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Author Topic: Games I'm making  (Read 3104 times)

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Games I'm making
« on: December 02, 2013, 01:03:00 am »

Hello those that takes the time to read this,

It’s been a bit over a year and a half since I updated Carpe Dindin and Puppy Love, and I wish I could say that there was a big leap forwards in the completeness of the game, but there’s not.  The fact that there’s another project in the mix, may only slightly make up for it, though it only actually accounts for maybe two good months of non-brainstorming work.


The Balto Dog Food Machine: Not really a game outside of betting on an outcome.  In an attempt to make something not too much like what I was already working on, as well as to fulfill my part in an art trade with HectortheWolf after much mental repentance for not completing my part in the art trade with him.  Technically I still haven’t, though all the groundwork is there.  Outside of Morse and the (currently) three unknown guest dogs, I’ve made turnarounds for the characters initial states.   There’s one optional part missing coding-wise, which I’ll bring to the level of everything else, and then this will be just a graphical endeavor.


Carpe Dindin: There’s slightly more stuff you can do control-wise, and I’m farther along graphically here and there.  Not really liking the inconsistency of Grace's tired keyframes, so that's why it's being post now halfdone.  Outside of a still untested vorish enemy mini-game coding, I’m fairly confident everything works as it should up to the point I’ve actually coded it and/or put in graphics to show the difference.  That said, Sire as a playable character is very much in works.  I have it all started as far as his convoluted pump-gun tank controls, but he’d got the lowest priority right now.  I imagine the coding bug mind-games will start anew when I get to that part.  Still no background, though I know the scale of the environment.  The enemies are still represented by boxes, the food by words, and all three dogs by the same sprites.  Yes, eventually maybe I’ll make a manual of some sort, and maybe a tutorial section to, as I actually plan on backpedaling on some of the more combo-ish moves to allow for upgrading in that department.

Puppy Love: The intro is/has been for a while coded out.  You can get to the main game, but that’s it.  I really don’t know why I’m so blue-moonly working on this, as the whole game was pretty much planned out from the start.  B.D.F.M. became much more “interesting” that the initial hot potato game it started out as, but that’s because you don’t do anything but watch it run.  Anyways, I think I’m going to try to devote this month to getting this at least to the level of B.D.F.M. in coding completeness.

Outside of that, I sketch, or more so doodle,  stuff on occasion.  Attempt to write stuff out on other occasions.  My plottings along there are a whole different ball of wax.  Spinning wheels and whatnot.  Work and envy the social skills of my co-workers.  Surf the web and this site, and swear my artistic skills are regressing.  I’m sure I’m improving somewhere, it just doesn’t feel like it from my vantage point.

From what is here and presentable, if you do enjoy the trio of projects, please consider donating something on Paypal to: theopengrave@yahoo.com.

I’m going to continue to will myself to plug along on these, hopefully without anymore hangups, and post monthly updates, unless there’s a consensus that these are a big wait of time.  Also, if you want to post critique (always welcome), comments, and/or suggestions here or privately to: littletm@toddmlittle.com , feel free to do so.


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Re: Games I'm making
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2013, 04:43:13 am »

A few screenshot would be nice? o_o


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Re: Games I'm making
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2013, 01:30:07 pm »

Sometime tommorrow I'll try to get some shots more pertaining to this site.
Also, if anyone does download the Bitch Armada set, ignore the HTML.  Flash screwed it up.  Just open the MainGame.swf
Good night everyone.


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Re: Games I'm making
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2013, 03:38:44 pm »

First, great to see you once again, Soulless!  Hopefully things have been well for you since you last got on the site. :D

Secondly, I had no idea you had a website post-Geocities!  Goes to show I don't pay good enough attention.  On that site, you got some good animations in there to be sure <3

Anyways, onto the games as they are right now.

I think instructions on how to play will need to be the biggest factors to these games.  I am not exactly sure what we can and cannot do in these builds, so it occasionally feels like I'm messing around the game without much of an idea what the aim of the game is.  I mean, I expect bigness in some fashions, but that becomes complicated when I don't know how to get there.

Balto, when you select a character, how do we progress through the plot dialogue boxes?  Is it timed?  Maybe clicking to progress is best for those.  How long do we wait for the outcome to appear, or is it not in this version?

Carpe Dindin, I remember seeing this a while back.  I see you are thinking of creating a tutorial area or a manual, and I feel that would do this game some real benefit.  There are times I forget what I can do with what button, and tutorials might help with that. I don't know exactly how pregnancies work in this.  All I seem to do is mate and that's it.

Puppy Love, I do enjoy seeing the sketchwork integrated here.  It helps to show how things are happening.  The issue is obviously that nothing much happens after the intro.  I do wonder what the aim of the game will be when it gets moving along, but that might be what you're going to work on, from the sounds of it.

I should be able to give more commentary on the games as they progress.  When it comes to games, some tips would be to have an aim with the project, develop a design document, make a series of drawings to depict what the game will be like in stages, etc.  I'm sure you've already done some of that, but a little planning goes a long way in the long-run.

As for other things, as long as you continue to work on your doodles and writing, there is bound to be some improvement, subtle or otherwise.  Not every work will turn out as you expect, but in the long run, the more you work, the better.  Feel free to share the images here; I'm sure we'd be happy to seem them!

Great to hear from you again! :)
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Re: Games I'm making
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2013, 12:57:53 pm »

The year didn't go as I hoped from the start, but can't really complain.  Hoping 2014 is as I hoped '13 was going to be.

As for my website, other than right now holding the games, it started and ended with its creation.  As did my pursuit into the animation field as a career.
Anyways, this took way longer than I thought, but first off, the stuff of Carpe Dindin:

Plot… Currently, dog “lost” in the woods tries to find owner again.

Basic Movement: Arrow Keys.  You can also push containers, though running into heavy objects is going to hurt you.

Going idle recovers from tiredness and sickness.  If your health is really low, you will recover health as well.  You also digest food faster and in a deep enough rest, stop getting hungry.

“ESC” Key: pause and/or exit.  If you exit, you can also change characters.  Characters have individual health and three lives each.  Characters recover over time while the other characters are being used, as well as during the Puppy Love Game.

“L” Key: Cycle between Basic HUD => Nothing => Graphical HUD => Nothing => HUD-less  clickable banner ads => Nothing => Basic HUD

“W” Key:
-when still and no enemies or items + up Arrow Key or no Arrow Keys: dig a hole (no purpose right now)
-when still and no enemies or items + down Arrow Key over a hole: fill in hole
-Up Arrow at food: Eat it.
-Left, Right, or down at food: Attack it.
-else: attack in direction of Arrow Key with no key default being forwards.  Charlene is strongest.

“A” Key:
-when still and then Left or Right Arrow Key: barrel roll
-else: if you chase your tail, squirt milk (side missiles), or spin on your belly (while squirting milk) (omnidirectional missiles) depends on how pregnant you are. (Milk requires stored weight to make it from)

“S” Key:
-never been pregnant: Whine
-pregnant: cycle between available pups.  Left Arrow cycles in reverse.
-was, but no longer pregnant: Lick privates (should be depending on weight, but right now doesn’t)

“D” Key:
-“A” Key while jumping: Pirouette

“F” Key:
-gassy: belch or fart to lessen the gassiness.  Harmful to enemies.
-else: make noise.  Depending on the level of noise, might make a soundwave that will repel lesser enemies, but may attract on-screen bigger ones.

“Z” Key:
-never been pregnant: Whimper
-pregnant: cycle between stages of labor
-was, but no longer pregnant: Paw off

“B” Key:
-not at full health: As long as you have stored weight, heal self.  Sylvie is best at this.
-else: start upsetting your stomach (get sicker) and eventually projectile vomit (frontal missile).

“Space Bar”:
-never been pregnant: Whine
-pregnant: add another pup to the womb.  Fifi is the most ferile, as exceeding the womb’s total limit starts to cause harm.
-was, but no longer pregnant: Scoot.

This is obviously the female set.  Once the controllable male is actually testable, I’ll add it.

If you get pregnant or not, or how easily you get pregnant, depends on what position you mate in.  The position you start at, depends on if you approach nose first, or rear first to your mate (maybe way later there will be more than just Sire).  If you get more pregnant depends on how close you are to your womb limit.
Quickest way to pregnancy is Fifi rearing up to her mate.

- pups level up by successfully hurting enemies
-Normal: single rear missile.  After a number of litters, and the pup swallows small enemies (unless that’s bugged.  Haven’t tested it).  The mother is invalid for the short time the pup exists.
-Preemies: Trio rear fan of missiles.  The mother is invalid for the short time the pups exists.
-Smart: The mother is invalid for the short time the pup exists, because the controls are transferred to the pup.  There is also a small level of homing ability as well.  Though initially protected from it, the pup is capable of harming its mother on contact.
-Fat: Gained when the fetuses accumulate a certain amount of extra weight.  Gain too much, and you’ll have a womb of just fat pups.  Whelping drains fetus fatness.  Level of fetus fatness is more or less on par with the mother’s fatness.  Indiscriminant landmines that can be chained if dropped close enough together.  Up to five can be on screen at a time.
-Clingy: Gained after having a number of litters.  Buildable force field of one up to six pups.

-There are currently 12 types, currently differentiated by color, with strength differentiated by size.
-Depending on type, they might eat the food (or each other), have projectile attacks, whelp little selves, and/or vore.  I think the vore is bugged, killing the enemy.

-There's regular food that's used to recover from death
-There's fatty food that more easily pads the body, increasing resistance to harm.
-There's healthy food that automatically recovers your health
-There's gassy food
-There's indigestable stuff that just sits there unless you vomit it back up
-There's food that might cause more harm than good.

On a semi-related note, I discovered DogTV today.  In a non-related note, I'm loving the Futurescape with James Woods series.
Tommorrow maybe I'll post the turnarounds (as long as I can get around to cleaning them all up) of Dandelion and her suitors from the Puppy Love game.
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Re: Games I'm making
« Reply #5 on: December 16, 2013, 05:33:03 am »

Sounds good, Soulless.
What are you looking at, smooth-skin?
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