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Author Topic: New Dragoness Queen  (Read 6689 times)

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New Dragoness Queen
« on: January 01, 2008, 04:15:39 pm »

This one character i had made up a while ago to use for something but i decided to use it here

Name: Jade
Likes:inflation, cock vore, unbirth, and being really pregnant

Jade is a very gifted dragon. Why most ask? Well she is the new Queen of dragons. With that said i move on to description.

Jade is a green scaled dragon with a Jade stone encrusted in her forehead. She has two pairs of DD cup breasts but can combine the pair into a single pair of HH cup breasts. She actually knows a special type of sex but is usually used with lovers for it is quite painful but worth the pain for it is useful for constant sex. She really enjoys inflation of her breasts getting more pairs of breasts (via holes under her second pair of breasts by cum) as well as being really pregnant and as well as pregnancy expansion. There is a hole at the base of hir tail that allows hir to be impregnated by non dragons as well.

Though she may be a bit distant at times due to have not seen her long lost brother in years she might be willing to tell you more if you get lose enough to her feelings. Though after many months of sorrow and loneliness she has all but abandoned her queenly duties for a more simple life. Even then she still makes a living by living near her half-sister and works as a mechanic on some days others you can find her on the old starlit hill underneath the cherry blossom tree. still a full time spell caster she loves books of all kinds and is rarely seen without one these days.


Breast Size:GG
Likes:Unbirth, Vore(and being vored), Cock vore(same as vore), Dual Pregnancy
  Sabre is a rare species of dragon. because of that shi is loved by many people and loves sex. the breast number is that of a regular taur but with standard dragon chest 2 pair. Sabre is a type who is hardly discouraged and is usually happy. an aquaintance to Jade but has never met her in person she lived by herself most of her life.


Species: Dragon (anthro)
Sex: Female (but can be herm)
Breast #: 2
Breast Size: H
Likes: Unbirth and Pregnancy.

  Tala originally lived a normal life but it was changed as she became hyper fertile and her womb bottomless. able to carry anything inside her womb with ease she manages to live out her life in public. yet everyone seems to stare at her as her heat scent is so strong it can attract anything. able to manage a pregnancy with at least 4 dozen or more she can be considered quite the mate and breeder. a cousin to Jade's brother he visits her often to help her out throughout 3/4ths of the year. she tolerates rudeness much to a higher scale so she doesn't mind being forcefully approached. a size changer at times she can impress anyone. ironically her breasts also serve as wombs.
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