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Author Topic: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....  (Read 78819 times)

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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« on: April 24, 2004, 04:10:25 am »

Given the slow, agonizing death of my scanner, I decided to do a story instead.  Lemme know what you guys and gals think.

Children of the Ancients

     Masha dried her pregnant body off as best she could after finding shelter from the storm.  As the young viger removed her soaked clothing, more rags than anything, she looked about her newfound shelter.  It seemed to be some kind of ruins, but all the angles were wrong.  Everything seemed to be built on a slope.  She used a root that had grown inside the entrance to hang what was left of her clothing on, then sat against a ledge and smoothed the white fur on her belly.  She sighed as she thought about the state she was in   Not many cross-breeds could get pregnant while they were already pregnant.  In fact, the only ones she knew of were her sister Mara and herself.  Both she and her sister would ovulate every time they orgasmed, which had led to her current multiple pregnancies.   After giving in to her urges with a large wolf, she had found herself pregnant with twins.  Then after giving in a second time when she was a month along, she found herself pregnant with a second set of twins.  Their father was a large tiger, so they would probably be fairly large as well.  But it was her third lover's offspring that were troubling her the most.  It had been about two months since she and her sister had gotten pregnant by a large chakat herm, and the healers had told them both that they were going to have twins.   She was only five months along with the first set, but her belly appeared roughly seven months pregnant due to the number inside, and she still had four months to go.

"Three sets of twins…."  She mused to herself as she rested against the wall.   "I'm going to be huge."

She looked outside and saw that the storm was only getting worse.  Shaking her head at the weather, Masha rose to her feet and began to explore her shelter.  Everything that wasn't covered in debris and dirt seemed to be made from some strange metal.  As she ventured around one of the corners, the dirt floor sloped down into the darkness and seemed to go to another level.

"There could be a whole ancient building down there."  Masha said to herself as she carefully began to pick her way down the slope.  

As she lowered herself down the slope, the dirt and vines that she was using for support broke free and began to slide.  Masha yelped in surprise as the whole slope collapsed, taking her with it into the darkness below.   After sliding a fair distance, she came to an abrupt stop at the bottom of the shaft.  

"Ouch!"  She said as she rose awkwardly to her feet.  "That didn't feel good."

Masha could barely see in the dust and darkness that had swallowed her.  She checked herself for any injuries as best she could, then looked back up the slope to where she had been.  It was a fairly long climb and the floor appeared to be more of the strange metal.  It had some texture to it, but not enough to really get a grip on.  She tried to dig her claws into some of the grooves, but that didn't seem promising either.

"Terrific… now what do I do…."

As she leaned against the wall to rest for a moment, she heard a whirring sound and something began to shift behind her.  She turned around to see a door of some sort disappearing into the wall.   There were lights flickering inside and what looked like writing on some of the walls.  Masha slowly stepped into the doorway and looked into the room.  Like the level above, it was all built at an angle, and the floor was at the same angle as the slope she had just slid down, making it really hard to climb safely.  Still, the lights and strange pictures were really interesting looking.  

"Maybe I can slip down to the other side."  She thought out loud as she sat and lowered her legs through the opening.

She carefully positioned herself on the slope and slipped down to the floor of the room.  There were strange lights arranged in linear patterns beside what looked like a window, only she couldn't see anything through it.  As she touched one of the lights with her finger, the window lit up.  After a moment an image began to form in the window, but it was too distorted to make out.

"This must be some kind of scrying device!"  Masha said to herself with excitement as she looked at more of the illuminated symbols.  "Maybe I can make it work…."

She began to touch each glowing symbol with her finger, waiting for a result from each.  After touching over half of them with no result, she began to feel a bit disappointed.  Then, as she touched the next symbol, another section of the floor slid away, and a small, strange looking bed began to emerge.  After it stopped moving, Masha moved over to inspect it.  The bed seemed odd, more like a chair that had been laid on it's back.  Masha then took a careful step back and looked around at her surrounding again.  This whole place wasn't built at an angle.  It was something that had once been a normal structure, but was now partially sunken at an angle.  

"That's why it was made out of metal…."  She mused to herself as she looked at everything around her with new understanding.  "Otherwise it would have fallen apart…."

She turned her attention back to the chair-bed and started examining it.  There seemed to be a set of flickering symbols on it as well.  She touched a few of them without any apparent effect.  Then as she touched one of the larger symbols, a small panel whispered open on the front of the seat portion.  A rather phallic shaped device moved silently out of the exposed area and locked into position.  Masha burst into laughter.

"A sex chair!"  She laughed, thinking about how strange it seemed to have a pleasure device in this odd chamber.  "I wasn't expecting that."

As she looked at the mechanical member the chair now sported, she began thinking about how it compared with a few of her former lovers.  As the thoughts of her trysts with them raced through her head, Masha found herself becoming quite aroused.  She looked around as though someone may voice their disapproval, then shrugged off the thought and laid down in the chair.  She spread her legs and tried to position herself correctly with the device, but it was angled all wrong.  Masha then levered herself up and flipped over so that she was straddling the chair with her swollen belly roughly six inches off the seat's back.  She then aligned her sex with the device and began to guide it inside her.

"Mmmmm…."  She purred to herself as she realized the metal shaft was already warm.

Soon she had the whole length of the shaft inside her.  To her surprise, the shaft slowly started to thrust into her, causing her to quiver with arousal.  Her nipples stiffened and began to slowly leak as the sensations from her wet cunny grew.  Across the chamber from Masha, a panel illuminated and it's display whitened.
After a few minutes of the machine thrusting into her, Masha felt the familiar tingling sensation from her sides as her ovaries prepared to release into her already crowded uterus.  A strange purple light washed over her from the panel across the room.  The shaft began to vibrate as it continued to thrust into her, causing her to arch her back and quiver.

"Ooohhh……..Mmm…..Mmmmore."  Masha panted as the chair continued to fuck her.

Suddenly the shaft gave her a series of mild electric jolts, sending her over the edge.  Masha climaxed harder than she had ever experienced before.  The sensation was overwhelming.  She gasped and spasmed as the chair continued to prolong the orgasm.  Her ovaries let loose as the mind numbing orgasm shook her to the core.  The panel behind her flickered for a moment, then the light changed from purple to blue.  Masha could feel a strange pressure growing in her pregnant belly.  As the orgasm began to subside, she could feel her breasts begin to tingle and burn from within as they bounced against the top of her distended belly.  Masha trembled as the chair began to slow it's thrusts.  Then, just as she thought the shaft was going to stop, a window above the chair flickered to life.  It was displaying an image of the chair with several areas colored red.  Masha heard a series of shrill chirps from the chair.  Then, to her dismay, the shaft began to thrust harder again.  

"Ungh!    Ungh!   Ungh!"  Masha grunted as the shaft fucked her harder and began to vibrate.  "Oh!  …….oh gods…"

The shaft continued to thrust into her, causing her to feel her ovaries tingle again.  Then the shaft again jolted her into orgasm with a series of mild electric shocks.  Again her ovaries released as the second massive orgasm caused her to shudder and twitch.  Masha was sweating with exertion as the shaft prolonged her climax, causing her to cry out in sheer ecstasy.

"OH GODDESSSSSSSS!!!!"  She cried as the pressure in her pregnant belly increased.  

Her belly felt incredibly tight and her breasts were tingling and burning intensely as the chair began to slow it's thrusts.   She tried to pull herself off the shaft as it began to slow it's mechanical thrusting, but her muscles were already tired from holding herself in place for the shaft.  As she tried to gain a foothold to push herself off the large shaft impaling her sex, the chair began to chirp again.  She extended her toe claws, trying to get a grip on the smooth floor and force herself off the shaft as it began to fuck her again.

"OH GODS!!!" Masha cried out as the shaft pistoned in and out of her, stopping any further attempts to climb off.

The young viger moaned as the chair thrust the phallic device deep inside her, again and again.  As the shaft reached it's maximum thrusting speed, it once again began to vibrate.  Masha's sides tingled again as her ovaries prepared to release yet another set of eggs into her swollen belly.  The chair continued to pump the shaft into her, finally sending out another series of mild electric pulses.  Masha convulsed as she climaxed even harder.  

"UNGH!!!!   UNGH!!!!    OH!! "  She cried as her muscles spasmed in time with the chair's thrusts.

Again she could feel the pressure inside her pregnant belly increase, and again she could feel her bouncing breasts burning intensely.  Masha panted and huffed as the chair slowed again.  She feebly tried to remove herself from the chair, but she was too weakened and the material around her too smooth.  As she brushed her sweat soaked hair away from her short muzzle, the chair chirped again.

"Oh gods…….."  Masha said weakly as the shaft again began to move in and out of her sex.  

The whole routine repeated itself yet again, weakening Masha even further as she climaxed yet another mind numbing time.  Again she felt the pressure increase within her belly, causing her to moan with ecstasy.  She could now feel the chair rubbing against her distended belly.  The fleeting thought that she hadn't been big enough to rub against the seat's back when she started crossed her mind for an instant, but was quickly washed away as the chair chirped and started fucking her again.  Again the chair brought her to an exhausting orgasm.  And again she felt the pressure increase within her.  Her breasts were soaked with sweat and were tingling and burning even worse.  She managed to get a glimpse of her chest in the dim light and gasped.  Her breasts had grown from a perky forty double D to a huge fifty plus triple F.  She could see milk dripping from her rock hard nipples as her breasts were rocked by the shaft's thrusts.  Again the chair fucked her to climax, and again.  It was becoming uncomfortable to have her belly pressed so hard against the back of the chair.  Again she climaxed on the seat, feeling the pressure inside her belly increase to an unbelievable level.  As she touched the side of her belly, it felt hard as a rock and seemed to be much bigger than her sex fogged mind remembered.  The chair brought her to orgasm yet another time, increasing the pressure inside her yet again.  Now her belly felt as though it would burst and was causing her to lift away from the rear of the seat, working her slowly off the shaft.   Masha summoned the remainder of her strength and pulled herself forward, rocking on her belly against the rear of the seat.  As the shaft began to vibrate yet again, she managed to maneuver herself off it, immediately rolling off the chair and onto the sloped floor.  She lay on the floor in a sex fogged, half conscious state for over an hour, breathing as deeply as her crowded lungs would allow.  Eventually, exhaustion claimed her and she slept.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2004, 09:20:57 am »

Intersting story.  Will there be more to this?  It might be a while to get out of there  :wink: .
"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2004, 10:31:13 am »

I should have mentioned that this is just the portion I have done so far.  Sorry about that.  More to come fairly soon.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2004, 11:47:24 am »

Well, considering it sounds like the poor viger isn't going to be able to hold all that... and I really hope something happens to help her with that... this story is really kewl.

I don't see too many that end with her being ready to pop and yet the description of her swelling etc is still good enough for me to find it arousing, lol... in this case she does enjoy it eh? ;)

Not that I'll like the next bit if she does burst... I feel sorry for her and her young just thinking about it... but yeah, very nicely written. Keep up the good work eh? ;)


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2004, 11:24:08 am »

I'm glad you like it.  And not to worry, I have no plans for her to burst (though she may feel like she could).  There is quite a bit more in store for her as the storyline continues.  You'll also get to meet her sister, Mara, as well as a few other characters.  Hope you guys find it entertaining.  I'm going to continue to post the updates here in this thread so stay tuned.



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and now, back to our program.....
« Reply #5 on: April 25, 2004, 01:30:56 pm »

back to the story......

Masha woke up and put a hand to her head, trying to remember what had happened to her.  As she tried to sit up, she found that it was much more difficult that she remembered.  As she placed a hand on her pregnant belly, the last few hours all raced through her mind.  Her belly was much larger than it had been, now looking nearly ten months along with twins.  She then lifted her huge, sensitive breasts, causing milk to leak from her still hard nipples.

"Oh gods!  My cubs!"  Masha whispered as she began to panic.  

Her belly had doubled in size.  How was this going to affect her unborn cubs?  She had to get to a healer, and soon.  She tried to stand as carefully as she could manage, slowly rising into a standing position.  Her center of gravity had shifted a great deal and her balance seemed to be eluding her.  She fought against the growing fear and tried to concentrate on getting back to the village.  Masha began to look for a way to climb back to the door of the room.  After a few attempts, she managed to pull herself up the slope using some of the protruding banks of lights for hand and foot holds.  She finally pulled her trembling body through the door and collapsed at the bottom of the slope.  As she lay there trying to get her breath, she felt a familiar kicking from within.  She quickly placed a hand on her huge belly.

"Oh little ones…….." Masha panted as tears began to well in her eyes.  "Please be alright.  Please…."

After she regained a bit of strength, the young viger began to search for a way up the slope to where she had entered this strange place.  Now that all the dust from her initial drop had settled, she could make out a series of depressions along both sides of the slope that she might be able to use to climb back up, but they were fairly far apart.  She reached for the first hand hold, but it was out of range.  She had lost any semblance of agility, and couldn't jump the required distance to grab it.  She sat again and tried to stop herself from trembling so hard, but it was no use.  It had been hours since she ate last and she was exhausted from her experience with the chair.  Not to mention her milk production was in overdrive and was draining her body of resources.   Masha leaned over and looked back through the doorway to the room and scanned to upper wall for anything she may have missed earlier.  She saw more of the flickering lights, but no apparent means of escape.  

"I can't just give up and sit here.  I need to get back to the village."  

She stood again and searched the walls for another door, eventually finding a medium sized panel that came off as she pulled on it.  Behind the panel was a small crawlspace that ran parallel to the main passage she was in.  It was also lined with pipes and metal ropes.  Masha looked at the size of the opening, and then looked at the size of her belly.  It would be a tight fit, but if she could manage to get into the crawlspace, she could use all the pipes as something to hold onto for climbing.  She lay down and worked her shoulders through the opening.  She gripped some of the metal ropes and pulled herself further inside the small space.  As she attempted to slide in further, her huge belly wedged in the rectangular opening, throwing her into a short panic attack.  She struggled for a moment, then rolled onto one side, freeing her overcrowded belly from the restricting opening.  Masha then pulled herself completely inside the crawlspace and began to ascend the slope as best she could.  After roughly an hour of exhausting climbing, she reached what appeared to be another panel.  To her relief it fell away after just one kick.  She looked through the opening and found that she was back in the chamber where she'd originally left her clothing.  She struggled out of the small opening and lay in the floor of the chamber, breathing heavily.  After a short while she dragged herself to her feet and stumbled over to the exit.  She took a few seconds to pull on her damp garments, none of which really covered her anymore, and started out into the rain.  


     Mara had been searching for her sister for hours now, and was becoming more and more worried as the minutes passed.  She paused to rest against a large boulder, using it to provide a small measure of protection from the wind.  The storm was still raging, with the sky beginning to change to a strange shade of green.  She placed a hand under her belly as the cubs inside her moved about.  It was getting hard to move around with her triplets a month from birth, not to mention the twin chakats that were two months along.  Her sister had better have a good reason for making her worry so much.  She pulled her tattered poncho tighter and moved back out onto the trail, fighting to keep her balance against the gusts.  

"MASHA!"  She yelled, hoping her sister could hear her over the thunder and wind.  "Damn it, where are you…"  

Mara began to pick her way down a small ravine that she knew Masha used as a shortcut.  As she slowly worked her way to the bottom, she lost her footing on the wet slope and slipped into the small stream at the bottom.  As she fought against the current to stand up, she noticed she wasn't alone.  Standing at the stream's edge were several armored figures.

"Well, that didn't take long."  Said a huge, menacing looking, ram horned wolf.  " I told you she'd be easy to find."

"She wandered right into us.  Of course it was easy!"  Said a muscular boar as he stalked into the stream and grabbed Mara by the arm.

"Are you certain she's the right female?"  Asked a tall, muscular wolf with raccoon markings.

"Let's see Talon."  Said the huge wolfram.  "She's a vixen, tiger cross, about five foot eleven who happens to be…"  he grabbed the front of Mara's poncho with both hands and ripped the material apart, revealing her milk heavy forty four inch chest and extremely gravid belly,  "very pregnant.  Indeed, I think we have who we're looking for."

"Rashelle will be pleased, ay Kaden?"  Said the boar as he leered at Mara.  "But I am disappointed that we didn't get to search her village first."

"Don't you mean pillage, K'Nor?"  Asked Talon with a hint of disdain in his voice.

K'Nor turned toward Talon and placed a hand on the hilt of his cleaver.  As his attention wandered, Mara, who had been almost petrified by the situation, slashed him across the face with her claws.  As K'Nor recoiled and grabbed his wounded face, Mara tried to make it to the other side of the stream and escape.  Before she could make it more than a few strides, the wolfram grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her roughly into the water.  

"I like her.  Not only does she have spirit, but she's improved your looks K'Nor."  Kaden said as he grabbed Mara by both arms and pulled her out of the stream.  

"LET ME GO!"  Mara shouted as she was held, snarling at Kaden.

"I like her indeed." The wolfram chuckled.

K'Nor pulled his cleaver and turned toward Mara, the blood on his face mixing with the rain.  

"I'm gonna return the favor."  He snorted angrily as he approached her.

"No.  You won't."  Said Kaden as he pulled Mara away from the enraged boar.  "We're to deliver her safely to Rashelle.  Another step and you may find young Talon's arrow somewhere unpleasant.  At least he seems to remember our orders, and it is your own fault for letting your guard down."

K'Nor turned and looked at Talon, who had an arrow knocked and drawn.   The boar then looked back at Kaden, who was still holding Mara up out of the water.  K'Nor then wiped his face with his empty hand and spat in Mara's direction.  Kaden laughed as the boar stalked out of the stream and gave Talon an evil look.

"Now then, let's deliver our ripe little prize to our employer."  Kaden said as he tore the remainder of Mara's tattered poncho away, leaving her topless in the rain.  "Shame you're off limits."  He said as he looked her over.  "Talon, bind her arms."

Kaden hauled Mara out of the stream and onto the bank in front of Talon.  The wolfcoon then bound her arms behind her.  Kaden then tied a length of rope around her midsection, just below her engorged breasts.  

"Please.  Please let me go."  Mara begged, getting their attention on her face so she could cover her bindings momentarily with her tail, long enough to examine them with her fingertips.  "Why do you want me?"

"It's not you we're after my pretty."  Kaden said as he looked into her eyes, then down at her pregnant belly.  "It's those you carry within you that Rashelle wants."

Mara snarled at the thought of anyone wanting to harm her unborn cubs.  Kaden turned and pulled her along behind as Talon and a seething K'Nor followed.  


Masha had been walking for what felt like hours through the downpour.  Her belly was making it very difficult to maneuver through the dense undergrowth, and she was still shaking from weakness.  As she finally broke through a tangle of branches and emerged by a stream, she recognized where she was.  She felt a wash of relief as she realized that the village was now fairly close.  Then she noticed Mara's poncho snagged on a log jam in the stream.  Masha slid down the stream bank and into the water.  As she picked her sister's poncho up, she saw that it had been torn down the front.  Masha looked around quickly, just catching a glimpse of Mara being led into the forest, a prisoner of three armored figures.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #6 on: April 25, 2004, 10:17:05 pm »

Keep it up.  I like it. :D
"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #7 on: May 07, 2004, 12:17:18 pm »

Ever have several projects hit you at once?  Here's hoping I have more time to work on the story this week.  For now though, enjoy this little update.....


The three males led Mara through the stormy woods for over an hour until they came to the cliffs that bordered the forest.  Mara looked about, but couldn't see any way up the towering cliff faces.  

"Welcome to our camp little viger."  Kaden said as he moved aside a large stand of shrubs, revealing a small cave entrance.  "Ladies first."

Kaden guided the heavily pregnant viger inside the cave.  As her eyes quickly adjusted, Mara saw that the cave was fairly large inside, and she could hear water running somewhere nearby.  Kaden guided her over to a large pile of furs and forced her to kneel.

"You may as well lie down and try to rest.  We have a long journey ahead of us."  The wolfram said as he untied the rope beneath her breasts.  As he slid the rope free, he cupped her milk heavy breasts in his hands, lifting them off the shelf of her distended belly.  

"….off limits indeed…."  Kaden said as he turned away from her and began to rummage through a pile of gear stored against the wall.  "K'Nor, get a fire going.  I'm going to contact Rashelle and let her know we've found what she needs."

Talon looked toward the woods near the cave entrance.  Something had been causing his weak othersenses to go off the whole trip back to the cave, but it didn't feel dangerous.  

"I'm going out for a bit."  The wolfcoon said as he started for the entrance.


Masha was panting heavily as she watched the armored figures lead Mara into a small cave.  She dropped to her knees as she tried to think of something she could do to free her sister.   She felt a series of kicks from inside her crowded belly as she shifted into a sitting position.

"We have to help Mara before they do something horrible to her.  Then we can see a healer, I promise."  She said as she moved again to rest against a large tree.  

She felt one of her swollen breasts with her hand as she looked at the cave.  Her breasts had filled out even more as she had followed her sisters captors, reaching the multi G cup range.  They stood out from her body as she leaned against the tree, milk dripping from her hardened nipples.    Masha gently began to pull on her nipples, increasing the flow from a drip to a spray.   She watched in amazement as milk squirted nearly six feet from her engorged breasts.  She continued to milk herself for several minutes, trying to relieve some of the pressure from her huge breasts.  She flushed as she realized that it was arousing her more each time she squeezed one of her over sensitive nipples.  As she continued to milk her huge breasts, she slowly spread her shapely legs, revealing her already wet cunny.  Masha began to rub her moist clitoris with her fingers, slowly increasing speed as the sensations welled within her.  

"Oh ….gods….what am ….. I doing…." She panted as she felt her ovaries begin to tingle.

Masha spasmed against the tree as she climaxed, her ovaries releasing another set of eggs into her massively crowded womb.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself."  Said a voice from beside her, startling her into a sitting position.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
« Reply #8 on: May 11, 2004, 10:00:03 am »

A bit more story.  

Talon had followed his othersenses to the edge of the forest about one hundred yards from the cave.  To his surprise, there had been a very pregnant young viger pleasuring herself against a tree.  He looked at her for a moment, watching as she tried to cover herself with the tattered remains of her clothing.  

"Something tells me you're the viger they're looking for, and not the one in the cave."  Talon said as he leaned his bow against the tree.  

"Please.  She's my sister.  She's almost due.  Please let her go."  Masha implored the wolfcoon, who she was finding very appealing at the moment…..   She shook her head, trying to get the sexual thoughts to go away.

"They won't.  She's to be taken to Rashelle.  Something about her unborn cubs being the key to unlocking some ancient weapon.  But, as I said, I think the unborn cubs they're looking for are yours."  Talon said as he removed his cloak.  "Take this.  It'll keep you drier."

"So are you going to give me to them?"  Masha asked as she began to look for some way to get away.

"No.  I'm just trying to kill Rashelle.  Working with Kaden gets me close enough to do it." Talon said as he looked back at the cave.

Masha breathed deeply as Talon wrapped the cloak around her.  His scent was intoxicating, causing her to bite softly on her lip as she immediately grew aroused again.   Why was she thinking like this?  She shook her head again, but the thoughts of bedding him simply would not go away.

"Are you OK?"  Talon asked as he looked back at Masha.

"I'm fine.  Just a little…tired is all."  Masha said as she stepped back against the tree.

"How far along are you?"  Talon asked as he looked her over for a moment, trying to get his othersenses to focus.  

"I'm five months with the first set, four months with the second set and two months with the ……" Masha broke off as she realized that the chair had actually impregnated her several times over, not just filled her with something.   "Oh gods…."

"Definitely the viger they're looking for…" Talon said as he looked about for a moment.  He spotted a cave entrance some distance from where Kaden and K'Nor had the other viger held.   "Which means we need to hide you."


The ghostly dark vixen image walked around the pile of furs that Mara was laying on, looking at her with a mixture of satisfaction and lust.   Behind Rashelle's image loomed all seven feet of Kaden, watching as his mistress looked at her prize.

"Excellent.  You've done well Kaden.  I look forward to rewarding you when you get back."  Rashelle said as she turned to him and cupped one of her large, perfectly shaped breasts.  She then looked back at Mara.  "Now, to ensure that she's ready for the ritual when you get here, her unborn need to be farther along.  Use this on her."  Rashelle gestured to the floor before her and energy flared brightly.  When the light subsided, there was a strange device on the floor.  "A single dose of accelerant should be sufficient.  It will cause the youngest group of fetuses mature more rapidly."

"NO!!"  Mara screamed as she finished cutting the bindings around her arms with her claws.

She gathered her legs beneath her and sprang toward the cave entrance, hoping that she could somehow escape.  K'Nor stepped into her path and half caught her, causing her to fall heavily to the ground.   Mara then rolled and slashed at him with her claws, only to have her forearm caught by Kaden's huge hand.

"Careful with her K'Nor.  You might injure our prize."  Kaden said as he lifted Mara effortlessly and carried her back to Rashelle's apparition.

"She's quite a fighter.  Perhaps this will make her a bit more submissive."  Said the ghostly image of Rashelle.  The image then glowed slightly and touched Mara as she struggled to escape Kaden's grasp.

As the image touched Mara, energy washed over her, causing her to go limp in Kaden's arms.   The wolfram then carried her back to the furs and carefully laid her down.  Kaden then turned to Rashelle's image.

"We should arrive in about two weeks."  He said as he looked the ghostly image over.  "I look forward to my reward."

"Just make certain that she's ready for the ritual."  Rashelle said as she teasingly opened her silky robes fully, letting Kaden see her nude black and blue furred body, then vanished.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Kaden turned to the unconscious viger and rolled her onto her back.  He then tore off her ragged short skirt, tossing it aside.  Kaden then knelt and examined the device, pressing a set of symbols on it with his clawed finger.  The device split and opened, revealing a container of fluid about the size of a grapefruit.  The device then extended a long, phallic section, as well as a set of controls.  Kaden chuckled as he picked up the device with one hand.  He placed the device on the furs near Mara, and spread her legs.  Kaden then lifted the device and began to guide it into Mara's cunny.  Her back arched as more of the device entered her, causing her to moan and writhe.  She then opened her eyes and saw what was happening.  Mara growled and began trying to remove the injection device from her sex, her legs kicking furiously.

"More submissive my ass…" Kaden growled as he pinned Mara to the makeshift bed.  "K'Nor!  Activate the device!  Quickly!"

K'Nor rushed to the pile of furs and tried to get at the device between Mara's flailing legs.  As he tried to grab the device, Mara kicked him in the face, gashing him with her toe claws.  

"AAArr!!  CURSED BITCH!!"  K'Nor screamed as he put a hand to the new set of cuts.  With his free hand, K'Nor punched the device, causing it to plunge deep into Mara's cunny.

"UNGH!!"  Mara grunted as the device was slammed into her uterus.

K'Nor slapped the device into activation while trying to maintain pressure on his bleeding face.  

"Hurry up damn it!"  Kaden shouted as he tried to keep Mara from thrashing her way free.  

K'Nor grabbed a T shaped handle and extended it, causing a series of lights to illuminate along it's length.   With a growl, he pushed the handle back into the device, draining the contents of the container into Mara's already heavily pregnant belly.  Mara arched her back as a strange, hot sensation washed over her.  She could feel a pressure build from within her uterus.  She ceased struggling, going almost limp in Kaden's grasp.  The huge wolfram laid her in the pile of furs, watching as her eyes fluttered closed.  Kaden then turned to look at K'Nor, who was examining his bloody face.  Kaden chuckled as he turned away from the infuriated boar, then he noticed the device lying at the edge of the furs.  

"K'Nor, do you remember what Rashelle told us about giving her a single dose?"  He asked with restrained anger.

"I gave the bitch a dose!  LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO ME!!"  K'Nor bellowed as he pressed a rag against his sliced cheek.

"The container on that device held more than a single dose you imbecile."  Kaden growled as he picked up the empty device and extended the handle.  "It held a dozen."

"That means she'll be ready to drop sooner!  That's all!"  K'Nor said absently as he looked at his reflection in a pool of water, just in time to see the reflection of a large warhammer appear behind his own.  Kaden brought the warhammer down onto K'Nor's head in a full overhead arc, smashing the boar's skull and crushing his neck.  K'Nor fell limply against the wall, his leg twitching randomly.

"Now you don't need to worry about your face."  Kaden growled as he dropped his warhammer and approached Mara.

He knelt on the pile of furs beside her, trying to get some idea of how the additional accelerant had affected her.  Mara's eyes fluttered and her breathing became heavier.  The pressure inside her belly had lessened to a small degree, but now she was completely aroused, with waves of heat washing over her from head to toe.  Inside her, the accelerant began to do it's job, bonding with the chakat twin fetuses.


Rashelle walked down the stairs from her sanctum and into a dimly lit chamber.  With a wave of her hand, the light increased, causing the other occupant of the room to stir.  Rashelle looked at her captive with approval in her eyes.  Suspended by a set of supports which caused her to hang facing the floor with her legs parted wide was a white luquine.  She raised her head as Rashelle touched the side of her swollen belly.

"Very nice.  The creature inside you contains quite a bit of energy already."  Rashelle said as she cupped the luquine's  swollen breasts.  "But in order for me to complete the ritual, we'll need more."

"Please…..don't….         I……..can't hold………any more…"  the luquine said as she looked at her swollen belly, already appearing very pregnant with twins.  

"Dear Terah, you know how important this ritual is to my plans.  You wouldn't want to spoil that, would you?"  Rashelle asked mockingly as she removed her silk robe and slid onto the cushions beneath the gravid luquine.

"….sadistic…bitch…."  Terah panted as Rashelle began to lick her nipples.

"Your milk is so sweet my little wolfmare."  Rashelle purred as she licked her lips and began to suck Terah's nipple, causing her breasts to release and flow.

Rashelle continued to stimulate Terah's breasts, causing the luquine to quiver in her restraints.  The dark vixen then slowly moved her hands over Terah's swollen belly, then began to expertly rub her cunny.  Terah arched her back as Rashelle began pouring sexual energy into the creature in her uterus.  She could feel it begin to swell within her as her own energy mixed with that of the sorceress, slowly distending her belly even further.  Rashelle continued to take pulls of milk from her large, lactating breasts, shooting sensations through her body like lightning.  All the energy from both females continued to pour into the creature inside her huge belly, until finally she spasmed in climax.

"See, that wasn't so bad.  A few more sessions like that and the creature will contain enough energy to complete the entire ritual."  Rashelle purred as she slid out from under Terah's suspended form.  "And then I'll finally have access to the secrets of the ancients."

Rashelle gathered her robes and stood, extending her othersenses into Terah's body.  The creature, a slurm beast, was heavy with energy charged gel.  When the time for the ritual was closer, she would have to let the creature fill her uterus with the gel, transferring the energy to her.  She would then need to transfer the fetuses that the viger carried into herself, combining them with the energy and giving her the correct bio-signature to enter the ancient city below her keep.  The prospect of being that heavy with energy and pregnancy caused Rashelle to bite her lip in anticipation.  She turned and grabbed Terah from behind, grinding her wet cunny against the luquine's, sending another wave of energy into the creature.  Terah bucked in her supporting restraints in reponse.  Rashelle then turned and sauntered out of the room with a sated look on her face.

"Hurry to me Kaden.  I need to do this soon."  She whispered to herself as she looked in one of the huge mirrors, distorting the image with a spark of energy to make it appear pregnant.


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Writing any more?
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The story was very interesting so far.  Are you going to continue?


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Sorry about that....
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Forgot to continue posting to this forum  :oops:


Mara tossed and rolled as the waves of heat washed over her.  Her entire body tingled and burned as the accelerant in her uterus caused her hormones to go crazy.  Her mind fogged as the experience wore on, causing her to begin hallucinating.   Her eyes fluttered open and she saw a large wolfram at the end of the makeshift bed rummaging through a pack.  Her body flashed with heat again, activating her amplified pheromone glands.  

Kaden looked through the packs for the strange device that Rashelle had given them to analyze injuries.  Perhaps it could give him some idea of how much K'Nor had fouled Rashelle's plans.   After a few more pouches, her found the small device.  He pressed the small button on the side, causing the device to slide open.  Kaden stood and turned to the pile of furs and found his captive wide awake and looking at him intently.  

Mara slowly moved into a crawling position and moved toward the towering male.  She knelt before him in the furs, taking in his scent.  She then let out a low growl as she pulled the stunned male toward her.  

Kaden looked at his captive with disbelief.  She was in a completely feral state, with a single purpose in mind.  He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts, taking note of a spicy scent that he didn't recognize.  His pulse began to quicken as she pulled herself up to look him in the eyes.  Her scent was intoxicating, causing him to become fully aroused as she stood before him, her belly pressing against his armor.  She slowly knelt before him again, deftly releasing the catches on his armor as she descended.   Kaden took off his armor, followed by his tunic and breeches.  As he removed them, her hands went immediately to his engorged member, exploring it's entire length.   She then took his member into her mouth, expertly using her tongue to stimulate him.  Kaden could feel her teeth slipping along the length of his shaft as her tongue seemed to dance with a life of it's own.   She could feel him tensing as the sensations brought him closer to climax.  She gave his shaft a final lick and sat back in the furs with a pleading, expectant look on her face.  Kaden crawled onto the furs as Mara turned and got onto all fours, spreading her legs for him, her tail pulled high over her back.   Kaden bent and gave her sex an unexpected lick, causing her to shudder.  He drove his tongue deep inside her cunny, causing her to moan and arch her back.  Kaden then began to stimulate her with his fingers as he repositioned himself behind her.  Mara rocked against his hand eagerly, trying to get more inside her.  Kaden then began to guide his stiffened member into her sex, slipping in inch after inch until his entire length had entered her.  Mara began to rock harder against him, moving in time with his thrusts.  His hands found her swollen breasts, rubbing her over sensitive nipples, causing them to begin leaking.  He continued to thrust into her, bringing her closer to climax each time his shaft's tip found the entry to her uterus.  Mara opened her mouth in a silent cry as she felt her ovaries, stimulated by the chemicals coursing through her, dump several times into her pregnant belly.  Kaden rocked harder against her as the sensations built within him.  He threw back his head as he climaxed, his muscles contracting reflexively, lifting the still impaled viger off her hands and knees.  Her breasts spurted milk as his powerful hands lifted her off the furs completely.  He held her there as his shaft continued to pulse, filling her with his seed.  Mara trembled as her body received what it craved, causing her to spasm in his grasp.  With a final gasp, Kaden placed her back on the makeshift bed, removing his shaft from her sex as his muscles trembled.  He collapsed onto the furs beside her as she rolled onto her side, her breathing still heavy from exertion.  Inside her uterus, the accelerant found half a dozen new fertilized eggs to affect.


"You should be safe from the others here."  Said Talon as he finished his inspection of the cave.  "I'm sorry I can't make it more comfortable."

"It's fine.  At least I'm out of the rain."  Masha said to the very attractive male that she couldn't stop thinking of bedding.

"I'm going to check on your sister.  Hopefully they haven't done anything to her."  Talon said as his eyes lingered on Masha's pregnant form for a moment, just long enough for her to notice.

"He IS interested!"  Masha thought to herself as Talon turned and walked back out into the downpour.

She watched Talon as he nimbly made his way down the rough slope, her hands unconsciously  smoothing the fur on her belly.   She lowered herself onto one of the many smooth rocks and leaned against the cave wall.   As she relaxed, she yawned and realized how tired she really was.  She wrapped herself in Talon's cloak, breathing in his scent, and lay down on her side on the smooth stone shelf.  Within minutes, she was asleep, her dreams a mixture of longing for Talon, and the experience with the chair in the strange ruins.   As she slept, her belly continued to grow slowly, reaching the appearance of being full term with triplets.

Talon reached the entrance of the cave before he realized his othersenses couldn't detect K'Nor any longer.  He paused to wonder at that, for K'Nor could be searching for him and stumble across Masha's hiding place.  He extended his othersenses as far as he could, fully aware of the headache he would have later.  He could feel Kaden and the Other viger, Mara, in close proximity to each other inside the cave, and he could feel Masha back in her small cave, but there was no sign of the irritable boar anywhere.  He shook his head to clear it and stepped into the cave.  He rounded the small corner at the cave's mouth and nearly stepped on K'Nor's body.

"Well, that explains that."  Talon muttered as he stalked deeper into the cave.  

To his surprise, he found their prisoner astride Kaden's unconscious form, riding his still hardened shaft.  As he approached her, he noticed a strange, spicy scent and found himself becoming aroused.  He quickly formed a wall inside his mind to keep himself from being controlled further and moved toward them carefully.  She noticed him and bit her lip, emitting an almost pleading growl as she continued to work Kaden's hardened shaft deep inside herself.  Talon grabbed one of the extra cloaks from their packs and draped it over her shoulders.  He then slowly pulled her off Kaden's nude form, hoping not to wake the wolfram.  He slowly picked her up, noticing that she appeared to be even more pregnant than when they had captured her.  Her breasts had increased in size as well, reaching the triple F cup range and were leaking.  

"What did they do to you?"  He asked as she looked at him with obvious desire.  

Talon's mind raced as he took her out into the rain.  If he left her with Kaden, then the wolfram would deliver her to Rashelle, in which case he would get his opportunity to kill the bitch.  But then she would probably get injured or worse in the process.  And now he had two very pregnant, very horny vigers to look after.  Revenge would have to wait.  For now, he needed to ensure that Rashelle didn't get her claws on either of them.  After a few minutes of being soaked again, he carried her into the cave where her sister was sleeping.  He put her on a small boulder in the rear of the cave and turned to leave.   The echo of Kaden's roar stopped him in his tracks.


Kaden triggered the small stone by tracing the pattern on it's surface.  As he watched, Rashelle's form began to take shape before him.  Soon he was staring at the dark vixen's projection, wondering how he could salvage the situation.

"You look troubled."  She said as she looked him over.  "What has happened?"

Kaden looked into her eyes and saw the glimmer of active power there, and knew that if he lied, the spell would tell her.  Anger welled within him and he smashed a small boulder with his huge warhammer, showering the cave with stone shards.

"She's gone."  He said as he trembled with rage.  "She's gone and that idiot K'Nor used the entire payload of accelerant on her.   I thought you should know because it affects your plans.  Now I'm going to find out where Talon has wandered off to and find her.  Once we've recaptured her, can you transport us there?"

"That's going to require more power than I had intended to expend before the ritual, power that your incompetence has wasted."  Rashelle hissed at him.  "Contact me as soon as you've found her so that I can stop the reaction inside her from going too far."

Rashelle fixed him with a killing glance, then her image faded to nothing.  Kaden strode to the mouth of the cave and surveyed the area.  The stone had been washed clean of any scent he could detect, and there were no visible tracks nearby.  Still, she was so pregnant now that she couldn't have gotten far.  He shouldered his hammer and stalked out into the storm.


Rashelle considered the situation for a long while.  Her prize had eluded her for the moment and was under the effects of more accelerant than she was supposed to be.  She would be due long before Rashelle had planned.  There still wasn't enough energy inside the creature within Terah for the ritual, and now she was going to have to use her personal reserves to gate the viger to her.  She seethed with anger.  Her plans were damaged, but not beyond repair.  All she needed to do was increase the amount of energy inside the wolfmare faster.  She thought about all the possible solutions to the problem and finally smiled as she found the one that worked best.

Within a few hours, Terah was surrounded with writhing forms as those other captives that had come into the room mated non stop under the effects of Rashelle's dark magic.  The sexual energy released by the horde of participants in the induced orgy were channeled into the creature inside her swelling belly.  Rashelle watched with a look of satisfaction on her face as Terah's belly swelled to the appearance of being nearly full term with quadruplets.  Those captives that were sprawled beneath her stroked her milk heavy breasts and took turns sucking from her leaking nipples, causing her to spasm in her restraints.  Wave after wave of sexual energy shot through her as Rashelle had even more captives shoved into the chamber with her.  

"This will do nicely."  The dark vixen said as she let her robe fall away and walked into the room.  "Are you enjoying yourself?"  she asked Terah as she slid into position beneath her.  

"Stop it…….please……..I'm going………..to burst…."  The gravid luquine panted as yet another male form the group stood and entered her, causing her to shudder with amplified pleasure.  

Rashelle placed a hand on the wolfmare's belly and sighed with disgust.  Terah was right.  If she grew much larger today she could very likely burst.  The temptation to overcharge her and split her wide open entered Rashelle's mind for a moment, but while it may bring her a small amount of satisfaction, it would not allow her to complete the ritual.  As she took a mouthful of Terah's breastmilk and savored it's sweet flavor for a moment, she mentally dismissed the orgy participants back to the guards in the hallway with the exception of the male currently fucking her.  She decided to let him finish just to torture Terah as she slid off the cushions and sauntered out of the room.

Terah moaned as the large male clydesdale continued to fuck her, causing her breasts to bounce against the top of her drum taut belly.   She felt the creature inside her do another slow roll, futilely trying to find more room within her.  Her belly heaved as it settled into another position, slowly absorbing the sexual energy of both it's host and the male.  Finally the male shuddered in climax, causing a small spurt of growth in Terah's massive belly, then withdrew and walked mechanically out of the room.  Terah panted as she swayed in her restraints, grimacing as the spell on her nipples resumed.  The magic would keep all the milk produced within her huge, now swollen to H cup breasts, causing them to ache and burn until Rashelle decided to allow her to drain a bit.  As the mage light in the room faded to darkness, Terah gasped as she noticed a faint glow from within her massive belly.  The creature was so full of energy charged gel that it was in danger of bursting as well, and Rashelle had no intentions of stopping the daily fillings.  

"I can't take much more of this….." Terah said as she felt exhaustion taking her.


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Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Talon leaned against the entry to the cave, watching for any signs of Kaden.  He couldn't allow Rashelle to get her claws on the two females asleep inside the cave, but it would be very difficult to move them to safety with Kaden prowling the forest.   He turned and walked quietly back into the darkened cave, keeping his othersenses tuned to the forest outside.  

Masha was stirring in her sleep as Talon entered, writhing on the smooth stone shelf.  Her ragged top had torn open, exposing her huge breasts.  Her nipples were fully erect and were leaking in time with her pulse, as small trail of milk soaking her fur.  She moaned in her sleep and rolled onto her other side.  Talon's cloak slid away, revealing her shapely legs.  She moaned again, louder this time.  Talon watched her for a moment as she trembled in her sleep.  As he watched, he realized she had the tip of her tail inside her cunny and was unconsciously working it in deeper and deeper.  He looked across the cave to where her sister lay, breathing heavily and holding her huge belly in her sleep.  She looked ready to burst and her fur was soaked with sweat.  Her breasts were slightly smaller than her sisters, but were leaking just as badly, and her belly was much larger.  As he watched her caressing her massive belly, her eyes fluttered open.

"Where am I?"  Mara asked quietly as she tried to lever herself into a sitting postion.

"I moved you into a different cave to hide you from them."  Talon replied as her forced himself to not look at her breasts.  "Kaden, the big guy, is searching the woods for you now.  K'Nor is dead.  I don't really know what happened.  I found your sister mas…….hiding in the woods, and hid her here.  By the time I'd returned, well lets just say things were different than when I left."

"What did they do to me?"  Mara asked as she looked at her expanded breasts and larger belly.  "I'm so much bigger."

"I don't know."  Talon answered honestly.  "But I did find you in bed with Kaden."

Mara looked at her belly as snippets of memory came back to her.  As the images danced in her mind, she found herself reliving portions of them, arousing her.  Her body suddenly burned with desire, triggering her amplified pheromone glands.  

Talon watched as the heavily pregnant vigeress became fully aroused, unable to tear himself away.  By the time he noticed the spicy scent that had permeated the cave, his mind was already too clouded to resist the pheromones.  By the time he started to realize he was being affected, he was distracted as Mara began undressing him.

Mara worked the catches loose on Talon's light armor, then let it fall to the floor.  She led him back to her makeshift bed as she removed his tunic and undid his breeches.  She guided him onto the piled up cloak, laying him on his back as she removed his leather breeches.

Across the room, Masha was being affected by the pheromones as well.  Her head snapped up as her tail bumped into her cervical valve.  She panted as she neared climax, becoming faintly aware of the others in the room.  She saw her sister undressing the male she'd been dreaming about.  Masha twitched her tail as she tried to sit, suddenly bringing herself to orgasm.  She faintly felt her sides pinch as her ovaries released during the waves of pleasure.  She watched as Mara took his erect cock into her mouth and began to expertly use her tongue.  Masha slipped her sex slick tail out of herself and moved across the cave, joining them by leaning her huge breasts over his face.  Talon began to kneed and suck them, causing her to let down fully.  Milk flowed freely from her rock hard nipples, dripping onto his face and chest.  Mara repositioned herself and began to guide his shaft inside her, working his full length into her sex.  She then began to rock against him, causing his cock to nearly penetrate her uterus.   Masha moved to straddle his head, allowing him free access to her cunny with his tongue.  Masha then began to lick her sister's leaking breasts as Mara rocked harder atop Talon.   Mara's massive belly pressed against her sister's huge belly each time she rocked Talon's cock deeper inside her.  Talon licked Masha's dripping cunny as she milked her sister's enormous breasts.  All three of them were soaked in milk and sweat as they pleasured one another.  Talon arched his back as he came, pouring his seed into Mara's cum hungry belly.  The introduction of his sperm triggered her chemical amplified body, causing her to orgasm atop him.  Her ovaries released another set of eggs into her already overcrowded uterus, only to have them instantly bonded to the accelerant inside her.  She sagged as the sensation subsided, her hands going to her rock hard belly.  Masha gently pulled her sister off Talon's still erect member, helping her to lie down beside him.  Masha then mounted Talon, determined to get her needs met as well.  She rocked against him at a feverish pace, feeling herself coming closer and closer to climax.  Mara levered herself onto her lnees and leaned her dripping breasts over Talon's face.  Talon was having a difficult time determining where one viger ended and another began.  He took the available nipples in his mouth and began to suck the rich milk from them.  Masha felt her sides tingle as she came again, causing her vaginal muscles to clamp down like a vice on Talon's cock.  The sudden sensation caused him to cum again, pouring a healthy dose of sperm into Masha's belly.  Masha quivered as she felt several kicks from within her belly.  She then rolled off him and onto the flat stone a his side.  Mara leaned away from Talon and tried to catch her breath.  Finally her head seemed to clear a bit, allowing her to think.  Her jumbled memories began to order themselves as she rested her hands atop her now larger belly.  

"I don't remember being this big…."  Mara said with a trembling voice.  "What happened to me?"

"I think they used some sort of drugs on you."  Talon said as he cleared his head a bit.  "I think they were supposed to bring you to term faster."

"Oh Gods!"  Mara yelped as she remembered what had happened.  "I was already almost due with triplets!  Then my chacat twins were just about two and a half months.  And then I fucked both the big wolfram and you?!?"  

Mara's hands went to her belly, now nearly double the size it was that morning.  It was hard to the touch and she could feel the multiple fetuses inside her as they kicked and squirmed.  Masha looked at her own belly as she realized she'd just been impregnated yet again.  She wasn't certain, but she thought her belly was larger than before her nap.   She gasped as she watched her belly shift as the fetuses inside her moved.   Her belly had only been the equivalent of seven months pregnant this morning, and now she was almost as large as her hugely pregnant sister, plus she had no idea how many she was carrying thanks to the chair.

"We need to get to a healer."  Masha whispered as she smoothed the fur on her enormous belly.


"I have some wonderful news for you my little wolfmare!"  Rashelle said as she sauntered into the room.

"You're going to…….take this nightmare……..out of my belly…………..and let me go."  Terah replied as she lifted her head to face the dark vixen.

"Better than that." Rashelle sneered at her.  "I found a way to increase how much you can carry!  Isn't that fabulous?"

"You can't be………..serious. ………..I'm already about……….to burst!"  Terah panted in horror as Rashelle knelt in front of her.

"True, but I found a way to fix that."  Rashelle said as she looked past her to the entry of the chanber.  "Bring them in."

Two of Rashelle's hulking guards entered the room, one leading a heavily pregnant, robed cougaress, the other carrying a large book and a small chest.  They brought the female before Rahelle, who looked her over with obvious lust, and set the other items at their master's side.  

"The old mage I took this tower from had so many interesting books……"  Rashelle said as she flipped carefully through the pages of the ancient text.  "Ah!  Here it is!  The power of duplication.  Now I need to test this before I use it on you, my little wolfmare, so I found a volunteer."

Rashelle turned to the two guards and motioned for them to hold the cougaress for her.  They forced her into a kneeling position and tore her robe away, revealing her naked, pregnant with twins body.   She hissed at them, but was too weak to fight against them.
"Yes, she'll do just fine.  Almost due too.  Well, if this works, she'll have no problems."  Rashelle said as she opened the chest and took out an intricately carved rod. "But if it doesn't, she'll split like an over ripe melon."

The cougaress began to shiver as Rashelle laid out several more object from the chest, arranging them neatly before her.  She placed the tip of the carved rod against the cougaress' cunny and slowly, deliberately, began to work it inside her, causing her to shudder as the sensations washed over her.  As Terah watched, several of the girls signs of abuse faded into nothing, healing in a matter of seconds.  Rashelle then began carefully drawing two identical symbols on the sides of the girl's distended belly.  When both were completed, the dark vixen began to chant as the summoned her power and drew a line down the middle of the cougaress' belly.  When she finished, the line stretched from the girl's breastbone to her cunny.  As Rashelle took the brush away, she uttered a very quiet phrase, causing the line to glow.  The cougaress' breathing quickened as the symbols on each side of her belly began to glow.   As the guards held her, the cougaress' belly grew, swelling to double her previous size.

"Perfect!"  Exclaimed Rashelle as she watched, becoming completely aroused.  

The dark vixen crawled behind Terah and began to lick the luquine's bare vagina while she fingered her own wet cunny, pouring energy into the creature inside Terah's full term with quint's sized belly, causing her to swell larger.  Terah began to gasp for air as the creature grew, crowding her already cramped lungs.  Finally, after causing Terah to nearly black out, Rashelle stopped and turned her attention to the swollen cougaress lying in front of Terah's suspended form.  Rashelle crawled over to the girl and began to gently rub her swollen belly.  After determining that her slave would survive, the dark vixen slowly removed the rod from the cougaress' cunny.

"Leave her here.  I need something to experiment on."  Rashelle said, dismissing the guards.  "We'll see what else I can find in these tomes that proves useful."

Rashelle stood, holding the rod in her hand for Terah to see.

"Are you ready my delicious little wolfmare?"  Rashelle asked with lust in her eyes.

She walked behind Terah and slipped the rod inside the luquines' still wet cunt.  She then drew the symbols on Terah's massive belly, finally uttering the final phrase.


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She is enjoying this too much   BEG



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She is enjoying this too much   BEG

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