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Author Topic: Forum Status  (Read 1714 times)

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Forum Status
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:10:57 pm »

Here's something I wrote some time ago. I kinda lost some interest in finishing it, but you guys might as well have a see and tell me what you think.

It’s no surprise that online forums have become a hit in the recent years, it allowed many to communicate and share opinions. Most forums are rather similar to each other, it of course displays the alias of the person posting and the message, but some also state like a membership status on the site, indicating how often they frequent the site and experience.

Alexandria, a morphic female lynx, was one of these many who were avid forum visitors. Alex stood about 5’4” and wasn’t really that heavy in terms of weight, she wasn’t that fat, but she definitely wasn’t that skinny either. She had the normal patterning and coloration as most lynxes, and traditionally never left her apartment unless there really was something she needed to buy or work.

Alexandria was visiting a forum that has become a primary for her, and where she’s met many of her online friends.

“Okay, I’ll post up the actual reply later. Have to buy food first before pressing on.” Alexandria posted, before waiting a few minutes then refreshed the page.

“Alright, try to hurry, or I’ll come over there and beat the reply out of you. ; )” Max5, alias of one of the other forum users, posted

Alexandria then typed, “You better not.”

With that Alexandria was prepared to leave, but she first looked at the side bar that contained her alias and some other detail, like the status. Alexandria was always curious about the site’s status setting, since it seemed to change quite often. It usually read happy, sad, or sleepy, underneath a word that described the user experience, her’s was ‘Fairly Experienced’. The ‘happy’, ‘sad’, or ‘sleepy’ was a mystery though, since no one seemed to have an idea what they served or meant, though it seemed the forum users have settled that defined the current weather or time of day, since it seemed to go to ‘sleepy’ when it was night time, ‘happy’ on sunny days, and ‘sad’ on rainy or generally bad weather days. It always fascinated her how it seemed to know; in fact she actually trusted that thing more than her local weather channel.


After coming back from shopping she logged back in and checked if there were any new posts, nothing new she found that interesting. Alexandria just ate dinner and went to bed after that, since it seemed nothing of interest other than another cloudy day tomorrow, as the news predicted.

Upon waking up, she decided to check the forum for the weather, finding it said ‘happy’ on the status, she smiled and assumed that meant a good day. There was also one new PM and a post that was entitled “What the Hell…?!”; checking her message first, she found it to be rather…confusing to say the least, it contained several words that didn’t even remotely make a sentence and several numbers.

“What the? What is this?” she asked herself outloud, but decided to shrug it off and look at the new post.

<HyDragon> “What the hell? What’s with the status thing?”

Alexandria looked and was surprised to see it was indeed different, HyDragon’s status read “Headache”

<Max5> “Yeah, I see what you mean Dragon. What on earth does ‘Egg-sitting’ mean? I haven’t an egg to babysit and I’ve never babysat anything in my life. Hell, I’m a mammal! Last I checked, we don’t lay eggs.”

<HyDragon> “It seems it’s on others as well, my girlfriend comes to site as well, and she has ‘egg-sitting’ as well.”
Alexandria posted, “Maybe it’s a hacker or something.” When she double checked her submission though, she was surprised that her status now read “Maybe Pregnant”. She posted a second time, “Okay, now I’m sure something’s up. What the hell is that suppose to be?”

While waiting for more replies, Alexandria decided she was going to cook breakfast for herself first, she was kind of hungry this morning due to not taking the time to cook anything more than canned sausages and rice for dinner last night. It wasn’t the healthiest thing to eat she had to admit, but it was cheap and filling. Upon checking back:

<HyDragon> “I’d think that means you’re pregnant.”

<FireRat> “I’d agree on that.”

<Max5> “Hey, quit scaring her guys. Seriously.”

<HyDragon> “Wait, AlexKit (Alexandria’s alias) is a girl?”

She posted, “Yeah, I’m a girl, and I’m not taking applications. As for being ‘Pregnant’, I can’t be, I haven’t had sex since I left college two years ago.”

Waits and refreshes

<FireRat> “You’re not, damn it.”

<Max5> “I’ll send a message out to the Admin later, Alex is probably right, some hacker or virus or something.”

With that, Alex headed out for another day at work. She worked as the person who sits at the front desk for rather large company, it didn’t pay much, but it was pretty good for just having to just redirect calls, send messages, and say “Hello” to those that came in. Her mind though fell back to that status the site had on her, she was completely stumped. She was sure hasn’t had sex in a while, or gone to any crazy parties where should’ve gotten that drunk. All in all, she didn’t really want to be at work right now, she’d rather be back at home finding out what the others have heard about this.
Upon returning, she grabbed a small bag of chips before jumping on her computer and read the same thread again, too many posts to read, but she did notice that a lot of people had the same problems, but she was solely the only one with the title “Maybe Pregnant”. She was sent a message from Max.

“No good, I’m afraid, the admin states it’s a bug. It’s good, but I’m concerned. Note me back once you read this.”

She did notice Max was online and sent a reply right away asking why he was worried. Once she got her reply back,
“I didn’t want to scare the others, but that status thing, seems almost true. Mine still reads as ‘egg-sitting’, well guess what. That’s what I’m doing. I was asked to babysit my boss’s nephew. It sounded easy, and it promised me a possible raise, but guess what? I found out that is nephew was an egg. Apparently my boss is related to a raven. Anyway, he didn’t want to do it, so here I am. Here, if you have an AIM, or YIM, friend me, fast. Name’s Max569 on both.”

She got worried and did as it was told, the minute she sent him an IM on one of them, she got a reply back.



“Oh, good, you didn’t tell your friends about my findings yet, right?”

“Not a soul.”

“Good, listen, I’m thinking it’s just a fluke, but just to be sure. You don’t feel any different from yesterday right?”

“Not at all.”

“Had sex?”

“That’s personal.”

“Just need to be sure.”

“*sigh* No.”

“Alright, I’ll keep you posted on matters. Ok?”

“Sure, tell me what you learn.”

“Right, g2g, can’t let my boss’s nephew get cold.”

Alex gave a light sigh, and checked the forum again. That thread about the status was definitely becoming popular. Afterwards, Alex began cleaning around her home, then cooked dinner. It was only after dinner she heard her messenger ding.

“Alex, you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here, what’s going on? Anything interesting?”

“You. Have you checked your status?”

“No, why?”

“Now, it’s reading ‘slightly pregnant’.”

“What?!” she typed before checking the forums, and sure enough her status changed

“Are you doing alright?”

Alex ran a hand on her stomach, and it did feel a bit full, but she dismissed it as a fact she just ate.
“Sort of. My stomach is a bit rounded, but hard to tell when you just ate.”

“Well, let me know.”

“BTW, how’s egg-sitting?”

“To be truthful, a real pain in the ass when you’re not a bird. But hey, I got that raise.”

“Lol, good for you. Remember to put some ice on your ass later.”

“Haha, funny. Talk to you later.”

With that, Alex decided to turn in for the night, nothing good on TV and the forum wasn’t going to receive anything new, especially with this confusion about the status. After a good shower and putting on some clean pajamas, she laid down in bed and stared at the ceiling in deep thought, before falling asleep.

The following two days nothing changed outside a few statuses, a few select stayed roughly similar though, like her’s, and some changed, like Max’s was currently ‘paperwork’ and Hydragon’s was ‘web surfing’. There had been some speculation that about this being some kind of virus or spyware, but it seemed far too sophisticated, not to mention it changed to state what you were doing off-line as well. It never got personal though, outside a few unexpected ones, it always seemed to pertain to everyday life. It always related to work, web-surfing, sports, or just something funny that folks would probably mention anyway in a post or something.

Just coming home for work she turned her computer on then went to go dig around her refrigerator for a snack. She was rather hungry. As soon as she logged back into her profile, her instant messenger opened up with a ‘ding’

“Hey, Alex, you there?”

“Nice timing Max, I just got on. What’s going on?”

“Not much, just doing overtime.”

“If you’re at work, how are you messaging me?”

“Brought my laptop. My superiors aren’t gonna mind as long as I finish this mountain of paper work.”

“Best wishes on that.”

“By the way, how have you been? I haven’t had much luck getting into contact with the admins of the forum to talk about that status thing.”

“I’ve been better. I haven’t been feeling up to my top performance levels this last couple of days. And that status thing is kinda bugging me.”

“I know, a few quit the forum for fear of their privacy being breeched because of that status thing. Personally I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t start saying when I’m the bathroom and doing my business.”

“I don’t think anyone wants to know anything about that. XP”

“Here’s hoping you feeling…out of the ordinary passes soon.”

“Listen, Max, I’ve been wondering what I should do if that status thing for me is true. I mean yours, and everyone else’s, seems to be true and is actually happening.”

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but how should I know? If that does happen, what you do will be your own decision, not mine. Why so worried though? Afterall, you said it yourself, you’re not sexually active, and you haven’t been for a while now.”

No reply from Alex

“Look, as far as I know babies don’t just materialize out of thin air. I don’t think you can get pregnant without someone else around to do the deed. Well unless you’re a bug or some marsupial. Hm, now that I think about it, what are you anyway?”

“I’m a lynx, and I’m pretty sure I’m a mammal.”

“Well, I dunno any mammals where something like that can happen. Oh, and for fairness, I’m a red fox.”

“Uh, good to know.”

“Hey, you answered my question, so it’s only fair that I tell you too.”

“I suppose.”

“Listen, if you’re really that worried, why not take a pregnancy test? It couldn’t hurt to try.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It couldn’t hurt to check, not to mention put my mind at ease.”

“Gtg now, I gotta get back to work.”

Alex bid Max good-bye and went back to check the forum. Seemed some folks have found a way to make a game out of this whole mess. At least some folks are finding ways to laugh at this and be cheerful. She gave a quick sigh and looked one last time at the forum before standing back up and grabbing her things before heading out the door to buy a pregnancy test.

It didn’t take long for her to get to the nearest store and quickly started looking around for the item she needed to buy. It took a while, having to go up and down each aisle, but eventually found it among an assortment of products for females. Most of the other items present being make-up and other beauty products. She did buy a few other things as well, including some nice smelling shampoo and bar of chocolate to eat while she headed back home.

Alex did feel self-conscious about having to buy a pregnancy test, but she tried her hardest to shut that portion of herself up. She needed to buy this; and, it did help that the cashier, who was a large male grizzly, didn’t seem to give a care as he scanned the product’s barcode and brought up how much she owed him.

It wasn’t until later that night, after preparing for bed that she was able to take the test. Finding the results didn’t calm her in the least, if anything it made every last bit of fur on her stand on end.

“Max…?” she waited, “Max, please respond.”

It took another minute, but she finally got a response from him, “Hey, what’s up?”

“I need some advice. Now.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Remember your suggestion about the pregnancy test?”

“Yeah, of course. To help you ease your mind.”

“It didn’t work.”

“You mean the test-thingy was broken? You might wanna try Check-Right. I hear the plastic on those is actually pretty sturdy, so you can’t break them. Plus I hear they’re never wrong. Plus, you could just more later.”

“I know, and, no it’s not that, but thank you SO much for making me feel worse.”


“I bought that brand, and it didn’t break.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“It’s positive.”
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