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Author Topic: Station Survival  (Read 1104 times)

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Station Survival
« on: February 01, 2018, 04:27:55 pm »

(OOC: I know it's kinda quiet around here these days, minus the fact I think I do see another user on every full moon or so, so I'm not sure how many will see it from here; but, I figured it couldn't hurt considering. This is a story that was inspired one of Zephr's pieces from years ago: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3551986/ . I initially didn't want to post it here since I wanted to do one more chapter to help better show the setting, but my creativity has been on-and-off as of late so I figured I'll just share it now. Any kind of constructive criticism is welcome, especially since I'm kinda playing this one by ear as well [I mean, I know what I wanna do overall, but have nothing as far as higher detailing].)

Chapter 1:

The sound of a dull buzzing was the first thing Magnolia heard as she gradually started to regain her consciousness.

The female skunk's eyes fluttering open as whatever sedative she had been under for who knows how long started to wear off. Seemingly still paralyzed from the neck down, or at least the sedative hadn't shown any signs of of wearing off on her body just yet, she could only blink to clear her vision and look around.

She could tell she was in a liquid filled environment at the moment, and the only reason she hadn't drowned yet was a plastic attachment that surrounded her entire muzzle and had been her source of oxygen, as well as the now fading sedative.

As more of the sedative started to wear off, the less her body felt paralyzed and the more she was able to feel, including the fact her mid-section was currently very swollen with something or rather somethings as the sedative started to wear off on them as well, and were now shifting around in her womb.

It was the only thing she could really recalled aside from her own name and the eyes of unfamiliar faces looking at her in her fluid-filled prison whenever the sedative momentarily faded in the undeterminable amount of weeks she had been in the tube and the shots she had been given. Also, at some point she had been impregnated and forced to carry some unwanted child. Though more accurately, children given she looked bigger for just one child. If she had to guess based on the feeling, she probably has at least triplets growing in her belly. Everything else was a blur.

Once the sedative fully wore off, she brought a paw up and touched the glass of the tube she was in before hearing a loud 'error' sound and the tube immediately opened up and pulled into the ceiling, leaving all the fluid that had been around her to spill out onto the floor and her falling flat on her rump as the liquid no longer held her up.

"Ow ow ow..." she groaned silently to herself from the sudden fall, her children also letting her know their feelings as they shifted around from the sudden jolt. Placing a hand on her gravid center, instinctively trying to calming them down, as she did though she brushed away some of her long black hair that clung to her face and started taking in her surroundings.

There wasn't much light in the room, but there was just enough to properly see. She was in a semi-circular room that had eleven other containment tubes just like her's, just enough lighting to properly see, and a desk with three computers near the only door leading in and out of the room.

Unfortunately, finally freed from the tube and getting a chance to properly survey the room only left her more concerned and afraid for her well-being as well as her unwanted progeny. Out of the twelve tubes that were in the room, it appeared only three, including her's, were opened properly. The others had messages that read 'No Life Detected' despite the female inside were clearly still there, and two looked like they were smashed open. On top of that, there was the skeleton of some fur seated in a chair near the computers.

Getting more of her strength and nerve back, as well as now having a small voice in her head telling her get herself out of here, she rolled herself onto all fours and started towards the computers. It proved to be something of a struggle as her stomach scraped against the floor, which she was glad she had on a skin-tight suit on, which she was now noticing she had on, that kept any broken glass or other small, sharp object from scratching her belly.

Using the table for extra support, she managed to get up and get back onto her two feet. As she was stuggling to do that, she heard a low hum as one of the computers activated.

"Reading identification card....Identity confirmed. Greetings, Dr. Garo." An electronic voice called out in the room.

Magnolia didn't say anything as she looked at the computer in confusion, before slowly moving to face the computer.

"Information error: Calculated last known log-in of Dr. Garo is 124246 Earth days ago, or 340 years, 2 months, and 2 days ago, including leap years. Please confirm identity as Dr. Haylyn Garo, state your  identity, or call maintainance."

She hesitated for a moment, before answering in a weak voice, "M-Magnolia Rose."

"Magnolia Rose." The computer repeated, "Identity confirmed. Magnolia Rose, test subject number: B-D-0-2-2-4-4-D-M. Recorded awakening from hyper-sleep 3 minutes ago, Good morning! You are currently not cleared to access this computer."

She remained confused as she stared at the computer screen. A test subject...? A test subject to what? She then looked down at her stomach and panick started to set in as she suddenly became frighted at what she may be carrying inside herself. It is dangerous? Would it kill her if she were to carry to term?

"Elevated levels of adrenaline detected. I ask for your safety, and the safety of your brood, please calm dow...." The computer was saying before the voice seem to died down, it then made a few beeping sounds before proceeding to say, "Running programs 'Last Log' and 'Fire'." then fell into silence again.

It made a couple more beeps before the voice of a female could be heard and the image of a female jaguar with short, blond hair appeared on the screen. She appeared to be disheveled, as her hair stuck out at odd angles, and her lab coat was completely dirty with what Magnolia could only guess to be dirt and blood.

"Hello..., I'm Dr. Haylyn Garo. I am the Lead...well, former Lead Scientist of where you are now. I am aware this will be rather jarring for you to hear, so please have a seat; and, if I happen to be already seated there, your more than welcome to push what's left of me off the chair."

Magnolia looked back at the skeletal remains behind her, and cringed at the thought of touching the deceased remains of the jaguar out of the chair; but, her feet were already starting to ache from standing, and if the Doctor was right, she'd probably want to be seated.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." she thought to herself before swallowing and slowly reached a hand out, "I'm so sorry about this."

She got as far as touching the jaguar's shoulder, before the Doctor spoke again startling her and resulting in her forciably pushing half the skeleton out of the chair and onto the floor, and her falling flat on her rump for a second time.

"Comfortable...? Good. Where to start...You are currently on board the research and colonization station, the Robin's Nest II, which is in orbit over the world, Delta Nu Majoris IV, or D-N-M-4 for short. A mouth-full, I know, but I didn't get to choose it." She then forced a laugh before it fell to static for a brief moment then picked up again, "I know you didn't choose this path, and I don't blame you if you're angry with me; but, please, believe me when I say that what we did was purely for the benefit for you and future desendants. I sent a message a couple days before making this recording, with any luck rescue should be arriving soon if they haven't already."

Dr. Garo gave one last sypathetic smile before finishing her video with, "Good-bye."

Magnolia remained seated on the floor for a moment as she tried processing what she just saw, granted there was an obvious hole in the recording where it went to static over the portion that actually mattered. She didn't have long to delve on it though, as she heard voices on the other side of the door.

"Yeah, start running you damnable horn-dogs." She heard a female's voice shout out loud.

"This is it, this is the door right here." A male remarked.

"Alright, stand back."

Magnolia then heard the door start to groan as whoever was behind it seemed to be trying to open the door by force, and slowly achieving that goal. Once again panicking she looked around herself, looking for something to use as a weapon or shield to defend herself, quickly finding a small firearm on the ground. Grabbing onto it, she then aimed at the door and prepared herself to shoot.

Just as the door was pushed fully open, she fired one shot which surprised the newcomers, forcing whoever pried the door open to let go, and the other to fall on the floor into the room. The door closed only slightly though.

She then aimed the gun towards the one who fell into the room, noticing it to be male, brown mouse, and rather young one at that.

"Please don't shoot! We're not trying to hurt you, I swear." He shouted out in fear as he tried scampering back out the door, which for his size wouldn't be all that hard.

"He's telling the truth, Sweetie. We're here to help you." The female, who then managed to stick her head in through the door, showed she was a horse and a rather tall one at that, "Put the gun away, and we'll explain as much as we can."

The female horse then put her hands on the door and with a strained groan, started pulling the door wider so she could properly go into the room.

"Oh, come on girls. Mama doesn't need this right now." She remarked as her breasts seem to keep her from properly fitting into the room. As soon as she did, she stuck her hands up, "Name's Bethany, Sweet'ums, but friends call me 'Big Beth', and that lil' fella on the floor is Pipsqueak. What's your name."

Beth really was a large horse. She looked to be Shire horse, and while her troublesome breasts were rather large as well, they were probably of normal size given the female they were on easily stood taller than 7 feet tall. Pipsqueak immediately hid behind Beth.

Magnolia was hesitant at first, but the smile on Beth's face seemed to put her on ease, "I-I'm Magnolia. Magnolia Rose."

Bess gave a whistle at that, "That's a right beautiful name, wish my parents gave me it rather than Bethany; but, it ain't like I had much of a say in it anyway." She joked, "So...You thinkin' of putting the gun down now? Or you still thinkin' of throwing my hide to jail?"

Magnolia obliged as she put the gun down on the floor next to herself.

"Good." Beth then looked at Pipsqueak, "You can come out now. Magnolia isn't going to shoot at ya anymore."

The mouse gave a concerned squeak, as he peaked his head out from behind Beth, "Where did she even find that?"

"Why don't you try asking her." She then walked up to the skunk before getting on one knee and putting a hand out, "Need a hoof?"

"I, uh...found it on the floor here. Next to..." Magnolia explained as she accepted Beth's help to get back on her feet, before pointing at fallen skeleton of Dr. Garo.

"Didn't figure any of them researchers to have a gun."

"Personal protection maybe." Pipsqueak rang in.

"All the same, we should get moving. Doc's probably interested in talking to her." Beth then gestured for Magnolia to follow her and Pipsqueak, "I know you just woke up, and it's easy ta see you're with child, so need any help?"

"Just for a moment, if that's okay." Magnolia replied, "I thought you were going to explain things to me."

"Oh, it's no problem at all. Hell, my own mom, if she was still alive and up here with us, she'd probably bash my head in with her favorite cooking spatula for not offering." Beth remarked with chuckle as she tried finding a good way to hold onto Magnolia to support her without injuring the poor skunk, "It'll take a while to get where we're going. So we can explain while we're walking."

After a brief moment to get both Magnolia and Beth through the opening in the door, the trio then started on their way.

"We're goin' to the maintainance elevator." Beth stated, "From there we'll be able to meet up with the others, others like you who woke up in this floating soup can."

"I'll go ahead of you girls. Make sure none of those copy-dogs are still hanging around." Pipsqueak said before rushing down the corridor.

"'Copy-dogs'?" Magnolia repeated in a curious tone.

"Feral mutts that like wandering into places around the station. Uh, you did hear that log with the jaguar sayin' you're on a station right?" Beth asked, to which Magnolia nodded in response to, "They're about the size of a feral labrador, with a dark coat, and about as horny as a virgin, young adult rabbit. They're some experiment to mix the genes of feral wolves with some similar critter on the planet that got out. We girls have to be careful about them seeing they like humpin' any fertile female they can make puppies with, and they're right good at it from what I heard."

Magnolia visibly became worried about that, but decided to put it at the back of her mind for the time, "You said there were others, right?"

"Yeah, there are several others who woke up on this tin can confused, scared, and about one or two were sittin' in the same boat as you: expecting. O' course though we all got our own stories, like you I'm sure."

"Well, I, um..."

"Don't go overworkin' that brain of yours, you just woke up, if it's anything like the others, you probably ain't got much memory to remember right now. Since we're gonna be pals and all, might as well get this out of the way. My full name's Bethany Haywater, grew up on a big plot of farmland in North Dakota. Ya probably noticed I'm a might big. Kinda always been a bit big for my breed, but I don't mind, my Pa just said it was a sign I was healthy and strong."

Magnolia listened as whatever was inside her shifted, seemingly trying to find a new position it would be comfortable in.

"Anywho, I was asked to help out on this trip by some business looking fella. I was told I was a great example of my breed and experience as a farmer, and they wanted my help to set up the starting food supply for colonization. They even offered me a large trek of land to farm and call my own if I went along with it. Sounded good, so I signed up."

"Wait, colonization?"

"I guess you didn't know about that part yet."

"Actually..., now that I think about it, I think I did. I didn't pay enough attention I guess." she replied sheepishly.

Beth gave a hearty laugh, "Well, can't blame ya. Waking up in a strange place certainly can do that to a girl. When I arrived, they gave me a couple of shots and told me to go into this cryo-sleeping tube. Said that the trip would take two years even with the hyper-travel technology we got and it would make it easier if we slept. Next thing I know I was waking up in the Genetics Hub of the station, a bit taller, and nearly wrestled down by some males."


"Oh, right, ya probably don't know about the Genetics Hub. The station is split into 7 different sections, each connected to the other by a pathway. There's the Central Hub, Genetics, Alien Animal and Alien Plant Research, Botanical, Geographic, and the Breeding Hub, which is the one we're in now."

"The B-Breeding Hub?"

Beth nodded, "Each of the hubs were suppose to research something different. The Breeding Hub was suppose to research stuff about repopulation and all that. I don't know too much of the finer details, you're gonna have to talk to Dr. Murin for that one."

"Who's Dr. Murin?"

"He's the Doc that helped form the group for those that woke up here. He's a researcher that was born up on this station, but he was also one of the subjects for a study to help him live longer, so he's actually older than he looks."

At that point they had arrived at the elevator, but before neither could say another word, or press the 'call' button, a group of five young males appeared next to them. All five wore a mask, a torn up pair of shorts, and held a spear towards them.

"Ku veaq scala?!" One of them demanded in a loud voice, which further frightened Magnolia as her tail puffed up and she tried wrapping both arms around her middle, instinctively trying to protect her brood.

"We don't have time for this." Beth groaned, "You know who I am. Please let us through."

"Ka' la sca plesazseleq em scuq fiza."

Beth groaned as she proceeded to rub the side of her head, "Thomas, u'wa yeol mother, inx u'wa xawinx se ha sc'leovc."

The five looked at each other, before one who was distinctly a horse took a step closer to them and looked at Beth, then looked towards Magnolia.

"Nope. Qca' a waker."

He seemed to understand and took a step back before all five gave them room to access the elevator.

"Much obliged." Beth stated as she pressed the 'call' button and got in as soon as the door opened up.

Pressing a button for the third to bottom floor, Beth waited for the doors to close and the elevator to start moving before saying, "Mighty sorry about that. Didn't think those boys would stop us since they know I'm part of the group."

"It's okay..., but what was that about them? Who are they? And, what group are you talking about?"

"The group I'm talking about is the Life Fire Clan, that's the group the Doc helped form for all of us. Though those boys...They're the Lost Pups. They're a group of boys, and sometimes girls, who are mostly the kids of from the group you're now a part of and help protect us from whatever wants to hurt us. The one ya saw me talking to was my son, Thomas. He joined to 'protect our home' once he was old enough to."

"They're...the kids?! But what about-?"

"We all understand it's not safe, and us mothers get that; but, if it wasn't for them, we'd probably have a whole lot of nasties attacking us."

"I...I see."

"Try not ta think about it too much. They're of age, and we do appreciate what they do for us."

Magnolia nodded, she didn't quite understand it, but she accepted it for now at least.

As soon as the elevator made a 'ding' sound, Beth stated, "You're probably not aware of this, so let me be the first to let ya know. It depends on when ya fell asleep last, but most of us here have been in those hyper-sleep tube things for nearly 300 years."

At that Magnolia's widened in shock as she looked at Beth, nearly feeling her mind burst as she saw little on the mare's face to indicate she was joking.
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Re: Station Survival
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2018, 04:40:49 pm »

Chapter 2

As the door opened, Magnolia was greeted by the sight of what looked to be a wide open area, and about a few steps out in front of her was a railing. She looked at Beth for a brief moment, who guestured for Magnolia to go first, then walked out over to the railing to have a better view of the area.

The area was a large open section just slightly bigger than an area of a football field, and there were four distinctive 'floors', with her standing on the very top floor. With the exception of the very bottom floor, she could tell there were several doors along the walls of each floor, presumably each one former rooms for maintainance staff and supplies. The very bottom floor, she could see part of the metallic flooring had been torn off and a good sized garden had been planted in the open space. She could see a number of other furs of different ages on the other floors, each going about their life as best they could in their make shift 'village'.

"Welcome ta our little village." Beth remarked as she walked up to Magnolia, "It ain't much to look at, but this here is home to us. Come on, I'll show ya around."

Beth was going to lead the gravid skunk over to an open lift elevator that will bring them to any of the other levels. Before they could reach it though, they saw Pipsqueak quickly climb up some piping from the 'second' floor to  their level and bolted towards them, "Beth! Beth!"

"Whoa! What's the rush, Pipsqeak? Did somethin' happen?"

Pipsqueak shook his head as he panted, "Nothing like that, it's...it's Ace, he wants to talk to you. Something about the Followers again.

"What in blazes do those muscle brains want?" Her tone clearly unhappy to hear that.

"Dunno, Ace didn't tell me anything."

"Al'ight, I'll go see what he wants." Beth then looked over at Magnolia, "Fer the time, mind helping Magnolia to the infirmary? Best she stays with Doc fer the time, might be able to help explain things ta her too."

"I can, but Dr. Murin isn't there right now. He's down on the first floor dealing with Miss Pandi."

"Sara? What happened to her?" Beth asked as the three of them got onto the lift, figuring that they can talk and move at the same time.

"Nothing bad, she went into labor while we were gone."

"Really now...?" She asked with a grin, quickly pressing the button for the first floor, "Well, I'll swing by later to congradulate her, for now: Ace. It should be fine, bring Magnolia to Doc's office. Knowing Sara, I'd bet Doc ain't gonna be long." She added as the decended down to the bottom floor.

"If you say so." He muttered, once they reached the bottom floor Pipsqueak gently tugged on the sleeve of Magnolia's outfit, "It's right this way."

Magnolia looked him for a moment before turning to look at Beth, who had already started moving towards another room. She was considerably nervous, but trusted Pipsqueak enough to let him lead her to another area.

The young mouse lead her to a room that looked like a cross between a med-bay and a labratory. There were three beds that looked like ones you would probably find in a hospital, plus some familiar medical equipment such as a stephoscope, several posters talking about different ailments and how to identify them, and an x-ray machine; but, also contained beakers, flasks, strange colored chemicals, papers everywhere, and two functioning computers. Of course, just like the two settings that the room appeared to be a hybrid of, the room looked to be relatively clean.

"Um, just go ahead and take a seat over at one of the beds, Dr. Murin will probably be here soon." He explained.

Magnolia nodded in understanding and waddled her way over to the nearest bed. It did take a little effort to properly get herself up onto the bed and find a position that allowed her sit comfortably without her feeling like she was going to fall forward due to her brood's weight.

Pipsqueak took a seat on a vacant space on the table with an array of beakers, his light weight and smaller-than-average size making the task rather easy.

The two sat quietly as they waited for Dr. Murin to return to his office. Magnolia was instinctually rubbing her belly as she mentally reviewed what she's learned about her situation in the short time since she woke up. It felt so surreal. She was on some random space station that seems to have collapsed and fallen into disarray, used for an experiment and gravid with some unwanted progeny; but, somehow she can tell that this was real, and she was really in this situation, and not some twisted nightmare. She then looked over at Pipsqueak, who seemed to have been looking at her before immediately turning away when she looked at him. Was he watching her?

She didn't say anything for a while, mostly uneasy about Pipsqueak, but if Beth was right she needed to get to know him, "Um..., so...you're name is Pipsqueak?"

"Uh, yeah, that's my name." He replied, "And..., your name is Magnolia, right?"

"Yes." She quietly replied with a nod.

"Nice to meet you." Pipsqueak paused to reach a hand behind his head as he scratched in embarassment, "Sorry, about the scare earlier at the lab."

"It's alright. I'm sorry I pointed a gun at you."

"I think I can understand why you did it. My ancestor probably felt the same way."

"Do you mean your grandparents? I heard that most were probably up here for nearly 300 years."

"Actually, I'm a tenth-generation survivor, if you want to call it that." He nervously stated, as Magnolia's eyes widened in shock, to which Pipsqueak chuckled, "Yeah, I think I heard that Beth and Ace had the same expression when they heard my dad was a nineth-generation. According the logs Dr. Murin showed me, and from what my parents told me, my family was a small portion of mice from the Genetics Hub, testing for adaptability through generations. Oh, wait, you do already know about the hubs, right?"

Magnolia nodded, "Beth explained it to me while we were walking."

"That's good." Relieved he didn't have to explain that to her, "Like I was saying, they were testing for adaptability through generations. I don't actually know what they did, but it lessened how many years we live for. I mean, we do live a full life, we're born, go through life from infancy to adulthood, and eventually get old and frail then die after a few years. We just get old faster than other furs."

"So, how old are you?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"Physically and mentally, Dr. Murin says I'm about 12 or 13 years old; but, if you mean since I was born...My second birthday is in a couple months from now."

"You're actually less than two?!"

"Yep, but smart enough to be in my pre-teens. Cool, huh?"

Magnolia hesitated, but eventually did give a smile, "I guess that is cool."

The duo fell into silence again, before Pipsqueak observed that Magnolia was now holding her middle with both hands now. While whatever was growing inside of her had calmed down from earlier, Magnolia was a little concerned about her children. She was still worried about the fact she was pregnant with something she didn't even know if it was even a fur or some kind of monster, but she knew at some point it would be born, and it did bother her about what would happen when the time came and how would she care for it.

"I guess your baby is giving you some trouble?"

Magnolia turned her attention back to Pipsqueak again, "I...I'm not sure if I should answer that. I mean, your still kinda young."

Pipsqueak stood up and crossed his arms on his chest in mock annoyance, "Hey, I may be young, but I'm old enough to be in my young teens. Besides you think I wouldn't know about that stuff since we're in the 'Breeding Hub'."

She giggled, "I guess you're right. I apologize for that."

"Well..., okay, I don't actually know all the details, but I am getting there. I just know some stuff about it, like that babies grow in there," He pointed at her middle, "in a female's uterus, and that it does eventually come out of an opening between your legs, but that's about it."

Magnolia wasn't exactly sure if she should be shocked at his choice of words or not, but decided not to bring it up. She did notice that he seemed to be watching her again, particularly at her belly. He seemed to have this sort of...curious look in his eyes.

"How does it feel?" He asked in a quiet voice, genuinely curious.

"I'm sorry...?" She asked cupping one of her ears.

"How does it feel? You know, having something growing inside you like that."

Magnolia briefly fell silent as she contemplated her thoughts, "Terrifying. I mean, I didn't choose to be pregnant. I don't know who fathered them, or if they're even furs to begin with. At the same time though, it feels...nice."

Pipsqueak raised a brow in confusion as he got up and walked over to her.

"I'm not really sure I can put it to words. I just feel..happy." she stated as she gave a small smile, "It's probably just hormones, but I do feel somewhat happy about it, even though I'm not even sure who the father is."

"I was asking a bit more generally, but it's good to hear that you're kinda okay with what's going on. I heard most wakers aren't usually this accepting, or this calm, for the first couple of days."

Magnolia gave a gentle nod, taking note that Pipsqueak seemed to be staring at her middle, again. Shooting him a curious look, especially when he did look up to look at her face, she asked, "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"I-I wasn't staring." he remarked defensively, even as he looked away and puffed his cheeks up.

The pair then fell into silence as Magnolia curiously looked at him, then down towards her gravid middle as her hand ran down a side of her belly.

"Did...Did you perhaps...want to feel?"

Pipsqueak didn't respond, but his body gave him away as he seemed to visibly tense up.

"It's okay if you want to. I don't mind."

"Are you sure? I mean..." He started before trailing off as he looked at her again from the corner of his eye, no longer looking as tense, but now nervous.

Magnolia nodded before leaning back on the bed, "Consider it an apology for nearly scaring you back in the room where you and Beth found me. Besides, we're going to be neighbors if I do get a room around here, so I might as well show you that I trust you."

Pipsqueak didn't say anything as he slowly approached her, looking between her face and her stomach. Once he was close enough he looked at her face one more time, checking to see if she was truly okay with him touching her middle. Finding no indication that she had changed her mind, he reached out and placed one hand on the upper hemisphere of her belly.

Admittingly, Magnolia was a little hesitant to allow him to touch her, but the fact he seemed just as nervous helped put her at ease.

After another moment of just nervously keeping his hand on her, he eventually, and gradually, shook off his own nervousness as he let his hand slide down to the side before letting his other hand touch the opposing hemisphere.

Soon a look of fascination appeared on his face, "W-wow...! This is...It's so warm." he remarked as he started moving his hands around her middle, getting a feel for how warm and firm it felt to his touch; and, also how her fur felt much softer compared to his.

A warm smile appeared on Magnolia's face as she watched him go on with his exploration. It was like watching a little kid, which he kinda was, who just found a present that was addressed to him. He just had that unique look of wonderment and curiousity that Magnolia had heard of only in old Christmas stories; and, it was especially true when Pipsqueak just happened to go over a part of her belly that the young within her pushed up against, letting the young mouse a chance to feel some of that early movement.

Magnolia allowed him to continue his exploration for some time, both due to the fascination he had was considerably adorable to her, and because she had to admit, it felt incredibly nice to have him rubbing her middle, before he finally stopped and took a step back from her.

"Thanks. I...I know most of the females around here are a little hesitant to let anyone just touch their bellies" Pipsqueak stated, "Normally, only Miss Pandi let's me to that, but she sort of makes it, you know, weird to do."

"It's no problem, I found it kinda nice too, to be honest with you." Magnolia remarked, "But, what do you mean? How does she make it weird?"

"Don't get me wrong, Miss Pandi is very nice. She's usually the one who always reads us younger furs stories, and greets us kids every morning; but, well..., I think she really likes it when we feel her stomach." He explained, "I may be young still, sort of, but I pretty sure she...you know, flirts with whoever is feeling her stomach. Even with us 'sort of' younger furs."

"Oh...!" Magnolia stated, a bit surprised to say the least.

"Yeah. Then again, I guess she does like it, being pregnant I mean. How I understand it, most of us wre either used in experiments against our say so, or we're born into it." He explained, indicating himself as the latter, "But, Miss Pandi became one because she chose to be."

"You mean, she willingly let herself be experimented on?"

Pipsqueak responded with a nod, just before an elderly rat-morph stomped into the room.

"How many times must I tell that woman!?" he angrily stated outloud as he pulled off his gloves and tossed it into a bin, "I am a doctor! I help heal and assist as needed to ensure the survivability of those who ask. I have to be professional. I don't let personal pleasure dictate my actions."

He then closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, "Deep breaths, Richard. Deep. Beaths." He takes a moment longer before opening his eyes again and finally noticing that he had guests. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to see that."

He cleared his voice and put on a pair of small, cracked glasses, "Hello, I take it you're the one who just woke up?" He asked Magnolia.

"Y-yes, I am." She replied nervously.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Dr. Richard Murin, I'm the, uh...doctor for this area." He stated putting his hand out towards her.

"Magnolia...Magnolia Rose." She responded in kind as she took the doctor's hand and shook it.

Dr. Murin seemed to fit the description of an experienced doctor approaching his late 50s to early 60s. Much of his fur was starting to turn silver over the darker grey tones that seemed to be his natural coat color, and it appears to have lost some luster overall. He wore a worn out collared shirt, what probably use to be a pair of nice, black dress pants, and worn out and browning lab coat.
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Re: Station Survival
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2018, 04:41:13 pm »

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Rose." He stated before walking over to a functioning computer and typing something rather quickly, "Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but if you will, please answer a few questions for me first, so I can enter you into our database."


"Don't worry, this is just for records sake of who is living with us, as well as permanant database to keep notes and records whenever you come see me for any health-related reason." He responded, "Okay, so...Magnolia Rose...Right, by any chance do you recall any detail of yourself before you were put to sleep?"

"N-no, I don't."

"Okay...well at the very least, we can get your basic information from you." He remarked, "Pipsqueak, my lad, can you grab the reader over there for me?" He pointed at a cabinet.

"Sure thing, Doc." The younger rodent responded with a sigh, before going over to find it.

"Are you suffering from any pain or soreness?" Dr. Murin asked as he quickly grabbed a stethoscope then walked over to Magnolia, "Uh, aside from what's probably caused by your pregnancy I mean."

"I have a mild headache, and my feet are hurting a little."

"Sounds like the usual symptoms for those coming out of hypersleep. Those should go away in a couple of hours or so." He gestured for permission to check her pulse, to which Magnolia allowed, and he placed it on her sternum "Take a couple of deep breaths for me if you will."

Magnolia did as she was asked, before Dr. Murin then repositioned the stethoscope to her back, "Again for me please." To which she did as well. He then moved the stethoscope to her belly, which momentarily caused her to attempt to move away, before relaxing again.

"What about the young in you at this time? Is there any discomfort in regards to him or her?" He asked as he put the stethoscope aside for now.

"No, and I'm pretty sure there's more than one in there."

"Noted." Dr. Murin then looked to Pipsqueak, "Pipsqueak, what is taking you so long?"

"Hold on! It's not like this thing is the only device you keep in here." He responded just a second before he finally found the device and walked back to give it to the doctor.

"Thank you." He then turned to Magnolia again, "Now, as a waker -the term for those who has woken up within the last 24 hours, that should mean there is a digital information pin in your upper left arm. This device should allow me to extract any basic information about you in a timely manner, as well as tell us what was your treatment."


"What was done to you, what kinds of tests they had done to you." Dr. Murin explained as he waved the device a couple of times about half an inch off from her upper, left arm.

It had taken a few tries, but the device finally made a 'beeping' sound as it found the pin in Magnolia's arm and displaying some information about her: such as her birthday, gender, and which Hub she belonged to; but, Dr. Murin's eyes widened when  the lower part of the page had the word 'classified' displayed in bright, red texts.

"What in the-?!" He asked, "'Classified'...? Why is it classified? Hold on for a moment, Miss Rose." He then went back to the computer and using the information displayed on the device, began typing down a specified serial number that was given to Magnolia.

It took a moment, but the computer eventually pulled up the information, displaying only a few extra details, but nothing too important. Otherwise, the information given mirrored the device, certain areas were labeled as 'classified'."

"Miss Rose, I know you already answered a similar question, but did you come from a rich family or something along those lines?"

"No. At least, I don't believe it to be so."

"Because parts of your information, including the treatment information, is being kept secret. If you were just a simple waker, it shouldn't have this so- Wait..., the head researcher for you was Dr. Garo?!"

"I guess. I mean I did see a message from her. It told me something happened to the station we're on." Magnolia's ears than flattened in concern, "What does this have to do with the information?"

"If Dr. Garo was the researcher, then that means...That's not good. That is not good at all." Dr. Murin stated, ignoring Magnolia's question, in a concerned tone.

"Doc...? You're scaring Magnolia and me, what is wrong?" Pipsqueak asked nervously.

"N-nothing. Nothing that can't be fixed in a timely manner." He replied back, "Magnolia do you plan to stay here? With our clan I mean. Oh, what am I talking about, I'm sure you are. Pipsqueak, where is Ace right now?"

"Last I heard he was dealing with some Followers wanting to talk to us."

Dr. Murin bit his lip, "Not good. Pipsqueak, this is very important, go find Ace, and go back to where Beth and yourself found Magnolia."

"You mean..., like right now?"

"Yes, right now. I need both you and Ace to go back and find a memory chip from whatever hyper-sleep tube she use to be in." Dr. Murin stated firmly, "Take a few of the Lost Pups with you."

"Doc! Just tell us why. Why is this so important?"

Dr. Murin hesitated for a moment before sighing, "Well, I suppose you will found out anyway. Based on what I know about my father's studies, Dr. Garo was the lead researcher for all the females who showed greatest promise for the Breeding Hub's main purpose, before everything fell apart. Under any circumstances, we can't allow any of the Followers to get this information."

Pipsqueak gave a confused look, but quickly understood and went back out the door.

"The Followers...? I've heard Beth say something about them once before. Who are they?"

"They're another group, just like us, from the Genetics Hub." Pipsqueak replied, "They're a little more military compared to us though, and they kinda think themselves to be the defenders of the station."

"They are in a way." Dr. Murin added, "I'll explain it later, for now, just understand they are also a group we not particularly on good terms with right now, but one we also rely on."

"What...?" She asked genuinely curious.

"Don't worry. As aforementioned, I will explain it to you later. For now, just hide. We don't want any of the Followers knowing you just woke up.

Magnolia gave nod in understanding, though she was clearly concerned by the lack of knowledge.
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Re: Station Survival
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