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Author Topic: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....  (Read 78820 times)

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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2004, 10:25:15 pm »

Wonderful work.  Keep it up!
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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #16 on: August 26, 2004, 11:22:36 pm »

Said it before and I am saying it again... lol... extremely well written ;) Love the storyline so far too... I just hope nobody pops! lol... but anyways, I'll prolly follow it to the last chapter just to see how it all turns out... it's very gripping to put it one way... If it was a book I don't think I could put it down until the end :)

Can't wait to see more. :)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #17 on: September 23, 2004, 02:04:44 pm »

Wow :D  really well written story*thumbs up* as marl said if it was a book  i wouldnt put it down till the end. Can't wait till it all wraps up :wink: dont want it to end tho :(
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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #18 on: September 24, 2004, 08:48:36 pm »

I think on Pregfur is some more of this....  (I mean a continue)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #19 on: September 25, 2004, 01:58:47 am »

Nah, I'm pretty sure they're both the same distance down the rabbit hole :)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #20 on: October 09, 2004, 11:34:46 am »

Terah felt power surge through her as Rashelle finished the incantation.  Her belly began to feel incredibly full and tight, even more so than it had been with the massive slurm beast crammed inside.  She felt another sensation as the rod buried in her sex began to send healing energy coursing through her body.  The symbols on the sides of her belly glowed brighter as she swelled larger and larger, the spell working on the creature inside her, creating an exact duplicate within her womb.  She swelled from appearing full term with large quintuplets to over twice as large, appearing full term with fourteen full term children as the spell reached completion.  She spasmed and bucked as her belly groaned and stretched, finally accepting it's new size as the healing rod kept her from exploding.  Rashelle was nearly incoherent with desire as she watched Terah swell.  She climaxed as the luquine's belly pressed into the cushions beneath her.  Terah gasped and moaned as the creatures within her began to slowly move, slowly bringing her closer to orgasm.  

Rashelle slowly rubbed Terah's massive belly, feeling the power stored within the creatures inside.  She then moved over to the young cougaress, restraining her with a simple spell.  

"Tell me your name my gravid pet."  Rashelle purred as she caressed the girl's swollen belly.

"Anya….    My name in Anya….." the young cougaress replied, her voice trembling as she watched Rashelle slowly trace the symbols on her belly.

"Well Anya, we can't have you going into labor just yet, can we."  Rahelle said as she began to slowly massage Anya's breasts.
"But…….  I'm so big…….  And I'm due soon……"  Anya said as tears began to flow freely from her eyes.

"True, you are quite full, but I'm certain you can hold more.  After all, if she can hold both those creatures, you can certainly contain a few more of my future servants.  The prize my Kaden is bringing me gets pregnant even when she's pregnant, wouldn't that be wonderful for you?"  Rashelle asked as she flipped through a few of the pages in the book.  

Rashelle smiled as she found the powerful fertility spell she was searching for.

"This should do the trick…"   the dark vixen said as she began to read the incantation, directing the energy into Anya's body, increasing her sex drive and causing her to conceive every time she had sex with a male, regardless of species.  

Anya panted as she felt a wash of heat from her loins at the spell's conclusion.  She needed a male to fill her most intimate spaces, and needed one soon.   She watched as Rashelle magically summoned a strange device to her hand.

"This should insure that you provide me with a steady stream of new servants."  Rashelle said as she readied the device.  "It will bring your unborn to term faster, and cause you to climax easier.  If that works well on you, I'll use it on the little viger again."

Rashelle guided the tip of the device into Anya's wet cunny until she felt it against the cougaress' cervix.  She gave the device a final push, driving the tip unto Anya's uterus.  Anya arched her back as a lance of pain shot though her.  The dark vixen then pulled out the handle on the device to it's full extent, causing twenty lights to illuminate along it's length.   She then slowly pushed the handle back into the device, draining the large globe of thick liquid in the middle of the shaft.  Anya writhed as the pressure inside her crowded belly increased, causing her to swell larger as nearly a gallon of fluid entered her.  Rashelle slowly removed the device as she used her power to heal the damage and change Anya's cervix into a valve that males of sufficient size could penetrate.   She then stood and watched as the young cougaress shuddered, the chemicals beginning to alter her.

"With that much inside you, it's going to take a lot of males to keep you satisfied."  Rashelle crooned at Anya.  "But don't worry.  I know just the boys to keep you entertained."

She shifted her gaze over to Terah's semi conscious form.

"And the energy released by all those males filling my gravid little cougar whore will flow into the creatures inside you my little wolfmare, ensuring I have all the energy I need for the ritual."

Rashelle gathered the arcane items into the chest and closed the lid.  She walked over to Terah and touched the rod buried in her sex, pushing it in a little deeper with a smile.

"Best just to leave that where it is."  The dark vixen said to herself as she began to yawn.  She then picked up the chest and walked out of the room, leaving the Anya and Terah in the dark save for the dim glow given off by Terah's massive belly.


Mara and Masha moved as best they could through the steady downpour, often needing to steady themselves against the trees around them.   Lightning flashed sporadically above them, allowing them to occasionally see Talon as he shadowed them through the forest, bow readied.  They had been travelling for nearly four hours now, and were reaching their limits.

"Gods…….. I need to rest………for a while."  Mara panted as she leaned against a large boulder to catch her breath.
"Me too."  Masha agreed as she sat against a fallen tree opposite her sister.  "My legs…….are killing me."

"How much farther………do we have to go?"  Mara asked as she rubbed her milk heavy breasts.

"The trading post……………..should be fairly close………..by now."  Masha said wearily as she massaged her aching legs.  "Probably just a………few more hours."

"I don't think…………I can do that tonight."  Mara said as she felt her legs trembling with fatigue.

"Then you two can use the tent while I stand guard."  Talon said as he stepped into the clearing with them, dropping a medium sized bundle to the ground.

Relief washed across both the girls' faces as he began to set up the small travel shelter.  Within minutes, he had it set up and held the flap open while they crawled inside, both collapsing once they were out of the rain.  Talon hacked off a few limbs from nearby trees with his kukri and arranged them around the tent as camouflage, making it appear as though an entire limb had fallen.  As Talon stepped back to inspect his work, he reached inside the tent with his othersenses to check on the girls, discovering they were both sound asleep.

"Good.  They need all the rest they can get."  He muttered as he turned began climbing to the top of the boulders.

He settled himself under a small overhang to get a small amount of shelter and watch the makeshift campsite for any sign of pursuit.  To his satisfaction, the tent could only barely be seen when the lightning flashed, and was totally obscured in the darkness.   With luck, they could avoid Kaden or anyone else Rashelle sent after them.

Inside the tent, both the young vigers stirred in their sleep as their dreams became more and more erotic.  Mara panted in her sleep as the accelerant caused her unborn to grow faster, swelling her belly to the appearance of nearly full term with very healthy sextuplets.  Masha writhed as her dreams brought her to climax, sending another set of eggs into her now full term with quints sized belly.  They nestled against one another for warmth, causing their dreams to spiral deeper into exstacy.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #21 on: June 29, 2005, 08:14:37 am »

Been a while since I've worked on this, but an update is indeed on the way.  Probably happen sometime over the holiday weekend.  To all those who've been following this, thank you for your continued interest and I apologize for the delay.   Had yet another storyline on my mind and had to get it timelined.  Hope to get it going in the near future for you all to enjoy.  It's not exactly fur based, so I'm curious which heading to place it under.  Now that I've gotten some RL crap out of the way, the stories can get a bit of attention.



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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #22 on: June 29, 2005, 08:29:55 am »

Ah, hell with it.  You guys have waited long enough.....

Here's what I've already got.

Morning came very quickly, and brought with it a break in the storm.  Talon crept down from his perch after a quick sweep with his othersenses.  He quietly checked the dwindling contents of his pack, shaking his head at the amount of provisions.  The girls had nearly devoured everything he'd taken from K'Nor's and Kaden's packs.  At this rate, they would have enough for two more light snacks at most.  If he could get them to the traders outpost, there would be no problem as far as foodstuffs went.  

 At least there's no shortage of water..   Talon muttered as a breeze shook the water from the tree he was under.  

The girls had been drinking water almost non-stop as well, making for more frequent visits to the bushes.  Talon smiled as he thought of the other effect drinking all that water was having on the girls.    A large portion of it was going straight to milk production, causing the girls' breasts to become fully engorged.  With Mara being a full triple F cup now and Masha being an amazing full G cup bordering on H, they were quite a sight.  They looked like a pair of fertility goddesses walking through the forest.  Talon shook his head as he thought of how quickly the girls' pregnancies were progressing, not to mention how many each of them were carrying.  If he couldn't get them to a healer soon, they were likely to be in even more serious trouble than they were already.  He looked at the tent as the flap opened slightly.  Masha crawled out and stood, her belly looking even larger than it had the night before.  At least past term with quints if not almost sextuplets.  She was followed by Mara who could barely crawl due to her huge belly rubbing the ground.   Masha helped her to her feet, revealing how much she'd grown during the night.  Her belly now looked full term with septuplets and was throwing her balance off so badly she wasn't likely to get very far.  

“Only a few more miles till the settlement.......”  Talon said quietly to himself as he stood and approached the girls.  “I hope they can make that....”

“You’re even larger today.”  Masha said as she looked Mara over with concern.

“I know.”  Her sister replied as she noticed Talon walking toward them.  She turned her gaze back to Masha as she noticed herself growing aroused by the mere sight of a male.  “I’m really scared.  I’m huge and every time I see him I get so incredibly worked up.  If I get any more pregnant, I don’t know what will happen to me.”

“Hopefully we’ll reach the settlement soon.”  Masha said as she realized Talon was having a similar effect on her.  “They should have a healer there.”


“Then you’ll just have to look harder, won’t you.”  The ghostly image of Rashelle said to Kaden as he ground his teeth in frustration.  “Even if he’s carrying her, they can’t have gotten too far.”

“If the ritual is as important to you as you say it is, then you’ll help me find her.”  Kaden growled as he looked at the dark vixen’s image.  Even in as foul a mood as he was, Rashelle was still having a very stimulating effect on him.

“The ritual is important.  More so than you can imagine.”  She said as her image  walked a small circle around him, leaving the ground covered in frost. “The power it will bring me is beyond your comprehension.”

“Then help me find her.”  Kaden said for what felt like the fiftieth time, his temper rising another notch.  “Before she whelps and spoils your plans.”

“I’ll send Nesha to help you look for them.  Her mental powers should locate them fairly quickly.”  Rashelle said as she watched for Kaden’s reaction.

Kaden shuddered at the mention of the Netherhound’s name.  He hated working with any creature from the nether planes.  Still, if she could find Rashelle’s prize, the reward would be worth it.

“Fine, send the bitch.”  Kaden said as he deactivated the communication talisman.

Rashelle’s amused image faded from view as Kaden walked back into the cave he’d discovered near his original campsite.  Talon had been hiding right under his nose, and had time to have sex with her.  Kaden looked over the small map trying to determine where Talon could have gone.  The trading post was the most likely destination, but the female’s village was almost the same distance.  He clenched his fists as he thought about working with Nesha.  Still, with most of their trail washed away by the storm, her othersenses were his only real chance.


Rashelle stood and regarded the jet colored female before her.  The tall jackal like netherhound returned the sorceress’ gaze with obvious lust in her red eyes.  

“Kaden has disappointed me.” she said as she slowly let her silk robes begin to fall away, exposing her breasts to the tall female before her.  “I need the female that escaped him for a special ritual.  One that will bring me great power.  You can find something so simple as a pregnant female, yes?”  

“Aye mistress.  I can.”  The netherhound said as she slowly began to guide the robes completely off Rashelle, leaving her naked before her carved throne.  “I can do a great many things....”

“I know you can, my sweet.”  Rashelle said as she pulled the laces open on the netherhound’s leather shirt.  “And one of those things is make me quiver.”

Rashelle took the netherhound’s nipple in her lips and began to slowly, teasingly, bite as Nesha’s hands found her breasts.  The netherhound’s breasts began to leak slightly as the dark vixen breathed in her strange otherworldly scent.  Soon Nesha’s breasts were leaking fully as Rashelle took deep pulls of milk from them.  Milk that was one of the most potent aphrodisiacs known to exist.  Nesha chucked as she thought of the effect it was having on the sorceress.  The netherhound smiled as she thought of what was going to happen next.  It wouldn’t interfere with Rashelle’s plans, but it would make the sorceress easier to control.

Rashelle sat and slowly spread her legs as Nesha knelt before her and began to slowly, expertly, guide her unnaturally long tongue into Rashelle’s already wet sex.  The dark vixen began breathing heavily and moaning as Nesha’s tongue penetrated her deeper and deeper, causing the evil sorceress to writhe on her ornate throne.  As Rashelle climaxed, the netherhound used the pleasurable distraction to eject a sizable amount of her race’s extremely potent seed through the urethra located in her tongue.  Rashelle bucked as the sperm filled her uterus.  Nesha rose to her feet and looked at the grapefruit sized bulge in the dark vixen’s belly.  Rashelle’s eyes fluttered closed as sated exhaustion claimed her.  

“Never fear my little sorceress.  I’ll find your pregnant prize for you.”  Nesha said as she walked into the shadows at the back of the room.  “Then any power she brings you will be mine as well.”

The netherhound then stepped into the doorway her kind found in all shadows, mentally focusing on Kaden.


The young healer knelt beside the stream, slowly lifting one of the logs in her search for the mushrooms that grew there.  She was much farther downstream than she had gone before, but there were so few places where these mushrooms grew near the settlement and they were needed for a great many remedies.  She picked the few that were there and stood to look around.  The only other place she could see that there were likely to be any was a pile of timbers at the base of a small cliff nearby.  She waded across the shallow stream, being careful not to slip on any of the moss covered rocks.  As she neared the far side, an odd shape in the water caught her eye.  The young snow leopardess paused and moved a few of the rocks covering the object aside with her foot.  The object was large and metallic with markings covering a portion of it.  

“This could be a relic ”  She said to herself with excitement as she carried her pack to a nearby boulder to keep it dry.  “If it is, JorAhn will want it for his collection.”

She waded back to the submerged object and began moving some of the larger stones off it, uncovering more of the markings.  The historian, JorAhn, had taught her how to read some of the ancient markings and she was eager to see what was written on the larger than expected object.  She worked at moving some of the larger rocks away for some time, then waited for the water to clear.  Finally, she could make out what was left of the writing on the object’s surface.  “ ANGER     S  and cle      IO-WE   ON MARK 5 STA    OD            ited Sta      MY .”  She shook her head as she tried to puzzle out the meaning.

“This makes no sense at all.”  She said with disappointment.  “I hope JorAhn can make more sense out of you than I can.”

She thought about that for a moment.  It would take a great deal of effort for the aged lion to come this far.  That meant that she had to at least get it closer to the settlement.  The young snow leopardess looked about for something to use as a lever, finding a large tree branch lying in the reeds nearby.  After positioning it under one of the object’s corners, she tried to move it.  As she pried upward, she could hear the mud of the stream bottom releasing it slowly.  She struggled with the object, eventually getting a portion of it out of the water.  Then with a loud crack, her lever snapped, sending her tumbling into the stream and dropping the object back onto the rocks.  

“Damn it ”  She sputtered as she fumbled for her footing on the slick rocks.  “I hope it didn’t break.”

She stood and approached the object, now laying on it’s side against some of the larger rocks.  As she touched it, it seemed to be emitting a low frequency hum.  Then, the object lit up in several areas, green at first then slowly changing to red as she watched with fascination.  Suddenly, the object split open, causing her to fall again as she startled.  The young snow leopardess stood again as fog rolled out of the device.

“Well, at least now I can see what’s inside.” she said as she took a step toward the object.

She barely had time to scream as a large dark shape exploded from the object and knocked her into the water.  She could feel powerful clawed hands tearing at her light garments as she tried to get away.  Then everything went black as her head struck a large rock.


Talon watched as the girls took yet another rest.  They were both exhausted but at least now the trade settlement was very close.  Now all he had to do was hide them from Kaden for a short while until he could find them a healer.  

“But how do I sneak them into town?”  He wondered under his breathe as he looked at the both of them.  A pair of almost nude very pregnant vigresses was bound to attract some attention.  He thought for a bit, then opened his pack, taking out the small tent.

“I thought we were getting close to the trading post.”  Mara said with obvious concern in her voice.  She was larger than she had been that morning, now looking as though she was carrying a very healthy litter of octuplets.  “Are we lost?”

“No.  It’s just that Kaden knows of this place as well.  We need to keep the pair of you out of sight if possible.”  Talon said as he unsheathed his kukri.  “Given how difficult that is, I thought about improvising a couple of cloaks.”

“We could’ve used those yesterday.”  Masha said as she smiled at him.  She’d grown a bit over the course of the day as well, now appearing full term with sextuplets.

“I’m sorry, but I thought a dry place to rest was more to your liking.”  He said as he split the seam of the shelter and made a few additional cuts.  “That, and I enjoyed watching the two of you practically nude and soaking wet all day.”  

Masha smiled at him suggestively while Mara bit her lip and looked away.  Within a few minutes, Talon had a pair of large cloaks fashioned from the shelter material.  He stood and handed each of them a cloak, watching as they put them on.  They covered them for the most part, but it was still very obvious that they were extremely pregnant.  

“I think if we can avoid most people, it would be best.”  Talon said as he looked them over.  He dug into his beltpouch with one hand, taking note of how many coins and gems he had.  “I believe a private room at the inn is in order.”

The girls looked relieved at the mention of the room, but were obviously nearing their limits.  They’d eaten what little food was available that morning and it was nearing nightfall quickly.  Several times Talon had prepared for an attack only to realize it was one of their stomachs protesting the lack of food.  

“And where there’s a private room, there’s always plenty of food to be had.”  He added, watching their faces gain some measure of resolve at the mention of a meal.  

They moved on through the forest for nearly an hour more, traveling a bit more slowly after the sun set.  Then, to the girls’ relief, the lights of the trading post came into view.  Mara was nearly in tears by now and Masha was stumbling more often.  

“Hoods up ladies.”  Talon said as they stepped onto the small road leading to the main gate.
The three of them passed by the curious guards standing by the gate, Talon nodding a greeting to them as they passed.  He then led them up a short street to a rather large inn.

“You girls wait out here for a bit.  I’m going to see what I can do about a room and a meal.”  Talon said as he gestured to a large bench on the inn’s covered porch.

He opened the door and stepped inside as the girls lowered themselves awkwardly onto the bench to wait.  Masha could barely keep her eyes open while Mara very lightly dozed for several minutes.   Masha startled awake as she noticed Talon standing beside them.

“You scared me.”  She said as she tried to lever herself off the bench.

“I’m sorry.  I was about to wake the both of you.  Dinner and a room await.” Talon said as he lightly placed a hand on Mara’s shoulder to wake her.

Mara’s eyes fluttered open as Talon gently stroked her shoulder.  He felt bad about having to get them moving again, but the trek was almost done.

“Hungry?”  The wolfcoon asked as she looked up at him.  

“Starving.”  Mara said weakly as she tried to stand.  

Mara’s legs began to buckle beneath her as she got to her feet, causing her to fall into Talon.  He carefully caught her and gave her his shoulder for support.  She laid her head against his neck, breathing in his scent as he offered Masha his other shoulder.  Masha sagged against him as well as he led them around to the rear entrance.  Taking that route would allow them to avoid the common room and all the curious eyes it contained.  As they entered the building and began to ascend the stairs to the upper level, they could smell the food form the inn’s kitchen, waking them slightly.  

“That smells wonderful.”  Mara said as her stomach let out yet another growl of emptiness.  

“And soon it will all be yours.”  Talon said as he looked at them both.  “I placed quite an order with the kitchen.  They were about to shut down for the night, but it’s amazing what a flawless ruby will buy.”

The girls looked at him with shock as he opened a set of heavy double doors to the largest single room either of them had ever seen.  There was a huge bed surrounded by other furniture, a table covered with breads and fruits, and a massive bathtub, easily large enough for the three of them.

“I’ve also inquired about a healer for the both of you.  I was told I could find her a few dwellings down.”  Talon said as he led the girls over to the bed.  “The two of you should eat then get some rest.  I’ll be back soon.”

There, that aughtta hold you till the weekend.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #23 on: June 29, 2005, 12:38:27 pm »

As always, I must ask for more. At the moment, though, I'm mostly interested in what's going to happen with the new character of the healer and Rashelle-I'm guessing that bout of sex is going to produce something in the vixen...


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #24 on: June 29, 2005, 11:41:41 pm »

I can't wait for more of this story.  Okay, yes I can wait. Hehe

Great to see you working on the story again Amenshawn.  Keep it up!
"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #25 on: June 30, 2005, 09:46:04 am »

Great stuff as always :) Keep it up! ;)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #26 on: July 02, 2005, 10:00:10 am »

Talon turned and dragged the table closer so they could reach the food without having to get out of bed, then grabbed an apple and left in search of the healer.   He walked out into the night and soon found the small dwelling where the healer was supposed to live.  He knocked repeatedly on the door, but no one answered.  

“Damn it this is important.”  He cursed under his breath.  He slowly extended his othersenses into the small house, feeling for any trace of the healer.  After a few minutes of searching he shook his head and turned to leave.  As he did, across the small courtyard separating the healers house from the neighboring structures, a door opened.

“Lita, is that you?”  Said a large shadowy figure as it stepped into the light of the doorway.

“If Lita is the healer, would you know where to find her?” Talon said as he turned to face the voice.

“She went into the forest to gather herbs, but she should have been back by now.”  The voice replied.

The figure stepped out into the courtyard, moving very stiffly and using a cane for support.  As the figure approached, Talon could see that it was an elderly lion, still of fairly good size even for his advanced years.  

“I have something of an emergency on my hands.” Talon said as the old lion neared.  “Would you know where she went?”

“I was almost ready to go look for her myself.  Well, as best I can anyway.”  The loin said as he motioned to the scars covering his right eye.  “Would you be willing to search for her?  I can tell you where she should be.”

Talon thought of the two vigresses back in the inn for a moment.  They would surely be sleeping by now, and they did need a healer as soon as he could find one.  

“I can look for her, but it would be quicker if you have something that belongs to her.”

The old lion squinted his good eye as he looked Talon over.

“Ah.  Gifted are you.  Good, that will help a great deal.”  The lion said as he stepped forward and produced a key.  “My name is JorAhn.  Lita has been a great help to me over the last few years.  She should be able to help you as well.”

“It’s not me that needs help.”  Talon said as they stepped into the healer’s home.  “Is she qualified as a midwife?”

“Very.”  JorAhn looked at Talon for a moment.  “You’re not overly excited so I’m assuming birth isn’t imminent.”

“That depends.  The situation is a bit complicated.”  Talon said as he thought both the girls.  “Has she ever had to deal with an accelerated multiple pregnancy?”

“That I don’t know.”  Said JorAhn as his eyebrows raised.  “But this should help you find here.”

The aged lion handed Talon a mortar and pestle.  Talon closed his eyes and focused on it.  He could see her using it over and over, almost every day.  He could sense what she felt like after a few seconds.  Then he extended his othersenses outwards, trying to get a feel for her direction.  


Terah spasmed as another mind numbing orgasm shook her to the core.  Across the room, Anya was entertaining another of Rashelle’s guards, a large clydesdale this time.  The young cougaress’ belly had grown considerably over the last few hours, now looking as though she was ready to deliver sextuplets.  Her breasts had tripled in size as well, going from a healthy, full D to a triple F.  The male was practically lifting her off the floor with his thrusts as she moaned with ecstacy.  Terah couldn’t believe how much the young girl had endured over the last few hours.  Her eyes were rolled back as he began to pour more seed into her already full uterus.  Finally he withdrew from her and let her sag into the cushions holding her huge belly with both arms.  As the hulking brute passed by Terah, he gave her flank a caress, sending her into another set of spasms.  Her body was almost crackling with energy and had become extremely sensitive to touch.  Finally she heard the doors latch as the male left.  The lights began to dim again, keyed to the spells on the room.  As the lights went out, they were left in the glow coming from Terah’s now impossibly gravid belly.  While Anya looked very pregnant, Terah dwarfed her in size.  The luquine’s belly looked as though she carried at least twenty full term cubs within her.  She could feel constant movement from inside her as the twin slurm beasts slowly searched in vain for more space.  Her breasts had grown as large as Rashelle wanted them, finally reaching K cup range.  She looked at Anya as the cougaress laid in the cushions panting.

“Are you ok?”  Terah asked weakly.

“I’m...........too..............big...........” Anya managed to say as she held her soaking cunny and belly.  “......but........I’m........still...........horny........”

Terah could remember only a half dozen of Rashelle’s guards that had taken the young cougaress, all of them built like the clydesdale that had just left.  If she didn’t birth her first four soon, Terah worried that she may burst.  Only the power of the healing rod buried in Terah’s sex was keeping her from exploding due to the massive creatures moving within her.  Terah wished that Anya had one as well.   Then an idea formed within her sex fogged mind.

“Anya.  You need to............get behind me............and touch the rod..............she left in my.........vagina.”  Terah said as she felt the creatures starting to move faster again.

“Can’t...........take it out............You’ll die.”  Anya said as she tried to milk herself in order to relieve some of the pressure in her huge breasts.

“You don’t..........need to remove it............Just hold it............with one hand.”  The luquine said as she watched the glow from her belly play across Anya’s form.

Anya struggled to her feet, nearly falling over backwards in the process.  She walked as best she could around Terah’s glowing flanks, now resting on the cushions below the suspended luquine, and found the rod still impaling Terah’s cunny.  Anya reached out and touched the rod carefully with one hand.  Immediately she felt a surge of energy through her as her strength returned and her new bruises faded.  The pressure from within her lessened a bit and her breasts grew visibly, but softened as their capacity increased.  When she took her hand away, they had grown to a full double G cup, but no longer felt as though they were made of stone.  

“Even with.....the rod to heal us......we can’t take.......... much more of this.”  Anya panted as she walked awkwardly back to her pile of cushions.  “Thank you though.............I do feel better.”

“Who knows...........we may............get out of this yet.”  Terah said in a weak attempt at humor.

Both their hearts sank yet again as the doors to the room opened and another of Rashelle’s henchmen stepped inside.


“That bitch got me pregnant again.”  Rashelle said to herself as she looked at her reflection in the full wall of mirrors in her personal chamber.  “This could complicate things.”

Her belly now appeared roughly five months pregnant, but she knew the initial growth would even out and slow to a normal speed for the remainder of her term.  She’d been pregnant by Nesha twice before and knew what to expect.  Still it was infuriating that the netherhound had gotten her pregnant now of all times.  This could have serious effects on the ritual she was about to undertake.  She knew how large she could potentially get due to the energy of the slurm beasts and then the unborn the vigress was carrying, but this added to it.  She selected a robe that accentuated her new pregnant shape and started to her library to see if any of the texts could tell her if this would affect the ritual.  

“For her sake, this had better not disrupt my plans.”  Rashelle half heartedly snarled.  She couldn’t bring herself to think of harming Nesha though, try as she may.  Just as she started to wonder at that, she heard Terah scream.
Rashelle folded the space between herself and the room her captives were in with a surge of her magicks.  As she arrived, one of her henchmen was beneath the hugely pregnant cougaress as she rocked atop him, forcing his shaft as deep within her as she could manage.  Her face was a mask of absolute ecstacy as he bucked in orgasm beneath her, sending her into a series of mind numbing climaxes as his seed flowed into her already overfull uterus.  Terah spasmed as her belly slowly expanded.  As Rashelle watched the luquines massive glowing belly, blood vessels were rupturing within the skin as she reached the limits of the healing rods ability to keep up.  Rashelle quickly placed her hands on Terah’s huge belly and poured additional healing energy into her, just keeping her from bursting as the growth subsided.  Her belly was now lifting her off the cushions she was originally suspended over and looked as though she was full term with nearly two dozen cubs.

“Well now, that was a close call, my little wolfmare.”  Rashelle purred as she stroked Terah’s hugely gravid belly.  “We can’t have you bursting before the ritual, now can we.”

As her henchman removed himself from the room, Rashelle lowered herself onto the cushions beside Anya.  She stroked the young cougaress’ belly and breasts, causing Anya to get worked up again.  

“Now we have something in common my little slave.”  The dark vixen whispered to Anya.  The sorceress smoothed the soft fur on her own swollen belly as she rolled closer to Anya and began to suck from her dripping nipples.  

Across the room, Terah grunted as a small amount of growth took place within her due to Rashelle pleasuring Anya.  The sorceress looked up with annoyance at the interruption.

“I suppose I do need to fix you, don’t I” She said as she stood and walked from the room.


“What took you so long.” Kaden said as Nesha stepped out of the shadow of a large boulder.

“I needed to take care of something first.”  The netherhound replied as she regarded the huge wolfram.

“Whatever it was could have waited.  We need to find the female before she gives birth.”  Kaden said as he hefted his warhammer to his shoulder.  “He took her to either her village or to the trade settlement.  And, when we find them, I get to kill Talon myself, understand?”

“Certainly.  I wouldn’t wish to deprive you.”  Nesha said as she extended her powerful othersenses in a sweep of the surrounding area.  She smiled as she felt the local wildlife startle when they felt her otherworldly power pass over them.  Her othersenses passed over the village and found a healthy populace, but not who she was after.  They then passed over the trade settlement.  “I’ve got her.”  The netherhound said with a smile.

“The trade settlement?”  Kaden asked as he turned toward the netherhound.  

Nesha nodded subtly as he spun in the direction of the settlement.

“Watch them until I get there.  And do not let them leave.”  Kaden ordered as he ran off into the forest.

“As you wish.”  Nesha said quietly as he passed out of sight.  “I’ll make certain they don’t leave.  And I’ll make it interesting to watch until you arrive.”

With that she stepped back into the shadows and vanished.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #27 on: July 03, 2005, 07:49:00 am »

OOoooooOOOo.  I'm interested to see what'll happen...

*at the edge of his seat*
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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #28 on: July 03, 2005, 12:47:21 pm »


Nesha slipped out of the shadows playing about the inn’s huge kitchen as silently as a ghost.  She watched as the busy cook hurried out of the room, then turned to the table in the center of the room.  There, arrayed on the table, were three large trays piled with as much food as they could hold.  She chuckled to herself as she opened the front of her leather shirt, revealing her large breasts.  She concentrated for a moment, relaxing enough to allow her milk to begin flowing.  She then pulled on her nipples, spraying her intoxicating milk all over the platters before her.  She watched as her milk soaked into the food, her hand going unconsciously to her cunny as she found herself growing more aroused.  She began to laugh as she turned to the rest of the foodstuffs and pitchers lining the serving board.  Her laughter turned to moans as she pulled on her leaking nipples more and more until everything was tainted with her potent milk.  Then she stepped back into the shadows as the cook returned leading two females.

Rayne walked toward the entrance to the inn’s kitchen as eyes from the taproom followed her, mostly her exotic spot/stripes and huge breasts, every step of the way.  The comely white cheegress slipped into the still hot kitchen only to find two of the other girls already there.  Meenah and Shay, each slender little deer fems, picked up heaping platters of food and looked at her expectantly.

“Can you grab the last one?”  Shay asked as she motioned to the final tray on the kitchen’s prep table.

“Is all this for the master suite?” Rayne asked with doubt in her voice.

“All of it.  And it’s all a rush order so get moving.”  Said the motherly raccoon cook as she placed a few more still steaming sausages onto the last platter.

“Am I to be with an army tonight?”  The cheegress asked as she picked up the last of the platters and walked toward the back stairs.

“I have no idea.  A Wolf Coon mix paid for a week in advance for the finest we had, and that includes you.” the cook answered as she stifled a yawn.  “Now get going.  I’m for some sleep.”

“And we’re all to bed, but not for rest.”  Meenah joked as she slipped out of the kitchen.

The three of them climbed the stairs and found the huge doors to the master suite locked.  Rayne produced her copy of the key and unlocked the door as she balanced the platter on one shoulder.  As she slipped into the room she noticed the lights were very low and there appeared to be several forms laying in the huge bed.  She motioned for the other girls to stay outside the room as she placed the full platter on the small table inside the door.  She quickly took both other platters and nodded to the deer girls, giving them a wink.

“Enjoy yourself.”  Shay whispered as she turned to go off to her appointed room of the evening.

“See you in a week ”  Meenah whispered jokingly as Rayne turned to close the door.

Rayne moved silently across the large room, slowly slipping out of her silky garments as she neared the massive  bed.   She could hear quiet breathing along with an occasional moan from the bed as she began to slip in beside on of the figures.  As her hands gently quested up one of the figures’ thighs, the form rolled over.

“Bright goddess ”  Rayne gasped as the largest pregnant belly she’d ever seen loomed atop the figure in the bed for a moment.

Masha snapped awake at the unfamiliar voice, struggling to sit up against the weight of her huge belly.  Her efforts woke Mara, who also attempted to rise quickly.  As Mara spun slowly, her massive belly came into view as the thick blankets fell away.

“Great gods ”  Rayne said as she stood and backed away from the bed.  “You’re both.....  I mean you’re....”
She starred in utter disbelief at the sisters as they tried to cover themselves with the blankets again.

“Who are you? ?”  Masha asked as she finally managed to get into a sitting position.

Mara placed a hand atop her belly as she felt a surge of movement within her.  She exhaled as the cubs she carried shifted within her.  Masha looked at her with concern as Rayne continued to stare in awe.  

“Are you ok?”  Masha asked , worry obvious in her voice.

“I’ll be fine.  They’re just restless I think.”  Mara said as the movement subsided.  “Who are you.”  She said as she shifted her tired gaze to the nude white cheegress standing beside the bed.

“Rayne.......my name is Rayne.”  Rayne managed to say as she looked at the pair sitting in the bed.  “You’re both huge.”

“Is that meat I smell?  ?”  Masha asked as her initial shock wore off.  “I’m still so hungry.”

“Me too.” Mara said, her voice heavy with obvious fatigue.

“Don’t move.”  Rayne said as they started to try to get out of the soft bed.  “I’m here to take care of your needs.”

“Is that why you’re nude?”  Masha asked playfully as Rayne moved the platters to the table beside the bed.

“All your needs.”  Rayne replied with a bit more composure as she struck a seductive pose, emphasizing her large breasts.  As she did, she felt drops of milk run from her nipples.

“You’re a wetnurse?”  Mara asked as she noticed Rayne’s leaky nipples.

“Well, technically no.  I have the ability, but I’m a brothel girl.  I come with the room.”  The cheegress said as she sat on the bed, her eyes still fixed on both girls pregnant bellies and massive breasts.   “Are the two of you ok?”

“We’re fine for now.”  Masha said as she placed a hand atop her pregnant belly.  “Talon went to find us a healer.”

Rayne shook her head at the sheer size of both girls.  They must have been starving as well at the rate they were eating.  Rayne took a few pieces of food from the platters as well now that it was obvious she wouldn’t likely be bedding either of them.  The three of them continued to eat until their appetites were sated, each of them feeling a bit more aroused with every passing minute.  From other rooms they could faintly hear the moans of others as they coupled, slowly making the feeling more intense.  Finally, Rayne moved forward and touched Mara’s belly, slowly rubbing the drumhead tight skin.  Mara began to purr lightly as Rayne slowly but expertly moved closer and began to massage more of Mara’s belly, gradually including her breasts in her caressing.   Masha moved closer as well, beginning to rub her sister’s shoulders as she slowly began to guide her tail into her own cunny.  Rayne soon leaned forward and began to kiss Mara and gently nibble on her ear and neck, causing the young vigress to shudder.  Mara’s hands found Rayne’s huge breasts and began to gently rub and kneed them, causing Rayne’s milk to flow more freely.  Rayne moved even closer and gently guided Mara onto her side, slowly spreading the vigress’ shapely legs as she repositioned herself.  Rayne expertly began to gingerly lick and tongue Mara’s dripping sex, causing Mara’s altered pheromone glands to release.  Mara began to writhe as Rayne added gentle teeth to her attentions, causing the vigress to begin moaning rather loudly.  Masha crawled behind Rayne and rolled onto her back, slipping her head between the cheegress’ shapely white and black thighs.  Rayne shuddered at the unexpected attention to her sex as Masha eagerly began to lick her sweet cunny, all the while slipping her tail farther and farther into herself with each thrust.  Soon Masha’s hands found Rayne’s huge breasts and began to gently fondle the cheegress’ now freely flowing nipples.  Masha groaned as she felt herself coming closer and closer to another climax.  The fleeting thought that she should stop crossed her mind only to be buried in an avalanche of sexual arousal and overwhelming sensations.  Rayne continued to work at Mara’s sex with her lips and tongue as she herself could feel orgasm building within her due to Mash’a continued lapping.  Masha could feel her ovaries beginning to lightly tingle as her tail’s tip began to bump her cervical valve.  She began to milk Rayne’s breasts more vigorously as her own sensations welled within her.  

“OH     OH GODDESS     ”  Mara cried out as she felt her ovaries begin to release as she bucked in orgasm.  “YES      DON’T STOP  ”

“Ungh    OH  ”  Rayne cried out as Mash’s tongue sent her over the edge.  She shuddered as the long orgasm shook her to the very core.  

Masha could feel orgasm within reach as the white cheegress atop her shuddered.  She continued to thrust harder with her tail, climax drawing nearer with every bump against her sensitive cervical valve.  Mara slowly rolled into a crawl as best she could, her huge belly dragging on the soft bed, and moved around to engage Rayne face to face.  Rayne bent slightly and took Mara’s leaking nipple in her mouth, slowly circling it’s tip with her tongue, causing Mara to let down fully.  Masha continued to tongue Rayne’s drenched sex as her own climax began.

“AHHHH   ” Masha gasped as orgasm rocked her.  She could feel her ovaries release yet again as the sensations shot through her.

As the three females continued inside the room, Nesha casually strolled the hallway of the upper level opening doors to all the rooms as she went, reveling at the sights and sounds around her.  The spicy scent from the vigress’ room was having an effect on her as well, causing her to look for someone to satisfy the urges welling within her.

“No Kaden, no one will be leaving tonight.”  She laughed as she looked in on one of the young deer girls impaling herself with abandon on her wolf lover’s shaft, her head thrown back as she moaned in sheer ecstacy.  “In fact, they may not leave tomarrow.”


“I thought I heard something.”  Kamber said as she looked past the fire into the woods.  The shapely young vixen unconsciously placed her hand on her staff as her coyote companion placed an armload of wood near the fire.

“You always say that.”  Cole said as he looked into the woods in the direction she indicated.  “For once, it would be nice if it were really bandits instead of just some poor normal critters looking for food.”

“Just check it out and stop giving me a hard time.”  Kamber said as she raised her staff and pointed it in the direction of the sound she’d heard.

Cole drew one of his falchions and slowly walked toward the shadows, scanning for any signs of movement.  The feeling that this time the vixen could be right washed over him as the fur on his neck stood up.  

Suddenly a large shape erupted from the brush, lunging straight for him.  Cole quickly rolled to the side and drew his other falchion as he came back to his feet in one smooth motion.  

“What in the hells is that? ?”  He asked as the strange creature turned and looked at him.

The creature was over a head taller than he was and powerfully built.  It was mostly hairless except for a small amount on it’s head and had what appeared to be carapace covering most of it’s back and forearms.  The thing looked quickly from Cole to Kamber, half turning as it looked at her.
“Ffffeeemaylllle.....” the creature rasped as it took a step toward her.

Kamber rolled to her feet and readied her staff before her, beginning to mutter an incantation.  A plume of energy shot from the staff’s tip as she finished to chant, bracing against the recoil.  The blast hit the creature squarely, causing it to stumble back a few paces.  Cole charged in before it could regain it’s balance, blades working together in a deadly blur.  The creature retreated a few more paces as his blades cut deep gashes in it’s arms and torso, howling in pain and frustration.  Suddenly the creature’s carapace covered back opened, unfurling a pair of large batlike wings.  The creature then leapt over Cole, lunging straight toward Kamber.  She dove to the side, narrowly avoiding it’s grasp.  The thing whirled, seeming to reach for her as she scrambled to her feet.  Long, whiplike tentacles shot from it’s palms, ensnaring her waist and ankles.  

“KAMBER ”  Cole rushed the creature, slicing at both the tentacles holding the vixen.

Both blades found their marks, severing the tough appendages before it could leap into the air again.  The creature attacked, coming in much more quickly than it’s bulk suggested, landing a clubbing blow across Cole’s abdomen.  The coyote landed several paces away as the creature turned again toward Kamber.  The vixen leveled her staff at the thing as she shouted the last part of another spell.  Lightning sprang from the end of her staff, catching the end on fire.  The blast of pure electricity hit the hulking thing as it sprang toward her.  The creature howled in agony as it crashed into her, shattering her staff and knocking her to the ground.  She struggled in panic for a moment as the creature’s weight settled atop her, then she realized it wasn’t moving anymore.

“Kamber   Are you ok? ?”  Cole asked as he rolled the smoking mass off her.

“Fine I think.”  She replied as she slowly got to her feet.  She bent and picked up a smouldering piece of her staff.  “Damn it.”

“What is.....was that thing.”  Cole asked as he poked at the fallen beast with the tip of his falchion.

“Let me see.”  Kamber said as she went to the fire to get a torch.

As she returned, holding the torch ahead of her.  Her jaw opened in shock as the light revealed more of the creature.  She quickly walked back to her packs, muttering to herself as Cole kept watch on the fallen creature.  She took a large leather bound tome from her gear, flipping through the pages until she came to the section she was looking for.

“Well?”  Asked Cole as he sheathed his blades and approached her.

“Oh, ................ oh gods.”  The vixen said quietly as she read.  “It’s a gene stealer.  At least I think it’s a gene stealer.”

“What’s a gene stealer?”  Cole asked as he held his ribs with one arm.  Now that his adrenaline was fading, he was starting to feel the effects of the creature’s attack.

“It’s something the ancients created, during their last war.”  She said as she continued to read.  “It’s supposed to be dropped behind enemy lines.  Once there it begins impregnating females, effectively creating an army of powerful creatures.”

“Well, at least it didn’t manage to get the chance with you.” Cole said as he sat beside her.  He winced as he sat, holding his side tighter.

“Are you ok?”  Kamber asked as she looked him over.

“I think my ribs are bruised.”  Cole said as he tried to twist, stopping as pain lanced through him.  “At least we killed it.”

“You don’t understand.   If this thing mated with someone before it found us....”  She said gravely.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #29 on: July 04, 2005, 10:44:47 am »

Such an awesome story  :D  Keep at it!
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