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NOTICE: I believe something is wrong with the database and is causing login issues, apologies for taking so long to update this, i left an email with the server admin and am waiting to hear back.

For anyone looking for an account please email wolfie1305@gmail.com with the subject of "WISWRP account" and in the email please include a username. (for anyone previously that emailed me my apologies i've been stupid busy with rl and havn't been able to add you, please resend your email and i'll get you added post haste)

Please visit this link for the rules of conduct for this site. .http://wiswrp.pregfur.org/Forum2/index.php?topic=2624.0

If you would like to be have a gallery or access to the adult stuff, visit your profile and mouse over modify profile, then click on group membership and petition for the group you wish join.

For new signup members, please don't use throwaway email places, we don't spam people.


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