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Author Topic: New Story  (Read 5633 times)

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New Story
« on: June 26, 2011, 06:10:37 pm »

It has been a while and decided to expand one of my short stories into a much longer one.  as my 'Dig Site' story it is based in Amenshawn's universe.  I have not received permission to use his universe in this story, I have notified him, so the story may be changed/deleted as he wishes.

Grateful to any comments or suggestions as the story progresses.  I will upload the first two chapters which introduce the central characters, and when I have time/motivation I will add write chapters


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Re: New Story
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2011, 06:11:05 pm »

Admiring herself in the silver mirror, Zara put on the choker, admiring how the lovely giant green gem highlighted her eyes. It was a sweet thrill breaking into and to stay in someone else’s room, trying on his or her jewellery. She stroked the gem wondering how much this would have cost its owner, tempting though it was to steal most of the fun was simply breaking in and trying things on without the owners’ knowledge.  As her fingers caressed the strangely warm gem she felt a sudden tightening in her throat. Something twisted. Her mouth started to water and she opened it in a silent scream as she watched her gums swell, engorging in blood and covering her shortening teeth.  The swelling pink flesh made her mouth opening smaller and forcing into an ‘O’ shape. Snapping her jaws shut in fright, she slowly opened them again and to her horror saw it was not a dream. She raised a hand to prove the mirror right when she heard a key in the lock of the door, the doorknob rattling as a drunken patron struggled to open his or her own door.  Being as a small time thief as her conscious and desire for shiny trinkets would allow, she could not bear being captured, especially with what the Red Guard would do to her, she had to quickly escape.  This new embarrassing predicament doubled her panic, she was not sure what would be worse trying to explain her new mouth or been caught stealing.  She slipped back through the inn’s window she had initially arrived, pulling it too as she carefully climbed down the ivy trellis on the wall. 

 Zara slipped through the window of a neighbouring farmers’ barn to lay low on try and figure out what is happening to her. 

Inside she discovered it was a stable, not a barn, used for either the lords’ prize mounts, or rich patrons of the inn. Finding an empty stall, she hid to gently probe her mouth, fiddling with the choker to return her back to normal.  Panic started to set in as her deformed mouth stubbornly refused to return to normal. What should she do? Could she find some mage or flesh-sculptor to help her? Was this a cursed choker designed to punish thieves? It was then she more felt then saw a shadow loom over her. With a squeak she looked up, her fright lessened to see it was one of the young stallions had entered the stall on its own, looking down quizzically at her.  

She tried to reply to give comforting works, not wanting to alarm it but she found she could not talk, and the motion of opening and closing her mouth she found strangely erotic. She blushed and covered her mouth with her hand. The stallion edged closer, placing its head against hers. As it did so she found an image forming in her mind of a women afflicted as herself wearing a similar choker. The strange waking dream continues to see the women giving a blow job, on orgasm the jewel glowed and the woman’s mouth restored to normal. A metastead she released. So that was it, the jewel needed sex to repower the spell and restore her, some sick sexual toy. But who could she go to? How could she explain how she had lost her voice? She could not bear the thought of wondering the streets as some cheap whore. The metastead walked back and turned side on, giving Zara a view of his sheath. “Oh you would love that wouldn’t you” she thought, the metastead seemed to read her mind and nodded his agreement.  She immediately was repulsed by the idea of entertaining the horse like some slut, but then again who else could she turn to for help.  Of the people she knew nearby who would not demand a favour in return?  Or use it as blackmail later, or use it as an excuse for great entertainment at her expense.  Or mock her constantly for her ‘stupidity’?  She realized, if the metastead was not lying, this would ‘cure her’ and who of her friends and contact would know? Slowly, and with some reluctance she moved under the metastead and began to nuzzle and lick his sheath finding her tongue had also changed becoming long and prehensile coxing the head of the penis to slowly extend from the sheath out like a snake charmer. The smell of the stead started to make her mouth water, thick saliva trickled from her lips as she also got wet below. She was shocked at the size of the horse, a couple of times the young stallion tried to force the member past her lips into her throat, but she managed to pull away “steady on!” she cried out to him through her mind. After a while of careful manipulations of the stead’s member the stead could not hold on and she first felt the tightening of muscles, the swell and gush as the horse came, spurting its seed across her face and chest as she could not pull away in time. She felt the gem grow warm then cool as it absorbed the energy given off by the stead’s climax. Picking herself from the floor, she stroked the jewel and was rewarded with the feel of her throat relaxing, her gums receding back to normal.  
“Thank you” she splutter, after accidently swallowing some cum.
“I don’t how to repay you, but I think I have.” She smiled up at the stead. It moved forward and gently butted her chest with its head, once again giving the image of her been rutted by the metasteed.

“Oh I am not so sure, you are rather big after all.” She started to move back and the metastead followed. Her ministrations had got its blood going, and being a young stead it had yet to learn politeness over its sexual advances. Zara stepped back before her feet struck a bale of hay on the floor. Tripping over it she landed on her back and the stead continued walking, its broad chest brushing against her chest.

“Now hang o-Epp!” she felt its seemingly prehensile member brush past her thighs and snake over her dress. She watched as the head of the dick pushed in-between her breasts stopping front of the muzzle. Eyes wide open she could smell the musk and started to struggle to push herself from underneath the large animal. This only seem to excite him and shortly a jet of semen poured out onto her chest and face. In its orgasmic state it did not stop her from crawling out from beneath him. 
Zara started to try and brush off the ropes of semen from her face and dress.

“My you are a frisky and friendly one aren’t you?”  She scolded him.  She started to move towards the door of the stables to see if she if anyone had followed as she could escape back into the night.  Her hands rubbing her face and dress, still trying to sweep off congealing sperm from her body. As she got closer to the door her hands went to clean her neck, her fingers brushing past the choker.

“Of fu_” she started to say as she felt a family tightening in her throat. Her teeth once again receding into her jaw.
  How could she be so stupid? What could she do? She wanted to kick herself, the first thing she should have done was removed that damn cursed collar. She looked back to see the stead was laying on its side, as if deliberately posing, showing her ‘cure’. 
‘Oh gods, let’s get this over with quickly’, she thought, her ears blushing. She approached the stead that nickered at her approach, possibly laughing at her. She bent down onto hands and knees to better tease and stimulate the stead. The smell of the stead was really starting to turn her on for some reason she could not explain. She closed her eyes to better enjoy the smell, and continued to help swell the dick in front of her. She had to dodge a few powerful thrust from the young stallion trying to ram its great cock down her throat. ‘I am not that far besotted with you yet’ she thought, still scared at the size of it. She had to put out a hand to balance herself from one power thrust to find herself grabbing hold of the stallions’ leg. But that could not be right it was at the right angle. She felt pressure on her back to find another horse had walked above her. How could she have missed it! She had perfect hearing. She felt something long and fat probing under her dress, pressing against her buttocks. ‘Another meta- stallion!’ she realised as she could smell the different musky scent, her mind could feel the lust he and his companion were pumping out, entering her own mind and exciting her further. She tried to move but the horse on top squatted down pinning her chest to the first stallion. Causing a shocked gasped of breath. Feeling her mouth opening wide the bottom stallion added another thrust and there was nothing she could do to dodge it. She felt her lips stretch taught over the member as it slowly forced its way in. She moaned as she felt her cheeks bulge, her over sensitive mouth tasting every inch of the monster. With each surge the stallion forced a little bit more of it into her, At the back of her throat she felt something give as another thrust inched the member down her gullet, her throat grossly expanding to accommodate it. The other stallion was trying to position its cock to penetrate her from behind. She doubted her panties would prevent it as she felt it pressing against neither lips. She wiggled as much as she could to stave it off but her mouth anchored her, she was also very wet and well lubricated.  The two stallions feeling for lust was infecting her. With a moan she felt the head prise her open and enter her. Her vagina stretched to its limits, bigger than she thought possible. She cried out load from the pain and pleasure of the violent entry. This allowed the dick in her mouth to progress further forward. She felt a tightness around her throat and realised the dick had reach down to her choker, the choker cutting into her bulging neck, preventing further progress. As her mind tried to understand what was happening another trust from behind drove the second dick deeper, forcing her to spread her legs further to accept the girth. She felt the flesh in her mouth contract then expand as the first stallion tried to squeezed his member deeper, the tightness around her neck that was threatening to choke her instantly disappeared. Her ears picked up the sound of the clasp snapping open under pressure.
  ‘Oh gods! I need that to get back to normal.’
Pinned both front and back she could not see where it fell. Her free hand started to blindly search for the fallen chocker so she could charge it back up again. Either knowing what she was doing, or did not care the straddling stallion snorted and pushed his dick deep into her, through her cervix and into her womb. He mind overloaded with sensations Zara could no longer even think about hunting for the choker, her tight dress’s fabric creaking from the stress of her swollen abdomen. The two stallions used her, each trying to drive as deep as they could. In the end the first stallion came first, emptying his sperm deep within her. What little remained of Zara’s self control, hoped it would soon end and she could find the choker and return to normal and escape. The top stallion, still deeply inside her pulled back, she felt the softening member in her mouth been pulled out, streams of sperm following it. Rather than finishing with her it walked out of the stall, Zara still locked onto its member because of its swollen size. Forced to grip onto the legs, he rear held up by her womb. She looked out between the legs and saw she was been carried to yet another stallion. Who now was lying down, positioning himself to accept her.
 ‘No, No, I don’t think I have the strength’. She was carried over the now reclined stallion, her head taken up to his sheath. She tried to talk, ask them to let her go, both she could not speak, and too weak to struggle. As she saw the head come out of the sheath she allowed the waves of lust assaulting her mind to win and went with the flow.

 Her new prehensile tongue snaked out wrapping around the new cock as it emerged, dragging it to her mouth.  This time she willingly forced her lips around the emerging member, hungry for the taste and sensation.

When she regained consciousness her jaw ached and she could barely move her legs. She shakily got up and tried to get her bearings. ‘Gods, how many times did I service them?’ she idly wondered. She touched her mouth and confirmed the perfect ‘O’ it was now locked in place. With difficulty she managed to close her mouth. Looking around she thought she spied the stall she first started in. Trying to walk carefully not to perk the interest of the dozing metastallions she moved in and searched for the choker. After a short while she found it buried beneath some straw. Her heart was in her throat, she did not believe she could go another round with the sex-crazed metastallions, she desperately wanted her own mouth back. Placing it around her throat she stroked the jewel. With a sigh she felt her mouth return to normal. There must have been so much sex, even at this range the jewel must have absorbed enough energy. Taking it off before she did another dreadful mistake, she painfully left the barn. To her horror it was almost dawn. With bruised and over worked muscles she struggled to climb over the walls, and limped into the forest. 

Finding a stream she started to clean herself. A tears formed in her eyes as she carefully washed off the dried sperm from her body and dress. “My clothes are ruined” she sobbed.


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Re: New Story
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2011, 06:11:51 pm »

Samantha entered the marquee with some trepidation.  Amy on the other hand walked in with confidence and delight. 
“I do enjoy my visits to Sir Gentle’s establishment.  His little extras for his employees are always welcome.” Commented Amy as she walked past the gruff looking bouncers at the door, Samantha meekly in tow.
This was Samantha’s first job, or quest as she would to think, as a mercenary and it was not going the same way as the fairy tales and romantic novels she loved to read.  She had run away from home only a fortnight earlier, her parents believing she had gone to a university for young ladies entering the higher echelons of society.  Clutching a spell book she a ‘borrowed’ from her family’s extensive library she hoped to make a name for herself as an adventurous mage.  Her teacher at college told her she had a natural flair for spell crafting, if only she would take her head out of the clouds and study.  She spent the first week watching her money rapidly diminish whilst dodging aggressive, drunk and smelly mercenaries who thought the idea of her becoming one of them laughable/insulting/stupid and went out of their way to ensure she understood their displeasure.  Her courage and resolve almost at braking point She was on the verge of giving up this idea and actually attending university to become one of those ‘respectable and productive’ members of society when a grin filled her vision.
This grin was different, it was not condescending, sneering, it was if anything, friendly.  Pretty soon any thought of university had left her and Samantha found herself picked up by the whirlwind known as Amy.  Taking her under her wing, the Amazonian black leopardess had kitted Samantha out with more practical mercenary gear than what Samantha had found in her local market that fitted the romantic pictures of a wandering mage from her books.  Amy had also began teaching her how to live on the road and promised she already had a job lined up for them.  She was only waiting to find the perfect partner to help her and Samantha had all the hallmarks of a great adventuress.  All this flattery helped Samantha trust Amy even thought she was unsure about half the things Amy taught her, but the main reason she began to trust Amy was because around her all the other mercenaries and locals stopped staring at her with open hostility, around Amy Samantha felt more and more like her dream of becoming a heroic mage would become reality.  She would happily sit in the corner sipping her mulled wine listening to the ever grander stories swapped between Amy and the other mercenaries that met at taverns and Amy always made sure the others treated her with courtesy and maybe even a modicum of respect.

The idea of working for Mr Gentle excited Samantha, the very name seemed to be a good omen.  However arriving at the meeting place rapidly changed her initial outlook.  Rather than some castle of a rich noble, the place looked like some ill organised circus.  A small number of ramshackled buildings were connected together by large tents.  A bewildering amount of noise came from numerous bands and orchestras hidden amongst the sprawl and the locals or patrons outside were either in state of drink/drug euphoria or sprawled on the ground unconscious.  Moving briskly past the bouncers on the door, Samantha barely gave them a glance but their well-worn armour and burred weapons suggested they were either battle hardened or Mr Gentle did not pay his guards well.  Inside the tents smelled of incense, drugs and the smell of sex emanated from entrances to tents fixed to the side of the main ones.  Frightened Samantha stuck close to Amy who seemed thrilled to enter.  Trying to avoid the looks from other guests, Samantha followed Amy past music bands, bars, dance floors and a multitude of private areas before Amy entered a discrete flap.  Inside Samantha found them inside a small tent, the floor covered in cushions and rugs.  Amy threw herself down into a nest of cushions beside a small table pouring herself a goblet of wine.
“Should you be doing that?” Queried Samantha, fearful of angering their new patron by stealing his goods, or from one of his guests.
“Don’t worry, it has been left for us.  Mr Gentle likes to treat his employees well for a job.  Helps him keep his good name amongst us mercenaries, especially as all his jobs are dangerous.  But that is way he pays top money and other perks, the gains outweigh the risks.” Replies Amy, pouring a second goblet and offering it up for Samantha.  With a slight hesitation Samantha took it and to her surprise the wine was good.
“I prefer ale myself but tonight it is not drink I’m after.”  Amy pulled a piece of cloth to reveal three dildos.
“Umm … I am not that kind of girl.” Flushed Samantha.  Amy drained her goblet.
“What the type of girl do you mean?  The one who pleasures herself, or the one who plays with other girls?”  Amy enjoyed the look of discomfort on Samantha’s face, she briefly considered listening to what Samantha would say.
“Oh don’t get yourself in a tizzy.  I’m not going to start strumming myself in front of you, nor am I going to invite you to find my cheery.  Unless you ask nicely” she winks at Samantha, he turns her eyes in embarrassment.  “Really now, these are artefacts supplied by Mr Gentle for his employees who don’t wish to become pregnant or catch any of those nasty STDs.”   Amy began to undress herself, giving Samantha a wink as she selected one of the dildo’s after a brief look.  She slid it into her cleavage until it was wedged in snug. Before stating to slowly strip off her pants.  She gave Samantha a wink.
“Enjoying the view.”  Samantha blushed and turned away.  She was not watching because she enjoyed the view, just that she had never expected Amy to behave this way and could not believe her eyes.  She turned and tried to concentrate on the fabric pattern of the cushions and rugs on the ground.
“Samantha you better turn back now.”  Samantha complied too the sight of the welled toned naked body of Amy on her knees and she almost turned away again, especially at the sight of the dildo being held in a suggestive manner.
“Now, now, this is for your own good.  I suggest you start using one of these yourself.  Very shortly some ravenous and hunky men will be coming through that flap wanting a good time.”  She let out a moan as she pressed the tip of the dildo against her nether lips, slowly pulling them open with fingertips.  “If they find you here looking like that they may believe you are playing the innocent school girl …ohhhh.”  The head of the dildo squeezed into her body.  “If so they will teach you an important lesson about hard loving.”  Amy let out a low moan as she started to build up a rhythm with the dildo, each stroke pushing it a little deeper then before.  “So unless you wish your clothes torn off your body and end up pregnant or worse.  Oh goodness that is good.”  The dildo was almost fully half way into her now.  “I would recommend undressing yourself.  Unggghh.  Grab a dildo …”  Amy reached around and blindly selected one of the remaining dildos, her other hand pushing her own dildo so only a third of it remained outside her body.  With difficulty she staged on her knees to Samantha.
“…put it in your pussy and shove it in all the way.”  As she side this she pushed the head of the free dildo down Samantha’s own cleavage, so quickly Samantha could not stop her.  She fumbled at the base of it still protruding slightly above the swell of her breasts.
“That’s right, you have to push it in all the way.”  Any placed her hand on Samantha’s and forced the rest of the dildo deeper into the bodice.  Amy then let out a strangled cry as her body started to quiver in orgasm, her own dido pushed in deep past her lips.  She withdrew her dripping fingers from her pussy, her tongue licking around her fangs.  Samantha held onto the quivering hands of Amy who continued to uncontrollably shake from the enduring orgasm, almost pulling Samantha over as Amy fell back onto her rump.
“I’m not sure about this” responded Samantha, looking into Amy’s eyes that were filling with bliss.  As she continued to hold on she felt the strength leave Amy’s hands, her fingers releasing their grip.  Samantha watched as Amy slowly stopped her trembling.  At first Samantha believed Amy was coming down from the lengthy orgasm, but she realised Amy was pulling her body into an odd position.  She was opening up her legs, keeping her knees bent, her arms were moving to an almost begging position. 
“Hurry I can hear them cummmmiiingg …..” Amy choked out before she tilted her head back, mouth open.  Letting go in fright Samantha watched Amy’s now stiff body fall to the ground on all fours, her tail held up invitingly, breasts jiggling slightly from the impact of the fall.  With what little movement remained Amy gave Samantha a wink before her entire face froze.  She looks just like a sex doll Samantha realised.  It was then Samantha could hear noise from a bunch of rowdy men outside the tent.
“Okay boys, were have been promised a surprise through this tent flap, now just in case you have forgotten these are the rules …”
Samantha stopped listening, what were they expecting and what would they do to her when they walked in?  Panic started to rise and she started to follow Samantha’s instructions and unbuttoned her jacket.  Before she took it off some sense returned.  She had no desire to be some sexual object for a bunch of drunken strangers.  She quickly looked around for an exit, but the only one was the original tent flap.  She thought of hiding beneath the cushions and pillows but quickly dismissed that idea.  She was certain Amy was laughing at her.  Her mind rapidly went through what little spells she had remembered but the noise from out side broke her concentration.  She was starting to resign herself to the course of action recommended by Amy as the men would enter any second now, but she cursed herself for being so stupid.  She was in a tent!  Moving to the edge she burrowed behind some cushions, finding where the tent sides met the ground.  After some tests she found one section where the pegs were not firm in the ground and was able to push herself out between the tent sides and ground.  As she left she was certain she heard a great shout of approval from the men as they entered the tent, she had left in the nick of time

To be continued ...


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Re: New Story
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2011, 06:42:34 am »

Zara looked around, gently sipping from her wine glass. The town market was in full swing and she enjoyed watching the people moved by whilst she soaked up the sun outside an inn supping her drink. She was waiting for Tina, one of her favourite seamstresses to discuss new clothes and materials.  She had just spent four months in sheer boredom and tedium guiding a fat merchant through several villages.  He told the worst stories around the campfire, but believed the muse gifted him.  She was in desperate need of retail therapy.

Tina duly arrived with bits of cloth and drawings tucked under her arms. After exchanging greetings, and ordering more wine they got down to the serious business of fashion. After a good few hours, and bottles of wine, they were close to finalising the designs.
“But the jewellery is so important” remarked Tina. “What will you be wearing?  The dress has to match.”
Zara had thought of this and had gathered a number of her current favourite pieces of jewellery just for this occasion. She put her hands in her handbag and pockets and started removing them. Tina’s eyes glistened looking at the jewellery, her mind a blur thinking of how they can be incorporated in a dress. As Zara put the last collection down her heart jumped into her throat. Amongst the items was that cursed jewelled choker from the mansion, all those nights ago. She must have hidden it in her pocket and had forgotten about it. She must have somehow accidentally grabbed it along with the others. She went to pick it up and put it back in her pocket when Tina saw it.
“Oh my work it is beautiful!” she exclaimed her fingers lifting it up by the straps. “The jewel matches your eyes Zara. Quick put it on I want to see what it looks on you.”
Zara was panicking that Tina would activate the jewel which then would then need a lot of explaining, not at least acute embarrassment on her half. I will just put it on for a second then I can put it away without raising suspicion and quench her curiosity, reasoned Zara.
She picked took the choker straps from Tina’s hands and with some hesitation clipped it around her neck.
“Ohh it is even more beautiful on you.” Admired Tina. “I can see what we need to do to make your clothes match it and create the perfect outfit.” She remarked. Zara was getting uncomfortable and tried to take Tina’s attention away from the choker.
“Don’t get carried away, I was thinking of some other pieces then this one. You see-“
“Oh don’t be silly’ scorned Tina. “It is the best piece you have.” Tina reached over the table and before Zara could stop her, she started to arrange the choker into a better position, to see how the jewel caught the sun.
As she did so she must have touched the jewel as Zara felt an appalling tightness in her throat, creeping up her jaws.
“I have to go.” she snapped just before she felt her larynx dissolve away.  She felt something at the back of her throat twist. Panicking she swept half her jewellery back into her pockets, leaving a startled Tina at the table with the remainder. Unable to speak Zara simply tapped the picture showing her favourite design and waved before Tina could stop her.
She hurried off to where she had stabled her horse, in one of the largest most luxuriant hotels in the town. Her lengthening tongue traced her altering mouth, her jaws starting her hurt as if a closed mouth was an unnatural position to be kept in.
As she reached her horse she was desperately trying to figure out what to do. She could not be seen like, this, but it took the sexual power of an orgasm to recharge, or break the spell. She was toying with the idea of masturbation when she heard a horse constantly snorting and nickering. Turing around she saw a familiar young stallion. It nodded its head and used its tongue and lips skilfully to open his stall door.

Her first thoughts were to back away, the memories of that night re-awakening after all her efforts to forget. Yet some part of her, in the recesses of her mind was elated at the sight, the jewel seemed to pulse warmly around her throat.
She stood for a few moments, inner battles of what to do. However she knew the metastead could solve her problem, indeed pleased to do so. Her troubles would be over. It was early afternoon, so there should be no lunchtime traffic, and everyone else would be in market. If she was quick no one would be the wiser and she could go back to Tina, she reasoned, and apologise. Decided she quickly scanned the large stables to make sure no one else was about. Still apart from the sound of horses she nervously stripped, not wanting to stain her new clothes, and walked towards the stall. The metastead took a few paces back to allow her to enter. Quickly she removed the choker and hold it tight in he hand, least it be forced off again.  She rubbed her throat, the thought of how it must have stretched and bulged all those nights ago around the big cock to break the catch, the memory made her pulse beat faster.

She crouched under the stead and started coxing the member from its sheath. Licking the tip she felt her own arousal building. Something about the smell and the warm jewel pulsating in her palm boosting her libido. Each time she started to feel her climax building the stead would shuffle away with loud clopping hoof beats, drawing its dick away from her mouth. Forcing her to crawl after him she realised the stead was toying with her, her sexual desire building higher and higher. After several teases the stead rolled onto its back, forcing Zara to reach across his broad abdomen to reach the semi ridged cock.  Touching the metastead she felt his own lust enhancing her own, and his desires to make this session last as long as possible.  Determined not to be thwarted again Zara grabbed the semi ridged phasllus with both hands, barely registering the choker falling from her fingers. As she continued to muzzle and lick the member, part of her brain realised something was wrong. Lust was taking her over, there was a reason for this sex than just sex alone. Her thinking paused as her lips stretched painfully open as she tried to swallow the head of the phallus.  Her tongue licked the tip, and the taste made her moan in anticipation.  With this new urge she forced her lips over his member trying to taste as much of it as possible.  She lost sensed of time as she started sucking on meat within her mouth, pushing her lips further down the shaft with each thrust of her head.  She felt the head pushed down past her engorged gums concealing her now hidden teeth to the back of the throat.  The metastead was also becoming more and more exited, his cock becoming stiffer and bigger as it swelled with blood.  This made it constantly harder for Zara to fit more of it in, and a small part of her wished for another stallion ramming her from behind to help push the dick in her mouth further down her gullet.  Images formed in her mind of he rutting with two stallions, just as she had several weeks earlier in the stables when she first came across the cursed talisman.  She had one last hesitation before she pushed harder, devouring more of the cock, determined to have her prize and she would take it for herself, rather than be a toy for a herd of metastallions.
She felt a tightness in the back of her throat that suddenly went in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she made another stroke devouring another length of cock.  She felt her throat bulge once again and a strange thrill went through her body.  Soon she could no longer pull back along the length, just slowly inch forward.  Her lengthened tongue continued to lick the member and she felt her throat muscles constantly massaging the tasty flesh within her.  The metastallion tensed and she knew her prize was near.  The metastallions body started to quake and shift as if he wished to be in a better position.  Inwardly smirking she did not give him the luxury and double her efforts on the dick buried deep down her throat which swiftly spasmed then swelled as gouts of jism flooded into her.  Her own orgasm erupted shortly after his own.

After what seemed like hours Zara had calmed down, and with the softening member she was able to slowly pull herself away amazed she was able to fit him into her and still breath.  Her lips and tongue still tight around the shaft sucking it clean as it left her.  Perhaps something to do with the magic she had been cursed with.
‘Well that should have charged it up’ she thought to herself and went to rub the jewel.  She was shocked to find it was not in her hand, in her distress she fumbled at her throat for the choker she had removed.  Her fuzzy memory slowly clearing she groped along the straw covered floor trying to find it.  In rising panic her fingers hit something hard in her blind search.  It was a hoof the size of a dinner plate, looking up she saw another metasatllion, her choker held carefully in his mouth, the green gem still dark and dull.  She leapt up and tried to grab it but with an easy toss of his head her pulled the choker out of her reach.  She rested her hands on his chest, sending images that she wanted the choker.  The images she received in response from the metasteed was all too apparent what the new metasteed expected in return.
‘I don’t care if the jewel is worth a kings ransom.  As soon as I am out of this mess I’m throwing it in the first sewer I come across’ thought Zara and bent down on hands and knees.

to be continued


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Re: New Story
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She almost felt like crying that the stallion would try and blackmail her, but what scared her most was a feeling of eroticism, with each passing moment it got stronger.  The musky smell of the horse started to fill her nostrils. Feeling herself losing the battle she made another grasp for the choker, missing she crashed into the horse. Shifting his head her pushed her making her stumble and falling back against some bales of hay. As he advanced on her, its penis came into view from his sheath Zara turned onto her front to push herself up, as she struggled a gentle pressure was placed against her back, the stallion gently nuzzling her. Waves of calm, as if love, came though. The gentleness and musky aroma filtered through her mind. The choker landed on the hay in front of her as the stallion let it go.  Gently the stallion positioned its cock against her neither lips.  As soon as the tip pressed against her, a strong longing built up into her loins. Somehow, she realised, the more sex she had with these beasts the greater she wanted it, as if some addiction.

Zara let out a silent whimper that turned into a moan from her deformed mouth as the steed slowly entered her, forcing her legs apart.  Again and again the huge cock sank into her, each thrust pushing it deeper.  She could feel the tip of the massive male’s shaft pushing against her cervical valve as he penetrated her deeper, eventually working the head of his shaft through into her womb.   Feeling the hay scratch against her skin through her fur as the steeds rhythmic efforts penetrating her body slowly pushed her across the hay she retained some control to when she saw the choker in front of her and grabbed it with her hand least she lose it again.  She felt the head press against the back of her womb.
 “OH GODDESSSS!!”  Zara cried in her mind as an orgasm shook her.

The sudden tightening of her vaginal muscles sent her metasteed lover over the edge, causing him to pour a huge load of seed into her as his legs trembled with exertion.  Zara felt a wash of relief as the male atop her drained the last of his orgasm into her, shuddering as her pulsating love tunnel squeezing out the last few ounces.  Zara gasped for breath recovering when she felt the steed move, his cock still firm and its size still locked within her.  Feeling herself been pulled off the hay bales Zara realized they what they intended, her mind recalling how they used her last time.  Scrabbling at the hay she tried to get a hold to try and pull herself from him.  With the chocker still grasped in one paw, she was not able and quickly clenched the chocker between the lips of her deformed mouth to allow both hands to hold on.  This only seemed to excite the steed more, she could feel his giant member expanding a bit more inside her as his blood got going again.  Slowly she felt the hay beneath her claws tear and come away in her hands, feeling the jostling steed as he tried to manoeuvre her away from the bales.  The constant movement did nothing to calm her own arousal, sending it higher it was all Zara could do to concentrate and try to grab hold of anything to pull her off the steed.  She new to them she was just a sex object and would rut her senseless unless she was able to gain some control.  She just hoped the jewel had absorbed enough energy.

She was so focused on tying to escape from beneath steed, forced to almost walk on all fours as he steered her across the she had not realised she had closed in on another steed he was lig on his back, in a position so the two of them can service her at the same time.  She saw the thick phallus in front of her, he mind still reeling with the disbelief she had managed to get her lips around it.  The smell and sight of it had started making her hot, her mouth started to drool, and her lips engorging on blood trying to open.  Realising that she was being affected, and still had the choker in her mouth, if she opened it she would lose that choker again.  Closing her eyes she concentrated on controlling her growing lust but soon felt the tip of cock press against her lips.  At first she tried to turn her head, but the stallion still buried into her womb, and the ministrations of the two stallions did not allow her to break away from the touch.  Slowly it exerted more pressure until Zara felt her lips been forced apart as the cock pushed its way in, as soon as the precum entered her mouth her lust flared.  Using her hands she gripped the cock and  helped forced it through her over stretched lips.  The taste was sensational as always, every time it seemed to get better, more addictive.  But something was wrong.  She could feel and odd sensation been drawn down her tongue.  With panic she realised the chocker, instead of failing out when she opened her mouth, instead was been pushed into her mouth, further down her throat with every thrust of the eager metasteed.  Trapped between the two stallions there was nothing he could do apart from endure the sensation of the choker travel down her body, the cloth and jewel scrapped against the sides of her over-sensitive love-tunnel which added to her arousal until she orgasm, her throat muscles milking the last drop of sperm, she lost its sensation.  She also felt the steed on top of her blast a second load into her, a throbbing power in her womb where each pulse slowly shut out her panicking mind and allowed her feral desires to rul her body, the steeds snorting their own sexual hunger.


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Re: New Story
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Aalia, a Husky fem, rode into the port town.  Not many rode into this town, most came by sea as that was their profession, pirates, smugglers and the occasional fishermen.  Most saw the forsaken paths leading to the town across land as too dangerous, filled as the surroundings were with those same bandits, pirates, rouges and the general criminals of the world.    That did not concern Aalia, only the foolish or the desperate would attack the23rd Heavy Horse ‘Valkayre’ squadron, a small group of mercenary cavalry, all battle hardened veterans who had fared the worst the Empire’s enemies could throw at them, and not only survive but come back with a healthy profit. This was not so unique amongst mercenary bands working for the Empire, there were a number of successful bands, but Aalia’s was different, it was an all female band.  She took some pride in turning what was often seen as the victims, and mothers, of the myriad of monsters that constantly attack the land, into one of the elite fighting units of the empire, and with a respectfully low casualty rate.  In recent years that had to be down to the squadrons mounts.  Aalia had first trusted in thorough breed destriers.  Marvelous war horses, but the expense of replacing them were ruinous and at one time Aalia had to consider buying cheaper standard horses.  She was busy at a market, becoming depressed at the poor stock on show when she met her latest partner, Julius.  She had left a bar when he tried to chat her up.  It took some effort to convince him that sex was not on the menu that night, but she made another offer.  It was obvious Julius, as well as wanting to increase his progeny, wanted adventure, and Aalia could supply that.  Offering him constant adventure and his share in the profits of the company, she was sure that with money would make up for the lame chat-up techniques of his with other women.  To finalise the deal she promised if he proved himself in battles, and met her standards, she just may succumb herself to his charms.
So that is how Aalia had come to be riding a metasteed, Julius, and with Julius’s help so had the rest of her cohort, finding other metasteeds up for adventure and profit including Julius’s twin brother Caesar.  The first year the girls had been barraged with suggestive images and desires for sex.  However, they were honourable and never tried to force themselves on them, but were always hovering and prodding for attention.  After each major fight Aalia would take her band out of the army they were attached to for some R&R.  It helped her girl’s relax, and with the money the meta-steads could easily find woman willing to be their ‘mares’.  Aalia normally took her team to the unlicensed pleasure-camps, she liked her privacy, easier to get hold on information, they did not ask too many questions about the metasteeds, and the access to magic without paying for the extortionate license fees.  Once of the previous visits her and all her team were fitted with clit rings that made them infertile, and the wombs hostile to life.  Only the most powerful of magics, or potent of seed, could break the spell, and realising this the meta-steeds soon tempered their advances.  Aalia was surprised how quickly they stopped their advances, as if they were not interested in casual sex but only in breeding.  Not what she had come to expect from their reputations, however it was how she would prefer it, little distraction and at the very least the ‘attentions’ of a metasteed would exhaust any woman making them unfit to fight the next day.
Entering the town, Aalia and the rest dismounted, stripping the metasteeds of the saddles and baggage, allowing them free roam of the area.  The only baggage they maintained was a saddlebag containing their share of the squadron’s profits.  So long as they were at the meeting point at the right time Aalia did not mind what they got up to.  There was precious little law here, and so long as you did not cause damage to the property and kept the fighting outside you were normally left alone.  With them gone the girls turned to the best inn in the town.
Aalia supped her tankard of ale, observing the other patrons of the small bar.  Unlike the other taverns serving the patrons of the town, this one was quiet and dark only really attracting those who wished to escape the lights, noise, scents and crowds of the rest of the town without spending their coin with the many gambling dens and female, male and herm prostitutes peddling their services.  Still it still had the weirdoes the bandit town attracted.  They were either criminals that were trying to lay low, merchants trying to avoid the taxes levied by the towns under Imperial law, entrepreneurs trying to make fast money, or foolish young nobles or mercenaries with too much money than sense trying to prove themselves in the world.  Either way few were clever or powerful enough to last out here that made themselves noticeable.

Aalia’s view was momentary blocked by waitresses leading two patrons dressed up in some bondage gear.  Reigns lead from one serving lass to the haltered horse masks warn by the patrons hiding their heads.  Jill could only tell their species by the bare fur of their breasts, tummies and thighs.  Their hands and feet enclosed within gloves and boots giving them hooves, buckles and stretches of supple leather wrapping around their bodies.  Pony girls Aalia realised.  The serving girls, all dressed as bunnies no matter their real species, were seemingly touting for business, approaching only single females, or all female groups.  Each time they convinced new business they were taken away, and brought back dressed up as horses clopping in new hooves to help gather more.  With their heads held high and a spring in their step they seem to quite happy with the bargain.  Aalia could not believe that some patrons would pay to be treated in this manner, to live out some fantasy, or willing to put aside their pride for whatever money they bunny girls were offering. She could not see why they would be wished to be humiliated in this way, what perverse pleasure they got from this.   Aalia was not sure she should be glad or insulted they had yet to approach her.
Jill turned her eyes back to the impromptu drinking contest that had held her gaze, consisting of a large mixed group.  She had noticed that of the five males and seven females, three of the males had stopped drinking, instead egging on the remaining contestants.  With each tankard drained loitering staff were on hand to re-filled them. Jill noticed the blouses and outfits of the fems seemed to be under greater strain, their bosoms swelling with each gulp of drink. Aalia smirked, someone must have spiked all the drinks with a form of bonewood juice. After the first buttons started to pop off, or they found it harder to breath a couple of the contestants had stopped to inspect their new forms, having decided to pull out of this contest that has more to it than they bargained for. The others continued either unaware from intoxication, desire for their new form or some competitive edge that was insatiable and override all other considerations. Or perhaps the drug was just as addictive as she had first heard. One of the males called out to up the tempo and even larger jugs of drink appeared.
Aalia tore her eyes away from horrid show and re-examined the rest of the patronage of this small bar. She had came here to escape the more public places which were grating on her nerves and the thought of hiding in the arms of some gigolo creeped her out, mind you the pony girls and the impromptu contest were not helping. The rest of the patronage looked like her, people trying to find a place of peace and quiet, whilst others seem to be here to pray upon those unaware. The security of the bar was only there to protect the property and to move any disputes outside.

The drinking contest ended in a roar of approval, loud enough to halt a couple of more girls who had agreed to whatever pony contract sold to them by the serving girls. They turned to look at the contest. At the contest table five remaining contestants remained, all female. One was a leopard fem, with four breasts the drink had seemingly had less effect, dispersed each breast had grown into an orb larger then her head. The other four fems had the more common single set of breasts and two had a pair larger than volley balls. The winner, if size of breasts were to go by, was a wolf fem under which the table, crowded with empty and spilled jugs, groaned from the weight of giant breasts Jill had never seen the like before. The contestant’s head could barely be seen above the enormous breasts that obscured the rest of her, apart from the arms holding up a jug and the contestant draining the last of its contents. Obviously the contest was not overly strict on when to stop drinking.  With the contest finished it seemed the last five contestants were only just becoming aware of their new dimensions and tenderly exploring themselves. Two of the males helped the winner to her feet, each one hefting a single giant breast. Her breasts must be very full and perhaps painful by the look on her face, especially as they did not sag under their own weight. Two other contestants were struggling to stand from the table and the remainder struggled to keep their new centre of balance. Uncomfortable and nauseous of the show Jill finished her drink and went in search of  any of her crew, catching sight of the two ‘to-be’ ponies disappearing behind a curtain. A twinge of curiosity wanted her to look but sensibility demanded otherwise.  She thought for a bit and made a decision.


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Re: New Story
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Rather interesting and rather hot, so far!


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Re: New Story
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[Thanks for the comment!]

Zara woke, her jaw aching, her loins tender.  Placing her hand on her lower belly, she felt it slightly bloated, the cum still seeping from vagina explained what was filling out her womb.  With a slight spasm more was vacated.  Looking around she found herself alone and naked in the back of the stables, metasteed seed and straw matted against her fur.  Wrinkling her nose in disgust she walked over to the water trough, working the pump she used the fresh water to clean off the worse though it will take a good bath to get rid of the ‘cologne of metesteed’ odour.   She tenderly probed her new mouth, the sides bruised after stretching over the large members, of the small metasteed posse multiple times.  She could feel no evidence she once had teeth, the fleshy tunnel sucked at her fingertips, in an eerie sense of masturbation she could feel herself been turned on by her probing, her extended tongue slithering out to taste her finger.   She recalled the sensation of the choker been forced down her gullet, her hand moved to her throat to confirm its absence.  She briefly thought of searching the stables just in case, but she knew it would be futile.   After a brief pause she probed deeper, eliciting a moan of pleasure.  Through a mixture of pain and pleasure she found her mouth and throat could accommodate her hand, her jaw opening to allow its passage.  There was no gag reflex but the angle of her hand and arm could not allow her t push it deeper, though she felt unbidden erotic desires come flooding in to do just that.  Her fingers could find no trace of the choker and with slight hesitation she removed her fingers and hand.

As her tongue sub-consciously licked the juices from her mouth she thought and worried.  She needed the jewel in the choker to restore her mouth, but as the Metasteed, by accident or desire, had thrust it down her throat she could not activate it.  She thought of trying to regurgitate it, but with no gag reflex she could not think how.  Another spasm, no a contraction, rocked her belly and another wad of cum spurted out between her legs.  Looking at her freshly cleaned thighs soiled once again Zara knew she could not go out like this, it was a minor miracle no one head spotted her so far.  She pressed gently on her stomach, to see if she could force more out.  After a couple of tries she move her fingers to open her vagina to cox more out.  She was surprised that after all the work with the metasteeds she was still tight, one fingers alone stretchered her.  As she inserted another finger, she felt her lust rise again, juices started to flow and her thoughts of draining her womb.  Her hand pushing on her stomach moved to kneed her pert right breast.  As her ministrations continued in greater tempo, adding more fingers, her body tensed, raising her head as her own throat and mouth moistening and tightened in empathy.  Soon an orgasm rocked her body and her fingers were covered in her own juices and more metesteed cum.   As she calmed down, her tongue cleaning her muzzle, her fingertips still buried within her brushed something.  With a bit of effort she managed to clasp it and pull it from her depths, the rubbing of the cloth against her walls threatened to bring on another organism, but by the feel of it she had found her choker.  Not caring how it got there she brought the black fabric up to her her face. 

Her joy was quickly dashed, the mounting for the jewel was empty, a wire cage hung empty, but there was no signs of damage.  She reached between her thighs but there was no jewel.  Pressing against her belly she was ue she could feel some glow.  Was it her imagination is was the jewel still within her?  Not wanting to try her luck she searched the ground but to no avail.

Giving up her search Zara felt herself sinking into despair.  She stopped herself, this was no time for self pity.  No doubt whoever made the jewel made others.  All she has to do is go back and borrow another piece of jewellery to cure her of this curse.

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Re: New Story
« Reply #8 on: February 20, 2013, 02:49:58 pm »

So happy you're continuing. ^w^ I'm quite eager to see where this all goes.
I has a gallery here now! :D


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Re: New Story
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2013, 02:07:27 pm »

*giggle* I can't wait to see what happens next. :) I did find a lil mistake in this one, I think. One sentence seems incomplete: "As she inserted another finger, she felt her lust rise again, juices started to flow and her thoughts of draining her womb.  Her hand pushing on her stomach moved to kneed her pert right breast."


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Re: New Story
« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2013, 06:30:07 am »

*giggle* I can't wait to see what happens next. :) I did find a lil mistake in this one, I think. One sentence seems incomplete: "As she inserted another finger, she felt her lust rise again, juices started to flow and her thoughts of draining her womb.  Her hand pushing on her stomach moved to kneed her pert right breast."

Mistakes are always an option  :P

I am not spending as much time as a should checking my work before 'publishing it' on the board.  Was my intention to write, then review a weeke or so later, but as things are already moving on so slow I am currently feeling it is better to get somethinng out whilst I have the time and motivation.

Hope to pot more installments soon.


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Re: New Story
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Aalia left the inn and walked down the darken street.  Someone was going to an awful lot of effort to coax fems into those pony suits.  Whilst small cliques might gather, such as that juvenile drinking game, the sheer number of fems joining spoke of power, which meant money.  Something close to her heart.  Finding the alley way she waited until there was no one else in sight before ducked down it to see if she could access the backrooms of the inn, to find out more.  Finding a darkened window she used her knife between the window and its frame to slip the catch, opening it and quietly sliding in with no passers-by noticing.   She found her footing treacherous, and discerned she was standing on a pile of pony suits.  The shiny surface slippery underfoot.  Going by the number of suits they were expecting a large number of fems to join in.  Treading carefully she aimed for the door she could see in the gloom.  Pressing an ear against it she waited before carefully opening the door a whisker.  She was obviously in a store or changing room and any minute now one of the staff and/or patron will be arriving.
Confirming the way was clear Aalia confidently strode out of the room and headed away from the min bar, hopefully there would be some clues near the manager’s office, or whatever they used as one.  Following the sound of voices she let herself into a small room, with the thin walls it was easy to hear the staff talking in the next room.  From the other noises it seemed they were also appraising and counting coin.
“Would you believe they would have so much on them?”  Enquired one voice, male.
“I have not seen it myself, but no one has called them stupid, at least not to their face.  I also cannot dent they are filthy rich and offered us an opportunity I can’t turn away.”  Spoke another, older male.   “Even and ten per cent we should make a pretty sum.”
“Why don’t we go for a bigger cut?  I don’t believe they are that use to dealing in contracts.”
“Tempting, but I would not want to get on their bad side, and there are plenty other establishments who would happily take their business.  No, this is not something we can afford to squander.  Take our cut and store it in the safe.  Take the rest to the amphitheatre as agreed for the contest, and remember they can tell if you lie.”
Aalia listened for a bit longer, and the sounds of them collecting the money and putting it away.  She felt her ears tingling. To receive enough money that the owners were not even considering trying to swindle for more was amazing, it must be a tidy sum indeed.  That or the clients were something to be afraid of.  There was also the question of the contest, was it something to do with the pony suits?  Or something else?  She and her party had entered a few contests and always came out with something.  But she had seen no notices, and no one had invited her.
Quietly she slipped back out of the room and through the window, re-entering the in through the front door.  She noticed one of the serving girls leading a pony girl amongst the tables.  Like most the others chosen the pony girl had an athletic figure, though others were more voluptuous.  The shiny skin of the suit could not hide the definition of the fems muscles, no doubt a mercenary or adventurer.  She deliberately made a line for the serving girl and stood in her way.
“Excuse me, but I could not help noticing you assembling your little festivity with all the girls.  I must admit it has perked my curiosity and I am more than tempted to see what fun you have planned.  Could you tell me more?”  Aalia flashed her best smile.
The serving girl at first looked a bit hesitant, studying her face for a second, behind the serving lass the pony girl behind her swaying on unfamiliar boots.  Aalia could not help but notice the boots ending in rubber hooves forcing the fem onto her tip toes.
“I’m sorry miss, but all places are now taken.  I’m sorry.”
Aalia looked around, suspicious that the serving girl had to think about the reply, Aalia nodded to another table where a fem was leaving some of her friends ata table under the guidance of another serving girl.
“Are you sure?  Your colleague over there is adding another one to you list.”
A moment of anxiety passed across the girls face before she responded.
“I’m sorry, but you are too late, I’m sorry that you cannot be invited to attend.”  With that the serving girl moved to the side and tried o walk past Aalia, leading the pony gil with her.  Not willing to be so easily brushed off, Aalia reached out, and grasped the papers tucked into the serving girl’s uniform.  She had noticed these documents leaflets being displayed when speaking to the fems, and no doubt told more.
“Hey!” cried out the serving girl who tried to take them back.  Aalia was certainly not going to let go, and the tug of war between them quickly ended with the sound of tearing paper.  Seeing she had ended up with the majority Aalia turned and left, pushing passed other patrons ignoring the calls of the serving girl behind her.  It was not until the inn was out of sight did Aalia read the remains beneath a flickering street light.  She would have to talk to the girls about this one.
Kaela looked at the torn leaflet with some scientism.  It had taken a short while but Aalia had found the squad healer in one of the many Rake card game dens.
“Yes I know it does not have the full details, but the important ones are there.”  Explained Aalia again in some exasperation.  “There is a competition going on tonight, with big prize money depending on how well you do.  There are contests based on skill, speed or strength.  You enter them all and depending on how well you did the more money you will get.”
Kaela sniffed derisively.  “You don’t get something for nothing.  There must be a catch.  This is not a big game with lots of crowds, this is not well publicised.  Only females are invited.  It sounds very fishy to me.”
Aalia sighed.  She hoped the lure of money would make Kaela more compliant, especially how quickly she lost her money in games of Rake.
“The sponsors are enormously rich, but have a fetish for women dressed up in leather pony suits.  I guess that are not wealthy enough to convince a few dozen women to live in a harem for them, so they are doing the next best thing.  Come on, you know how good we are, we are trained and proven warriors.  We should make good money, look even the losers get a minimum of 30 gold coins.  All it takes is to swallow your pride and wear a pony suit for an hour or two.”
“I don’t know.” Replied Kaela, with some hesitation which gave Aalai some hope. No doubt with the coin Kaela was playing with in her fingers, likely to be one of her few remaining ones.  Aalia had found her at the bar than at one of the tables suggesting the night’s gambling had not been in Kaela’s favour.
 “More importantly,” spoke Aalia, trying to maximise whatever leverage she had.  “we can identify who these sponsors are, to see how easy it would be to rob them in the future, or the other contestants.  I have seen some and on the open road they should be easy pickings.”
“What do the others say”
Aalia’s hopes went up, Kaela was actually interested, it must have been a bad night.
“I don’t know, you are the first I have found.  The contest is starting shortly, so we cannot spend too long looking.”
“So how do we join this contest.  The bit that says where, when and if there are any caveats is missing.”  Kaela was studying the top of the leaflet, as if staring at the torn edges would reveal the missing writing.
“It I at the amphitheatre, but first we need to change.  Remember the pony suits?  Well they are in the back of the Full Moon Inn.”
“Explain to me again why we need to sneak in.  Why we cannot enter as everyone else has?”  Obviously Kaela’s suspicious had not been completely squashed by her recent poverty.
“I tried to get in earlier, but they said all the paces had been taken.  Personally I believe they saw how good I was and did not want me to win all the money.”
“And so why did you then come running to me?  Normally in self-interest you would have gone on your own to claim all the glory?”
“Well, as there is plenty to share, it would be more fun the two of us than alone.  Plus it would be good to know we have each other’s back.  You know, just in case.”  The last bit was true, Kaela had proven to be a valuable friend, fighting through the thickest of battle to help her team.  Aalia was glad she found her and not the others, she was someone you could trust … once you had convinced her it was a good idea.
Looking once more at the coin in her hand, Kaela flicked it up in the air to land spin inning on the bar, payment for her drink.
“Lets go before common sense changes  my mind.” She grumbled, drawing a smile from Aalia.  She would have hated to go alone.


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Re: New Story
« Reply #12 on: April 15, 2013, 05:28:51 am »

Zara crept in the shadows an hour after the sun had set behind the horizon.  The day was a tortuous affair of trying to ignore the sensations from her new mouth.  It had driven her to masturbation a few times, but she had not gone out to find another male to sate her needs.  It seems the curse, not only transforming her mouth, also placed her body into perpetual heat.  She shuddered with the thought she might be pregnant.  She had changed into her dark clothing, almost black, to help hide her in the shadows.  Whoever had that jewel either made it, or bought them, both meant they were more than capable of increasing the security and possibly catching her.  She had a faint hope they had not noticed the missing chocker, but had did not rely on it. The house lights were out and the stable empty, so cautiously Zara made for the house again.  Crossing the short distance of open ground, Zara felt the migraine coming on again.  Periodically through out the day she had been struck with terrible headaches, no doubt a side affect of the spell upon her, not meant to be lasting so long.

Climbing the ivy on the wall she found the window leading to the bedroom she found the choker.  The shutters were ajar, and listening carefully she could not here any noise suggesting occupation, careful examination of the shutter could not identify any trip wires.  With great care she opened the shutter and carefully snuck into the building.  The room was as she remembered it, the dressing table near the window to catch he light.  With it being dark Zara had to rely on her night vision.  Resisting the temptation to raid the dressing table immediately she carefully crept over to the bedroom door.  Again, careful listening suggested the house was as empty as it looked.  Returning to the dresser she sat down and started to open draws.  Inside one she found the usual assortment of lipstick, eyeshade and mascara.  Another got her mouth drawling, much to her surprise and shame as she felt her own loins moisten at the sight of the sex toys arranged neatly.  Closing that draw quickly before she became distracted, and proving her suspicions on the sexual appetite of the room’s occupant, she opened another to reveal an assortment of jewellery.  With trembling fingers she started to sort through them, her extended tongue licking her lips as her excitement built.  Several of them had the large gems as the choker, suggesting they too were magical.  However, none of them glinted with internal light, and no amount of rubbing made any changes to her mouth.   Sighing Zara looked down in disappointment.  They were either not magical, or needed ‘charging up’.  Making a snap decision, she trusted her gut, and randomly chose a number of items without really looking, stuffing them into one of her pouches hanging from her belt.  Then as quietly as she entered, she left the house though the window, and travelled back to her rented room.

Looking down Zara studied her haul.  She had chosen a number of items, and by chance she seemed to have collected a set.  A necklace with a waterfall of jewels indicative of a bunch of grapes, earrings hiding milky white jewels resembling the moon and a headband with an opal in the centre.  Well, if she was to escape her curse she needed to have sex to charge these up, if they were magical, and if they could undo it.  The subliminal part of her driven by her untamed lust craved such activity and Zara was finding it more difficult to keep a stable mind, and not set off in search of an orgy.  She had changed out of her thief clothes into her more revealing ones.  As she started to put on the stolen jewellery she was still grappling with a major decision.  Should she act as a prostitute to court strangers to save her embarrassment, but a risky and dangerous approach.  Or find some friends to ‘help’, but forever they would never let down her embarrassment.


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Aalia and Kaela entered the inn, and ordered a drink, it quickly became apparent the waitresses were no longer choosing new females for the competition.  Motioning with her fingers, Aalia led Kaela into the back rooms, being careful not to gain the attention of the small number of staff still working.  Quietly Aalia gained access to the room she had heard the two discussing the competition.  Inside it looked like a standard office, with invoices and letters neatly organized on the desk.  A quick search found the safe, which to Aalia’s disappointment was unlocked and open, showing the empty interior.  Something had happened for them to move their money, or she had been beaten to it.
“What are we doing here?” Hissed Kaela
“Hoping for a bonus” Responded Aalia, before closing the safe door in disgust.  “Come on, we need to change.” 
Leading the short distance down the corridor Aalia entered the storeroom that she first found the pony suits.  In the dim light a few suits remained on the floor.  Knowing time was against them Aalia and Kaela started t sort through them.
“I have never done anything like this before.  Do we need to wear all the stuff?”  Questioned Kaela, holding up a mare’s mask.
“Yes we do.  It is obvious our faces are recognised here, hence why we have not been invited.  These masks will do solve that problem allowing us to blend in.”  Aalia mentally crossed fingers, only she had been recognised, she had no idea if Kaela or the others were also banned from the competition.
Even with the body oil Kaela found, there were curses from the two girls as they fought their way into the pony suits.  The thigh high boots ending in hooves forced their feet into high arches, making them to walk on their toes.   They had to help each other to thread their tails through the holes at the back.  The leotard was tight, shaping their torso and arching their backs.  The horse masks that completely enclosed their heads and necks were the worst to put on.  Inside the mask Aalia was surprised to find a tube, which she had to place into her own mouth, the taste of the rubber bitter on her tongue.  However she found it easy to breath through.  The eyes of the mask were to the side, and their lenses were tinted making it difficult to see out.  The last items were the gloves, as with the boots, ending in hooves.  Pulling on one was difficult enough, but with a hand encased in a rubber hoof, it is impossible to fully pull on the other.
With the rubber tube in her mouth, it is impossible for Aalia to speak, but with a few hoof movements and grunts she made herself understood to Kaela, and with the gloves on as best as they can and leave, time is getting short.  Fumbling with the door handle, they finally mange to exit the room where they immediately collide with a waitress.  Unable to speak Aalia did her best to stop the girl from failing over.
“Oh sorry.  No one told me there were more runners.  Where is your trainer?  And you are such a mess.”  Responded the waitress, readjusting her uniform.  Immediately after she started to re-adjust the pony suits.  Pulling the gloves further up and fastening them.  Pulling the masks down further, which improved the sight but Aalia almost gagged, as the rubber breathing tube was forced deeper into her mouth.  She also adjust the seems so there was no a wrinkle, the glistening suit highlighting the girls physique.
“Come on if we don’t hurry we will miss the start.”  Reaching into the room they had vacated the waitress picked up some more equipment, pulling them up Aalia could see she was holding harnesses and reigns.

Kaela and Aalia found themselves trotting behind the waitress as she led them to the amphitheatre.  Not use to walking in high heels the first few minuets of walking found Aalia stumbling, but as time progressed she found herself walking easier, and strangely more comfortably.  The seats were in darkness, and only the pony girls and their waitress handlers were visible to Aalia through the lenses.  Soon she found herself and Kaela led in precession, parading them to the unseen viewers.  During this time Aalia spied on the competition, the majority of them fit athletic women.  However a few were different, Aalia was sure one of them was the wolf fem from the drinking game, her humongous breasts barely contained with the pony suit, their great weight constantly threatening to unbalance her.  Two serving girls closely followed her, to catch her should that happen.

After completing the parade circuit the games begun.  The girls were split into groups.  Some doing sprinting and running competitions, others were paired off to wrestle, difficult in hooves, but Aalia had excellent leg work.  There were other competitions including weight lifting and pulling.  Virtually all the competitions required the use of the physical strength of the legs and lower back, but plenty of skill was needed and tactics for the fighting and the few obstacle courses.  The tight suit was surprisingly flexible, not constraining her movements at all, however she soon started to get hot.  It was strange, the heat and sweat seemed to react with the oil or rubber, and Aalia soon found her lust growing.  During one wrestling match she tripped her opposition, and jumped on her to pin her down, and as she lay gasping on top of her, her mind slipped to other lurid thoughts.

She was glad when the round was called off. And her pronounced the winner before she urges became to strong and she embarrassed herself.  After what seemed like days, but must have only been hours by the sun setting, the girls were brought back into line, their reigns reattached, and they were led on another parade.  Aalia was keeping her eyes open, desperately trying to see the mysterious organisers.  There was a sharp tug of the reigns and Aalia found herself obediently following her handler to a hitching post, her reigns wrapped around a it preventing her from moving off.  She glanced around but could not see Kaela, none of the tails she could see were hers.

One of the pony-girls in front of here was unhitched and led forward into a open circle.  Words were said loudly, but the mask dulled the sound and what little she could hear, the serving girl was espousing the pony-girls successes and achievements in the game.  As she talked she led the girl around, displaying her to some unseen audience, turning her so the torchlight glistened off her body, the suit highlighting her curves and definition.  Soon there where shouts from the darkness, it took a short while but Aalia realised they were numbers, increasing.  They were in an auction!  Soon the bids stopped, a bag was brought forward filled with money, which was counted and split into two equal halves.
“This girl, the first to be auctioned, has earned herself 200 gold coins!  I wonder how many of you can do better!”  Proclaimed the serving girl. In the background Aalia saw a metasteed amble forward, the serving girl offered up the reigns which the metasteed took in his teeth. 
“I am sure she is worth every coin”  Praised the serving girl, as the metasteed led the pony-girl away, even in the poor light Aalia could see the metasteeds meat swell and expand in anticipation.
‘We ae been auctioned off as prostitutes!  What have I gotten us into?’  worried Aalia as the serving girl turned around to select the next one for auction.   She gave the reigns an experimental tug, but they held fast and her movements were no doubt drawing attention to herself.
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