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Author Topic: Keiji Ikari, for lack of a better title  (Read 2023 times)

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Keiji Ikari

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Keiji Ikari, for lack of a better title
« on: January 20, 2005, 10:12:41 am »

*Sits down at his computer desk, stretching his arms and back a little before laying his hands out on the keyboard*

"Guess I gotta do another one of these, huh?"

*Reaches for the mouse, pulling up his browser and navigating his way to the "new topic" prompt, pensively rubbing his chin before concocting yet another half-assed character profile.*

Hello, my name is Keiji Ikari. Don't bothering remembering it, I've found it hasn't been important in the past. About now, I'd go into some sort of rambling tangent, but I don't feel quite up to it this time.

Simply put, I'm what's known as a 'kitsune'. More difficultly put, a kitsune is a sort of fox, not unlike a red fox or a fennec fox. There are some major differences to point out, however. We kitsune are born, for starters, with multiple tails. Actually, we're born with one and gain more as we age and grow stronger. I'm still fairly young, though I've already attained four.  
Our fur can be of many shades and colors, with mine resembling an icy blue. My hair follow suit, being darker to distinguish it. I can't say my hair is long, but I can't say it's particularly short. My bangs do have a nasty habit of getting in my eyes, which are bad enough that I need spectacles already.

I mentioned strength previously. While kitsune are naturally quite strong, I can't say I even look like I could lift much of anything. I'm quite thin, but luckily durable, as found from past experiences. Where I lack in physical prowess, I like to think I at least excel in brainpower. I can't say this is for certain...

I apologize if you've never even seen me before. I admit I'm not quite one to enjoy crowds much. I get rather easily discouraged and shy, you see...Sometimes, I've tried to look past that, but it doesn't usually end well.

Aside from the numerous flaws I have, I can say that my one redeeming quality is possibly my magical affinities. As a kitsune, I'm born with the ability to use it. My most proficient craft is shapeshifting, and I've grown strong enough to change others as I wish, also. I've found I'm also able to conjure small-medium objects with enough energy. The rest of my skills...I think I'd rather leave to discussion about in private. They're not...how you say...appropriate?

I can't quite think of much else to say. I'm sure everyone by now knows just lonely I seem, but I don't blame them if they decide to leave me alone. Anyways, I'm getting rather thirsty. I'll leave any further questions to private discussion.

*Hits the "submit" button, waits for it to go through and promptly closes the browser to resume his gaming.*
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