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Author Topic: Male kitsune seeking...mate, I guess...  (Read 2644 times)

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Keiji Ikari

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Male kitsune seeking...mate, I guess...
« on: March 24, 2004, 07:51:03 pm »

First off, you probably don't realize just how pathetically lonely I feel in making this thread...

I suppose it does help, however, since whatever means I can use to achieve my goal only makes it better for me..

Anyways, if you didn't guess, you can call me Keiji. I'm pretty much your run-of-the-mill kitsune...kinda...Well, with the times changing these days, I suppose I don't really consider myself as traditional as others and more modern in both attitude and appearance.

I can't say that I'm the most attractive fox out there, what with my scrawny build and all...not to mention the glasses..curse my nearsightedness..Anyways, aside from that, you'll notice my icy blue fur and darker blue hair..it's kinda long-ish. The hair, I mean.. I suppose you could also call my clothing somewhat gothic...but only if you consider gothic to be wearing black..

Moving on, I can't say I've really been in a relationship, so I don't know quite what it's like. I must say that I'm a little nervous about all of this.  I suppose I wouldn't mind being taken for a 'test run' first...

Other things...hm...well, if it's any more enticing to you, I'm able to alter my appearance in any way, as well as others in some ways. Personally, I prefer focusing on certain parts of one's body (same goes for when altering myself), so to speak.

All in all, I hope you didn't find this too much to read. My contact information should be below this post. If you're too lazy to click it, here's my AIM address: RogueFoxboy. Everything else, you gotta work for.

Also, my gut instinct is telling me that I'm using this forum improperly...and also that I should be shot...but the latter is a bit beside the point..


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Male kitsune seeking...mate, I guess...
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2006, 06:42:53 am »

I do know of a female husky (who'll be appearing in the character's section as soon as I get around to it) who I think would be interested in having a relationship with you.
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