

“I will provide whatever assistance I can, and I’m certain these two will as well.”  JorAhn said as he looked pointedly at Kamber and Cole.

JorAhn, Cole, and Kamber followed Lita into the main room, then found themselves quite stunned by the females they found there.  On one of Lita’s small couches sat a heavily pregnant cheegress wrapped in what appeared to be a blanket.  Her belly looked as though she were due with at least triplets and her large breasts had soaked the blanket with milk.  

“Rayne?”  JorAhn almost stammered as he realized who it was.  “Are you alright?”

“As can be I suppose.”  The young brothel girl replied as she tried to cover more of herself with the blanket.  “I just hope Lita can do something for us.”

The other girls, both vigers, were both much larger than Rayne.  One sat on a low padded bench resting her hands atop her pregnant with octuplets sized belly.  Her massive breasts were barely covered by the blanket, revealing a huge amount of cleavage.  The other rested in a large pile of cushions, her enormous belly covered by a pair of blankets.  Her breasts were exposed and leaking profusely, seeming to throb in time with her pulse.

Sitting on the arm of one of the nearby chairs was Talon, the handle of his kukri close at hand..  He nodded as he made eye contact with JorAhn.

“And what is it you were planning to do?”  JorAhn asked quietly as he looked back toward Lita.

The young healer motioned for him to follow, shaking her head as she tried her best to clear the images that were swirling and clouding her thoughts.  As they entered her small cooking area, she turned, concern evident on her face.

“I’m not certain.”  She said as she felt her shoulders fall.  “Rayne and Masha seem like they’re fine for now, but Mara is in trouble.  She can’t take much more growth and I’m not sure what will happen if I try to induce her.  As a healer I can’t do anything that would endanger her or her cubs, and in her case that’s a lot of cubs.”

“How many?”  JorAhn asked as he tried to fathom how far along Mara could be.

“Twenty five.  Six of them are nethercubs.”  Lita said as she watched disbelief wash over JorAhn’s face.  “And they’re all growing faster than they should be.  Both she and her sister can get pregnant every time they experience orgasm, and whatever it is that’s causing her to grow so rapidly also causes her sex drive to go insane.  She’s still aroused even though she can’t hold much more.”

“And her sister?”  The old lion asked as he tried to think of something that could possibly help.

“Masha is in better shape for some reason, but she’s carrying more than Mara, and I don’t recognize what most of them are.”  Lita said as she nearly broke down into tears.  “She’s carrying almost forty cubs   What am I going to do? ”

“Let me think on this for a while.”  JorAhn said as he took her by the shoulders.  “Perhaps I know of a place.”


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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oh... WOW....  8-)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Rashelle shook her head again as she tried to concentrate on what she was researching, but the desires just would not go away.  Her pregnant body wanted sex more than ever, and it wasn’t taking no for a answer.  The dark vixen stood and walked down the hallway to where her captives were held.  Her breathing quickened as she looked in and saw Anya being fucked by a large kodiger.   She sauntered into the room, removing her loose robe on the way, and began rubbing her hands over her swollen belly and tender, leaking breasts.  She marveled at how wonderfully Anya had recovered after birthing her quadruplets.  The young cougaress now looked full term with quintuplets and her breasts had grown even more.  The male pistoned into her, causing her massive, spurting breasts to bounce wildly atop her belly, causing Rashelle to grow even more aroused.  She muttered a short incantation, summoning the nearest of her male henchmen to the room.  To her delight, three males walked into the room, her favorite ramdale ‘taur among them.  She settled into a pile of cushions as they approached, spreading her legs wide as the huge ‘taur paused before her.  She pulled herself higher on the cushions as he stepped carefully atop her, his massive, throbbing member touching her already wet sex.  She guided the tip of his huge cock into her cunny as another male knelt beside her face, offering his engorged member to her.  The dark vixen moaned as she took the huge lion’s shaft in her mouth, the flavor of Anya still present on it’s length.  She arched her back as more of the ramdale’s massive shaft worked deeper inside her, beginning to press into her cervix with each thrust.  Another of the males, a large black wolf, took her nipple in his mouth, alternately biting and taking pulls of milk from her.  As the huge ramdale continued to rock atop her, the lion male began to milk her other breast, spraying milk with each pull on her nipple.  Rashelle convulsed as her first orgasm shook her, causing her to clench around the ramdale’s huge member.  He grunted as he continued to work his shaft in deeper, now pushing hard against her cervix.  The pressure sent her over the edge, causing her to climax again.  

Terah spasmed as more energy flowed into the creatures within her, causing her to swell larger as the dark vixen shuddered again.  The huge kodiger finished with Anya, leaving her panting on the floor as her hands explored her belly.  

“Anya......”  Terah said weakly.  “Anya......”

The young cougaress looked over at Terah, still panting as she tried to lever herself into a sitting position.  Terah looked at the young cougaress, then shifted her gaze over to the open trunk by the door.  Rashelle had brought her box of devices back earlier, taunting them both with various horrible plans.  Anya looked at the open trunk with uncertainty, fearful of trying to do anything to Rashelle.  Then she thought of her cubs being taken away by the midwives to be raised by someone else, and as slaves.  Anya slowly crawled over to the trunk and peered inside.  There were many devices inside, but only one she recognized.  It was the same one the dark vixen had used on her.  The young cougaress carefully lifted the device out of the trunk, then took out a large cylinder filled with accelerant.  She thought about things for a moment, trying to remember what had been on the device when Rashelle had threatened her with it earlier.  Something that would make any pregnancy begin twinning repeatedly.  Then an idea struck her.  She lifted out every container from the trunk, even the empty one that Rashelle had used on her days ago.  Anya opened each container and poured some from each into the empty one, checking often to make certain that Rashelle was still being entertained.

Rashelle could feel the ramdale atop her nearing climax.  His thrusts were more eager, becoming faster and reaching deeper within her.  The other males had switched duties, the wolf’s cock now filling her mouth as the lion sucked her leaking nipples.  Suddenly Rashelle felt her sex being spread open further.  The huge shaft filling her nearly doubled in size.  Her head snapped back, the wolf’s shaft spattering her face with seed as the now unbearable member in her sex rammed deep inside her.  Rashelle tried to see what was happening, but the huge male atop her blocked all view as he began to shudder in climax.  She felt a hard impact as something rammed through her cervix, sending a lance of pain through her.  Hot seed poured into her now open uterus, pistoned in with each of the huge male’s thrusts.  Then she felt a huge surge of liquid rush into her, causing her to climax yet again, her back arching to it’s limits.

Anya quickly withdrew the device as Rashelle bucked in another orgasm.  The cougaress stood and walked as best she could over to the trunk and replaced each item.  She then moved as quickly and quietly as possible back to her pile of cushions, falling into them as the huge male dismounted Rashelle.

The dark vixen sat up weakly, waving the males away as she tried to clear her head.  She felt incredibly full, her belly hard to the touch and her breasts felt strange.  As she touched her glistening sex, she noticed a trace of blood in the fluids on her hand.  Rashelle quickly stood, her hands going to her now seven month pregnant belly, and walked behind Terah.  She grabbed the rod buried in the luquine’s sex and felt it’s magicks wash over her, repairing the damage to her reproductive system.  She looked about the room in a daze, her thoughts clouded as though she’d had far too much wine.  All looked as it should, Terah was glowing brighter and her little cougar whore was looking expectantly at the large black wolf.  Rashelle sighed as a feeling of satiation washed over her.

“Now maybe I’ll be able to get something done.”  She said as she licked some of the wolf’s seed from her face.  “I’ll have to be more careful about fucking him again.  That felt strange.  Wonderful, but strange.”

Rashelle turned and staggered out of the room, leaving the huge ‘taur and other males to tend Anya’s needs.  She slowly made her way to her study, where several of her tomes awaited her.  She settled into a large overstuffed couch near one of her books, with all intentions of reading.  Within seconds, the sex fogged sorceress was fast asleep.  Within her, the chemicals took hold, binding with the nethercubs and the ‘taur’s seed and beginning to alter her reproductive system, her belly slowly growing larger steadily.


Four figures stepped through the crackling energy gate across the room from Kaden.  As the light faded, the wolfram looked them over.  Two of them were huge, even larger than he was.  The largest was a huge, muscular male bison in heavy leather and plate armor.  Beside him was a smaller, yet better defined, male sabertooth in partial black plate armor.  The last two were what interested Kaden the most.  The first was a male hyena in light armor.  Behind him, led by a chain about her neck, was a black and silver colored female jackal, lynx cross.  She was clothed only in a very tiny half shirt that left the bottoms of her triple d-cup breasts exposed and a short, ragged skirt held together by mere strings.  The hyena all but dragged her into the room, forcing her to her knees at his side once they had gotten their bearings.

“Kaden?”  Asked the large sabertooth as he looked the wolfram over.

“Indeed.”  Kaden replied as he continued to eye the female.  “You should have left your plaything behind.”

“She’s more than that.”  The hyena said as he toyed with a lock of the female’s hair.  “You did ask for a tracker, did you not?”

“And she’s it?”  Kaden asked as he considered the situation.  A tracker that had to be controlled was more than likely a liability.  “I do hope you’re joking.”

“Just watch.”  The sabertooth said as he nodded to the hyena.

The hyena bent and whispered into the jynx’s ear as the other newcomers looked on.  Suddenly, she stood almost mechanically, the expression of dread on her face replaced by an emotionless stare.

“Now, who is it you’re looking for?”  The hyena said as he toyed with the end of the chain.

“I believe there’s one other matter.”  Kaden said as he looked to the sabertooth.  “Something that I can use to deal, rather permanently, with a netherhound.”

“Farinous sends his regrets on this matter.”  The bison said as he stepped forward.  

As Kaden started to protest, the bison lifted a large item wrapped in leather.

“He knows you favor hammers, but on such short notice, he says an axe will have to do.”  The bison said as he unwrapped a medium sized battle axe.  “This little trinket is so heavily ensorcelled it should be able to harm even a netherlord.”

As the bison handed the axe to Kaden the wolfram’s brows rose.  The weapon very nearly vibrated in his hands.  Kaden smiled as he looked at the edge, catching a glimpse of the ghost image of yet another edge.  Although the axe was nearly three feet in length, it was only a fraction of the weight it should be.

“That should take care of your netherhound problem.”  The sabertooth smiled as he admired the weapon.  “Now, what is it we’re to help you find.”

“Not a what.  A who.”  Kaden said absently as he looked to the jynx.  “How does she work?”

“She’s gifted.  I know that’s usually a problem, but our master has ways around that.”  The hyena said as he stroked the female’s neck.  “She can see who was here, and can find where they’ve gone.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time.”  The wolfram said as he hefted the axe onto his shoulder.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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damn... double cross... this story kicks sooooo much ass... keep up the good work man!


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Any chance we'll see more of this?  I'm eagerlyl awaiting the next installment! ^_^


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #43 on: August 24, 2005, 12:51:36 pm »

Sorry about the delay all.  I was recently ambushed by real life (damn thing speared me Edge style) and haven't been able to get much writing done.  Don't worry though, I've got plenty more storyline where this came from.

Thanks to all who've been enjoying this.



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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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No internet and no TV make Amenshawn something something...........

Been a while since I've been here, but now I'v got a fairly large update to throw down.  Hope you all enjoy.
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