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For anyone looking for an account please email wolfie1305@gmail.com with the subject of "WISWRP account" and in the email please include a username. (for anyone previously that emailed me my apologies i've been stupid busy with rl and havn't been able to add you, please resend your email and i'll get you added post haste)

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General Chat / Re: at long last
« on: November 27, 2017, 12:07:35 pm »
Yeh, i think i found the issue, i still had the OLD forum on the server and it for some reason was causing an absolute assload of errors so i did some finagling.
also had to do a complete redirect. It seems that prior cookies had the old info too it seems

General Chat / at long last
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:26:53 am »
no more database errors! I can finally view this place again!

General Chat / Re: Been a while...
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:37:13 pm »
well, it's a bit quiet here. Would suggest to open a branch on F-Chat if need be (but apparently they can't request new groups atm >_<)

General Chat / Re: FA got hit hard...
« on: May 26, 2016, 07:17:09 am »
Here is my summary of what happened, as I posted it in my FA journal.
* Someone used an exploit a while back to secretly download the entire source code of FA.

* That source code was handed out to shady individuals on usb drives at a convention.

* Someone used that code to hack into FA and just start deleting EVERYTHING (excluding notes and journals, I think).

* FA noticed and shut it all down.

* Over the following week, FA did damage control and began fixing holes, updating security and restoring from the last backup ... which meant almost a week of uploads and activity was lost.

* Recognizing that the attack gave the hackers access to EVERYONES passwords, FA forced all passwords to reset.

* Anyone who no longer has access to the email they registered with (the users fault) was unable to reset their password.  Many are locked out of their accounts as a result.

* Users who lost their accounts simply created new ones, and immediately started re-watching their favorite artists, resulting in watch-floods for many artists.

* Like EVERY time there is any trouble, Hundreds of users have chosen to react by throwing tantrums and moving to a different site.

... and that basically is what happened.

Well I was the latter with an old dated email that's now not in use since 07, buut..I didn't throw a fit. I just contacted the admins and fixed everything. Though some do throw a fit over that stuff

General Chat / FA got hit hard...
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:43:43 pm »
for those who need a catch up, apparently FA was hit hard to where it compromised account data. To combat this they've reset passwords (which seemed to hit people hard as some emails are corrupted or like myself, the email tied to the FA account was dated). Just giving an FYI in case people haven't been caught up

Off Topic / Re: Some Non-Preg Pics
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:41:13 pm »
interesting to see non-preg art made by you

General Chat / Re: The Big 1-0!
« on: May 18, 2016, 05:09:46 pm »
Hey, Red! Welcome back!

Unfortunately, with the rise of FurAffinity, it just seemed more convenient to go to that site for stuff over here.  There's also some pregnancy interest on deviantart, but I don't follow that area much.

I haven't really figured out what we can do here to get people active here again.  I know Satsumalord had a wonderful series exclusive here for a while, but I'm not sure simply having work here only is best.
and with the rise of Skype and F-Chat/F-List you got Rpers that have better alternatives

I'm up for anything (just no bodily waste or gore) and hopefully we can get something of a plot instead of the "endless orgy" stuff

General Chat / Happy Mother's Day
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:28:16 am »
hope you're spending time with your mothers, grandmothers (and some mothers to be) this sunday

Links / Re: Patreons and Such :P
« on: April 29, 2015, 02:06:54 pm »
at least it's better than option B

Art / Re: Quick! To the Bounti-Signal!
« on: April 17, 2015, 08:26:30 am »
o_o * Rala whistles as she prepares he newest weapon against the bountiful heroine. The Boom Bot, while holding a David Bowie disk*

Art / Re: For the Egg hunts
« on: April 07, 2015, 05:28:01 am »
A Xenomorph Queen, heh. Incoming Yakov joke in 5....

Art / Re: Diane's Buffet Belly
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:18:24 am »
well..it is a food baby X3

General Chat / Re: Late night stupid qeustion
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:39:09 pm »
hope he matured

Roleplay / Re: The Technologic Wars (Actual RP)
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:42:48 am »
Nomulokud-Traggian Listening Post

The Raven continued to inspect as he then notices the power throughout the entire area seemed a bit off as the Raven explains. "you said this palce is automated?"

"Yes", Mira replies to Llednar

"When was the last time it was used?", He asks

"What are you insisting?", The Traggian asks via communicator, "This place was set to automotive once it was set up. If you're seeing terminals, it was made for any future repairs. Sadly..we can't design terminals for the Shi'ry's hands while remaining traggian friendly"

"Well that's just-wait..I'm picking up movement", Llednar replies as his armor's HUD began to pick up various movement

"Probably a rat", Mira replies

"Does our rat produce electrical feedback?", Llednar asks, "as well as having spike nodes on it's hands and feet?"

"How do you know that?", Mira asks

"Because it's right behind me", The Raven replies as he is tackled by his assailant. It was an Avarian being no doubt, but it's appearance and mobility looked morbid. "The beings legs looked more like claws forming prongs from elongated needles. It's hands were similar, only that they had a row of needle sharp fingers that when folded, became a single blade." The creature scrapes its prongs and claws as it attacks The Raven. He began to use his armor to block, only for the right plating to be cleaved.


Llednar winced but realized the damage wasn't enough to cause any physical damage under the armor.

"This thing isn't playing around..", Llednar replies, "Computer, activate Sonic Jammer"

With that, a backpack sized device activated and began to vibrate heavily. For a brief moment, the assailant's view ( http://youtu.be/GLVdkgwbHdc?t=1m4s ) as Llednar began to power up his melee weapon, an E-Scythe as he sweeps the now disorientated being across its abdomen. Mechanical fluid, sinew and chunks of metal splayed over the floor. Once the target's function ceased, Llednar turned off the Sonic Jammer and was greeted by a cacophonic yelling by Mira.

"Llednar?! Is that you?! I lost communications upon-", Mira replies in agitation as Llednar explains to the Traggian

"Sorry..had to use the Sonic Jammer", He replies, "Stuff will knock out all signals and UI feed. It also has a negative effect on psyonic beings like Traggians or Acheronites"

"Figures much", she begins to inspect the feed of the now split Cyber Dancer

"A Cyber Dancer..it's been here for a while..", Mira replies

"How do you know?", Llednar asks

"There's rust on some of her implants and signs of organic aging on her skin". Mira explains, "We know the source of the problem, an old unit carrying out objectives. Head back to the city, I'll inform the Emperor on the listening post"

"Roger that..returning back to the city", Llednar replies as he heads back to the entrance of the Listening Post. The Raven activates the Gargoyle's flight module and returns back to the city

City Streets

Just as Bit was about to head out, he bumped his hand onto a cracked piece of wall in the bar's bathroom. He turned around in surprise to notice that one of the toilets pulled away from the wall to expose a hidden passageway.

"that's odd", Bit replies as his intention has him walking down this new passageway. Once he got midway, the path behind him closed up as quickly as he found it.

"Looks like it's a one way trip", Bit sighs as he continues his exploration. The entire area resembled old catacombs and passageways that probably were either old burial grounds, an ancient waterway or perhaps a mix of both. To Bit however, it stunk like hell as he explored this vast network of tunnels. The Kiralin spotted a fresh trail of footprints, knowing that it had to be that mysterious guy he saw, Bit began to follow them until he reached a location that was off. He began to spot that the walls and floor began to resemble more mechanical apparatuses.

"Now I definitely know this wasn't part of their design", Bit replies, "Something is way off"

As he inspect the area, he reached another part of the tunnel, or what looked like it. He would see various shi'rhii as well as Avarian units locked onto large wall nodes that were charging them and keeping them sustained. The shi'rhii attached to the walls varied in age and gender as they remained motionless. Bit would notice some were in transition or if not..fully converted into Cog units.

"butchering the folks under their nose..", Bit replies, "Have to give the robot chickens a pat on the back". However, just as Began to ponder on how they did it. A Shi'rhii child, being no older than 12 years old, began to wake up and turn toward his location.

"Shit!", The kiralin replies as he is about to reach his pistol as his attention would turn to the rest around them. Each of the Shi'Rhii Cogs began to wake and prepare. Each of them reporting in a monotone-like reply, "Initiating Directorate code 9"

Each of them began to march from the room to sewer openings, runoffs and other locations.

"I gotta warn them", Bit replies as he heads out of the room to find an entrance to warn the group


Avalon looks at Adinn and replies back to her, "If that's how you entertain yourself Miss, then I should take you to an Alsaurian Beast Fight. Much more interesting than watching others bicker like barflies"

Choujin would be surprised by Avalon's response and sharp tongue, "I thought royalty were blue blood and well mannered"

"I'm not that kind of royalty", Avalon replies, "In fact, I think my Advisor replied that i'm 'the first Emperor that doesn't sit at his throne'"

With the notification of the dinner the remaining group was a bit ecstatic, mostly Avalon.

"You seem happy about this", Anthony asks Avalon

"Well, I want to know one rumor that I've heard everyone claim. If their Souffle is the best in the galaxy", Avalon replies, "besides, I've traveled across the galaxy and sampled various things. Trust me, between Selachii Wine and Relian Crepes, only thing you should worry is this: Are you levo or dextro."

Once they arrived to the dinning room, as Choujin did feel like a child in his feeding chair while Avalon didn't seem phased by the design nor was he phased by the entire show, though just as he was about to eat his meal, he would be shocked by the entire thing of the food being poisoned. Choujin was about to interject, only for Avalon to psychically tell him, "A wise person knows not to get in between a sibling's conflict, especially those of royalty"

Once Adinn got the whole ordeal down, Avalon began to explain to the duchess, "You may be armed but against the avarians, it's like a temporary respite. I should know, my people were at war with them. The various other species had the same thing what you said..they may beat back a scouting force but when the main Avarian forces"

"Scouting forces?", Anthony asks, "But the Danakar fought-"

"The equivalent of what folks will throw out as a scouting force", Avalon replied, "They expect a scouting force to work out against them, but not so well"

"He turns his attention back to the duchess, "But if you think your races are up against any storm..then in the human saying, 'you're betting on the wrong horse' "

Meanwhile, as Avalon gave his warning, several of the guards might notice a fellow Shi'rhii walking about aimlessly. One began to notice from a distance it was someone familiar.

"Jorvan?", one guard replies, "Are you already intoxicated..". he walked up and swore he noticed something was off about "Jorvan".

"Well c'mon, we'll get you-", the guard replies as the Shi'rhii replies in a mechanical voice, "Hostile unit identified"

In one fluid movement, the guard took a blast to the gut. The Other guard freaked out and pulled out his weapon against the Cog. Only for him to be killed by another Shi'rhii cog. Like a sudden fly swarm, the Shi'hrii and Avarian cogs began to emerge out of every manhole and sewer opening as the lot of the guards and civilians were caught off guard and began to scream. The group at the dinning room might hear a loud explosion outside followed by screaming. Avalon would hear something from his communication.

"Emperor, the listening post was sabotaged by an Avarian Cyber Dancer", Mira replies.

"so that's why we lost it..we got a problem", Avalon replies, "Seems there's a commotion outside"

Mira quietly begins to do a scan around the area nd replies, "We got a big problem..according to the scanners. We got Avarians!"


Thallie and Lyranna found themselves wisked away as the creature began to continue its march up onto the area. The Machine's large transport arrived first over the area and began to launch metallic orbs that behaved like a rubbery liquid metal that would splash on each fleeing Alibian. Those splashed found themselves being dragged into the Transport's holding bay, and with it's large size to transport the golem continued its robotic harvest.

Triclaw noticed that the golem was getting close as he then gives the order to Vindok

"Give the orders to the Viper squadron, Fire on that golem and try to keep it from reaching the top city", Triclaw commanded

"What about the transport?", Vindok asks

"Once we push the golem from the tree, try to knock it out of commission. Do not destroy that transport unless you want the Alibians to die", Triclaw warns

"yes war chief", the lieutenant replies as he begins to give the order via his communicator, "Gar'don Selak. Woer Bahamutuo" *Kill the Golem. For Bahamut!"

Edwin watches the whole ordeal as he notices one of the female Alibians was gunked by the metallic.

"Hold on!", Edwin replies as he tries to wipe the stuff off of her. The gunk would stick to his hands. While in the distance, a 5 man squadron of Alsaurian Vipers began their flight trajectory onto the Golem

"Target in sight", the lead pilot said, "All troops, aim for the joints and open fire!"

The Vipers unleashed the first wave onto the Golem with a form of projectiles from the Viper. There was some physical damage but no form of slowing it down.

"Gar'dok!", cursed the squad leader, "Make another pass and aim for those joints on the golem!"

Lyranna was in literal awe over the notion of StarGlaives as turned to the young alibian and asks, "Your ancestors held onto this technology and yet you never used them?"

Thallie began to glance over as Lyranna was surprised and a bit of anger, "Why didn't anyone report this? If this was it, then this would have been secured"

Charlotte looks at the Acheronite, "Secured? Why's that?"

"StarGlaives have been classified by Division 9 as a-", Lyranna's voice was interrupted as V got into one of the StarGlaves and began to work on getting it operational.

"I hate to break it to you, Lyranna, but we are in need of these to beat the Avarians", Charlotte replies

"and why?", The acheronite looks at her

"They don't know about these things", Charlotte replies, "Why are you so worried about the StarGlaives being used by us?"

The Acheronite sighs, "Tech like this gets me worried about if the Avarians might try to replicate them."

Thallie asks Lyranna, "Replicating the Starglaives?"

The amazon nods quietly but continues to watch the ordeal. Charlotte asks V, "anything we can do to help out?"


While the lot of the group began to tend to refurbishing and tending to the lot of things, A traggian officer began to check up on the repairs by the Mallovians as he asks, "hey, is there anything you need for your repairs or assistance? We can lend you some of the mining lasers? We've began to use these but only a few of our ships have them"

while back in the medical bay, TERYX began to return back to her research onto the files provided by Calypso. To a person, a file would just be a regular file. However, for TERYX, it was a large library like structure. She began to read the tidbits of information provided. Most of it simply explained genetic blood structures of all the biomechs provided. She compared them to the dead Avarian from the med bay.

"If it wasn't for the avarian structure, they would be a complete duplicate", TERYX replies. "Still..it is surprising that humans manufactured these beings with-hello.."

The construct noticed a part of the file that was "Sealed off". To her, it resembled a massive blast door with a force field around it.

"So Calypso wasn't kidding about the systems. Pretty impressive", TERYX said to herself. She began to test the defense by creating a packet of "Junk" file to be sent through the defenses. Only for them to be de-ressed upon contact with the "force field"

"well, that changes everything", TERYX replies as she begins to bring her programs. Her variant of programs included things from data searching, transferring, but one of her favorites happened to be one she called "The Breaker".

"Never had to use this in a long time", TERYX replies as she activates The Breaker program. The breaker program wansn't some monstrous object but rather a discus sized object that hovered over the door to unauthorized area. Once in its position, the outer middle and center parts of this disc began to spin in opposite directions as it started to get to work on breaking any defenses. With that set, the Construct went back to work on other systems aboard the Wotan.

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