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NOTICE: Hey guys, i've not heard anything back from the main server admins so i'll be searching for a new home for wiswrp, at this point im unsure if i can salvage the forum in its current state with the issues. =( but i'll be lookin and testing soon and will report back when i know more.  For now i made a discord server https://discord.gg/eAMsjcv join up and chat and share and hopefully we'll find a new home.

For anyone looking for an account please email wolfie1305@gmail.com with the subject of "WISWRP account" and in the email please include a username. (for anyone previously that emailed me my apologies i've been stupid busy with rl and havn't been able to add you, please resend your email and i'll get you added post haste)

Please visit this link for the rules of conduct for this site. .http://wiswrp.pregfur.org/Forum2/index.php?topic=2624.0

If you would like to be have a gallery or access to the adult stuff, visit your profile and mouse over modify profile, then click on group membership and petition for the group you wish join.

For new signup members, please don't use throwaway email places, we don't spam people.

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Author Topic: Site Rules, Please read.  (Read 23085 times)

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Site Rules, Please read.
« on: October 10, 2009, 04:12:22 pm »

1.No character portrayed here shall be under the age of 13 if depicted in a sexual manner as in being physically pregnant (though this doesn’t apply to a younger character fantasizing about herself older and pregnant as well as in the “Dark” section of the forums which are adult only and to view you must have approval from an admin)  Also please mark your posts accordingly in the subject as to wether they are clean or adult on nature.

2.There is no size limit for pregnant females or males; any size pregnancy from 1 child to limitless is welcome, though non pregnant pictures are quite welcome. And are encourgaged, though if you wish to show off other types of expansion please in your gallery make an “Off Topic” section for them, as there is one already in the forum.

3.There is no restriction saying that the subject matter must be furry, they can be any race of creature the artist or story writer deems they wish to write about.

4.There shall not be any flame wars and conduct outside of wiswrp will affect your allowance to be on this site. Such as harassing people that are on this site on another of there sites such as FA or DA.

5.Be kind and supportive to all artists regardless of there skill or fame, ie no fanboyisms.

6.Please above all else, enjoy our world and be kind to everyone here.

7.The mods shall not take anyone's side and must remain neutral in fights between forum members, even if they are your friend, ultimate judgment will be overseen by Wolfie the site admin.

8.Please report any forum violations you see, and keep an eye out for spammers.

9.If there is an ongoing RP please PM the people involved with it if you’d like to join in.   Unless it’s a private RP between a few people as such please mark your RP thread as private.

10.There is a section dedicated for you people that want to draw other types of expansion and share them with us it’s called “Off Topic” please don’t be afraid to post your other expansion related themes there or anything else you find entertaining around the nets.
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