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Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on April 24, 2004, 04:10:25 am
Given the slow, agonizing death of my scanner, I decided to do a story instead.  Lemme know what you guys and gals think.

Children of the Ancients

     Masha dried her pregnant body off as best she could after finding shelter from the storm.  As the young viger removed her soaked clothing, more rags than anything, she looked about her newfound shelter.  It seemed to be some kind of ruins, but all the angles were wrong.  Everything seemed to be built on a slope.  She used a root that had grown inside the entrance to hang what was left of her clothing on, then sat against a ledge and smoothed the white fur on her belly.  She sighed as she thought about the state she was in   Not many cross-breeds could get pregnant while they were already pregnant.  In fact, the only ones she knew of were her sister Mara and herself.  Both she and her sister would ovulate every time they orgasmed, which had led to her current multiple pregnancies.   After giving in to her urges with a large wolf, she had found herself pregnant with twins.  Then after giving in a second time when she was a month along, she found herself pregnant with a second set of twins.  Their father was a large tiger, so they would probably be fairly large as well.  But it was her third lover's offspring that were troubling her the most.  It had been about two months since she and her sister had gotten pregnant by a large chakat herm, and the healers had told them both that they were going to have twins.   She was only five months along with the first set, but her belly appeared roughly seven months pregnant due to the number inside, and she still had four months to go.

"Three sets of twins…."  She mused to herself as she rested against the wall.   "I'm going to be huge."

She looked outside and saw that the storm was only getting worse.  Shaking her head at the weather, Masha rose to her feet and began to explore her shelter.  Everything that wasn't covered in debris and dirt seemed to be made from some strange metal.  As she ventured around one of the corners, the dirt floor sloped down into the darkness and seemed to go to another level.

"There could be a whole ancient building down there."  Masha said to herself as she carefully began to pick her way down the slope.  

As she lowered herself down the slope, the dirt and vines that she was using for support broke free and began to slide.  Masha yelped in surprise as the whole slope collapsed, taking her with it into the darkness below.   After sliding a fair distance, she came to an abrupt stop at the bottom of the shaft.  

"Ouch!"  She said as she rose awkwardly to her feet.  "That didn't feel good."

Masha could barely see in the dust and darkness that had swallowed her.  She checked herself for any injuries as best she could, then looked back up the slope to where she had been.  It was a fairly long climb and the floor appeared to be more of the strange metal.  It had some texture to it, but not enough to really get a grip on.  She tried to dig her claws into some of the grooves, but that didn't seem promising either.

"Terrific… now what do I do…."

As she leaned against the wall to rest for a moment, she heard a whirring sound and something began to shift behind her.  She turned around to see a door of some sort disappearing into the wall.   There were lights flickering inside and what looked like writing on some of the walls.  Masha slowly stepped into the doorway and looked into the room.  Like the level above, it was all built at an angle, and the floor was at the same angle as the slope she had just slid down, making it really hard to climb safely.  Still, the lights and strange pictures were really interesting looking.  

"Maybe I can slip down to the other side."  She thought out loud as she sat and lowered her legs through the opening.

She carefully positioned herself on the slope and slipped down to the floor of the room.  There were strange lights arranged in linear patterns beside what looked like a window, only she couldn't see anything through it.  As she touched one of the lights with her finger, the window lit up.  After a moment an image began to form in the window, but it was too distorted to make out.

"This must be some kind of scrying device!"  Masha said to herself with excitement as she looked at more of the illuminated symbols.  "Maybe I can make it work…."

She began to touch each glowing symbol with her finger, waiting for a result from each.  After touching over half of them with no result, she began to feel a bit disappointed.  Then, as she touched the next symbol, another section of the floor slid away, and a small, strange looking bed began to emerge.  After it stopped moving, Masha moved over to inspect it.  The bed seemed odd, more like a chair that had been laid on it's back.  Masha then took a careful step back and looked around at her surrounding again.  This whole place wasn't built at an angle.  It was something that had once been a normal structure, but was now partially sunken at an angle.  

"That's why it was made out of metal…."  She mused to herself as she looked at everything around her with new understanding.  "Otherwise it would have fallen apart…."

She turned her attention back to the chair-bed and started examining it.  There seemed to be a set of flickering symbols on it as well.  She touched a few of them without any apparent effect.  Then as she touched one of the larger symbols, a small panel whispered open on the front of the seat portion.  A rather phallic shaped device moved silently out of the exposed area and locked into position.  Masha burst into laughter.

"A sex chair!"  She laughed, thinking about how strange it seemed to have a pleasure device in this odd chamber.  "I wasn't expecting that."

As she looked at the mechanical member the chair now sported, she began thinking about how it compared with a few of her former lovers.  As the thoughts of her trysts with them raced through her head, Masha found herself becoming quite aroused.  She looked around as though someone may voice their disapproval, then shrugged off the thought and laid down in the chair.  She spread her legs and tried to position herself correctly with the device, but it was angled all wrong.  Masha then levered herself up and flipped over so that she was straddling the chair with her swollen belly roughly six inches off the seat's back.  She then aligned her sex with the device and began to guide it inside her.

"Mmmmm…."  She purred to herself as she realized the metal shaft was already warm.

Soon she had the whole length of the shaft inside her.  To her surprise, the shaft slowly started to thrust into her, causing her to quiver with arousal.  Her nipples stiffened and began to slowly leak as the sensations from her wet cunny grew.  Across the chamber from Masha, a panel illuminated and it's display whitened.
After a few minutes of the machine thrusting into her, Masha felt the familiar tingling sensation from her sides as her ovaries prepared to release into her already crowded uterus.  A strange purple light washed over her from the panel across the room.  The shaft began to vibrate as it continued to thrust into her, causing her to arch her back and quiver.

"Ooohhh……..Mmm…..Mmmmore."  Masha panted as the chair continued to fuck her.

Suddenly the shaft gave her a series of mild electric jolts, sending her over the edge.  Masha climaxed harder than she had ever experienced before.  The sensation was overwhelming.  She gasped and spasmed as the chair continued to prolong the orgasm.  Her ovaries let loose as the mind numbing orgasm shook her to the core.  The panel behind her flickered for a moment, then the light changed from purple to blue.  Masha could feel a strange pressure growing in her pregnant belly.  As the orgasm began to subside, she could feel her breasts begin to tingle and burn from within as they bounced against the top of her distended belly.  Masha trembled as the chair began to slow it's thrusts.  Then, just as she thought the shaft was going to stop, a window above the chair flickered to life.  It was displaying an image of the chair with several areas colored red.  Masha heard a series of shrill chirps from the chair.  Then, to her dismay, the shaft began to thrust harder again.  

"Ungh!    Ungh!   Ungh!"  Masha grunted as the shaft fucked her harder and began to vibrate.  "Oh!  …….oh gods…"

The shaft continued to thrust into her, causing her to feel her ovaries tingle again.  Then the shaft again jolted her into orgasm with a series of mild electric shocks.  Again her ovaries released as the second massive orgasm caused her to shudder and twitch.  Masha was sweating with exertion as the shaft prolonged her climax, causing her to cry out in sheer ecstasy.

"OH GODDESSSSSSSS!!!!"  She cried as the pressure in her pregnant belly increased.  

Her belly felt incredibly tight and her breasts were tingling and burning intensely as the chair began to slow it's thrusts.   She tried to pull herself off the shaft as it began to slow it's mechanical thrusting, but her muscles were already tired from holding herself in place for the shaft.  As she tried to gain a foothold to push herself off the large shaft impaling her sex, the chair began to chirp again.  She extended her toe claws, trying to get a grip on the smooth floor and force herself off the shaft as it began to fuck her again.

"OH GODS!!!" Masha cried out as the shaft pistoned in and out of her, stopping any further attempts to climb off.

The young viger moaned as the chair thrust the phallic device deep inside her, again and again.  As the shaft reached it's maximum thrusting speed, it once again began to vibrate.  Masha's sides tingled again as her ovaries prepared to release yet another set of eggs into her swollen belly.  The chair continued to pump the shaft into her, finally sending out another series of mild electric pulses.  Masha convulsed as she climaxed even harder.  

"UNGH!!!!   UNGH!!!!    OH!! "  She cried as her muscles spasmed in time with the chair's thrusts.

Again she could feel the pressure inside her pregnant belly increase, and again she could feel her bouncing breasts burning intensely.  Masha panted and huffed as the chair slowed again.  She feebly tried to remove herself from the chair, but she was too weakened and the material around her too smooth.  As she brushed her sweat soaked hair away from her short muzzle, the chair chirped again.

"Oh gods…….."  Masha said weakly as the shaft again began to move in and out of her sex.  

The whole routine repeated itself yet again, weakening Masha even further as she climaxed yet another mind numbing time.  Again she felt the pressure increase within her belly, causing her to moan with ecstasy.  She could now feel the chair rubbing against her distended belly.  The fleeting thought that she hadn't been big enough to rub against the seat's back when she started crossed her mind for an instant, but was quickly washed away as the chair chirped and started fucking her again.  Again the chair brought her to an exhausting orgasm.  And again she felt the pressure increase within her.  Her breasts were soaked with sweat and were tingling and burning even worse.  She managed to get a glimpse of her chest in the dim light and gasped.  Her breasts had grown from a perky forty double D to a huge fifty plus triple F.  She could see milk dripping from her rock hard nipples as her breasts were rocked by the shaft's thrusts.  Again the chair fucked her to climax, and again.  It was becoming uncomfortable to have her belly pressed so hard against the back of the chair.  Again she climaxed on the seat, feeling the pressure inside her belly increase to an unbelievable level.  As she touched the side of her belly, it felt hard as a rock and seemed to be much bigger than her sex fogged mind remembered.  The chair brought her to orgasm yet another time, increasing the pressure inside her yet again.  Now her belly felt as though it would burst and was causing her to lift away from the rear of the seat, working her slowly off the shaft.   Masha summoned the remainder of her strength and pulled herself forward, rocking on her belly against the rear of the seat.  As the shaft began to vibrate yet again, she managed to maneuver herself off it, immediately rolling off the chair and onto the sloped floor.  She lay on the floor in a sex fogged, half conscious state for over an hour, breathing as deeply as her crowded lungs would allow.  Eventually, exhaustion claimed her and she slept.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Zephr on April 24, 2004, 09:20:57 am
Intersting story.  Will there be more to this?  It might be a while to get out of there  :wink: .
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on April 24, 2004, 10:31:13 am
I should have mentioned that this is just the portion I have done so far.  Sorry about that.  More to come fairly soon.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Marl on April 24, 2004, 11:47:24 am
Well, considering it sounds like the poor viger isn't going to be able to hold all that... and I really hope something happens to help her with that... this story is really kewl.

I don't see too many that end with her being ready to pop and yet the description of her swelling etc is still good enough for me to find it arousing, lol... in this case she does enjoy it eh? ;)

Not that I'll like the next bit if she does burst... I feel sorry for her and her young just thinking about it... but yeah, very nicely written. Keep up the good work eh? ;)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on April 25, 2004, 11:24:08 am
I'm glad you like it.  And not to worry, I have no plans for her to burst (though she may feel like she could).  There is quite a bit more in store for her as the storyline continues.  You'll also get to meet her sister, Mara, as well as a few other characters.  Hope you guys find it entertaining.  I'm going to continue to post the updates here in this thread so stay tuned.

Title: and now, back to our program.....
Post by: Amenshawn on April 25, 2004, 01:30:56 pm
back to the story......

Masha woke up and put a hand to her head, trying to remember what had happened to her.  As she tried to sit up, she found that it was much more difficult that she remembered.  As she placed a hand on her pregnant belly, the last few hours all raced through her mind.  Her belly was much larger than it had been, now looking nearly ten months along with twins.  She then lifted her huge, sensitive breasts, causing milk to leak from her still hard nipples.

"Oh gods!  My cubs!"  Masha whispered as she began to panic.  

Her belly had doubled in size.  How was this going to affect her unborn cubs?  She had to get to a healer, and soon.  She tried to stand as carefully as she could manage, slowly rising into a standing position.  Her center of gravity had shifted a great deal and her balance seemed to be eluding her.  She fought against the growing fear and tried to concentrate on getting back to the village.  Masha began to look for a way to climb back to the door of the room.  After a few attempts, she managed to pull herself up the slope using some of the protruding banks of lights for hand and foot holds.  She finally pulled her trembling body through the door and collapsed at the bottom of the slope.  As she lay there trying to get her breath, she felt a familiar kicking from within.  She quickly placed a hand on her huge belly.

"Oh little ones…….." Masha panted as tears began to well in her eyes.  "Please be alright.  Please…."

After she regained a bit of strength, the young viger began to search for a way up the slope to where she had entered this strange place.  Now that all the dust from her initial drop had settled, she could make out a series of depressions along both sides of the slope that she might be able to use to climb back up, but they were fairly far apart.  She reached for the first hand hold, but it was out of range.  She had lost any semblance of agility, and couldn't jump the required distance to grab it.  She sat again and tried to stop herself from trembling so hard, but it was no use.  It had been hours since she ate last and she was exhausted from her experience with the chair.  Not to mention her milk production was in overdrive and was draining her body of resources.   Masha leaned over and looked back through the doorway to the room and scanned to upper wall for anything she may have missed earlier.  She saw more of the flickering lights, but no apparent means of escape.  

"I can't just give up and sit here.  I need to get back to the village."  

She stood again and searched the walls for another door, eventually finding a medium sized panel that came off as she pulled on it.  Behind the panel was a small crawlspace that ran parallel to the main passage she was in.  It was also lined with pipes and metal ropes.  Masha looked at the size of the opening, and then looked at the size of her belly.  It would be a tight fit, but if she could manage to get into the crawlspace, she could use all the pipes as something to hold onto for climbing.  She lay down and worked her shoulders through the opening.  She gripped some of the metal ropes and pulled herself further inside the small space.  As she attempted to slide in further, her huge belly wedged in the rectangular opening, throwing her into a short panic attack.  She struggled for a moment, then rolled onto one side, freeing her overcrowded belly from the restricting opening.  Masha then pulled herself completely inside the crawlspace and began to ascend the slope as best she could.  After roughly an hour of exhausting climbing, she reached what appeared to be another panel.  To her relief it fell away after just one kick.  She looked through the opening and found that she was back in the chamber where she'd originally left her clothing.  She struggled out of the small opening and lay in the floor of the chamber, breathing heavily.  After a short while she dragged herself to her feet and stumbled over to the exit.  She took a few seconds to pull on her damp garments, none of which really covered her anymore, and started out into the rain.  


     Mara had been searching for her sister for hours now, and was becoming more and more worried as the minutes passed.  She paused to rest against a large boulder, using it to provide a small measure of protection from the wind.  The storm was still raging, with the sky beginning to change to a strange shade of green.  She placed a hand under her belly as the cubs inside her moved about.  It was getting hard to move around with her triplets a month from birth, not to mention the twin chakats that were two months along.  Her sister had better have a good reason for making her worry so much.  She pulled her tattered poncho tighter and moved back out onto the trail, fighting to keep her balance against the gusts.  

"MASHA!"  She yelled, hoping her sister could hear her over the thunder and wind.  "Damn it, where are you…"  

Mara began to pick her way down a small ravine that she knew Masha used as a shortcut.  As she slowly worked her way to the bottom, she lost her footing on the wet slope and slipped into the small stream at the bottom.  As she fought against the current to stand up, she noticed she wasn't alone.  Standing at the stream's edge were several armored figures.

"Well, that didn't take long."  Said a huge, menacing looking, ram horned wolf.  " I told you she'd be easy to find."

"She wandered right into us.  Of course it was easy!"  Said a muscular boar as he stalked into the stream and grabbed Mara by the arm.

"Are you certain she's the right female?"  Asked a tall, muscular wolf with raccoon markings.

"Let's see Talon."  Said the huge wolfram.  "She's a vixen, tiger cross, about five foot eleven who happens to be…"  he grabbed the front of Mara's poncho with both hands and ripped the material apart, revealing her milk heavy forty four inch chest and extremely gravid belly,  "very pregnant.  Indeed, I think we have who we're looking for."

"Rashelle will be pleased, ay Kaden?"  Said the boar as he leered at Mara.  "But I am disappointed that we didn't get to search her village first."

"Don't you mean pillage, K'Nor?"  Asked Talon with a hint of disdain in his voice.

K'Nor turned toward Talon and placed a hand on the hilt of his cleaver.  As his attention wandered, Mara, who had been almost petrified by the situation, slashed him across the face with her claws.  As K'Nor recoiled and grabbed his wounded face, Mara tried to make it to the other side of the stream and escape.  Before she could make it more than a few strides, the wolfram grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her roughly into the water.  

"I like her.  Not only does she have spirit, but she's improved your looks K'Nor."  Kaden said as he grabbed Mara by both arms and pulled her out of the stream.  

"LET ME GO!"  Mara shouted as she was held, snarling at Kaden.

"I like her indeed." The wolfram chuckled.

K'Nor pulled his cleaver and turned toward Mara, the blood on his face mixing with the rain.  

"I'm gonna return the favor."  He snorted angrily as he approached her.

"No.  You won't."  Said Kaden as he pulled Mara away from the enraged boar.  "We're to deliver her safely to Rashelle.  Another step and you may find young Talon's arrow somewhere unpleasant.  At least he seems to remember our orders, and it is your own fault for letting your guard down."

K'Nor turned and looked at Talon, who had an arrow knocked and drawn.   The boar then looked back at Kaden, who was still holding Mara up out of the water.  K'Nor then wiped his face with his empty hand and spat in Mara's direction.  Kaden laughed as the boar stalked out of the stream and gave Talon an evil look.

"Now then, let's deliver our ripe little prize to our employer."  Kaden said as he tore the remainder of Mara's tattered poncho away, leaving her topless in the rain.  "Shame you're off limits."  He said as he looked her over.  "Talon, bind her arms."

Kaden hauled Mara out of the stream and onto the bank in front of Talon.  The wolfcoon then bound her arms behind her.  Kaden then tied a length of rope around her midsection, just below her engorged breasts.  

"Please.  Please let me go."  Mara begged, getting their attention on her face so she could cover her bindings momentarily with her tail, long enough to examine them with her fingertips.  "Why do you want me?"

"It's not you we're after my pretty."  Kaden said as he looked into her eyes, then down at her pregnant belly.  "It's those you carry within you that Rashelle wants."

Mara snarled at the thought of anyone wanting to harm her unborn cubs.  Kaden turned and pulled her along behind as Talon and a seething K'Nor followed.  


Masha had been walking for what felt like hours through the downpour.  Her belly was making it very difficult to maneuver through the dense undergrowth, and she was still shaking from weakness.  As she finally broke through a tangle of branches and emerged by a stream, she recognized where she was.  She felt a wash of relief as she realized that the village was now fairly close.  Then she noticed Mara's poncho snagged on a log jam in the stream.  Masha slid down the stream bank and into the water.  As she picked her sister's poncho up, she saw that it had been torn down the front.  Masha looked around quickly, just catching a glimpse of Mara being led into the forest, a prisoner of three armored figures.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Zephr on April 25, 2004, 10:17:05 pm
Keep it up.  I like it. :D
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on May 07, 2004, 12:17:18 pm
Ever have several projects hit you at once?  Here's hoping I have more time to work on the story this week.  For now though, enjoy this little update.....


The three males led Mara through the stormy woods for over an hour until they came to the cliffs that bordered the forest.  Mara looked about, but couldn't see any way up the towering cliff faces.  

"Welcome to our camp little viger."  Kaden said as he moved aside a large stand of shrubs, revealing a small cave entrance.  "Ladies first."

Kaden guided the heavily pregnant viger inside the cave.  As her eyes quickly adjusted, Mara saw that the cave was fairly large inside, and she could hear water running somewhere nearby.  Kaden guided her over to a large pile of furs and forced her to kneel.

"You may as well lie down and try to rest.  We have a long journey ahead of us."  The wolfram said as he untied the rope beneath her breasts.  As he slid the rope free, he cupped her milk heavy breasts in his hands, lifting them off the shelf of her distended belly.  

"….off limits indeed…."  Kaden said as he turned away from her and began to rummage through a pile of gear stored against the wall.  "K'Nor, get a fire going.  I'm going to contact Rashelle and let her know we've found what she needs."

Talon looked toward the woods near the cave entrance.  Something had been causing his weak othersenses to go off the whole trip back to the cave, but it didn't feel dangerous.  

"I'm going out for a bit."  The wolfcoon said as he started for the entrance.


Masha was panting heavily as she watched the armored figures lead Mara into a small cave.  She dropped to her knees as she tried to think of something she could do to free her sister.   She felt a series of kicks from inside her crowded belly as she shifted into a sitting position.

"We have to help Mara before they do something horrible to her.  Then we can see a healer, I promise."  She said as she moved again to rest against a large tree.  

She felt one of her swollen breasts with her hand as she looked at the cave.  Her breasts had filled out even more as she had followed her sisters captors, reaching the multi G cup range.  They stood out from her body as she leaned against the tree, milk dripping from her hardened nipples.    Masha gently began to pull on her nipples, increasing the flow from a drip to a spray.   She watched in amazement as milk squirted nearly six feet from her engorged breasts.  She continued to milk herself for several minutes, trying to relieve some of the pressure from her huge breasts.  She flushed as she realized that it was arousing her more each time she squeezed one of her over sensitive nipples.  As she continued to milk her huge breasts, she slowly spread her shapely legs, revealing her already wet cunny.  Masha began to rub her moist clitoris with her fingers, slowly increasing speed as the sensations welled within her.  

"Oh ….gods….what am ….. I doing…." She panted as she felt her ovaries begin to tingle.

Masha spasmed against the tree as she climaxed, her ovaries releasing another set of eggs into her massively crowded womb.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself."  Said a voice from beside her, startling her into a sitting position.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on May 11, 2004, 10:00:03 am
A bit more story.  

Talon had followed his othersenses to the edge of the forest about one hundred yards from the cave.  To his surprise, there had been a very pregnant young viger pleasuring herself against a tree.  He looked at her for a moment, watching as she tried to cover herself with the tattered remains of her clothing.  

"Something tells me you're the viger they're looking for, and not the one in the cave."  Talon said as he leaned his bow against the tree.  

"Please.  She's my sister.  She's almost due.  Please let her go."  Masha implored the wolfcoon, who she was finding very appealing at the moment…..   She shook her head, trying to get the sexual thoughts to go away.

"They won't.  She's to be taken to Rashelle.  Something about her unborn cubs being the key to unlocking some ancient weapon.  But, as I said, I think the unborn cubs they're looking for are yours."  Talon said as he removed his cloak.  "Take this.  It'll keep you drier."

"So are you going to give me to them?"  Masha asked as she began to look for some way to get away.

"No.  I'm just trying to kill Rashelle.  Working with Kaden gets me close enough to do it." Talon said as he looked back at the cave.

Masha breathed deeply as Talon wrapped the cloak around her.  His scent was intoxicating, causing her to bite softly on her lip as she immediately grew aroused again.   Why was she thinking like this?  She shook her head again, but the thoughts of bedding him simply would not go away.

"Are you OK?"  Talon asked as he looked back at Masha.

"I'm fine.  Just a little…tired is all."  Masha said as she stepped back against the tree.

"How far along are you?"  Talon asked as he looked her over for a moment, trying to get his othersenses to focus.  

"I'm five months with the first set, four months with the second set and two months with the ……" Masha broke off as she realized that the chair had actually impregnated her several times over, not just filled her with something.   "Oh gods…."

"Definitely the viger they're looking for…" Talon said as he looked about for a moment.  He spotted a cave entrance some distance from where Kaden and K'Nor had the other viger held.   "Which means we need to hide you."


The ghostly dark vixen image walked around the pile of furs that Mara was laying on, looking at her with a mixture of satisfaction and lust.   Behind Rashelle's image loomed all seven feet of Kaden, watching as his mistress looked at her prize.

"Excellent.  You've done well Kaden.  I look forward to rewarding you when you get back."  Rashelle said as she turned to him and cupped one of her large, perfectly shaped breasts.  She then looked back at Mara.  "Now, to ensure that she's ready for the ritual when you get here, her unborn need to be farther along.  Use this on her."  Rashelle gestured to the floor before her and energy flared brightly.  When the light subsided, there was a strange device on the floor.  "A single dose of accelerant should be sufficient.  It will cause the youngest group of fetuses mature more rapidly."

"NO!!"  Mara screamed as she finished cutting the bindings around her arms with her claws.

She gathered her legs beneath her and sprang toward the cave entrance, hoping that she could somehow escape.  K'Nor stepped into her path and half caught her, causing her to fall heavily to the ground.   Mara then rolled and slashed at him with her claws, only to have her forearm caught by Kaden's huge hand.

"Careful with her K'Nor.  You might injure our prize."  Kaden said as he lifted Mara effortlessly and carried her back to Rashelle's apparition.

"She's quite a fighter.  Perhaps this will make her a bit more submissive."  Said the ghostly image of Rashelle.  The image then glowed slightly and touched Mara as she struggled to escape Kaden's grasp.

As the image touched Mara, energy washed over her, causing her to go limp in Kaden's arms.   The wolfram then carried her back to the furs and carefully laid her down.  Kaden then turned to Rashelle's image.

"We should arrive in about two weeks."  He said as he looked the ghostly image over.  "I look forward to my reward."

"Just make certain that she's ready for the ritual."  Rashelle said as she teasingly opened her silky robes fully, letting Kaden see her nude black and blue furred body, then vanished.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Kaden turned to the unconscious viger and rolled her onto her back.  He then tore off her ragged short skirt, tossing it aside.  Kaden then knelt and examined the device, pressing a set of symbols on it with his clawed finger.  The device split and opened, revealing a container of fluid about the size of a grapefruit.  The device then extended a long, phallic section, as well as a set of controls.  Kaden chuckled as he picked up the device with one hand.  He placed the device on the furs near Mara, and spread her legs.  Kaden then lifted the device and began to guide it into Mara's cunny.  Her back arched as more of the device entered her, causing her to moan and writhe.  She then opened her eyes and saw what was happening.  Mara growled and began trying to remove the injection device from her sex, her legs kicking furiously.

"More submissive my ass…" Kaden growled as he pinned Mara to the makeshift bed.  "K'Nor!  Activate the device!  Quickly!"

K'Nor rushed to the pile of furs and tried to get at the device between Mara's flailing legs.  As he tried to grab the device, Mara kicked him in the face, gashing him with her toe claws.  

"AAArr!!  CURSED BITCH!!"  K'Nor screamed as he put a hand to the new set of cuts.  With his free hand, K'Nor punched the device, causing it to plunge deep into Mara's cunny.

"UNGH!!"  Mara grunted as the device was slammed into her uterus.

K'Nor slapped the device into activation while trying to maintain pressure on his bleeding face.  

"Hurry up damn it!"  Kaden shouted as he tried to keep Mara from thrashing her way free.  

K'Nor grabbed a T shaped handle and extended it, causing a series of lights to illuminate along it's length.   With a growl, he pushed the handle back into the device, draining the contents of the container into Mara's already heavily pregnant belly.  Mara arched her back as a strange, hot sensation washed over her.  She could feel a pressure build from within her uterus.  She ceased struggling, going almost limp in Kaden's grasp.  The huge wolfram laid her in the pile of furs, watching as her eyes fluttered closed.  Kaden then turned to look at K'Nor, who was examining his bloody face.  Kaden chuckled as he turned away from the infuriated boar, then he noticed the device lying at the edge of the furs.  

"K'Nor, do you remember what Rashelle told us about giving her a single dose?"  He asked with restrained anger.

"I gave the bitch a dose!  LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO ME!!"  K'Nor bellowed as he pressed a rag against his sliced cheek.

"The container on that device held more than a single dose you imbecile."  Kaden growled as he picked up the empty device and extended the handle.  "It held a dozen."

"That means she'll be ready to drop sooner!  That's all!"  K'Nor said absently as he looked at his reflection in a pool of water, just in time to see the reflection of a large warhammer appear behind his own.  Kaden brought the warhammer down onto K'Nor's head in a full overhead arc, smashing the boar's skull and crushing his neck.  K'Nor fell limply against the wall, his leg twitching randomly.

"Now you don't need to worry about your face."  Kaden growled as he dropped his warhammer and approached Mara.

He knelt on the pile of furs beside her, trying to get some idea of how the additional accelerant had affected her.  Mara's eyes fluttered and her breathing became heavier.  The pressure inside her belly had lessened to a small degree, but now she was completely aroused, with waves of heat washing over her from head to toe.  Inside her, the accelerant began to do it's job, bonding with the chakat twin fetuses.


Rashelle walked down the stairs from her sanctum and into a dimly lit chamber.  With a wave of her hand, the light increased, causing the other occupant of the room to stir.  Rashelle looked at her captive with approval in her eyes.  Suspended by a set of supports which caused her to hang facing the floor with her legs parted wide was a white luquine.  She raised her head as Rashelle touched the side of her swollen belly.

"Very nice.  The creature inside you contains quite a bit of energy already."  Rashelle said as she cupped the luquine's  swollen breasts.  "But in order for me to complete the ritual, we'll need more."

"Please…..don't….         I……..can't hold………any more…"  the luquine said as she looked at her swollen belly, already appearing very pregnant with twins.  

"Dear Terah, you know how important this ritual is to my plans.  You wouldn't want to spoil that, would you?"  Rashelle asked mockingly as she removed her silk robe and slid onto the cushions beneath the gravid luquine.

"….sadistic…bitch…."  Terah panted as Rashelle began to lick her nipples.

"Your milk is so sweet my little wolfmare."  Rashelle purred as she licked her lips and began to suck Terah's nipple, causing her breasts to release and flow.

Rashelle continued to stimulate Terah's breasts, causing the luquine to quiver in her restraints.  The dark vixen then slowly moved her hands over Terah's swollen belly, then began to expertly rub her cunny.  Terah arched her back as Rashelle began pouring sexual energy into the creature in her uterus.  She could feel it begin to swell within her as her own energy mixed with that of the sorceress, slowly distending her belly even further.  Rashelle continued to take pulls of milk from her large, lactating breasts, shooting sensations through her body like lightning.  All the energy from both females continued to pour into the creature inside her huge belly, until finally she spasmed in climax.

"See, that wasn't so bad.  A few more sessions like that and the creature will contain enough energy to complete the entire ritual."  Rashelle purred as she slid out from under Terah's suspended form.  "And then I'll finally have access to the secrets of the ancients."

Rashelle gathered her robes and stood, extending her othersenses into Terah's body.  The creature, a slurm beast, was heavy with energy charged gel.  When the time for the ritual was closer, she would have to let the creature fill her uterus with the gel, transferring the energy to her.  She would then need to transfer the fetuses that the viger carried into herself, combining them with the energy and giving her the correct bio-signature to enter the ancient city below her keep.  The prospect of being that heavy with energy and pregnancy caused Rashelle to bite her lip in anticipation.  She turned and grabbed Terah from behind, grinding her wet cunny against the luquine's, sending another wave of energy into the creature.  Terah bucked in her supporting restraints in reponse.  Rashelle then turned and sauntered out of the room with a sated look on her face.

"Hurry to me Kaden.  I need to do this soon."  She whispered to herself as she looked in one of the huge mirrors, distorting the image with a spark of energy to make it appear pregnant.
Title: Writing any more?
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The story was very interesting so far.  Are you going to continue?
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Forgot to continue posting to this forum  :oops:


Mara tossed and rolled as the waves of heat washed over her.  Her entire body tingled and burned as the accelerant in her uterus caused her hormones to go crazy.  Her mind fogged as the experience wore on, causing her to begin hallucinating.   Her eyes fluttered open and she saw a large wolfram at the end of the makeshift bed rummaging through a pack.  Her body flashed with heat again, activating her amplified pheromone glands.  

Kaden looked through the packs for the strange device that Rashelle had given them to analyze injuries.  Perhaps it could give him some idea of how much K'Nor had fouled Rashelle's plans.   After a few more pouches, her found the small device.  He pressed the small button on the side, causing the device to slide open.  Kaden stood and turned to the pile of furs and found his captive wide awake and looking at him intently.  

Mara slowly moved into a crawling position and moved toward the towering male.  She knelt before him in the furs, taking in his scent.  She then let out a low growl as she pulled the stunned male toward her.  

Kaden looked at his captive with disbelief.  She was in a completely feral state, with a single purpose in mind.  He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts, taking note of a spicy scent that he didn't recognize.  His pulse began to quicken as she pulled herself up to look him in the eyes.  Her scent was intoxicating, causing him to become fully aroused as she stood before him, her belly pressing against his armor.  She slowly knelt before him again, deftly releasing the catches on his armor as she descended.   Kaden took off his armor, followed by his tunic and breeches.  As he removed them, her hands went immediately to his engorged member, exploring it's entire length.   She then took his member into her mouth, expertly using her tongue to stimulate him.  Kaden could feel her teeth slipping along the length of his shaft as her tongue seemed to dance with a life of it's own.   She could feel him tensing as the sensations brought him closer to climax.  She gave his shaft a final lick and sat back in the furs with a pleading, expectant look on her face.  Kaden crawled onto the furs as Mara turned and got onto all fours, spreading her legs for him, her tail pulled high over her back.   Kaden bent and gave her sex an unexpected lick, causing her to shudder.  He drove his tongue deep inside her cunny, causing her to moan and arch her back.  Kaden then began to stimulate her with his fingers as he repositioned himself behind her.  Mara rocked against his hand eagerly, trying to get more inside her.  Kaden then began to guide his stiffened member into her sex, slipping in inch after inch until his entire length had entered her.  Mara began to rock harder against him, moving in time with his thrusts.  His hands found her swollen breasts, rubbing her over sensitive nipples, causing them to begin leaking.  He continued to thrust into her, bringing her closer to climax each time his shaft's tip found the entry to her uterus.  Mara opened her mouth in a silent cry as she felt her ovaries, stimulated by the chemicals coursing through her, dump several times into her pregnant belly.  Kaden rocked harder against her as the sensations built within him.  He threw back his head as he climaxed, his muscles contracting reflexively, lifting the still impaled viger off her hands and knees.  Her breasts spurted milk as his powerful hands lifted her off the furs completely.  He held her there as his shaft continued to pulse, filling her with his seed.  Mara trembled as her body received what it craved, causing her to spasm in his grasp.  With a final gasp, Kaden placed her back on the makeshift bed, removing his shaft from her sex as his muscles trembled.  He collapsed onto the furs beside her as she rolled onto her side, her breathing still heavy from exertion.  Inside her uterus, the accelerant found half a dozen new fertilized eggs to affect.


"You should be safe from the others here."  Said Talon as he finished his inspection of the cave.  "I'm sorry I can't make it more comfortable."

"It's fine.  At least I'm out of the rain."  Masha said to the very attractive male that she couldn't stop thinking of bedding.

"I'm going to check on your sister.  Hopefully they haven't done anything to her."  Talon said as his eyes lingered on Masha's pregnant form for a moment, just long enough for her to notice.

"He IS interested!"  Masha thought to herself as Talon turned and walked back out into the downpour.

She watched Talon as he nimbly made his way down the rough slope, her hands unconsciously  smoothing the fur on her belly.   She lowered herself onto one of the many smooth rocks and leaned against the cave wall.   As she relaxed, she yawned and realized how tired she really was.  She wrapped herself in Talon's cloak, breathing in his scent, and lay down on her side on the smooth stone shelf.  Within minutes, she was asleep, her dreams a mixture of longing for Talon, and the experience with the chair in the strange ruins.   As she slept, her belly continued to grow slowly, reaching the appearance of being full term with triplets.

Talon reached the entrance of the cave before he realized his othersenses couldn't detect K'Nor any longer.  He paused to wonder at that, for K'Nor could be searching for him and stumble across Masha's hiding place.  He extended his othersenses as far as he could, fully aware of the headache he would have later.  He could feel Kaden and the Other viger, Mara, in close proximity to each other inside the cave, and he could feel Masha back in her small cave, but there was no sign of the irritable boar anywhere.  He shook his head to clear it and stepped into the cave.  He rounded the small corner at the cave's mouth and nearly stepped on K'Nor's body.

"Well, that explains that."  Talon muttered as he stalked deeper into the cave.  

To his surprise, he found their prisoner astride Kaden's unconscious form, riding his still hardened shaft.  As he approached her, he noticed a strange, spicy scent and found himself becoming aroused.  He quickly formed a wall inside his mind to keep himself from being controlled further and moved toward them carefully.  She noticed him and bit her lip, emitting an almost pleading growl as she continued to work Kaden's hardened shaft deep inside herself.  Talon grabbed one of the extra cloaks from their packs and draped it over her shoulders.  He then slowly pulled her off Kaden's nude form, hoping not to wake the wolfram.  He slowly picked her up, noticing that she appeared to be even more pregnant than when they had captured her.  Her breasts had increased in size as well, reaching the triple F cup range and were leaking.  

"What did they do to you?"  He asked as she looked at him with obvious desire.  

Talon's mind raced as he took her out into the rain.  If he left her with Kaden, then the wolfram would deliver her to Rashelle, in which case he would get his opportunity to kill the bitch.  But then she would probably get injured or worse in the process.  And now he had two very pregnant, very horny vigers to look after.  Revenge would have to wait.  For now, he needed to ensure that Rashelle didn't get her claws on either of them.  After a few minutes of being soaked again, he carried her into the cave where her sister was sleeping.  He put her on a small boulder in the rear of the cave and turned to leave.   The echo of Kaden's roar stopped him in his tracks.


Kaden triggered the small stone by tracing the pattern on it's surface.  As he watched, Rashelle's form began to take shape before him.  Soon he was staring at the dark vixen's projection, wondering how he could salvage the situation.

"You look troubled."  She said as she looked him over.  "What has happened?"

Kaden looked into her eyes and saw the glimmer of active power there, and knew that if he lied, the spell would tell her.  Anger welled within him and he smashed a small boulder with his huge warhammer, showering the cave with stone shards.

"She's gone."  He said as he trembled with rage.  "She's gone and that idiot K'Nor used the entire payload of accelerant on her.   I thought you should know because it affects your plans.  Now I'm going to find out where Talon has wandered off to and find her.  Once we've recaptured her, can you transport us there?"

"That's going to require more power than I had intended to expend before the ritual, power that your incompetence has wasted."  Rashelle hissed at him.  "Contact me as soon as you've found her so that I can stop the reaction inside her from going too far."

Rashelle fixed him with a killing glance, then her image faded to nothing.  Kaden strode to the mouth of the cave and surveyed the area.  The stone had been washed clean of any scent he could detect, and there were no visible tracks nearby.  Still, she was so pregnant now that she couldn't have gotten far.  He shouldered his hammer and stalked out into the storm.


Rashelle considered the situation for a long while.  Her prize had eluded her for the moment and was under the effects of more accelerant than she was supposed to be.  She would be due long before Rashelle had planned.  There still wasn't enough energy inside the creature within Terah for the ritual, and now she was going to have to use her personal reserves to gate the viger to her.  She seethed with anger.  Her plans were damaged, but not beyond repair.  All she needed to do was increase the amount of energy inside the wolfmare faster.  She thought about all the possible solutions to the problem and finally smiled as she found the one that worked best.

Within a few hours, Terah was surrounded with writhing forms as those other captives that had come into the room mated non stop under the effects of Rashelle's dark magic.  The sexual energy released by the horde of participants in the induced orgy were channeled into the creature inside her swelling belly.  Rashelle watched with a look of satisfaction on her face as Terah's belly swelled to the appearance of being nearly full term with quadruplets.  Those captives that were sprawled beneath her stroked her milk heavy breasts and took turns sucking from her leaking nipples, causing her to spasm in her restraints.  Wave after wave of sexual energy shot through her as Rashelle had even more captives shoved into the chamber with her.  

"This will do nicely."  The dark vixen said as she let her robe fall away and walked into the room.  "Are you enjoying yourself?"  she asked Terah as she slid into position beneath her.  

"Stop it…….please……..I'm going………..to burst…."  The gravid luquine panted as yet another male form the group stood and entered her, causing her to shudder with amplified pleasure.  

Rashelle placed a hand on the wolfmare's belly and sighed with disgust.  Terah was right.  If she grew much larger today she could very likely burst.  The temptation to overcharge her and split her wide open entered Rashelle's mind for a moment, but while it may bring her a small amount of satisfaction, it would not allow her to complete the ritual.  As she took a mouthful of Terah's breastmilk and savored it's sweet flavor for a moment, she mentally dismissed the orgy participants back to the guards in the hallway with the exception of the male currently fucking her.  She decided to let him finish just to torture Terah as she slid off the cushions and sauntered out of the room.

Terah moaned as the large male clydesdale continued to fuck her, causing her breasts to bounce against the top of her drum taut belly.   She felt the creature inside her do another slow roll, futilely trying to find more room within her.  Her belly heaved as it settled into another position, slowly absorbing the sexual energy of both it's host and the male.  Finally the male shuddered in climax, causing a small spurt of growth in Terah's massive belly, then withdrew and walked mechanically out of the room.  Terah panted as she swayed in her restraints, grimacing as the spell on her nipples resumed.  The magic would keep all the milk produced within her huge, now swollen to H cup breasts, causing them to ache and burn until Rashelle decided to allow her to drain a bit.  As the mage light in the room faded to darkness, Terah gasped as she noticed a faint glow from within her massive belly.  The creature was so full of energy charged gel that it was in danger of bursting as well, and Rashelle had no intentions of stopping the daily fillings.  

"I can't take much more of this….." Terah said as she felt exhaustion taking her.
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Talon leaned against the entry to the cave, watching for any signs of Kaden.  He couldn't allow Rashelle to get her claws on the two females asleep inside the cave, but it would be very difficult to move them to safety with Kaden prowling the forest.   He turned and walked quietly back into the darkened cave, keeping his othersenses tuned to the forest outside.  

Masha was stirring in her sleep as Talon entered, writhing on the smooth stone shelf.  Her ragged top had torn open, exposing her huge breasts.  Her nipples were fully erect and were leaking in time with her pulse, as small trail of milk soaking her fur.  She moaned in her sleep and rolled onto her other side.  Talon's cloak slid away, revealing her shapely legs.  She moaned again, louder this time.  Talon watched her for a moment as she trembled in her sleep.  As he watched, he realized she had the tip of her tail inside her cunny and was unconsciously working it in deeper and deeper.  He looked across the cave to where her sister lay, breathing heavily and holding her huge belly in her sleep.  She looked ready to burst and her fur was soaked with sweat.  Her breasts were slightly smaller than her sisters, but were leaking just as badly, and her belly was much larger.  As he watched her caressing her massive belly, her eyes fluttered open.

"Where am I?"  Mara asked quietly as she tried to lever herself into a sitting postion.

"I moved you into a different cave to hide you from them."  Talon replied as her forced himself to not look at her breasts.  "Kaden, the big guy, is searching the woods for you now.  K'Nor is dead.  I don't really know what happened.  I found your sister mas…….hiding in the woods, and hid her here.  By the time I'd returned, well lets just say things were different than when I left."

"What did they do to me?"  Mara asked as she looked at her expanded breasts and larger belly.  "I'm so much bigger."

"I don't know."  Talon answered honestly.  "But I did find you in bed with Kaden."

Mara looked at her belly as snippets of memory came back to her.  As the images danced in her mind, she found herself reliving portions of them, arousing her.  Her body suddenly burned with desire, triggering her amplified pheromone glands.  

Talon watched as the heavily pregnant vigeress became fully aroused, unable to tear himself away.  By the time he noticed the spicy scent that had permeated the cave, his mind was already too clouded to resist the pheromones.  By the time he started to realize he was being affected, he was distracted as Mara began undressing him.

Mara worked the catches loose on Talon's light armor, then let it fall to the floor.  She led him back to her makeshift bed as she removed his tunic and undid his breeches.  She guided him onto the piled up cloak, laying him on his back as she removed his leather breeches.

Across the room, Masha was being affected by the pheromones as well.  Her head snapped up as her tail bumped into her cervical valve.  She panted as she neared climax, becoming faintly aware of the others in the room.  She saw her sister undressing the male she'd been dreaming about.  Masha twitched her tail as she tried to sit, suddenly bringing herself to orgasm.  She faintly felt her sides pinch as her ovaries released during the waves of pleasure.  She watched as Mara took his erect cock into her mouth and began to expertly use her tongue.  Masha slipped her sex slick tail out of herself and moved across the cave, joining them by leaning her huge breasts over his face.  Talon began to kneed and suck them, causing her to let down fully.  Milk flowed freely from her rock hard nipples, dripping onto his face and chest.  Mara repositioned herself and began to guide his shaft inside her, working his full length into her sex.  She then began to rock against him, causing his cock to nearly penetrate her uterus.   Masha moved to straddle his head, allowing him free access to her cunny with his tongue.  Masha then began to lick her sister's leaking breasts as Mara rocked harder atop Talon.   Mara's massive belly pressed against her sister's huge belly each time she rocked Talon's cock deeper inside her.  Talon licked Masha's dripping cunny as she milked her sister's enormous breasts.  All three of them were soaked in milk and sweat as they pleasured one another.  Talon arched his back as he came, pouring his seed into Mara's cum hungry belly.  The introduction of his sperm triggered her chemical amplified body, causing her to orgasm atop him.  Her ovaries released another set of eggs into her already overcrowded uterus, only to have them instantly bonded to the accelerant inside her.  She sagged as the sensation subsided, her hands going to her rock hard belly.  Masha gently pulled her sister off Talon's still erect member, helping her to lie down beside him.  Masha then mounted Talon, determined to get her needs met as well.  She rocked against him at a feverish pace, feeling herself coming closer and closer to climax.  Mara levered herself onto her lnees and leaned her dripping breasts over Talon's face.  Talon was having a difficult time determining where one viger ended and another began.  He took the available nipples in his mouth and began to suck the rich milk from them.  Masha felt her sides tingle as she came again, causing her vaginal muscles to clamp down like a vice on Talon's cock.  The sudden sensation caused him to cum again, pouring a healthy dose of sperm into Masha's belly.  Masha quivered as she felt several kicks from within her belly.  She then rolled off him and onto the flat stone a his side.  Mara leaned away from Talon and tried to catch her breath.  Finally her head seemed to clear a bit, allowing her to think.  Her jumbled memories began to order themselves as she rested her hands atop her now larger belly.  

"I don't remember being this big…."  Mara said with a trembling voice.  "What happened to me?"

"I think they used some sort of drugs on you."  Talon said as he cleared his head a bit.  "I think they were supposed to bring you to term faster."

"Oh Gods!"  Mara yelped as she remembered what had happened.  "I was already almost due with triplets!  Then my chacat twins were just about two and a half months.  And then I fucked both the big wolfram and you?!?"  

Mara's hands went to her belly, now nearly double the size it was that morning.  It was hard to the touch and she could feel the multiple fetuses inside her as they kicked and squirmed.  Masha looked at her own belly as she realized she'd just been impregnated yet again.  She wasn't certain, but she thought her belly was larger than before her nap.   She gasped as she watched her belly shift as the fetuses inside her moved.   Her belly had only been the equivalent of seven months pregnant this morning, and now she was almost as large as her hugely pregnant sister, plus she had no idea how many she was carrying thanks to the chair.

"We need to get to a healer."  Masha whispered as she smoothed the fur on her enormous belly.


"I have some wonderful news for you my little wolfmare!"  Rashelle said as she sauntered into the room.

"You're going to…….take this nightmare……..out of my belly…………..and let me go."  Terah replied as she lifted her head to face the dark vixen.

"Better than that." Rashelle sneered at her.  "I found a way to increase how much you can carry!  Isn't that fabulous?"

"You can't be………..serious. ………..I'm already about……….to burst!"  Terah panted in horror as Rashelle knelt in front of her.

"True, but I found a way to fix that."  Rashelle said as she looked past her to the entry of the chanber.  "Bring them in."

Two of Rashelle's hulking guards entered the room, one leading a heavily pregnant, robed cougaress, the other carrying a large book and a small chest.  They brought the female before Rahelle, who looked her over with obvious lust, and set the other items at their master's side.  

"The old mage I took this tower from had so many interesting books……"  Rashelle said as she flipped carefully through the pages of the ancient text.  "Ah!  Here it is!  The power of duplication.  Now I need to test this before I use it on you, my little wolfmare, so I found a volunteer."

Rashelle turned to the two guards and motioned for them to hold the cougaress for her.  They forced her into a kneeling position and tore her robe away, revealing her naked, pregnant with twins body.   She hissed at them, but was too weak to fight against them.
"Yes, she'll do just fine.  Almost due too.  Well, if this works, she'll have no problems."  Rashelle said as she opened the chest and took out an intricately carved rod. "But if it doesn't, she'll split like an over ripe melon."

The cougaress began to shiver as Rashelle laid out several more object from the chest, arranging them neatly before her.  She placed the tip of the carved rod against the cougaress' cunny and slowly, deliberately, began to work it inside her, causing her to shudder as the sensations washed over her.  As Terah watched, several of the girls signs of abuse faded into nothing, healing in a matter of seconds.  Rashelle then began carefully drawing two identical symbols on the sides of the girl's distended belly.  When both were completed, the dark vixen began to chant as the summoned her power and drew a line down the middle of the cougaress' belly.  When she finished, the line stretched from the girl's breastbone to her cunny.  As Rashelle took the brush away, she uttered a very quiet phrase, causing the line to glow.  The cougaress' breathing quickened as the symbols on each side of her belly began to glow.   As the guards held her, the cougaress' belly grew, swelling to double her previous size.

"Perfect!"  Exclaimed Rashelle as she watched, becoming completely aroused.  

The dark vixen crawled behind Terah and began to lick the luquine's bare vagina while she fingered her own wet cunny, pouring energy into the creature inside Terah's full term with quint's sized belly, causing her to swell larger.  Terah began to gasp for air as the creature grew, crowding her already cramped lungs.  Finally, after causing Terah to nearly black out, Rashelle stopped and turned her attention to the swollen cougaress lying in front of Terah's suspended form.  Rashelle crawled over to the girl and began to gently rub her swollen belly.  After determining that her slave would survive, the dark vixen slowly removed the rod from the cougaress' cunny.

"Leave her here.  I need something to experiment on."  Rashelle said, dismissing the guards.  "We'll see what else I can find in these tomes that proves useful."

Rashelle stood, holding the rod in her hand for Terah to see.

"Are you ready my delicious little wolfmare?"  Rashelle asked with lust in her eyes.

She walked behind Terah and slipped the rod inside the luquines' still wet cunt.  She then drew the symbols on Terah's massive belly, finally uttering the final phrase.
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She is enjoying this too much   BEG

Title: Evil little Vixen
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She is enjoying this too much   BEG

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Wonderful work.  Keep it up!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Said it before and I am saying it again... lol... extremely well written ;) Love the storyline so far too... I just hope nobody pops! lol... but anyways, I'll prolly follow it to the last chapter just to see how it all turns out... it's very gripping to put it one way... If it was a book I don't think I could put it down until the end :)

Can't wait to see more. :)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Wow :D  really well written story*thumbs up* as marl said if it was a book  i wouldnt put it down till the end. Can't wait till it all wraps up :wink: dont want it to end tho :(
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I think on Pregfur is some more of this....  (I mean a continue)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Nah, I'm pretty sure they're both the same distance down the rabbit hole :)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Terah felt power surge through her as Rashelle finished the incantation.  Her belly began to feel incredibly full and tight, even more so than it had been with the massive slurm beast crammed inside.  She felt another sensation as the rod buried in her sex began to send healing energy coursing through her body.  The symbols on the sides of her belly glowed brighter as she swelled larger and larger, the spell working on the creature inside her, creating an exact duplicate within her womb.  She swelled from appearing full term with large quintuplets to over twice as large, appearing full term with fourteen full term children as the spell reached completion.  She spasmed and bucked as her belly groaned and stretched, finally accepting it's new size as the healing rod kept her from exploding.  Rashelle was nearly incoherent with desire as she watched Terah swell.  She climaxed as the luquine's belly pressed into the cushions beneath her.  Terah gasped and moaned as the creatures within her began to slowly move, slowly bringing her closer to orgasm.  

Rashelle slowly rubbed Terah's massive belly, feeling the power stored within the creatures inside.  She then moved over to the young cougaress, restraining her with a simple spell.  

"Tell me your name my gravid pet."  Rashelle purred as she caressed the girl's swollen belly.

"Anya….    My name in Anya….." the young cougaress replied, her voice trembling as she watched Rashelle slowly trace the symbols on her belly.

"Well Anya, we can't have you going into labor just yet, can we."  Rahelle said as she began to slowly massage Anya's breasts.
"But…….  I'm so big…….  And I'm due soon……"  Anya said as tears began to flow freely from her eyes.

"True, you are quite full, but I'm certain you can hold more.  After all, if she can hold both those creatures, you can certainly contain a few more of my future servants.  The prize my Kaden is bringing me gets pregnant even when she's pregnant, wouldn't that be wonderful for you?"  Rashelle asked as she flipped through a few of the pages in the book.  

Rashelle smiled as she found the powerful fertility spell she was searching for.

"This should do the trick…"   the dark vixen said as she began to read the incantation, directing the energy into Anya's body, increasing her sex drive and causing her to conceive every time she had sex with a male, regardless of species.  

Anya panted as she felt a wash of heat from her loins at the spell's conclusion.  She needed a male to fill her most intimate spaces, and needed one soon.   She watched as Rashelle magically summoned a strange device to her hand.

"This should insure that you provide me with a steady stream of new servants."  Rashelle said as she readied the device.  "It will bring your unborn to term faster, and cause you to climax easier.  If that works well on you, I'll use it on the little viger again."

Rashelle guided the tip of the device into Anya's wet cunny until she felt it against the cougaress' cervix.  She gave the device a final push, driving the tip unto Anya's uterus.  Anya arched her back as a lance of pain shot though her.  The dark vixen then pulled out the handle on the device to it's full extent, causing twenty lights to illuminate along it's length.   She then slowly pushed the handle back into the device, draining the large globe of thick liquid in the middle of the shaft.  Anya writhed as the pressure inside her crowded belly increased, causing her to swell larger as nearly a gallon of fluid entered her.  Rashelle slowly removed the device as she used her power to heal the damage and change Anya's cervix into a valve that males of sufficient size could penetrate.   She then stood and watched as the young cougaress shuddered, the chemicals beginning to alter her.

"With that much inside you, it's going to take a lot of males to keep you satisfied."  Rashelle crooned at Anya.  "But don't worry.  I know just the boys to keep you entertained."

She shifted her gaze over to Terah's semi conscious form.

"And the energy released by all those males filling my gravid little cougar whore will flow into the creatures inside you my little wolfmare, ensuring I have all the energy I need for the ritual."

Rashelle gathered the arcane items into the chest and closed the lid.  She walked over to Terah and touched the rod buried in her sex, pushing it in a little deeper with a smile.

"Best just to leave that where it is."  The dark vixen said to herself as she began to yawn.  She then picked up the chest and walked out of the room, leaving the Anya and Terah in the dark save for the dim glow given off by Terah's massive belly.


Mara and Masha moved as best they could through the steady downpour, often needing to steady themselves against the trees around them.   Lightning flashed sporadically above them, allowing them to occasionally see Talon as he shadowed them through the forest, bow readied.  They had been travelling for nearly four hours now, and were reaching their limits.

"Gods…….. I need to rest………for a while."  Mara panted as she leaned against a large boulder to catch her breath.
"Me too."  Masha agreed as she sat against a fallen tree opposite her sister.  "My legs…….are killing me."

"How much farther………do we have to go?"  Mara asked as she rubbed her milk heavy breasts.

"The trading post……………..should be fairly close………..by now."  Masha said wearily as she massaged her aching legs.  "Probably just a………few more hours."

"I don't think…………I can do that tonight."  Mara said as she felt her legs trembling with fatigue.

"Then you two can use the tent while I stand guard."  Talon said as he stepped into the clearing with them, dropping a medium sized bundle to the ground.

Relief washed across both the girls' faces as he began to set up the small travel shelter.  Within minutes, he had it set up and held the flap open while they crawled inside, both collapsing once they were out of the rain.  Talon hacked off a few limbs from nearby trees with his kukri and arranged them around the tent as camouflage, making it appear as though an entire limb had fallen.  As Talon stepped back to inspect his work, he reached inside the tent with his othersenses to check on the girls, discovering they were both sound asleep.

"Good.  They need all the rest they can get."  He muttered as he turned began climbing to the top of the boulders.

He settled himself under a small overhang to get a small amount of shelter and watch the makeshift campsite for any sign of pursuit.  To his satisfaction, the tent could only barely be seen when the lightning flashed, and was totally obscured in the darkness.   With luck, they could avoid Kaden or anyone else Rashelle sent after them.

Inside the tent, both the young vigers stirred in their sleep as their dreams became more and more erotic.  Mara panted in her sleep as the accelerant caused her unborn to grow faster, swelling her belly to the appearance of nearly full term with very healthy sextuplets.  Masha writhed as her dreams brought her to climax, sending another set of eggs into her now full term with quints sized belly.  They nestled against one another for warmth, causing their dreams to spiral deeper into exstacy.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Been a while since I've worked on this, but an update is indeed on the way.  Probably happen sometime over the holiday weekend.  To all those who've been following this, thank you for your continued interest and I apologize for the delay.   Had yet another storyline on my mind and had to get it timelined.  Hope to get it going in the near future for you all to enjoy.  It's not exactly fur based, so I'm curious which heading to place it under.  Now that I've gotten some RL crap out of the way, the stories can get a bit of attention.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Ah, hell with it.  You guys have waited long enough.....

Here's what I've already got.

Morning came very quickly, and brought with it a break in the storm.  Talon crept down from his perch after a quick sweep with his othersenses.  He quietly checked the dwindling contents of his pack, shaking his head at the amount of provisions.  The girls had nearly devoured everything he'd taken from K'Nor's and Kaden's packs.  At this rate, they would have enough for two more light snacks at most.  If he could get them to the traders outpost, there would be no problem as far as foodstuffs went.  

 At least there's no shortage of water..   Talon muttered as a breeze shook the water from the tree he was under.  

The girls had been drinking water almost non-stop as well, making for more frequent visits to the bushes.  Talon smiled as he thought of the other effect drinking all that water was having on the girls.    A large portion of it was going straight to milk production, causing the girls' breasts to become fully engorged.  With Mara being a full triple F cup now and Masha being an amazing full G cup bordering on H, they were quite a sight.  They looked like a pair of fertility goddesses walking through the forest.  Talon shook his head as he thought of how quickly the girls' pregnancies were progressing, not to mention how many each of them were carrying.  If he couldn't get them to a healer soon, they were likely to be in even more serious trouble than they were already.  He looked at the tent as the flap opened slightly.  Masha crawled out and stood, her belly looking even larger than it had the night before.  At least past term with quints if not almost sextuplets.  She was followed by Mara who could barely crawl due to her huge belly rubbing the ground.   Masha helped her to her feet, revealing how much she'd grown during the night.  Her belly now looked full term with septuplets and was throwing her balance off so badly she wasn't likely to get very far.  

“Only a few more miles till the settlement.......”  Talon said quietly to himself as he stood and approached the girls.  “I hope they can make that....”

“You’re even larger today.”  Masha said as she looked Mara over with concern.

“I know.”  Her sister replied as she noticed Talon walking toward them.  She turned her gaze back to Masha as she noticed herself growing aroused by the mere sight of a male.  “I’m really scared.  I’m huge and every time I see him I get so incredibly worked up.  If I get any more pregnant, I don’t know what will happen to me.”

“Hopefully we’ll reach the settlement soon.”  Masha said as she realized Talon was having a similar effect on her.  “They should have a healer there.”


“Then you’ll just have to look harder, won’t you.”  The ghostly image of Rashelle said to Kaden as he ground his teeth in frustration.  “Even if he’s carrying her, they can’t have gotten too far.”

“If the ritual is as important to you as you say it is, then you’ll help me find her.”  Kaden growled as he looked at the dark vixen’s image.  Even in as foul a mood as he was, Rashelle was still having a very stimulating effect on him.

“The ritual is important.  More so than you can imagine.”  She said as her image  walked a small circle around him, leaving the ground covered in frost. “The power it will bring me is beyond your comprehension.”

“Then help me find her.”  Kaden said for what felt like the fiftieth time, his temper rising another notch.  “Before she whelps and spoils your plans.”

“I’ll send Nesha to help you look for them.  Her mental powers should locate them fairly quickly.”  Rashelle said as she watched for Kaden’s reaction.

Kaden shuddered at the mention of the Netherhound’s name.  He hated working with any creature from the nether planes.  Still, if she could find Rashelle’s prize, the reward would be worth it.

“Fine, send the bitch.”  Kaden said as he deactivated the communication talisman.

Rashelle’s amused image faded from view as Kaden walked back into the cave he’d discovered near his original campsite.  Talon had been hiding right under his nose, and had time to have sex with her.  Kaden looked over the small map trying to determine where Talon could have gone.  The trading post was the most likely destination, but the female’s village was almost the same distance.  He clenched his fists as he thought about working with Nesha.  Still, with most of their trail washed away by the storm, her othersenses were his only real chance.


Rashelle stood and regarded the jet colored female before her.  The tall jackal like netherhound returned the sorceress’ gaze with obvious lust in her red eyes.  

“Kaden has disappointed me.” she said as she slowly let her silk robes begin to fall away, exposing her breasts to the tall female before her.  “I need the female that escaped him for a special ritual.  One that will bring me great power.  You can find something so simple as a pregnant female, yes?”  

“Aye mistress.  I can.”  The netherhound said as she slowly began to guide the robes completely off Rashelle, leaving her naked before her carved throne.  “I can do a great many things....”

“I know you can, my sweet.”  Rashelle said as she pulled the laces open on the netherhound’s leather shirt.  “And one of those things is make me quiver.”

Rashelle took the netherhound’s nipple in her lips and began to slowly, teasingly, bite as Nesha’s hands found her breasts.  The netherhound’s breasts began to leak slightly as the dark vixen breathed in her strange otherworldly scent.  Soon Nesha’s breasts were leaking fully as Rashelle took deep pulls of milk from them.  Milk that was one of the most potent aphrodisiacs known to exist.  Nesha chucked as she thought of the effect it was having on the sorceress.  The netherhound smiled as she thought of what was going to happen next.  It wouldn’t interfere with Rashelle’s plans, but it would make the sorceress easier to control.

Rashelle sat and slowly spread her legs as Nesha knelt before her and began to slowly, expertly, guide her unnaturally long tongue into Rashelle’s already wet sex.  The dark vixen began breathing heavily and moaning as Nesha’s tongue penetrated her deeper and deeper, causing the evil sorceress to writhe on her ornate throne.  As Rashelle climaxed, the netherhound used the pleasurable distraction to eject a sizable amount of her race’s extremely potent seed through the urethra located in her tongue.  Rashelle bucked as the sperm filled her uterus.  Nesha rose to her feet and looked at the grapefruit sized bulge in the dark vixen’s belly.  Rashelle’s eyes fluttered closed as sated exhaustion claimed her.  

“Never fear my little sorceress.  I’ll find your pregnant prize for you.”  Nesha said as she walked into the shadows at the back of the room.  “Then any power she brings you will be mine as well.”

The netherhound then stepped into the doorway her kind found in all shadows, mentally focusing on Kaden.


The young healer knelt beside the stream, slowly lifting one of the logs in her search for the mushrooms that grew there.  She was much farther downstream than she had gone before, but there were so few places where these mushrooms grew near the settlement and they were needed for a great many remedies.  She picked the few that were there and stood to look around.  The only other place she could see that there were likely to be any was a pile of timbers at the base of a small cliff nearby.  She waded across the shallow stream, being careful not to slip on any of the moss covered rocks.  As she neared the far side, an odd shape in the water caught her eye.  The young snow leopardess paused and moved a few of the rocks covering the object aside with her foot.  The object was large and metallic with markings covering a portion of it.  

“This could be a relic ”  She said to herself with excitement as she carried her pack to a nearby boulder to keep it dry.  “If it is, JorAhn will want it for his collection.”

She waded back to the submerged object and began moving some of the larger stones off it, uncovering more of the markings.  The historian, JorAhn, had taught her how to read some of the ancient markings and she was eager to see what was written on the larger than expected object.  She worked at moving some of the larger rocks away for some time, then waited for the water to clear.  Finally, she could make out what was left of the writing on the object’s surface.  “ ANGER     S  and cle      IO-WE   ON MARK 5 STA    OD            ited Sta      MY .”  She shook her head as she tried to puzzle out the meaning.

“This makes no sense at all.”  She said with disappointment.  “I hope JorAhn can make more sense out of you than I can.”

She thought about that for a moment.  It would take a great deal of effort for the aged lion to come this far.  That meant that she had to at least get it closer to the settlement.  The young snow leopardess looked about for something to use as a lever, finding a large tree branch lying in the reeds nearby.  After positioning it under one of the object’s corners, she tried to move it.  As she pried upward, she could hear the mud of the stream bottom releasing it slowly.  She struggled with the object, eventually getting a portion of it out of the water.  Then with a loud crack, her lever snapped, sending her tumbling into the stream and dropping the object back onto the rocks.  

“Damn it ”  She sputtered as she fumbled for her footing on the slick rocks.  “I hope it didn’t break.”

She stood and approached the object, now laying on it’s side against some of the larger rocks.  As she touched it, it seemed to be emitting a low frequency hum.  Then, the object lit up in several areas, green at first then slowly changing to red as she watched with fascination.  Suddenly, the object split open, causing her to fall again as she startled.  The young snow leopardess stood again as fog rolled out of the device.

“Well, at least now I can see what’s inside.” she said as she took a step toward the object.

She barely had time to scream as a large dark shape exploded from the object and knocked her into the water.  She could feel powerful clawed hands tearing at her light garments as she tried to get away.  Then everything went black as her head struck a large rock.


Talon watched as the girls took yet another rest.  They were both exhausted but at least now the trade settlement was very close.  Now all he had to do was hide them from Kaden for a short while until he could find them a healer.  

“But how do I sneak them into town?”  He wondered under his breathe as he looked at the both of them.  A pair of almost nude very pregnant vigresses was bound to attract some attention.  He thought for a bit, then opened his pack, taking out the small tent.

“I thought we were getting close to the trading post.”  Mara said with obvious concern in her voice.  She was larger than she had been that morning, now looking as though she was carrying a very healthy litter of octuplets.  “Are we lost?”

“No.  It’s just that Kaden knows of this place as well.  We need to keep the pair of you out of sight if possible.”  Talon said as he unsheathed his kukri.  “Given how difficult that is, I thought about improvising a couple of cloaks.”

“We could’ve used those yesterday.”  Masha said as she smiled at him.  She’d grown a bit over the course of the day as well, now appearing full term with sextuplets.

“I’m sorry, but I thought a dry place to rest was more to your liking.”  He said as he split the seam of the shelter and made a few additional cuts.  “That, and I enjoyed watching the two of you practically nude and soaking wet all day.”  

Masha smiled at him suggestively while Mara bit her lip and looked away.  Within a few minutes, Talon had a pair of large cloaks fashioned from the shelter material.  He stood and handed each of them a cloak, watching as they put them on.  They covered them for the most part, but it was still very obvious that they were extremely pregnant.  

“I think if we can avoid most people, it would be best.”  Talon said as he looked them over.  He dug into his beltpouch with one hand, taking note of how many coins and gems he had.  “I believe a private room at the inn is in order.”

The girls looked relieved at the mention of the room, but were obviously nearing their limits.  They’d eaten what little food was available that morning and it was nearing nightfall quickly.  Several times Talon had prepared for an attack only to realize it was one of their stomachs protesting the lack of food.  

“And where there’s a private room, there’s always plenty of food to be had.”  He added, watching their faces gain some measure of resolve at the mention of a meal.  

They moved on through the forest for nearly an hour more, traveling a bit more slowly after the sun set.  Then, to the girls’ relief, the lights of the trading post came into view.  Mara was nearly in tears by now and Masha was stumbling more often.  

“Hoods up ladies.”  Talon said as they stepped onto the small road leading to the main gate.
The three of them passed by the curious guards standing by the gate, Talon nodding a greeting to them as they passed.  He then led them up a short street to a rather large inn.

“You girls wait out here for a bit.  I’m going to see what I can do about a room and a meal.”  Talon said as he gestured to a large bench on the inn’s covered porch.

He opened the door and stepped inside as the girls lowered themselves awkwardly onto the bench to wait.  Masha could barely keep her eyes open while Mara very lightly dozed for several minutes.   Masha startled awake as she noticed Talon standing beside them.

“You scared me.”  She said as she tried to lever herself off the bench.

“I’m sorry.  I was about to wake the both of you.  Dinner and a room await.” Talon said as he lightly placed a hand on Mara’s shoulder to wake her.

Mara’s eyes fluttered open as Talon gently stroked her shoulder.  He felt bad about having to get them moving again, but the trek was almost done.

“Hungry?”  The wolfcoon asked as she looked up at him.  

“Starving.”  Mara said weakly as she tried to stand.  

Mara’s legs began to buckle beneath her as she got to her feet, causing her to fall into Talon.  He carefully caught her and gave her his shoulder for support.  She laid her head against his neck, breathing in his scent as he offered Masha his other shoulder.  Masha sagged against him as well as he led them around to the rear entrance.  Taking that route would allow them to avoid the common room and all the curious eyes it contained.  As they entered the building and began to ascend the stairs to the upper level, they could smell the food form the inn’s kitchen, waking them slightly.  

“That smells wonderful.”  Mara said as her stomach let out yet another growl of emptiness.  

“And soon it will all be yours.”  Talon said as he looked at them both.  “I placed quite an order with the kitchen.  They were about to shut down for the night, but it’s amazing what a flawless ruby will buy.”

The girls looked at him with shock as he opened a set of heavy double doors to the largest single room either of them had ever seen.  There was a huge bed surrounded by other furniture, a table covered with breads and fruits, and a massive bathtub, easily large enough for the three of them.

“I’ve also inquired about a healer for the both of you.  I was told I could find her a few dwellings down.”  Talon said as he led the girls over to the bed.  “The two of you should eat then get some rest.  I’ll be back soon.”

There, that aughtta hold you till the weekend.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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As always, I must ask for more. At the moment, though, I'm mostly interested in what's going to happen with the new character of the healer and Rashelle-I'm guessing that bout of sex is going to produce something in the vixen...
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I can't wait for more of this story.  Okay, yes I can wait. Hehe

Great to see you working on the story again Amenshawn.  Keep it up!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Great stuff as always :) Keep it up! ;)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Talon turned and dragged the table closer so they could reach the food without having to get out of bed, then grabbed an apple and left in search of the healer.   He walked out into the night and soon found the small dwelling where the healer was supposed to live.  He knocked repeatedly on the door, but no one answered.  

“Damn it this is important.”  He cursed under his breath.  He slowly extended his othersenses into the small house, feeling for any trace of the healer.  After a few minutes of searching he shook his head and turned to leave.  As he did, across the small courtyard separating the healers house from the neighboring structures, a door opened.

“Lita, is that you?”  Said a large shadowy figure as it stepped into the light of the doorway.

“If Lita is the healer, would you know where to find her?” Talon said as he turned to face the voice.

“She went into the forest to gather herbs, but she should have been back by now.”  The voice replied.

The figure stepped out into the courtyard, moving very stiffly and using a cane for support.  As the figure approached, Talon could see that it was an elderly lion, still of fairly good size even for his advanced years.  

“I have something of an emergency on my hands.” Talon said as the old lion neared.  “Would you know where she went?”

“I was almost ready to go look for her myself.  Well, as best I can anyway.”  The loin said as he motioned to the scars covering his right eye.  “Would you be willing to search for her?  I can tell you where she should be.”

Talon thought of the two vigresses back in the inn for a moment.  They would surely be sleeping by now, and they did need a healer as soon as he could find one.  

“I can look for her, but it would be quicker if you have something that belongs to her.”

The old lion squinted his good eye as he looked Talon over.

“Ah.  Gifted are you.  Good, that will help a great deal.”  The lion said as he stepped forward and produced a key.  “My name is JorAhn.  Lita has been a great help to me over the last few years.  She should be able to help you as well.”

“It’s not me that needs help.”  Talon said as they stepped into the healer’s home.  “Is she qualified as a midwife?”

“Very.”  JorAhn looked at Talon for a moment.  “You’re not overly excited so I’m assuming birth isn’t imminent.”

“That depends.  The situation is a bit complicated.”  Talon said as he thought both the girls.  “Has she ever had to deal with an accelerated multiple pregnancy?”

“That I don’t know.”  Said JorAhn as his eyebrows raised.  “But this should help you find here.”

The aged lion handed Talon a mortar and pestle.  Talon closed his eyes and focused on it.  He could see her using it over and over, almost every day.  He could sense what she felt like after a few seconds.  Then he extended his othersenses outwards, trying to get a feel for her direction.  


Terah spasmed as another mind numbing orgasm shook her to the core.  Across the room, Anya was entertaining another of Rashelle’s guards, a large clydesdale this time.  The young cougaress’ belly had grown considerably over the last few hours, now looking as though she was ready to deliver sextuplets.  Her breasts had tripled in size as well, going from a healthy, full D to a triple F.  The male was practically lifting her off the floor with his thrusts as she moaned with ecstacy.  Terah couldn’t believe how much the young girl had endured over the last few hours.  Her eyes were rolled back as he began to pour more seed into her already full uterus.  Finally he withdrew from her and let her sag into the cushions holding her huge belly with both arms.  As the hulking brute passed by Terah, he gave her flank a caress, sending her into another set of spasms.  Her body was almost crackling with energy and had become extremely sensitive to touch.  Finally she heard the doors latch as the male left.  The lights began to dim again, keyed to the spells on the room.  As the lights went out, they were left in the glow coming from Terah’s now impossibly gravid belly.  While Anya looked very pregnant, Terah dwarfed her in size.  The luquine’s belly looked as though she carried at least twenty full term cubs within her.  She could feel constant movement from inside her as the twin slurm beasts slowly searched in vain for more space.  Her breasts had grown as large as Rashelle wanted them, finally reaching K cup range.  She looked at Anya as the cougaress laid in the cushions panting.

“Are you ok?”  Terah asked weakly.

“I’m...........too..............big...........” Anya managed to say as she held her soaking cunny and belly.  “......but........I’m........still...........horny........”

Terah could remember only a half dozen of Rashelle’s guards that had taken the young cougaress, all of them built like the clydesdale that had just left.  If she didn’t birth her first four soon, Terah worried that she may burst.  Only the power of the healing rod buried in Terah’s sex was keeping her from exploding due to the massive creatures moving within her.  Terah wished that Anya had one as well.   Then an idea formed within her sex fogged mind.

“Anya.  You need to............get behind me............and touch the rod..............she left in my.........vagina.”  Terah said as she felt the creatures starting to move faster again.

“Can’t...........take it out............You’ll die.”  Anya said as she tried to milk herself in order to relieve some of the pressure in her huge breasts.

“You don’t..........need to remove it............Just hold it............with one hand.”  The luquine said as she watched the glow from her belly play across Anya’s form.

Anya struggled to her feet, nearly falling over backwards in the process.  She walked as best she could around Terah’s glowing flanks, now resting on the cushions below the suspended luquine, and found the rod still impaling Terah’s cunny.  Anya reached out and touched the rod carefully with one hand.  Immediately she felt a surge of energy through her as her strength returned and her new bruises faded.  The pressure from within her lessened a bit and her breasts grew visibly, but softened as their capacity increased.  When she took her hand away, they had grown to a full double G cup, but no longer felt as though they were made of stone.  

“Even with.....the rod to heal us......we can’t take.......... much more of this.”  Anya panted as she walked awkwardly back to her pile of cushions.  “Thank you though.............I do feel better.”

“Who knows...........we may............get out of this yet.”  Terah said in a weak attempt at humor.

Both their hearts sank yet again as the doors to the room opened and another of Rashelle’s henchmen stepped inside.


“That bitch got me pregnant again.”  Rashelle said to herself as she looked at her reflection in the full wall of mirrors in her personal chamber.  “This could complicate things.”

Her belly now appeared roughly five months pregnant, but she knew the initial growth would even out and slow to a normal speed for the remainder of her term.  She’d been pregnant by Nesha twice before and knew what to expect.  Still it was infuriating that the netherhound had gotten her pregnant now of all times.  This could have serious effects on the ritual she was about to undertake.  She knew how large she could potentially get due to the energy of the slurm beasts and then the unborn the vigress was carrying, but this added to it.  She selected a robe that accentuated her new pregnant shape and started to her library to see if any of the texts could tell her if this would affect the ritual.  

“For her sake, this had better not disrupt my plans.”  Rashelle half heartedly snarled.  She couldn’t bring herself to think of harming Nesha though, try as she may.  Just as she started to wonder at that, she heard Terah scream.
Rashelle folded the space between herself and the room her captives were in with a surge of her magicks.  As she arrived, one of her henchmen was beneath the hugely pregnant cougaress as she rocked atop him, forcing his shaft as deep within her as she could manage.  Her face was a mask of absolute ecstacy as he bucked in orgasm beneath her, sending her into a series of mind numbing climaxes as his seed flowed into her already overfull uterus.  Terah spasmed as her belly slowly expanded.  As Rashelle watched the luquines massive glowing belly, blood vessels were rupturing within the skin as she reached the limits of the healing rods ability to keep up.  Rashelle quickly placed her hands on Terah’s huge belly and poured additional healing energy into her, just keeping her from bursting as the growth subsided.  Her belly was now lifting her off the cushions she was originally suspended over and looked as though she was full term with nearly two dozen cubs.

“Well now, that was a close call, my little wolfmare.”  Rashelle purred as she stroked Terah’s hugely gravid belly.  “We can’t have you bursting before the ritual, now can we.”

As her henchman removed himself from the room, Rashelle lowered herself onto the cushions beside Anya.  She stroked the young cougaress’ belly and breasts, causing Anya to get worked up again.  

“Now we have something in common my little slave.”  The dark vixen whispered to Anya.  The sorceress smoothed the soft fur on her own swollen belly as she rolled closer to Anya and began to suck from her dripping nipples.  

Across the room, Terah grunted as a small amount of growth took place within her due to Rashelle pleasuring Anya.  The sorceress looked up with annoyance at the interruption.

“I suppose I do need to fix you, don’t I” She said as she stood and walked from the room.


“What took you so long.” Kaden said as Nesha stepped out of the shadow of a large boulder.

“I needed to take care of something first.”  The netherhound replied as she regarded the huge wolfram.

“Whatever it was could have waited.  We need to find the female before she gives birth.”  Kaden said as he hefted his warhammer to his shoulder.  “He took her to either her village or to the trade settlement.  And, when we find them, I get to kill Talon myself, understand?”

“Certainly.  I wouldn’t wish to deprive you.”  Nesha said as she extended her powerful othersenses in a sweep of the surrounding area.  She smiled as she felt the local wildlife startle when they felt her otherworldly power pass over them.  Her othersenses passed over the village and found a healthy populace, but not who she was after.  They then passed over the trade settlement.  “I’ve got her.”  The netherhound said with a smile.

“The trade settlement?”  Kaden asked as he turned toward the netherhound.  

Nesha nodded subtly as he spun in the direction of the settlement.

“Watch them until I get there.  And do not let them leave.”  Kaden ordered as he ran off into the forest.

“As you wish.”  Nesha said quietly as he passed out of sight.  “I’ll make certain they don’t leave.  And I’ll make it interesting to watch until you arrive.”

With that she stepped back into the shadows and vanished.
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OOoooooOOOo.  I'm interested to see what'll happen...

*at the edge of his seat*
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Nesha slipped out of the shadows playing about the inn’s huge kitchen as silently as a ghost.  She watched as the busy cook hurried out of the room, then turned to the table in the center of the room.  There, arrayed on the table, were three large trays piled with as much food as they could hold.  She chuckled to herself as she opened the front of her leather shirt, revealing her large breasts.  She concentrated for a moment, relaxing enough to allow her milk to begin flowing.  She then pulled on her nipples, spraying her intoxicating milk all over the platters before her.  She watched as her milk soaked into the food, her hand going unconsciously to her cunny as she found herself growing more aroused.  She began to laugh as she turned to the rest of the foodstuffs and pitchers lining the serving board.  Her laughter turned to moans as she pulled on her leaking nipples more and more until everything was tainted with her potent milk.  Then she stepped back into the shadows as the cook returned leading two females.

Rayne walked toward the entrance to the inn’s kitchen as eyes from the taproom followed her, mostly her exotic spot/stripes and huge breasts, every step of the way.  The comely white cheegress slipped into the still hot kitchen only to find two of the other girls already there.  Meenah and Shay, each slender little deer fems, picked up heaping platters of food and looked at her expectantly.

“Can you grab the last one?”  Shay asked as she motioned to the final tray on the kitchen’s prep table.

“Is all this for the master suite?” Rayne asked with doubt in her voice.

“All of it.  And it’s all a rush order so get moving.”  Said the motherly raccoon cook as she placed a few more still steaming sausages onto the last platter.

“Am I to be with an army tonight?”  The cheegress asked as she picked up the last of the platters and walked toward the back stairs.

“I have no idea.  A Wolf Coon mix paid for a week in advance for the finest we had, and that includes you.” the cook answered as she stifled a yawn.  “Now get going.  I’m for some sleep.”

“And we’re all to bed, but not for rest.”  Meenah joked as she slipped out of the kitchen.

The three of them climbed the stairs and found the huge doors to the master suite locked.  Rayne produced her copy of the key and unlocked the door as she balanced the platter on one shoulder.  As she slipped into the room she noticed the lights were very low and there appeared to be several forms laying in the huge bed.  She motioned for the other girls to stay outside the room as she placed the full platter on the small table inside the door.  She quickly took both other platters and nodded to the deer girls, giving them a wink.

“Enjoy yourself.”  Shay whispered as she turned to go off to her appointed room of the evening.

“See you in a week ”  Meenah whispered jokingly as Rayne turned to close the door.

Rayne moved silently across the large room, slowly slipping out of her silky garments as she neared the massive  bed.   She could hear quiet breathing along with an occasional moan from the bed as she began to slip in beside on of the figures.  As her hands gently quested up one of the figures’ thighs, the form rolled over.

“Bright goddess ”  Rayne gasped as the largest pregnant belly she’d ever seen loomed atop the figure in the bed for a moment.

Masha snapped awake at the unfamiliar voice, struggling to sit up against the weight of her huge belly.  Her efforts woke Mara, who also attempted to rise quickly.  As Mara spun slowly, her massive belly came into view as the thick blankets fell away.

“Great gods ”  Rayne said as she stood and backed away from the bed.  “You’re both.....  I mean you’re....”
She starred in utter disbelief at the sisters as they tried to cover themselves with the blankets again.

“Who are you? ?”  Masha asked as she finally managed to get into a sitting position.

Mara placed a hand atop her belly as she felt a surge of movement within her.  She exhaled as the cubs she carried shifted within her.  Masha looked at her with concern as Rayne continued to stare in awe.  

“Are you ok?”  Masha asked , worry obvious in her voice.

“I’ll be fine.  They’re just restless I think.”  Mara said as the movement subsided.  “Who are you.”  She said as she shifted her tired gaze to the nude white cheegress standing beside the bed.

“Rayne.......my name is Rayne.”  Rayne managed to say as she looked at the pair sitting in the bed.  “You’re both huge.”

“Is that meat I smell?  ?”  Masha asked as her initial shock wore off.  “I’m still so hungry.”

“Me too.” Mara said, her voice heavy with obvious fatigue.

“Don’t move.”  Rayne said as they started to try to get out of the soft bed.  “I’m here to take care of your needs.”

“Is that why you’re nude?”  Masha asked playfully as Rayne moved the platters to the table beside the bed.

“All your needs.”  Rayne replied with a bit more composure as she struck a seductive pose, emphasizing her large breasts.  As she did, she felt drops of milk run from her nipples.

“You’re a wetnurse?”  Mara asked as she noticed Rayne’s leaky nipples.

“Well, technically no.  I have the ability, but I’m a brothel girl.  I come with the room.”  The cheegress said as she sat on the bed, her eyes still fixed on both girls pregnant bellies and massive breasts.   “Are the two of you ok?”

“We’re fine for now.”  Masha said as she placed a hand atop her pregnant belly.  “Talon went to find us a healer.”

Rayne shook her head at the sheer size of both girls.  They must have been starving as well at the rate they were eating.  Rayne took a few pieces of food from the platters as well now that it was obvious she wouldn’t likely be bedding either of them.  The three of them continued to eat until their appetites were sated, each of them feeling a bit more aroused with every passing minute.  From other rooms they could faintly hear the moans of others as they coupled, slowly making the feeling more intense.  Finally, Rayne moved forward and touched Mara’s belly, slowly rubbing the drumhead tight skin.  Mara began to purr lightly as Rayne slowly but expertly moved closer and began to massage more of Mara’s belly, gradually including her breasts in her caressing.   Masha moved closer as well, beginning to rub her sister’s shoulders as she slowly began to guide her tail into her own cunny.  Rayne soon leaned forward and began to kiss Mara and gently nibble on her ear and neck, causing the young vigress to shudder.  Mara’s hands found Rayne’s huge breasts and began to gently rub and kneed them, causing Rayne’s milk to flow more freely.  Rayne moved even closer and gently guided Mara onto her side, slowly spreading the vigress’ shapely legs as she repositioned herself.  Rayne expertly began to gingerly lick and tongue Mara’s dripping sex, causing Mara’s altered pheromone glands to release.  Mara began to writhe as Rayne added gentle teeth to her attentions, causing the vigress to begin moaning rather loudly.  Masha crawled behind Rayne and rolled onto her back, slipping her head between the cheegress’ shapely white and black thighs.  Rayne shuddered at the unexpected attention to her sex as Masha eagerly began to lick her sweet cunny, all the while slipping her tail farther and farther into herself with each thrust.  Soon Masha’s hands found Rayne’s huge breasts and began to gently fondle the cheegress’ now freely flowing nipples.  Masha groaned as she felt herself coming closer and closer to another climax.  The fleeting thought that she should stop crossed her mind only to be buried in an avalanche of sexual arousal and overwhelming sensations.  Rayne continued to work at Mara’s sex with her lips and tongue as she herself could feel orgasm building within her due to Mash’a continued lapping.  Masha could feel her ovaries beginning to lightly tingle as her tail’s tip began to bump her cervical valve.  She began to milk Rayne’s breasts more vigorously as her own sensations welled within her.  

“OH     OH GODDESS     ”  Mara cried out as she felt her ovaries begin to release as she bucked in orgasm.  “YES      DON’T STOP  ”

“Ungh    OH  ”  Rayne cried out as Mash’s tongue sent her over the edge.  She shuddered as the long orgasm shook her to the very core.  

Masha could feel orgasm within reach as the white cheegress atop her shuddered.  She continued to thrust harder with her tail, climax drawing nearer with every bump against her sensitive cervical valve.  Mara slowly rolled into a crawl as best she could, her huge belly dragging on the soft bed, and moved around to engage Rayne face to face.  Rayne bent slightly and took Mara’s leaking nipple in her mouth, slowly circling it’s tip with her tongue, causing Mara to let down fully.  Masha continued to tongue Rayne’s drenched sex as her own climax began.

“AHHHH   ” Masha gasped as orgasm rocked her.  She could feel her ovaries release yet again as the sensations shot through her.

As the three females continued inside the room, Nesha casually strolled the hallway of the upper level opening doors to all the rooms as she went, reveling at the sights and sounds around her.  The spicy scent from the vigress’ room was having an effect on her as well, causing her to look for someone to satisfy the urges welling within her.

“No Kaden, no one will be leaving tonight.”  She laughed as she looked in on one of the young deer girls impaling herself with abandon on her wolf lover’s shaft, her head thrown back as she moaned in sheer ecstacy.  “In fact, they may not leave tomarrow.”


“I thought I heard something.”  Kamber said as she looked past the fire into the woods.  The shapely young vixen unconsciously placed her hand on her staff as her coyote companion placed an armload of wood near the fire.

“You always say that.”  Cole said as he looked into the woods in the direction she indicated.  “For once, it would be nice if it were really bandits instead of just some poor normal critters looking for food.”

“Just check it out and stop giving me a hard time.”  Kamber said as she raised her staff and pointed it in the direction of the sound she’d heard.

Cole drew one of his falchions and slowly walked toward the shadows, scanning for any signs of movement.  The feeling that this time the vixen could be right washed over him as the fur on his neck stood up.  

Suddenly a large shape erupted from the brush, lunging straight for him.  Cole quickly rolled to the side and drew his other falchion as he came back to his feet in one smooth motion.  

“What in the hells is that? ?”  He asked as the strange creature turned and looked at him.

The creature was over a head taller than he was and powerfully built.  It was mostly hairless except for a small amount on it’s head and had what appeared to be carapace covering most of it’s back and forearms.  The thing looked quickly from Cole to Kamber, half turning as it looked at her.
“Ffffeeemaylllle.....” the creature rasped as it took a step toward her.

Kamber rolled to her feet and readied her staff before her, beginning to mutter an incantation.  A plume of energy shot from the staff’s tip as she finished to chant, bracing against the recoil.  The blast hit the creature squarely, causing it to stumble back a few paces.  Cole charged in before it could regain it’s balance, blades working together in a deadly blur.  The creature retreated a few more paces as his blades cut deep gashes in it’s arms and torso, howling in pain and frustration.  Suddenly the creature’s carapace covered back opened, unfurling a pair of large batlike wings.  The creature then leapt over Cole, lunging straight toward Kamber.  She dove to the side, narrowly avoiding it’s grasp.  The thing whirled, seeming to reach for her as she scrambled to her feet.  Long, whiplike tentacles shot from it’s palms, ensnaring her waist and ankles.  

“KAMBER ”  Cole rushed the creature, slicing at both the tentacles holding the vixen.

Both blades found their marks, severing the tough appendages before it could leap into the air again.  The creature attacked, coming in much more quickly than it’s bulk suggested, landing a clubbing blow across Cole’s abdomen.  The coyote landed several paces away as the creature turned again toward Kamber.  The vixen leveled her staff at the thing as she shouted the last part of another spell.  Lightning sprang from the end of her staff, catching the end on fire.  The blast of pure electricity hit the hulking thing as it sprang toward her.  The creature howled in agony as it crashed into her, shattering her staff and knocking her to the ground.  She struggled in panic for a moment as the creature’s weight settled atop her, then she realized it wasn’t moving anymore.

“Kamber   Are you ok? ?”  Cole asked as he rolled the smoking mass off her.

“Fine I think.”  She replied as she slowly got to her feet.  She bent and picked up a smouldering piece of her staff.  “Damn it.”

“What is.....was that thing.”  Cole asked as he poked at the fallen beast with the tip of his falchion.

“Let me see.”  Kamber said as she went to the fire to get a torch.

As she returned, holding the torch ahead of her.  Her jaw opened in shock as the light revealed more of the creature.  She quickly walked back to her packs, muttering to herself as Cole kept watch on the fallen creature.  She took a large leather bound tome from her gear, flipping through the pages until she came to the section she was looking for.

“Well?”  Asked Cole as he sheathed his blades and approached her.

“Oh, ................ oh gods.”  The vixen said quietly as she read.  “It’s a gene stealer.  At least I think it’s a gene stealer.”

“What’s a gene stealer?”  Cole asked as he held his ribs with one arm.  Now that his adrenaline was fading, he was starting to feel the effects of the creature’s attack.

“It’s something the ancients created, during their last war.”  She said as she continued to read.  “It’s supposed to be dropped behind enemy lines.  Once there it begins impregnating females, effectively creating an army of powerful creatures.”

“Well, at least it didn’t manage to get the chance with you.” Cole said as he sat beside her.  He winced as he sat, holding his side tighter.

“Are you ok?”  Kamber asked as she looked him over.

“I think my ribs are bruised.”  Cole said as he tried to twist, stopping as pain lanced through him.  “At least we killed it.”

“You don’t understand.   If this thing mated with someone before it found us....”  She said gravely.
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Such an awesome story  :D  Keep at it!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Cole’s head snapped toward the fallen creature as one hand went to his weapons.

“Did you hear that?”  He said as he got to his feet.

“Now who’s being paranoid.”  Kamber said as she stood with him, wishing her staff had been strong enough to survive the encounter.

Cole neared the creature, blades drawn.  A puzzled look crossed his face as he bent to examine it.

“Didn’t this thing have a big carapace thingy on it’s back?” He asked as he pointed to the huge ragged holes that covered what was left of the creature’s now flesh colored back.


Talon’s head was throbbing as he continued through the forest.  Using his othersenses this much was beginning to wear on him.  He could hear a stream nearby as he followed the mental pull toward the healer.  Talon pushed through the dense undergrowth, finally stepping into the open near the stream’s edge.  In the dim light, he could make out a figure laying on the opposing bank.

“Lita?”  He called as he waded out across the stream.

The figure stirred as he approached, groaning softly and putting a hand to her head.

The young healer slowly began to wake as she rubbed the side of her aching head.  Her fingers found quite a large bump behind her right ear as she levered herself up.  Someone was calling to her, but the voice wasn’t familiar.  

Talon knelt beside her, trying to help her into a sitting position.  Most of her clothing had been ripped to shreds, revealing some injuries that looked painful but mostly superficial.  

“Are you ok?”  He asked as he removed his light cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“I think so.”  She said as she realized she was mostly nude.  

Lita pulled the cloak more tightly about her, covering her breasts.  As she touched them, they felt larger than normal.  She lifted one slightly, finding that her breasts had grown quite a bit.  She quickly placed a hand on her abdomen, gasping as she found a fist sized lump in her uterus.  

“I need to get you back to town.”  Talon with concern in his voice.  “Do you think you can travel?”

Lita nodded her head as she tried to remember what happened to her.  Her memory was clouded, allowing her to remember only a few disjointed images.  

“My pack, do you see a pack anywhere?”  She said as she tried to clear her head.

Talon looked about for a moment, finding her pack on a large stone near the stream’s edge.  He returned to her side as she attempted to stand.

“Is there another healer in your settlement?”  Talon asked as he offered her the leather bag.

“Yes, but Neves went south to purchase equipment and won’t be back for a month.”  Lita said as she opened her pack and looked for the jar of healing balm.  “Is there an emergency?”

“A problem, but nothing that can’t wait, well, hopefully can’t wait until tomarrow.”   Talon said as he watched her rub the salve on her cuts.  “But first let’s make certain that you’re ok.”

“I need to get back home and take care of something.”  Lita said as she unconsciously placed a hand on her abdomen.  “Then I can see to your problem.”

“My problem is less immediate then your injuries.  What attacked you?”  The wolfcoon said as he looked at the cuts on her inner thighs.

“I don’t remember.”  Lita said as she struggled to clear her head.  She gave up as the images danced in her head.  “Now, what kind of problem is it that you have?”

“I need someone who can deliver cubs.”  Talon said as she turned toward him, concern growing on her face at his words.  “A lot of cubs.”


Rashelle opened the large trunk her servants had placed in the room, going through it’s contents carefully.  She arranged several items on the floor before her with care, then looked over at the massively pregnant luquine suspended above the cushions.

“This should keep you from bursting like a too ripe melon, my gravid little wolfmare.”  The dark vixen said as she began to crawl in a circle around Terah, placing small talismans on the floor as she went.  “Then we can let little Anya here have another male.”

Anya held her huge belly with one hand as she looked pleadingly at the sorceress.  She now looked pregnant with septuplets, her belly tight as a drum.  Rashelle smiled as she placed a hand on her own belly, now appearing roughly six months along, then rubbed her slightly swollen breasts.  She knew that they would get larger, filling with milk as her pregnancy with Nesha’s nethercub progressed.  She hurried to finish arranging the talismans as her cunny grew wetter at the thoughts in her head.  Finally, she placed the final piece, and uttered a quiet phrase.  Light flared from each talisman as it bonded to the floor, becoming a solid part of the marble it was placed on.  Each continued to glow as Rashelle stood and touched a final talisman to the healing rod buried in Terah’s sex.  It flared as it fused to the rod at it’s base, causing Terah to buck at the sensations.  Rashelle watched with satisfaction as wisps of energy snaked around Terah’s form to the rod, causing it to glow.

“There.  That’s better.”  Rashelle said as she slowly walked around Terah’s hugely gravid form.  “I would love to stay and play with you girls, but I need to see if this is going to interfere with my plans.”  The sorceress said as she slowly rubbed her own swollen belly.  “For now though, I think little Anya here has waited long enough to sate her needs.”

Rashelle closed the trunk and motioned for a servant standing just outside to take it away as she sauntered out of the room, hands still caressing her swollen midsection.  

“I think she’s ready for you now Toridar.”  Rashelle said as she regarded the huge ramdale centaur waiting in the hallway.  “Try not to kill her though.  I don’t like it when people break my toys.”

The dark vixen watched as the huge ‘taur walked by into the room, his massive cock already becoming erect as he neared Anya.  She stood and watched for a moment as the cougaress offered herself to the massive ‘taur, spreading her legs wide to accommodate him.  Rashelle nearly climaxed as she watched Anya slowly take more of him in with each of his thrusts, finally managing nearly half his length.  The dark vixen moaned as her hands moved lower and fingers found their way into her dripping sex.  She watched as Anya cried out in orgasm, her arms wrapped around her massive belly.  The ramdale groaned as he climaxed, forcing nearly three quarters of his massive cock into Anya.  The cougaress’ breath caught as his member penetrated deep within her, blasting a huge amount of sperm into her massive belly.  Rashelle threw her head back as her own orgasm shook her, causing her to drop to her knees.  She looked up into the room as the huge ‘taur began fucking Anya again.  The cougaress held her belly in a futile attempt to prevent it from getting larger as her breasts bounced wildly against it.  Rashelle’s gaze drifted over to Terah’s suspended form.  The luquine’s belly continued to slowly swell, showing no signs of rupturing now.  Rashelle stood and smoothed her fur, then walked toward her library.

“And now to find out if you pose a problem.”  She said as she slowly rubbed her pregnant belly.
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Talon’s headache was beginning to intensify as he and Lita entered to main gate of the settlement.  He shook his head in an attempt to clear it as he tried to focus his eyes against the now glaring lights.

“Are you alright?”  Lita asked as she watched him for a moment.

“Reacshun hed ayk...........” Talon slurred as he slowly went to a knee holding his head.

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?”  Lita asked as she lifted his head and looked into his eyes.  In the darkness and lost in her own thoughts, she hadn’t noticed that his nose had begun bleeding.  “You’ve almost put yourself into reaction shock   Stop extending yourself ”

“Cant.....ned tu keep...........washin fr Kadn.”  Talon said as he tried to stand and failed.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying.”  The young healer said as she dug through her pack furiously.  “Damn it, it must be back at my house.  Come on, we need to keep you moving.”

“.......goddah gid bag.........to th nnnnn.”  Talon said as his eyes rolled back and he collapsed.  

Lita knelt and lifted his head, checking to see if he was still breathing.

“GUARDSMAN ”  She shouted back toward the gate.  “GUARDSMAN   I NEED HELP HERE ”

She turned back to the unconscious wolfcoon as one of the guards came running toward them.

“What happened to him? ?”  The guard, a medium sized lion , asked as he slid into a kneeling position beside her.  

“He overextended himself.  We need to get him back to my house.”  Said Lita as she tried to lift him from the ground.

“I can get him, just get your pack.”  The guard said as he easily lifted Talon.

Lita led the guard back to her house and opened the door, going inside to turn up the lamps as the guard laid Talon on the makeshift couch.  She went to the racks on the wall, returning with several small jars.  She opened one of them, taking out a small piece of dried root which she coated with a powder from a stone bowl.

“Hold him for me.”  She said as she placed a leather bound rod in Talon’s mouth and pulled it open.

The guardsman held Talon’s shoulders down as Lita placed the root in his opened mouth.  Talon’s eyes opened immediately, going wide as he tried to scramble backwards off the couch.

“Hellfires   What did you give him?”  Asked the guard as he fought to keep Talon from moving.

“Something to keep his gifts from working for a while.  Trouble is they were wide open.”  She said as she mixed a white powder with water in a small cup.  “It basically snapped his extra senses shut.  Sit him up after he calms down.”

Talon gradually stopped trying to crawl backwards away from the taste in his mouth, calming enough to sit.  The guardsman steadied him while Lita added a few more herbs to the now cloudy water.  

“This isn’t going to taste any better.”  She said as she unceremoniously poured the drink into Talon’s mouth.  “But it will take away your headache.”

Talon choked as the bitter drink washed down the remainder of the dissolved root in his mouth.  Shaking his head as it cleared.

“That tastes horrible ”  Talon said weakly as he wiped his mouth with his hand.  

“How long have you had yourself opened like that? ”  Lita asked as she put jars back on shelves.

“Few days.”  Talon said as he looked about groggily.

“If he’s going to live, I need to get back to the gate.” The young lion guardsman said as he slapped Talon lightly on the shoulder.

“He’ll be fine, thank you.”  Lita said as she found her gaze lingering on the guardsman as he left, snapping out of it as the door swung closed after him.  She shook her head and turned to Talon.

“A few days? Are you completely addled?”  She asked as she now found herself looking him over.  She shook her head and went back to the jars, taking out a small piece of mint flavored root to chew on.  

“No choice.  We’re being hunted.”  Talon said as he found himself feeling a bit better, although still near exhaustion.

“So you were sweeping to keep from being found.”  Lita said as she put the pieces together.  

“And then I went looking for you.”  Talon said as he slowly stood and found he once again had balance.  “Speaking of that, you may want to tell.....mmmm..... JorAhn that you’re ok.   He was worried.”

“Thank you for finding me.  I still can’t remember what happened.”  The young snow leopardess said as she took down a damp compress and placed it behind her ear.  “Now I believe you had a problem?”

“They’re probably sound asleep, but you should see them as soon as you’re up to it.” Talon said as he thought about the two vigresses back at the inn.


Nesha’s head began to clear as she sat and stretched.  She looked about in bewilderment as she found herself sitting in a tangle of silk sheets.  She rubbed her eyes for a moment, then looked about the room.  On the bed beside her, also wrapped in a large tangle of ripped sheets, was the cheegress that had been pleasuring both vigresses earlier.  Nesha then looked behind her and found one vigress lightly moaning in her sleep as an attractive young male lion made use of her.  The netherhound then looked over to the bed and found the other vigress being fucked from behind by a large wolf, her knees not quite touching the bed as she rocked forward onto her breasts.  As Nesha watched, she realized that the vigress was unconcious, and from the looks of her, had been for quite some time.  The wolf trembled as he climaxed inside the vigress’ cum drenched sex, causing her to quiver as she orgasmed as well.  Nesha slowly realized that her own glands felt drained to the point of soreness, and her breasts felt almost completely empty.  The netherhound tried to focus her slightly blurred vision as she moved into a kneeling position.  As Nesha moved aside, Rayne rolled onto her back, groaning as she moved.  

Rayne slowly began to gain a slight awareness of her surroundings.  She struggled to focus as she opened her eyes, catching a blurry view of the strange jet colored female kneeling beside her.  She closed her eyes and slowly faded back into unconsciousness, her hands going to her slowly growing belly.

Nesha looked at the size of the cheegress’ belly as she rubbed her tender breasts.  The unconscious female looked roughly nine months pregnant and was still experiencing the initial growth as the nethercubs within her matured rapidly.  Neasha smiled as she extended her othersenses over the cheegress, feeling the unborn within her.  She then swept her ‘senses over the two vigresses, smiling as she stood and looked for her clothing.  

“Well my little sorceress, I hope a few of my children within your prize won’t interfere with your plans overly much.”  She said as she stepped into the hallway, still nude.  

The netherhound walked the upper hallway, smiling as she passed the other rooms at the tangles of limbs from under various piles of bedclothes.  

“Well Kaden, no one left here tonight.  Of that you can be certain.”  She chuckled as she gave up on finding her clothes and stepped into a shadow.


“Two sets of tracks, look to be heading back toward town.”  Cole said as he stood and looked after the footprints into the forest.

“Then we shouldn’t be far behind them.”  Kamber said as she held a scrap of cloth she’d found on the stream’s bank.  “And we’re looking for........”

The vixen concentrated on the cloth, letting her energy fill out the remaining pieces of the image growing before her.  Within minutes, an image of an attractive young snow leopardess stood before them.

“.......a healer from the looks of her.”  The vixen said as she let the image fade.  

“Let’s just hope she hasn’t had a chance to bed whoever rescued her.”  Cole muttered as he checked his bound ribs.

“If she has, then we may have to kill her just to be certain the creature she’s carrying doesn’t have a chance to grow up to be a killing machine.”  Kamber said as she started off toward the trade settlement.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I have a request for those of you out there more artistically talented than I.  I would like a few character pics or, if you are so inclined, scene illustrations.  Those interested can e-mail or PM me for more information about characters.   Thank you all for your continued interest.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Damn, man! Months without any updates, and now it starts pouring out! Not that I mind, but it's a little surprising.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Yeah, I know.  I had a lot of RL stuff going on (new baby, moving to another state, new job....) and another storyline idea that I had to get timelined.  Eventually I'll get that one done too, but for now, I'm glad you're all enjoying.  

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Oh yeah. This is an excellent story. Can't wait to see how it all ends!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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“Oh gods.”  Talon gasped as he surveyed the scene before him.  

Masha was laying on her side, her cunny still glistening wetly in the dim light.  Mara still lay atop her hugely swollen belly in a pile of ripped and stained blankets and pillows, her sex still wet from recent use.  There were a few males of various types laying here and there on the floor, all completely unconscious, along with a very pregnant cheetah tiger cross.  Lita entered the room behind him, her mouth agape as she looked about the room.  

As the young healer looked about the room, desire welled within her, making her wish she had been among those littering the floor.  Lita shook her head at the thoughts, taking another piece of the minty root to chew on.  
“Masha?”  Talon said softly as he knelt beside her.

Masha’s eyes opened slightly, then closed again as exhaustion reclaimed her.

Lita looked with awe at the two vigresses, her loins beginning to grow wet at the thoughts swirling unbidden in her head.  She fought to clear her mind, wrestling her thoughts into a completely analytical format just as she’d been taught.  She approached Mara, slowly rolling her onto her side after removing the piles of blankets propping her up.  She marveled at the size of the young vigress’ belly as she tried to focus enough to allow her healing gifts to work.  She extended her senses into Mara, feeling all that the hugely gravid vigress felt.  Lita’s jaw dropped as she felt what was happening within Mara’s belly.  She then stood and moved to Masha, repeating the process.  Again she could only stare in disbelief at what she felt from within her.  Lita then moved to the pregnant cheegress, extending her senses into her as well.  She began to shudder as she was overwhelmed by the arousal the pregnant cheegress was experiencing.  She recoiled, falling back into a pile of ruined cushions.

“Lita ?  Are you ok?”  Talon asked as he quickly knelt beside her.

Lita’s breathing was erratic as Talon lifted her in his arms.  She twitched as she became completely aroused, losing to the images and desires in her head.  Her eyes fluttered open, locking with Talon’s.  Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer to her.  Talon looked at her in complete disbelief as she began softly biting his neck.  

“Hey ”  Talon exclaimed as her hands found the catches to his leather pants.

“Please......take me..........please.”  Lita begged as her mind reeled.  

Talon looked around the room for a moment.  The girls were sleeping and showed no signs of waking any time soon.  Still, she hadn’t shown any signs of this behavior earlier.  

Lita let her healing gift wash over Talon, causing him to feel her arousal as well.  Talon gasped as the sexual energy flowed over him, distracting him as Lita removed his clothes.  Within minutes she was caressing his hardened shaft as he started to return her advances.  Lita pulled him down into the pile of cushions, opening herself for him as he began to lick her hardened nipples.  

“Ohhhhhh .....Yessss......”  Lita moaned as he entered her, beginning to work his shaft in deeper with every thrust.
The urges became more intense as he fucked her, spinning her deeper into a sexual frenzy.  Finally Talon’s muscles tightened as he climaxed, his seed spurting into her uterus.  She felt a surge of relief as she climaxed along with him, the images in her mind fading to shadows in the background of her thoughts.  Lita felt as though the orgasm would never end as her uterus clenched around the growing mass within her.  Finally she gasped as the waves of pleasure subsided, leaving her gasping for breath beneath him.  As he moved off her to lay at her side, Lita’s hands went to her abdomen.  There, the once fist sized lump had grown to the size of a grapefruit, causing her belly to look roughly four months pregnant.

Exhaustion washed over Talon as he struggled to remain awake.  The constant strain of using his othersenses and the lack of food and sleep finally won, sending him into a deep sleep.  Lita sighed as she draped an arm over him, breathing in his scent for a while.  Her head slowly began to clear, allowing her to think about the immensely gravid females in the room.  She slowly crawled out of the pile of cushions and once again examined the three females, allowing her senses to sweep through each of them.  Both vigresses appeared to be nearing their bursting point, their abdominal muscles stretched to their limits over their massive wombs.  The cheegress, who Lita now recognized as a brothel girl who was not pregnant earlier in the week, now appeared full term with twins and was slowly swelling larger.  As Lita examined her gravid form, her eyes fluttered open.

“Wha......what....who are you?”  Rayne asked as she tried to sit.  Her hands went to her swollen belly as sitting proved difficult.  “Oh Gods   What happened to me? ?”

Lita remembered her name now.  It was Rayne.  She had come to Lita for some very potent birth control herbs only a few weeks ago.  She should NOT have been pregnant.

“Rayne, it’s Lita, the healer.  Do you remember who you had sex with?”  Lita asked as she tried to calm the panicked cheegress.

“All I remember is a jet colored female.”  Rayne said shakily as she felt her distended midsection.  “I don’t remember any males.”

“Can you remember anything else about her?”  Lita asked, trying to confirm what her senses had told her.

“Her breasts were leaking a lot.”  Rayne said as she tried to recall more.  “I can’t remember.  Everything’s a blur.”

“Very sleek?  Almost jackal like?”  Lita asked as Rayne struggled into a sitting position.

Rayne nodded, confirming what Lita feared.

“A netherhound.  A netherhound got you pregnant.”  Lita said as she tried to calm the frightened cheegress.  “Very pregnant.”

“If I just got pregnant, why am I so big?”  Rayne asked as she felt her belly, her fingers encountering her protruding navel.

“Nethercubs grow very rapidly at first, then the rest of the pregnancy is fairly normal.  Except in your case, she impregnated you more than once.”  Lita said as she stood and looked about the room.  

“How many are in here?”  Rayne asked as she felt a fluttering sensation from within her.  

“I felt eight, but nethercubs often twin in mid-pregnancy.”  Lita said as she tried to remember everything she could about creatures from the nether planes.

“Oh gods....”  Rayne said as she slumped backwards against the wrecked bed.

Lita looked at the two vigresses for a moment, wondering how she was going to deal with what was happening within each of them.  She shook her head as she thought of her options.  Both the overcrowded vigresses were almost ready to burst and Rayne would become more and more sexually active as she progressed with the nethercubs.  And then there was whatever was growing within her.

“Oh gods is right.”  Lita muttered to herself as her hands felt her swollen belly.


Rashelle watched as another contraction caused Anya’s massive belly to shudder.  The cougaress had been in labor for some time now, but was still fucking yet another male.  

“You can’t stop, can you.”  Rashelle mused as she watched yet another contraction shoot across the surface of Anya’s belly.  The sorceress turned to a pair of figures standing in the doorway.  “I think she’s almost in need of you.”

A pair of racoon females quickly entered the room, kneeling by Anya’s side as the huge lion fucking her from behind roared in climax.  As the huge male walked by Rashelle, the dark vixen reached out and gently caressed his still throbbing shaft, licking the mingled fluids off her fingertips with a smile.  She then walked slowly around the room, watching as Anya’s contractions grew closer together and became stronger.  The midwives rolled the massively gravid cougaress onto her back and pushed her legs open wide.  

“She may not survive this.”  Said one of the midwives as she felt Anya’s belly, checking on the positions of the cubs within her.

“She’ll live.”  Rashelle said as she knelt beside Anya and began tracing circles around one of the cougaress’ nipples.  “Just make sure she doesn’t lose any of the other cubs.  After all, they’re not big enough yet.”

Anya writhed as yet another contraction wracked her body, causing her to scream.  Rashelle looked across the room to where Terah was half hanging, half resting atop her massive belly.  The dark vixen smiled as a thought crossed her mind.  She stood, taking note of how difficult it was becoming, and walked around to Anya’s open sex.  The sorceress chanted, drawing images in the air before her that faded slowly, then let a wave of energy wash over the cougaress’ panting form.  Anya’s cries of pain changed to moans of sheer ecstacy.  The midwives looked at her for a moment, then up at Rashelle.

“Now when she delivers it will be a most pleasurable experience instead of an excruciatingly painful one.”  The dark vixen said as she watched Anya arch her back.  

The midwives looked at her with puzzled expressions for a moment.  Rashelle laughed as she turned and walked back around to Anya’s side, kneeling again on the cushions.

“My benevolence is purely self serving my dear.”  The sorceress said as she shifted her gaze across the room to where Terah hung, spasming as more sexual energy flowed into her.  “She’s almost ready.”

Anya cried out as another contraction changed into an orgasm, grasping her huge belly with both arms as the midwives bent to their task.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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“I can’t do anything for them here.”  Lita said as Talon shrugged on his tunic.  “We have to get them back to my home, then I can tend to them.”

“Best to get them out of here before everyone wakes up then.”  Talon sighed as he moved to wake Masha.

Masha stirred as he approached, rolling onto her other side as she stretched.  Talon looked at her for a moment, trying to gauge the size of her pregnant belly.  She was larger than when he’d left them, now appearing full term with healthy septuplets.  He quickly moved over to Mara, pulling the blankets off her.  He gasped as he looked at her immense belly.  She looked as though she was carrying dectuplets.

“How many males were in here?”  Talon asked as he tried to fathom how many partners each vigress could have had.

“There were only the two you dragged out into the hallway.”  Lita answered as she knelt beside Rayne.  “Why?”

“Something I probably should have mentioned earlier.”  Talon said, mentally cursing himself for not thinking this could happen.  “I think they can get pregnant about every time they orgasm.”

“And if I remember.......correctly, they...........did that a lot.”  Rayne said as she tried to stand using the wrecked bedframe for balance.  

“Then we definitely need to get to my house.”  Lita said as she thought about that for a moment, suddenly feeling a small swell of desire from her loins.
Lita quickly turned and took a piece of the minty root from her pack and began chewing it, hoping it’s effects would stop her from becoming aroused.  

“We should get them up and moving.”  She said as she did a quick inventory of her pack.

“Mara.”  Talon said gently as he stoked the side of her face.  “Mara, we need to go.”

Mara slowly woke up, her eyes fluttering open slowly.  She shook her head as her hands rubbed her huge belly, finally ending up in the sex slimed area above her cunny.  She looked at her hand with confusion at first, then with panic as she realized what had happened.

“Oh gods ”  She whispered to herself as she looked at her belly.  “How did I get this big? ?”

“You had sex with a few different partners.”  Talon said as he helped her into a sitting position.

“One of which was a netherhound.”  Lita added as she knelt beside Masha.  “She’s the reason you’ve grown so much.”

“Oh gods....”  Mara whispered to herself as she held the sides of her enormous belly.  “I can’t hold all these cubs.  I’m too big already.”  

“Listen.  Lita is a healer.  We’re going to go to her house.”  Talon said as he tried to keep Mara from panicking.  “Once we’re there we can figure something out.”

Lita gently shook Masha awake.  The young vigress’ eyes fluttered open as she slowly found her way back to consciousness.  

“Where’s Talon?”  Masha asked as she tried to sit up.  “What happened?”

“A netherhound impregnated you.  Your sister and Rayne too.”  The young healer said as she helped Masha into a crawling position.  “We’re going back to my home so I can try to help you.”

Masha slowly crawled to the bed, her breasts dripping on the floor as she moved.  Lita felt another pang of lust as she watched Masha’s huge belly between her legs, her protruding navel nearly dragging on the floor as she moved.  The young snow leopardess whimpered as she caught the scent of sex still heavy on her. Her nipples hardened as she watched Masha’s still glistening sex as the young vigress pulled herself up on the bed.  She shook her head, trying to clear the images from her mind as the desires slowly grew within her.  Finally she stood and walked to the door.

“We should go.”  Lita said as she tried to control her breathing.

Talon draped a blanket over each of the girls shoulders, smiling as he made eye contact with Rayne.  As they made their way out into the hall, Talon shook his head in combined amazement and amusement.

“And now there are four of them.”  He mused as he watched them carefully descend the steps.


Kaden dropped to the base of the wall, surveying his surroundings quickly.  He stood and looked at the inn at the end of the street.  A smile slowly spread across his face as he thought of his warhammer impacting Talon’s face.  

“I hope you did your part netherbitch.”  He snarled as he shouldered his weapon and calmly walked the few hundred feet to the inn’s entrance.

Kaden swung the double doors open, looking into the dim light within the inn’s taproom.  The wolfram’s brows raised as he saw limbs tangled and tables overturned.  He slowly walked into the room, stepping over intertwined bodies littering the floor.  

“Nesha.  What have you done.”  Kaden snarled as he made his way past all the rooms on the lower floor.

“Kept them from leaving.”  The netherhound said as she stepped out of a shadow behind him.  “Just like you wanted.”

Kaden ground his teeth in frustration as he looked at the netherhound.

“Where are they?”  He asked through clenched teeth.

“They’re in the grand suite, upstairs.”  Nesha answered as she rubbed the side of her neck, still trying to shake the effects of the pheromones.  

Kaden turned and charged up the staircase, coming to the double doors to the room.  The doors crashed open as he nearly splintered them with his boot.  He readied his hammer and looked about the room.

The room was empty.  The furniture looked as thought there had been a massive orgy and the scent of sex hung heavy in the air, but the room was empty.

“NESHA  ”  Kaden roared as he turned and faced the door.

The netherhound sauntered into the hallway, stretching as she leaned against the doorframe.  

“Where did they go?”  She asked with confusion as she stepped into the room.  “I left them right here.”

Kaden whirled and seized Nesha by the throat, pinning her to the wall with her feet dangling several inches off the floor.

“You stupid bitch   You let them escape ”  Kaden growled as he slid the netherhound higher up the wall.  

Nesha slowly wrapped her fingers around Kaden’s wrist, her eyes beginning to glow an eerie green.

“You will release me now.”  She hissed as she slowly began to change.  

Kaden watched as her legs lengthened and took on a reversed knee shape, her cloven hooves coming to rest on the floor.  Her clawed fingers grew longer and completely encircled his wrist.  Kaden drew back his hammer, taking aim at her face as her fangs grew more beastial.  Suddenly, she tore his grasp from her throat as easily as one might that of a small cub, then dangled Kaden’s three hundred and fifty plus pound body near the room’s semi vaulted ceiling by his arm.  Kaden swung his hammer at the netherhound’s muzzle, only to have it caught in her open hand.

“You truly have no idea what I am, do you?”  She chuckled as she held him.  “How very entertaining.”

Nesha tossed the wolfram across the room as though he were nothing but a rag doll.  Kaden crashed through the remains of the table, sending empty platters flying.  He quickly regained his feet, glaring at her as he braced for an attack.  

“No, no, little mortal.”  Nesha laughed as she shrank back to her normal form.  “I won’t kill you tonight.  But try that again and you’ll find yourself wishing I had.”

Nesha turned and walked toward the corner of the room, slowly fading into the shadows there.

“Now instead of helping you find her, I’ll leave you to your own devices.”  She mock pouted as she vanished.  “And find her for Rashelle myself.”

Kaden’s warhammer crashed through the wall where the netherhound had just been standing.

“I’ll find her.”  Kaden growled as he yanked him hammer out of the wall by it’s strap.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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The huge wolfram flipped the remains of the large bed up against the wall, clearing a large space in the center of the room.  After sorting through a few items in his beltpouch, he took out a small leather pouch.

“After all, Rashelle isn’t the only mage I know.”  He said as he removed a walnut sized diamond from it’s wrappings.

Kaden placed it on the floor, then stepped back and took a deep breath.

“Farinous.”  Kaden whispered as he felt the energy of the diamond being released.

Slowly an image began to form above the diamond.  After several seconds, Kaden could make out the features of the spell’s target.  The image became more lifelike, revealing a tall yet slender white male lion.

“Kaden   Good to see you again.  How’s the curse?”  The image said with a hollow voice.

“That’s not why I need you.”  Kaden said as he stepped toward the image.

“Well, it must be something important.  You know this stone only works once.”  Farinous said with a hint of amusement in his voice.  “So, what do you want of me.”

“I need someone or something that can help me defeat a netherhound, a tracker, preferably gifted or a mage, and a few reliable troops.”  Kaden said as he looked the image of the mage in the eye.  If he was going to call this favor in, he was going to make it worth while.

“Is that all?”  Farinous asked with obvious sarcasm in his voice.  “You really require all that?”

“Indeed.  And I need them as soon as possible.”  Kaden replied as he thought about Nesha out hunting the vigress.  

“Very well.  You’ll have them as soon as I can manage it.”  The mage said as he thought for a moment.  “And this fully absolves my debt to you.”

“Completely.”  The wolfram said with a bit of satisfaction in his voice.  “Just bear in mind I’m in a hurry.”

“Consider it done.  Stay where you are for now.  All you need shall arrive shortly.”  Farinous said as the image disappeared, leaving nothing but a smouldering, shattered diamond on the floor.   


“You’re certain that she’s in there?”  Cole asked as he looked at the relatively small house.

“Positive.”  Kamber said as she leaned against a low garden wall.

“Then we may as well get this over with.”  Cole said somberly as he fingered the hilt of one of his falchions.  “I just wish there were another way.”

“Lad, if you plan to kill Lita, you’ll need to slay me first.”  Said a deep voice from behind the pair.

Kamber spun to face the voice, hands raised as she gathered energy for a spell as Cole drew both blades and took position in front of her.  To their surprise they faced a rather aged, battle scarred lion.

“You have no idea what’s going on old one.”  Cole said as he sized up his would be adversary.  

“I know that you’re planning to do something very bad to someone I hold dear.”  The aged lion said in a low voice.  “And that I cannot allow.  I also know from your stance that you studied under Heragim, and your left side is injured.  Even weathered as I am, I didn’t teach Heragim all my skills, so think again before facing me.  And you, disperse that energy before you burn your hands off.  What in the hells were you thinking, trying that without a proper staff.”

Cole went almost white as he realized who he was facing.  He slowly sheathed both blades as he shook his head.  

“JorAhn?”  He almost whispered.

“Indeed.”  The aged lion replied as he watched Kamber slowly release the energy she’d amassed.  “Now.  Tell me why you were about to kill my healer.”

“She’s been impregnated by something the ancients created.”  Kamber said as she looked JorAhn over.  “We have to stop it before it can be born.”

“Keyren, my nephew, said she was back, and that she looked as though she’d been in a fight.”  JorAhn said thoughtfully as he placed his cane’s tip back on the ground.  “I was going to look in on her.  Come with me, and we’ll see what needs be done.”

Without waiting for them, JorAhn opened the small gate and walked across the courtyard toward the small dwelling.

“You know him?”  Kamber asked as she starred at the aged lion’s back in wonder.  

“He taught my trainer all he knows about fighting.  From what Heragim’s told me, he was one of the greatest fighters alive.”  Cole said with a hint of awe in his voice.  “You’ve heard the tales about the Challis of Storms?”

“Of course I have.”  Kamber said as she walked beside Cole.  She thought about the tales for a moment, suddenly stopping in her tracks, her mouth agape.  “Th-this is JorAhn Nightblade?”

“Of the seven hunters, yes.”  Cole said as he shook his head.  “So I don’t know about you, but I’m inclined to listen to him.  If anyone knows about the ancients, it’s him.”

“That would be wise.”  JorAhn said as he turned to face them.  “From the sounds of things, Lita has company.  At this hour, it’s business.  Do nothing foolish and don’t get in her way.”

JorAhn rapped on the door and waited for a moment, feeling as though something was watching him.  The door opened slightly as the feeling intensified.

“JorAhn?”  Lita asked as she opened the door fully.  “Are you feeling well?”

“Inside.  Quickly now.”  JorAhn said as he turned to face the darkest shadows nearby.  “And keep the place well lit.”

“What is it?”  Kamber asked as she watched JorAhn peer into the gloom.  

“A netherhound.”  The aged lion replied as he stepped backward into the house and shut the door.  “Quickly, cast a ward about this house.”
Kamber quickly rattled off a charm of protection, feeling something press against it almost immediately.  She knelt and placed a full scale barrier spell around the small dwelling, then used a flare of power to light every unlit candle and lantern in the house.

“Well done child.”  JorAhn said as he watched the young vixen finish.  “She’ll not get past that.”

“What’s going on?”  Lita asked as she looked at the newcomers in her back room.  “Why is there still a netherhound nearby?”

“Still?”  Asked JorAhn, his one good eye going wider.

“I have three girls inside that a netherhound impregnated earlier.  After that, they usually go away.”  Lita said as her excitement began to fade, being replaced by the constant feeling of desire.  Her loins began to grow hot as she looked at Cole.  “I was just about to start.....treating them.”

“Are you well?”  JorAhn asked as he watched her for a moment.  

“No, not really, but I have to care for them first.”  Lita replied honestly as her hand went to her swollen midsection.  

“I will provide whatever assistance I can, and I’m certain these two will as well.”  JorAhn said as he looked pointedly at Kamber and Cole.

JorAhn, Cole, and Kamber followed Lita into the main room, then found themselves quite stunned by the females they found there.  On one of Lita’s small couches sat a heavily pregnant cheegress wrapped in what appeared to be a blanket.  Her belly looked as though she were due with at least triplets and her large breasts had soaked the blanket with milk.  

“Rayne?”  JorAhn almost stammered as he realized who it was.  “Are you alright?”

“As can be I suppose.”  The young brothel girl replied as she tried to cover more of herself with the blanket.  “I just hope Lita can do something for us.”

The other girls, both vigers, were both much larger than Rayne.  One sat on a low padded bench resting her hands atop her pregnant with octuplets sized belly.  Her massive breasts were barely covered by the blanket, revealing a huge amount of cleavage.  The other rested in a large pile of cushions, her enormous belly covered by a pair of blankets.  Her breasts were exposed and leaking profusely, seeming to throb in time with her pulse.

Sitting on the arm of one of the nearby chairs was Talon, the handle of his kukri close at hand..  He nodded as he made eye contact with JorAhn.

“And what is it you were planning to do?”  JorAhn asked quietly as he looked back toward Lita.

The young healer motioned for him to follow, shaking her head as she tried her best to clear the images that were swirling and clouding her thoughts.  As they entered her small cooking area, she turned, concern evident on her face.

“I’m not certain.”  She said as she felt her shoulders fall.  “Rayne and Masha seem like they’re fine for now, but Mara is in trouble.  She can’t take much more growth and I’m not sure what will happen if I try to induce her.  As a healer I can’t do anything that would endanger her or her cubs, and in her case that’s a lot of cubs.”

“How many?”  JorAhn asked as he tried to fathom how far along Mara could be.

“Twenty five.  Six of them are nethercubs.”  Lita said as she watched disbelief wash over JorAhn’s face.  “And they’re all growing faster than they should be.  Both she and her sister can get pregnant every time they experience orgasm, and whatever it is that’s causing her to grow so rapidly also causes her sex drive to go insane.  She’s still aroused even though she can’t hold much more.”

“And her sister?”  The old lion asked as he tried to think of something that could possibly help.

“Masha is in better shape for some reason, but she’s carrying more than Mara, and I don’t recognize what most of them are.”  Lita said as she nearly broke down into tears.  “She’s carrying almost forty cubs   What am I going to do? ”

“Let me think on this for a while.”  JorAhn said as he took her by the shoulders.  “Perhaps I know of a place.”
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oh... WOW....  8-)
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Rashelle shook her head again as she tried to concentrate on what she was researching, but the desires just would not go away.  Her pregnant body wanted sex more than ever, and it wasn’t taking no for a answer.  The dark vixen stood and walked down the hallway to where her captives were held.  Her breathing quickened as she looked in and saw Anya being fucked by a large kodiger.   She sauntered into the room, removing her loose robe on the way, and began rubbing her hands over her swollen belly and tender, leaking breasts.  She marveled at how wonderfully Anya had recovered after birthing her quadruplets.  The young cougaress now looked full term with quintuplets and her breasts had grown even more.  The male pistoned into her, causing her massive, spurting breasts to bounce wildly atop her belly, causing Rashelle to grow even more aroused.  She muttered a short incantation, summoning the nearest of her male henchmen to the room.  To her delight, three males walked into the room, her favorite ramdale ‘taur among them.  She settled into a pile of cushions as they approached, spreading her legs wide as the huge ‘taur paused before her.  She pulled herself higher on the cushions as he stepped carefully atop her, his massive, throbbing member touching her already wet sex.  She guided the tip of his huge cock into her cunny as another male knelt beside her face, offering his engorged member to her.  The dark vixen moaned as she took the huge lion’s shaft in her mouth, the flavor of Anya still present on it’s length.  She arched her back as more of the ramdale’s massive shaft worked deeper inside her, beginning to press into her cervix with each thrust.  Another of the males, a large black wolf, took her nipple in his mouth, alternately biting and taking pulls of milk from her.  As the huge ramdale continued to rock atop her, the lion male began to milk her other breast, spraying milk with each pull on her nipple.  Rashelle convulsed as her first orgasm shook her, causing her to clench around the ramdale’s huge member.  He grunted as he continued to work his shaft in deeper, now pushing hard against her cervix.  The pressure sent her over the edge, causing her to climax again.  

Terah spasmed as more energy flowed into the creatures within her, causing her to swell larger as the dark vixen shuddered again.  The huge kodiger finished with Anya, leaving her panting on the floor as her hands explored her belly.  

“Anya......”  Terah said weakly.  “Anya......”

The young cougaress looked over at Terah, still panting as she tried to lever herself into a sitting position.  Terah looked at the young cougaress, then shifted her gaze over to the open trunk by the door.  Rashelle had brought her box of devices back earlier, taunting them both with various horrible plans.  Anya looked at the open trunk with uncertainty, fearful of trying to do anything to Rashelle.  Then she thought of her cubs being taken away by the midwives to be raised by someone else, and as slaves.  Anya slowly crawled over to the trunk and peered inside.  There were many devices inside, but only one she recognized.  It was the same one the dark vixen had used on her.  The young cougaress carefully lifted the device out of the trunk, then took out a large cylinder filled with accelerant.  She thought about things for a moment, trying to remember what had been on the device when Rashelle had threatened her with it earlier.  Something that would make any pregnancy begin twinning repeatedly.  Then an idea struck her.  She lifted out every container from the trunk, even the empty one that Rashelle had used on her days ago.  Anya opened each container and poured some from each into the empty one, checking often to make certain that Rashelle was still being entertained.

Rashelle could feel the ramdale atop her nearing climax.  His thrusts were more eager, becoming faster and reaching deeper within her.  The other males had switched duties, the wolf’s cock now filling her mouth as the lion sucked her leaking nipples.  Suddenly Rashelle felt her sex being spread open further.  The huge shaft filling her nearly doubled in size.  Her head snapped back, the wolf’s shaft spattering her face with seed as the now unbearable member in her sex rammed deep inside her.  Rashelle tried to see what was happening, but the huge male atop her blocked all view as he began to shudder in climax.  She felt a hard impact as something rammed through her cervix, sending a lance of pain through her.  Hot seed poured into her now open uterus, pistoned in with each of the huge male’s thrusts.  Then she felt a huge surge of liquid rush into her, causing her to climax yet again, her back arching to it’s limits.

Anya quickly withdrew the device as Rashelle bucked in another orgasm.  The cougaress stood and walked as best she could over to the trunk and replaced each item.  She then moved as quickly and quietly as possible back to her pile of cushions, falling into them as the huge male dismounted Rashelle.

The dark vixen sat up weakly, waving the males away as she tried to clear her head.  She felt incredibly full, her belly hard to the touch and her breasts felt strange.  As she touched her glistening sex, she noticed a trace of blood in the fluids on her hand.  Rashelle quickly stood, her hands going to her now seven month pregnant belly, and walked behind Terah.  She grabbed the rod buried in the luquine’s sex and felt it’s magicks wash over her, repairing the damage to her reproductive system.  She looked about the room in a daze, her thoughts clouded as though she’d had far too much wine.  All looked as it should, Terah was glowing brighter and her little cougar whore was looking expectantly at the large black wolf.  Rashelle sighed as a feeling of satiation washed over her.

“Now maybe I’ll be able to get something done.”  She said as she licked some of the wolf’s seed from her face.  “I’ll have to be more careful about fucking him again.  That felt strange.  Wonderful, but strange.”

Rashelle turned and staggered out of the room, leaving the huge ‘taur and other males to tend Anya’s needs.  She slowly made her way to her study, where several of her tomes awaited her.  She settled into a large overstuffed couch near one of her books, with all intentions of reading.  Within seconds, the sex fogged sorceress was fast asleep.  Within her, the chemicals took hold, binding with the nethercubs and the ‘taur’s seed and beginning to alter her reproductive system, her belly slowly growing larger steadily.


Four figures stepped through the crackling energy gate across the room from Kaden.  As the light faded, the wolfram looked them over.  Two of them were huge, even larger than he was.  The largest was a huge, muscular male bison in heavy leather and plate armor.  Beside him was a smaller, yet better defined, male sabertooth in partial black plate armor.  The last two were what interested Kaden the most.  The first was a male hyena in light armor.  Behind him, led by a chain about her neck, was a black and silver colored female jackal, lynx cross.  She was clothed only in a very tiny half shirt that left the bottoms of her triple d-cup breasts exposed and a short, ragged skirt held together by mere strings.  The hyena all but dragged her into the room, forcing her to her knees at his side once they had gotten their bearings.

“Kaden?”  Asked the large sabertooth as he looked the wolfram over.

“Indeed.”  Kaden replied as he continued to eye the female.  “You should have left your plaything behind.”

“She’s more than that.”  The hyena said as he toyed with a lock of the female’s hair.  “You did ask for a tracker, did you not?”

“And she’s it?”  Kaden asked as he considered the situation.  A tracker that had to be controlled was more than likely a liability.  “I do hope you’re joking.”

“Just watch.”  The sabertooth said as he nodded to the hyena.

The hyena bent and whispered into the jynx’s ear as the other newcomers looked on.  Suddenly, she stood almost mechanically, the expression of dread on her face replaced by an emotionless stare.

“Now, who is it you’re looking for?”  The hyena said as he toyed with the end of the chain.

“I believe there’s one other matter.”  Kaden said as he looked to the sabertooth.  “Something that I can use to deal, rather permanently, with a netherhound.”

“Farinous sends his regrets on this matter.”  The bison said as he stepped forward.  

As Kaden started to protest, the bison lifted a large item wrapped in leather.

“He knows you favor hammers, but on such short notice, he says an axe will have to do.”  The bison said as he unwrapped a medium sized battle axe.  “This little trinket is so heavily ensorcelled it should be able to harm even a netherlord.”

As the bison handed the axe to Kaden the wolfram’s brows rose.  The weapon very nearly vibrated in his hands.  Kaden smiled as he looked at the edge, catching a glimpse of the ghost image of yet another edge.  Although the axe was nearly three feet in length, it was only a fraction of the weight it should be.

“That should take care of your netherhound problem.”  The sabertooth smiled as he admired the weapon.  “Now, what is it we’re to help you find.”

“Not a what.  A who.”  Kaden said absently as he looked to the jynx.  “How does she work?”

“She’s gifted.  I know that’s usually a problem, but our master has ways around that.”  The hyena said as he stroked the female’s neck.  “She can see who was here, and can find where they’ve gone.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time.”  The wolfram said as he hefted the axe onto his shoulder.
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damn... double cross... this story kicks sooooo much ass... keep up the good work man!
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Any chance we'll see more of this?  I'm eagerlyl awaiting the next installment! ^_^
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Sorry about the delay all.  I was recently ambushed by real life (damn thing speared me Edge style) and haven't been able to get much writing done.  Don't worry though, I've got plenty more storyline where this came from.

Thanks to all who've been enjoying this.

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No internet and no TV make Amenshawn something something...........

Been a while since I've been here, but now I'v got a fairly large update to throw down.  Hope you all enjoy.
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“Alright, while I agree that the girls desperately need to go the temple of Althea, it’s over two months away for those who can travel quickly.”  Lita said as she shook her head at her old friend’s suggestion.  “And there’s really no way they can travel quickly.”

“That is why you must take the shortest route.”  JorAhn said as he looked out the window, a mixture of thoughtfulness and concern growing on his face.

“Through the Blackmarsh?”  Cole blurted as he realized what the aged lion was contemplating.  “I don’t think that’s such a good plan.”   

“It’s a dangerous journey, but I believe it to be the only way to help these girls.”  JorAhn said as he looked at Rayne, Mara, and Masha.  

Talon looked at both Masha and Mara for a moment, feeling his desire to kill Rashelle fading against the knowledge that both these females were very likely carrying his children.  His gaze shifted over to Rayne, who was also in desperate need of help if she were to carry the nethercubs to full term.  He then thought of the Blackmarsh for a moment, a place filled with mutated creatures left over from the last conflict of the ancients.  Still, it was the fastest way to the temple.

“If it’s the only way to get them help, I’ll go with them.”  The wolfcoon said as he looked at both the vigresses and the cheegress.  “I’ve been in the region before, although never in the Blackmarsh itself.”

“And I can’t let them go without a healer to watch over them.”  Lita said as she looked back at JorAhn.  “They need me.”

JorAhn looked to the small table where Cole and Kamber were sitting, measuring each of them with his good eye for a moment.  

“And what of you?”  The aged lion asked them as he leaned back against Lita’s small work table.

“I’ve been to the temple before, but I’ve never been through the ‘marsh.”  Kamber said as she thought about the prospect of dealing with the creatures she’d seen in texts.  “I’ll go if it will help them.”  The young mage said as she fought off a shudder.

“I’ve fought some of the things from the Blackmarsh before.  They’re nasty.”  Cole said as he shifted in his chair, trying to find a more comfortable position for his aching ribs.  “We’ll need more warriors.”

“I’m certain I can find at least one more here in town, and have another join you later.” JorAhn said as he pulled a small amulet out of his tunic, examined it for a while, then pressed a small button on it’s surface.  

A small green light illuminated the amulet from within as the aged warrior turned scholar removed it from his neck and handed it to Lita.  She marveled at the strange amulet for a moment, then put it on.  

“That will lead an old friend to you.”  JorAhn said as he placed his hand on the young healer’s shoulder.  “The other is Keyren, whom you already know.”

Lita felt heat wash over her as she thought of the well muscled young lion.  She felt a flutter from within her abdomen as her nipples hardened.  The young snow leopardess shook her head as her thoughts began to grey and primal need took their place.  

“Excuse me a moment.”  She said absently as she quickly left the room.

Lita closed the door to her small kitchen and went to the basin, pumping cold water until there was enough to dunk her head.  The shock of the frigid water helped snap her out of her nearly overwhelming sexual arousal, allowing her to think more clearly.

“What the hells is happening to me...”  Lita thought as she placed a hand on her slightly bulging abdomen.

The young healer took another small piece of root from her pouch and placed it in her mouth.  She closed her eyes and chewed it for a moment, then swallowed the chunk.  

“That should keep me focused for a while.”  Lita thought to herself.  “A dose that size should kill my sex drive for a month.”

The young snow leopardess turned and walked back into the main room, her mind only slightly clouded by the hormones coursing through her system.  JorAhn looked at her with concern evident in his good eye as she folded her arms across her chest, trying to stop the slight tingling sensation from her breasts.

“Before you go, there are preparations to be made.”  The aged lion said as he looked the group over once again.  “I will return shortly with a few items you will find useful.”

“You can’t go out there ”  Kamber said as JorAhn turned and began to open the door.  “The netherhound....”

“Would do well not to trouble me.”  JorAhn said as he half turned to face the group once more.  “I may have grown older, but I still have ways of dealing with netherbeings.”

The aged lion then turned and opened the door, stepping through the protective energy barrier and casually walked into the early morning darkness.

Nesha looked at the old lion with amusement as he walked across the small garden area toward his home.  The netherhound chuckled to herself as she slipped into a deep shadow nearby and emerged from the darkness just in front of JorAhn.

“So, you are the one who can see me in the shadows.”  She mused as she began to formshift before him.  “You should have stayed inside the shield old one.”

“But then I would have been deprived of your company.”  JorAhn said as he looked on, watching as she grew several feet taller.  

“You are a fool old one.”  Nesha growled as she bared her fangs, slowly moving closer to JorAhn’s neck.

“Am I?”  JorAhn taunted as she drew within inches.

The aged lion suddenly reached forward, touching the netherhound with one hand as he uttered a strange word that seemed to take but a moment and last for hours to the netherhound.   Nesha flew backwards as energies arced through her, binding her to the aged lion for several seconds.  JorAhn roared as the combined energies coursed through him.  Nesha could feel herself fading as her life force was drained away, leaving her weakened and writhing on the ground before him.  She managed to raise her head and look at him one last time before a blackness she couldn’t control descended over her.

JorAhn shook his head as he leaned heavily against the nearby garden wall.  The magicks he’d just used were dangerous and very draining, nearly as much to the user as to the target.  He stood, smiling as he noted that one of the spell’s effects had worked quite well.  He chuckled to himself as he stepped over Nesha’s fallen form and opened the rear door to his house.


Rashelle panted as she watched her personal healer, a tall female albino mink, slowly walk around her.  The dark vixen rubbed her full term with twins sized belly with both hands as the healer shook her head and chuckled.  

“While I can’t say for certain if this will interfere magickally with the ritual you described, I am fairly certain that if you attempt to contain more cubs, you will most likely burst.”  The healer said as she touched the dark vixen’s burgeoning belly.  “Not to mention the cubs you are carrying are some sort of ‘taur form I’ve never seen before.  What in the seven hells did you breed with?”

“Nesha got me pregnant.  Then I had sex with Toridar.  After that I fell asleep in my study.”  Rashelle said as she fought off a wave of desire and confusion.  “When I woke up, I found myself far more pregnant than I should be by now.”

“I’m not sure what’s causing the extreme rate of growth or the multiples, but I have a feeling that you are going to get very large before this is over.”  The mink said as she touched one of Rashelle’s engorged breasts, causing Rashelle to quiver in anticipation.

“I keep you around specifically to deal with any problems that affect me.  You are a healer   Do something about this ”  The dark vixen growled as she felt another wave of desire wash over her.  “My plans are already in motion.  I have to be ready when the female is brought here ”

“Then you’ll need to use something like the artifact you’ve got stuck in Terah, because if you try to shift any more cubs into your womb without something to heal you in that fashion, you’ll split wide open.”  The mink said as she folded her arms beneath her large breasts.  “I’m perfectly willing to help.  After all, I do love it when you experiment.  I just wish you would exercise more restraint when dealing with Nesha.  You know I think she’s more dangerous than you believe her to be.”

“I know she’s dangerous, just as you are.”  Rashelle said as she struggled against another wave of desire from her loins.  “And that is why I keep you both of you around.”

The mink smiled at Rashelle’s words as she walked slowly behind the sorceress, throwing a shapely leg over the padded exam bench that the dark vixen was sitting on.  She drew herself close behind the heavily pregnant sorceress, wrapping her arms around Rashelle and cupping each of her now F-cup sized breasts, causing milk to run freely from her nipples.   The healer then began to softly nibble the side of Rashelle’s neck.

“Erin, I do hope........you aren’t planning.......to bite me.”  Rashelle panted as the mink began to gently squeeze her nipples, spraying milk onto the bench and floor.  

“But you have so much blood in you now.”  The mink healer whispered as she felt her fangs with her tongue.  “You know I’d not change you.”

“If you need........to suck on something..........make it my breasts.”  Rashelle said as she felt herself growing wetter with need.  “They’re getting.........painfully full.”

“As you wish mistress.”  Erin almost purred as she seemingly flowed around Rashelle, settling onto the bench in front of her.  

The albino vampire began to expertly lick and fondle the dark vixen’s huge breasts, causing milk to spurt from Rashelle’s hardened nipples.  The sorceress moaned as the mink began to take pulls of milk from her engorged breasts, her head thrown back in delight.  Erin gently caressed Rashelle’s belly, feeling the quickened beat of Rashelle’s pulse beneath the drumhead tight skin as she slowly worked her hand beneath the sorceress’ distended belly.  Rashelle gasped as the mink slipped her fingers deeper and deeper inside her sex, slowly working the sorceress’ most sensitive areas toward climax.  The dark vixen shuddered as she felt orgasm approaching, the sensations so great within her that she didn’t notice Erin nick her nipple with a razor sharp fang.  The mink then took long steady pulls of the sorceress’ blood mingled milk, her hand now fully within Rashelle’s cunny.  Erin switched to the dark vixen’s other breast, gently nicking the nipple with a fang as Rashelle’s breathing quickened.  She sucked harder as the dark sorceress raced toward climax, taking in as much of the pinkened milk as she could.  

“AAAAAHHhhhhhhh   ”  Rashelle finally cried as she felt her uterus contract in orgasm.  “YYYYEEssssss..........”

Rashelle arched her back as the orgasm drew on, eventually pulling away from Erin’s mouth as the mink continued to use her hand to stimulate the dark vixen’s sex.  Finally, Erin slowly withdrew her hand from Rashelle’s sex, then crawled atop the panting sorceress, feeling Rashelle’s belly press into her as she lay gently on top of the dark vixen.  Erin could feel the many pulses within Rashelle’s gravid belly as she licked her fingers clean.  

“I hope that cures some of what ails you mistress.”  Erin said as she licked each of Rashelle’s nipples, healing the small wounds left by her fangs.  “I know it made me feel better.”
“Better, and more focused.”  Rashelle said as lay on the bench, enjoying the vampire mink’s weight atop her.  “I believe handling the contents of my trunk is to blame for my present condition.”

“I’ve warned you to take more precautions with those potions.”  Erin said as she traced the outside area of Rashelle’s areola with a fingertip.  “I trust you do have another healing rod?”

“Of course I do.”  Rashelle said with frustration evident in her voice.  “I always keep a few of those around for when I play with things.”

“Most of your playthings do end up broken after a while.”  Erin teased as she lifted herself off the dark vixen slowly.  “Makes me glad most things can’t harm me.”

“I can.”  Rashelle said with a touch of menace.  “But I like to play with things that scream easier.”

Erin slowly stood beside the padded bench, her gaze gliding over Rashelle’s pregnant form.  She slowly swung a leg over the sorceress’ head, lifting herself onto the bench so that her sex was directly above Rashelle’s face.  

“You can try to get me to make other noises too, you know.”  Erin said as she began fingering the dark vixen’s cunny again.  

“Make me cum again, and I’ll let you have your way with a guard of your choosing.”  Rashelle said as she writhed beneath the mink.  “That should make you happy.”

“Then cum you shall.”  Erin whispered as she began to lick the sorceress’ dripping sex.

Rashelle shuddered as the vampire’s tongue slipped expertly around inside her cunny, sending shockwaves of pleasure racing through her.  The sorceress lifted her short muzzle to the mink’s awaiting sex, alternately licking and biting as the mink atop her quivered.   Erin paused in wonder as she felt the number of pulses within the gravid sorceress’ belly again, realizing there were more than during her examination earlier.  She smiled as she went back to her work, wondering just how many were likely to be inside Rashelle when they eventually got finished.


Keyren walked quickly through the darkened streets toward the healer’s home.  His uncle’s mental message had been somewhat cryptic, but then, most of what his uncle did seemed that way.  The young lion shook his head as he thought about his destination for a moment.  He had already been to Lita’s house earlier, and had noted she looked as though she’d been attacked.  Now Keyren’s thoughts were a mixture of excitement to see the young snow leopardess and concern for her.  As he rounded a poorly lit corner, he paused at the sight of several figures moving through the gloom ahead of him.  Four heavily armed and armored males being led by a collared female.  By the way they were moving, he doubted they had good intentions.   Keyren began to approach them, cutting through one of the small stands of trees that divided a small garden from the local smith’s yard so he could gain some ground on them without having to overtly give chase.  As the young lion stepped between two small saplings, his foot caught on something in the shadows.  Keyren glanced downward, only to see his friend Keldar’s lifeless form.  

“Oh gods.”  Keyren gasped as he starred in disbelief.

The chest plate of Keldar’s armor was cleaved in half, exposing a single fatal wound to the chest.  Keyren looked up in time to see the group disappear down a side street, in the direction of his uncle’s house.
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“It’s almost insanely dangerous, but it’s the quickest way to the temple.”  Talon said as he looked up from his conversation with Kamber and Cole to steal a glance at the girls as they bathed and washed in Lita’s only real luxury item, a huge copper tub.  “And by the looks of things, we need to be as fast as possible.”

“But what about this Kaden that’s following them.”  Cole asked as his gaze lingered on Rayne for a moment.  “Shouldn’t we deal with him first?”

“Kaden isn’t my real concern, it’s Rashelle.”  Talon said as he realized the effect watching the girls was having on him.  He shook his head as he looked away, trying to find something interesting on the table to stare at.  “She’s the whole reason I’m involved in the first place.”

“And how do you happen to know that black hearted bitch?”  Kamber almost hissed as she slowly moved back from the edge of the table.

“I want her dead.”  Talon said quietly.  

“There are many who want to see that.”  Cole said as he watched Talon carefully.  “But few willing to try.”

“That’s because most assassins find themselves very dead before they can kill her.”  Talon mused as he traced a small crack in the table with his claw.  “Mainly because they’re trying to survive the entire encounter.  I wasn’t going to delude myself.  I was planning to die trying at least.”

“You sound as though you’ve changed your mind.”  Kamber said as she allowed herself to relax.  “What made you change your mind?”

“I started caring more about the living than the dead.”  Talon sighed as he looked over at the girls again.

The rear door swung open as JorAhn stepped through carrying a long bundle under his arm.  The aged lion chuckled as he looked at the girls bathing.

“Ah, youth.”  He sighed as he placed the bundle on the table between Talon and Cole.  “The netherhound isn’t a problem for the moment.”

“How did you.....”  Kamber trailed off as JorAhn opened the canvas bundle, revealing several weapons and other items.

“A trick I picked up long ago.”  JorAhn said as he stepped back from the table.  “These are a few items my old friends and I gathered on our travels.  I’ve not used them in some time, and I thought you might find them beneficial.  I know we did.”

Kamber’s mouth hung agape as she stared at the items now covering the tabletop.  Some were so heavily enchanted they very nearly shimmered in the dim lights of the young healer’s home.  Others were obviously creations of the ancients, products of a bygone era whose secrets were lost, at least to most.  The young vixen gingerly lifted a short staff made of a metal she’d never seen before.  It felt warm to the touch and caused her hands to tingle until she centered and grounded.  The young mage then held it as though she were using it to spellcast, and was shocked to realize she had access to magicks she’d never even heard of.  

“That wonderful item was the staff of Archmagistress Theranna, of the Southern Empire.”  JorAhn said as he looked thoughtfully at the item.  “It is a very potent trinket.  One the Imperial guard would very much like to have back.”

Cole picked up a leather bundle of what appeared to be swords, only to find they were a perfectly matched set of blades, of eastern design.  As he drew the longest of the blades from its scabbard, he realized where he’d heard of this set.
“Are these Marisha’s blades?”  He almost whispered in awe.

“Indeed they are.”  The aged lion said as his good eye filled unconsciously with tears.  “Those blades predate the very empires of the ancients.  She told me to pass them on to someone worthy of their history.  I do that now, and ask that when the time comes, you do the same.  As she said, they’ve much fight left in them.”

Talon lifted a strangely light short bow arrayed with a pulley system, counterweights, sights and other strange items he didn’t recognize.  The whole of the bow was just over half the length of his longbow, and only a fraction of the weight.  To his astonishment, when he drew it back and made ready to hold it against it’s own tension, the string seemed to almost relax, requiring no more than a finger’s strength to hold ready.

“That is known as a compound bow.”  JorAhn said as Talon released and re drew the bow.  “While it may not be enchanted, in the hands of a practiced archer, it is quite deadly.”  The old lion then lifted a small red and white case from the bundle.  “Lita, this is for you.”

“A field healer’s kit ”  The young snow leopardess exclaimed as she took the case, setting it on another of her tables and opening it.

“I was going to give it to you this coming Yule, provided there wasn’t some emergency before then.”  JorAhn said as the young healer turned and hugged him.  “I believe the current situation qualifies.”

As the young healer turned back to explore the contents of the case, JorAhn looked to Mara, Masha, and Rayne.   They had finished bathing and were beginning to look tired once again.

“And for you three I’m afraid I’m ill equipped to provide anything that you would find of use, but I do have enough field gear to ensure that your journey is comfortable.”  He said as he motioned to a large pack sitting inside the door.  “And should you need to defend yourselves, these.”

JorAhn pulled three small devices from his pocket, each in a very snug fitting leather cover.  

“These are called revolvers.”  He knelt and placed them on a small chair.  “They are quite powerful, but each can only be used five times.  I never was able to find more of the projectiles they use.”

The aged lion pulled one of the pistols from it’s cover and quickly instructed the girls in their use, taking care not to let the girls handle them until he’d done so.  As he handed Mara hers, the rear door swung open as Keyren quickly stepped inside, peering into the gloom outside intently before he closed and barred the door.  

“Uncle, ...........we have a problem.”  The young lion said as he turned, breathing hard after his sprint to get to his uncle before the armed group.  He paused as he looked about the room.  “There.........are..”

Keyren looked at the group for a brief moment, his eyes lingering on Lita for a moment, then on Rayne as he recognized her.  He quickly refocused himself as JorAhn stood and walked toward him.

“There is a group..... after the girls here.”  Keyren explained hastily as he did a double take at Masha as she stood, revealing her nude, pregnant form as she wrapped blankets about her.  “They’ve already killed Keldar, possibly more, and they aren’t far behind me.  At least one of then has an enchanted weapon.”  He shuddered as he thought of the deep wound beneath the remains of Keldar’s armor.

“Then you shall need this.”  JorAhn said as he pulled a long, oil stained item from behind the travel pack.  “My old blade.”

“You’re giving me Starless? ”  Keyren gasped as he suddenly felt like a small cub on Yule evening.  He quickly reminded himself of the reason he was there.  

“Indeed.  You are as ready as I was when it was given to me.”  The aged lion said as he unwrapped the blade and handed it to his nephew.   “How many are there?”

“Four that I know of, plus what I think is a tracker.”  Keyren said as he looked at Talon and Cole, then to Kamber.

Just as JorAhn opened his mouth to speak, an alarm horn sounded outside. Talon and Cole looked out the window to see Kaden and his group roughly half a block away, being approached by roughly eight of the settlement’s guards.  JorAhn and the others moved to the remaining small windows, just in time to see the guards surround Kaden’s small group.


“Lay down our arms?”  Kaden asked.  “No.  We’ll be keeping them.  I suggest you leave us to our business, if you want to see the morning.”

“We know you killed a guardsman, and you’ll answer for that.”  Said the lead guard, a hulking grizzly, as he lifted his mace into a ready position.  “Now.  Lay down your arms.  This is your final warning.”

“Now Kaden, they clearly have us outnumbered.”  Said the sabretooth as he stepped forward.  “Perhaps we should take that into consideration..”

“Indeed.”  Kaden replied calmly.  “What do you suggest Marko?”

“Let me introduce them to the rest of our party.”  The sabretooth smiled as Kaden’s expression turned puzzled.

“Enough chatter ”  The grizzly guardsman roared as he brought up his shield.  “Have at them ”

As the guards started to leap forward, Marko held his halberd aloft and chanted a short incantation.  A flash of crimson light blinded everyone for a moment, halting the guards’ advance.  Thick red fog rose from the ground as Marko chuckled.

“Kill the mage ”  The lead guard shouted as he realized what was happening.

As the guard took a step forward, a massive black and red form seemed to spring from the crimson fog, landing full atop him.  A thickly muscled, red and black arm raised a wicked looking axe backed hammer above where the grizzly had fallen, then brought it down with a sickening crunch.  Other huge forms rose from the fog, dragging more of the guards down and out of sight.  Screams filled the street as the monstrous rhino-like creatures tore the guards apart.  Lights began to come on in the surrounding buildings as Kaden and the others attacked the remaining three terrified guards.  More guards appeared, attracted by the commotion, some rushing in to rescue those in the clutches of the creatures, other standing petrified in absolute horror at the scene before them.  

Kaden lifted his ensorcelled axe again, ready to bring it down on the fallen form of the guardsman he’d wounded, when a brass horn rang out from behind him.  Kaden turned to see a full rank of Imperial soldiers take a knee, revealing the archers behind them.

“Archers, Ready, Silver ”  Called a female voice from behind the wall of shields.

“Damn it ”  Kaden spat as he watched the well trained Imperial archers draw white shafted, silver tipped arrows in perfect unison.  “Fall back ”

“FIRE ”   The female voice shouted as the Reavers Marko had summoned turned to face the line of troops.
The Reavers shrieked as silver arrows cut deep  into their normally impervious hides, causing them to retreat back into the thick red fog as Kaden and his group turned and bolted down a small alley.  

“Damn Imperials.”  Marko hissed as they rounded a corner, pausing to overturn a cart into the alley.  “Why the hells are they here?”

“I’m not certain, but we need a plan for dealing with them.”  Kaden growled as they turned and sprinted across a small courtyard and leapt over a small wall.  “How far can she track?”

“Miles.”  The hyena replied with a chuckle as he watched the jynx’s large breasts bounce as she struggled to keep up with them.  “And for days afterward.”

Kaden fumed at the prospect of that.  He needed to get the female to Rashelle before the accelerant inside her brought her to term, which from the looks of her last he’d seen her, was very soon.  Still, if an Imperial patrol went missing, an entire garrison would come to find out why.  The group turned and sprinted up a hill and into the forest, using the trees for cover as arrows whistled past.


“She’s been gone for................almost a day now.”  Anya said as she tried to catch her breath.  The young cougaress wrapped her arms around her pregnant belly as she managed to sit up.  She now looked as though she was full term with sextuplets and had no idea how many cubs she was truly pregnant with.  “Perhaps she’s...........forgotten us?”

“I doubt that.”  Terah said as she felt the massive slurm beasts within her move again.  “But she may.......be distracted...........by what you did.............to her last time.”

“If she figures that out................she’ll kill me.”  Anya said as she managed to get to her feet and walk across the room to where Terah was imprisoned.

The luquine’s immense belly had grown enough that the chains holding her suspended from the ceiling had gone slack.  She now looked as though she were pregnant with a pair of fully grown horses, and her breasts had grown even larger, despite the restriction spells that Rashelle had placed on them, now pulsing large drops of milk in time with her pulse.

“I doubt............she’ll figure it out.”  Terah said as Anya stood before her, looking nervously toward the door.  “I think she’s.........far too sure.............of herself.   How do...........you feel?”

“Really full............but sated for now.”  Anya said, hanging her head in embarrassment. “I just wish......it would last.  I don’t think............I can hold...........many more cubs.”

The young cougaress covered her mouth as she realized how large Terah had become.  

“I’m so sorry.”  Anya said as she broke into tears.  “You grow...........larger every time...........I have sex..........and  I can’t stop.”

“It’s not your fault.”  Terah said as her belly bulged heavily to one side, then shifted back to normal.  “The magicks she............used on you..............are the reason..............not you.”

“But if I stay in here, you’ll burst.”  Anya sobbed.

“Then you must............try to escape.”  The gravid luquine said as she looked the young cougaress in the eyes.  “And you must go now......................while there is no one...................making use of you.............or guarding us.”

Anya felt her heart sink as she thought of what it would take to escape.  Still, if she stayed in the room with Terah, it would probably kill the luquine.  The young cougaress turned and picked up a large silk sheet, wrapping it around her shoulders like a cloak.  She knew that very soon another male would arrive to bed her and that she must be gone before that happened.  

“I’ll send help if I escape.”  Anya sobbed as she looked at Terah again, almost losing her will to try.

Terah nodded as Anya touched her cheek, then lowered her head as exhaustion claimed her.  The young cougaress gathered her courage, then moved as fast as she could manage toward the door.  She stopped and listened intently for a moment, then moved out into the hall.  She startled, nearly screaming, as loud laughter erupted from another room down the hall.  Anya turned and started walking as fast as she could away from the loud male voices, using one hand to try to hold her hugely pregnant belly, and the other to support her against the wall.  She rounded a slight bend in the hallway, coming to a pair of large staircases, one leading up, the other down.  As she looked down the descending stairs, the shadow of a large form dragging a struggling female appeared on the wall of the curving stairs, beginning to ascend toward her.  

“Oh gods.....”  Anya choked as she stumbled backwards, nearly falling.

She turned and climbed the other stairs, just getting out of sight as a huge male clydesdale dragged a slim squirrel female past.  The young cougaress made her way to the top of the long staircase, peering nervously around the corner at the top.  She starred at the palatial room before her, realizing that this must be Rashelle’s private suite.  

“Not where I wanted to go.....”  She whispered to herself as she turned to go back down the steps.

Anya froze as she heard Rashelle’s voice from down the stairs.  The young cougar fem turned and fled into the expansive room, looking for anywhere she might be able to hide.  Heavy footsteps ascended the stairs, accompanied by the dark vixen’s muffled voice, causing Anya to begin crying in panic.  She moved to the far end of the room, finally seeing a set of double doors.  Just as she managed to get inside the darkened room and put the door back as it had been, the huge male ‘taur came into view, Rashelle riding on his back, fully nude and far more pregnant than Anya would have guessed.  The sorceress now looked full term with triplets at least.  The young cougaress watched from the darkened room as Rashelle slipped off the ‘taur’s back and onto the massive bed, beckoning for the massive male to follow.  Waves of heat began to wash over Anya as she watched the huge male carefully lower himself onto the bed and roll onto his back, his massive cock fully erect already.  She tore herself from the spectacle as Rashelle began to stroke the ‘taur’s massive member.  Another wave of primal need made her fall to her knees, her sex going wet as she thought of the huge male in the next room, so very close.

“Can’t..........give in.”  Anya whispered to herself as she looked about the darkened space for a window.  

The young cougar fem saw bookcase after bookcase lining the walls of the room, but no windows.  She searched as quietly as she could manage, desperately trying to avoid the moaning sorceress in the next room.  Anya could feel her dripping sex growing more insistent as the sounds of the dark vixen’s coupling grew louder, making it more and more difficult to concentrate on finding any means of escape.  Then, to her dismay, Anya heard more male voices from the sorceress’ chamber, causing her to once again drop to her knees as her tail went to her own eager sex.  As the young cougaress bit her lip to keep quite, she noticed a long, arcing scrape on the marble floor.  She traced it with a claw back to the bottom of one of the huge bookcases.  Anya forced herself to stand once again, leaving her tail in her seed hungry sex, and began to search for a handle that would open the case.  The sounds in the next room grew louder as Rashelle cried out in climax then started yet again, unable to sate her own urges.  

“Serves you right you bitch.”  Anya managed to growl as she thought of the dark sorceress bursting, just as she had taunted Anya with so many times.

The young cougaress searched frantically, finally removing books from their shelves until the entire case stood empty.  She choked back a sob as she looked at the empty case, going to her knees again in despair.  She crawled over to the next case, leaning against it as the sexual urges washed over her again, stronger this time.  Anya slipped more of her tail inside her cunny, trying to quell the need growing within her.  As she arched her back, the case behind her moved slightly, causing her to squeal in surprise.  She quickly clamped a hand over her mouth as she listened to the sounds in the sorceress’ room.  Rashelle’s deep moans told her that the sorceress was too busy to notice.  Anya felt tears run freely from her eyes as she caught scent of the males in the next room, fighting against the desire to run to them and impale herself on whatever member wasn’t occupied.  She turned her attention to the case, pushing against it as hard as she could manage.  It moved very slowly, but steadily, eventually opening wide enough to allow her through.  Once inside the darkened space she pushed the case back into it’s original poition, then began feeling her way down a steep spiral stair.  After nearly slipping and tumbling into the gloom, she decided to lower herself one single step at a time in a seated position.  Even as she slowly made her way down the darkened stair, the waves of urgency came stronger and faster from her greedy sex, causing her to pant and tail herself even more.  

“Oh Gods.......I can’t.........I need it............so bad...........”  Anya whispered as she gasped for air.

After what felt like an eternity, she felt herself come to the bottom of the climb.  She began to crawl away from the foot of the steps, her tail deep within her sex, her teeth almost splitting her lip.  She felt her way to a corner and found light coming from a crack at the base of the wall.  Anya groped about in the blackness until her hands finally found a release for the cold metal door.  The young cougar fem slowly opened the heavy door, finding herself in the stables at the tower’s base.  She stood as best she could manage, looking about the dimly lit stalls for any potential guards.  Anya crept out into the stalls, shaking so badly she could hardly walk.  One of Rashelle’s prize warstallions whickered softly as she sank to her knees again.  The huge steed lowered it’s head over the door of it’s stall and nuzzled her gently.  As it touched her, the impression that it was concerned washed over her.

“No........I.........can’t .......make it.”  Anya managed to say as the waves of arousal grew faster.  “I......need.....a........male.”

The huge warstallion touched her again, this time giving her the impression that it wanted to help her, and that it was a male.  Anya looked into the stall, seeing the stallion’s massive cock slipping out of it’s sheath and lost the last of her will to fight.  She opened the latch to the stall, crawling inside and beneath the massive steed.  It gently touched her with it’s nose again, giving her the impression that it was concerned because she was so very pregnant.

“Please............fuck me.............please........”  Anya almost cried as the huge male’s shaft rubbed against her buttocks.  

The warstallion nuzzled her again, sending her an impression of willingness, even eagerness, but that it would be as gentle as it could manage.  Anya felt a small amount of relief wash over her as the steed’s huge organ entered her, filling her hungry sex almost to it’s limit.  She managed to make only the smallest amount of sound as the massive warsteed carefully rocked atop her, slowly working in it’s shaft until the tip penetrated her cervical valve.  Anya rocked herself harder against the huge male, managing to get almost the whole of his shaft inside her.  Suddenly the stallion stopped as the doors to the stables swung open, leaving Anya impaled fully on his throbbing member, her vaginal muscles clenching it’s girth greedily.  The impression to be silent washed through Anya as the warstallion grabbed a horseblanket in his teeth and threw it across his broad back, concealing her.  After walking another huge stallion into the next stall, a young stablehand quickly hung it’s tack and walked out of the stable, closing the doors behind him.  The huge stallion then began to gently thrust into her again, faster as he neared climax.  Anya moaned as she felt a flood of hot, thick, seed pour into her as the male atop her shuddered.  Utter relief poured over her as the urges subsided, drowned in a lake of cum.  The warstallion gently slipped his still throbbing cock out of her, nuzzling her on the neck, sending images of concern for her.  

“I’m.........better now.”  Anya whispered, suddenly realizing she was speaking to a huge horse.  “You can talk..........in a fashion.........can’t you.”

The huge stallion nodded very deliberately, causing chills of excitement to run down Anya’s spine.  She looked over at the next huge warstallion, who seemed to have a surprised expression on his face at seeing what his stall neighbor was mating.

“Trust me........I’m as.........shocked as.........you are.”  Anya said as she stood slowly, wrapping her arms around her huge stallion lover’s neck.  “Thank you.”

A vision of escape washed over Anya as she felt the huge male’s head hug her closer.

“You’d help me?”  She asked, tears rolling from her eyes.

The warstallion nodded once again, sending her the thought that it was very concerned for her, and could feel her fear as easily as it had felt her need.

“Please.”  The young cougar fem asked with a small glimmer of hope in her voice.  “Oh please.”
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on October 29, 2005, 05:37:58 am

Lita looked back toward the distant settlement through a break in the trees, wondering what her odds for making it back would be.  She shook her head at the thought as she turned back to the trail before her.  The young healer looked at the other girls as they walked, both vigresses holding their swollen bellies, and Rayne as the exotic cheegress adjusted her makeshift poncho.  Lita rubbed her own slightly distended abdomen, wondering how much larger the creature within her would grow.  

“You ok?”  Asked Keyren as he noticed the snow leopardess’ concerned expression.  

“I’m fine.”  Lita sighed as she looked at the tall, muscular young lion.  The urges within her were dulled, but not completely gone, and became more intense as she watched him walk just an arm’s length away.  “I just hope we make it to the Temple quickly, that’s all.”

“I just hope the Imperials took care of the group following Mara and Masha.”  Keyren sighed, trying to make some sort of conversation to keep her from noticing how nervous he was around her.  “Any idea why they’re after them?”

“From what Talon told me, Rashelle wants them for some kind of ritual.”  The young snow leopardess replied as she thought about what the dark sorceress could have planned for the girls.  “That’s why we have to get them somewhere safe.”

“We’ll make it.”  Keyren said optimistically as he thought about the Imperial expeditionary force that was now in pursuit of Kaden’s group.  

Lita simply nodded her head, struggling to keep her thoughts off anything sexual.  

Talon watched the group move through the woods from his concealed position, trying to gauge how far they come possibly travel per day at this speed.  His estimation troubled him.  The girls were having problems with a well worn trail, and they had far rougher terrain ahead of them.

“We’re gonna need a miracle.”  The wolfcoon whispered to himself as he silently moved to another position parallel to the path.  

“This is.........harder than I..........imagined it would be.”  Rayne said, breathing heavily as she stopped to stretch her back.  She laughed a bit as Cole’s gaze lingered on her for a moment too long for him not to be interested.  
“This is easier....than when......it was raining.”  Masha said with a hint of amusement in her voice.  “And at least......this time.......we’re not naked.”

“Talon enjoyed......that a bit.......too much.”  Mara replied as she thought of their wolfcoon companion, feeling desire well within her.

“The two of you.........walking naked through........the forest.........completely soaked.”  Rayne mused as she looked at the viger fems.  “Sounds like.........an enjoyable sight.”

“Not as much..........as bedding him..........in that cave.”  Masha purred as she rubbed as hand over her heavily gravid belly.  “That was wonderful.”

Mara’s mind swirled deeper into sexual arousal as Masha went on to describe Talon’s prowess, her sex growing moist as her pheromone glands began emitting their spicy fragrance into the air.    Rayne listened attentively as Masha went into vivid detail about what bedding Talon had been like, The nethercubs within her beginning to stir as she grew more aroused by the prospects of such a long journey with three handsome  males, not to mention four very attractive females.  

“Perhaps........a long journey.........won’t be so bad.”  The young cheegress mused as she looked at her companions with obvious interest.  

Mara looked at the young exotic brothel girl with a great deal of desire evident on her face.  Rayne smiled, remembering how enjoyable their last encounter had been.  Masha giggled as she watched them exchange glances, knowing that camp would be a very pleasurable experience, or perhaps even their next rest break.

Kamber watched the woods for any sign of pursuit, the strange spicy scent becoming more distracting as she walked.  She tried to place what it could be coming from as she breathed it in deeply, closing her eyes for a few moments as she walked.  The young vixen listened intently to tale of Talon and the sister’s coupling, imagining herself in place of one of them, rocking astride the handsome wolfcoon’s cock.  She shook her head as she forced herself to remember they could all be in grave danger.  This Kaden that was following the sisters had powerful allies.  The young sorceress wondered if she could face someone who had the ability to summon and command creatures as chaotic as Reavers.  She shuddered as she thought of what manner of atrocities creatures from the lower planes were capable of.  

“Netherhounds, Reavers........This keeps getting more and more dangerous.”  She muttered to herself as the spicy scent wafted over her again, causing her to breath deeply.  “Gods that smells nice.”  The young vixen said as she again closed her eyes, her mind filling with desire.  

Kamber shook her head once again, her free hand going to her hardened nipples for a moment, then slowly moving down over her abdomen to her fully aroused sex.  She paused for a moment, trying to think of a mental exercise that would clear her head, finally trying to go through a short series of energy raising drills.  As she tried to raise power, the scent washed over her again, stronger this time.  

“Oh Goddess....”  Kamber gasped as she nearly climaxed, her pulse racing as she stumbled and fell to her knees.

“Are you alright?”  Lita asked as she knelt by the young vixen’s side.  

“I’m fine.”  Kamber said quickly as she scrambled to her feet.  “Just.........just a cramp.”

“Are you sure?”  Lita asked quietly as she pointedly looked at Kamber’s obviously erect nipples.   

“Yes, I’m fine.”  Kamber said as she quickly closed her cloak over her ample chest, hoping only the healer had noticed.  “Just a little..............distracted is all.”

Lita smiled at the young sorceress as she turned and walked at her side, catching scent of something strangely spicy in the air.  The young healer breathed deeply, trying to determine what the wonderful aroma was.  As she took another deep breath, the fragile wall holding her urges in check failed, causing her to gasp as she became completely aroused.  

“Oh.......gods.........”  Lita choked as the urges drove all logical thought from her mind, making her almost completely feral.

Keyren stopped as Lita turned to face him with a look on her face he’d fantasized about.  Before the young lion could utter a word, the gorgeous young snow leopardess was pulling him into a frantic series of kisses and gentle bites as her free hand tried to tear his armor away.   Keyren began to return the young snow loepardess’ attentions, parting her loose healer’s robes, exposing her E-cup breasts.  Lita pulled the well muscled young lion off balance, lowering him to the ground.  

Kamber watched, trembling as the healer placed herself astride Keyren and began removing his leather pants.  

“What the hells?”  Cole asked as he turned and moved back down the trail to Kamber’s side, looking at Keyren and Lita with a mixture of amusement and disbelief on his face.  “Can’t these two wait until we make ca...”

Kamber cut off the rest of Cole’s comment as she pulled him into an embrace and began biting his ear gently.  Cole’s eyes rolled back as the young vixen’s hands began to explore, finding the releases to his brigandine armor.

“Wai......wait a secon.......”  Cole sputtered as he tried not to give in to temptation, remembering they were still in some measure of danger.  As he tried to think of a way to snap Kamber out of her aroused state, another set of hands began releasing the remaining catches on his armor.  He turned to find a very nude, very aroused Mara, her makeshift garments lying in a heap behind her.  As Cole wondered briefly what brought all this on, a strange yet intoxicating scent washed over him, waking feelings of desire.  After a few deep breaths, he found himself lying on the ground as Mara and Kamber removed the last of his clothing.  

“Just what in the hells do they think they’re doing ?”  Talon asked himself as he watched Mara mount Cole while Kamber straddled his awaiting mouth.  

As Talon stepped out of the dense woods and onto the trail, he found Masha and Rayne waiting for him, the ties of their makeshift tunics completely undone.

“We’re not sure what’s going around,” Rayne said as she opened the front of her tunic, revealing her huge breasts and full term with quadruplets sized belly.  “But I intend to catch it.”

“I think I may have a bad case already.”  Masha joked as she opened her tunic and held her due with octuplets size belly and rubbed her massive breasts, causing milk to run between her fingers as she cupped her erect nipple.

“Kaden and the others could find us at any time.”  Talon warned, trying to hide his growing erection behind his bow.

“The Captain of the Imperial patrol told JorAhn they were last seen heading north, and we are heading southeast.”  Rayne reasoned as she moved his arms aside, eyed his bulging trousers knowingly, then pressed her naked body against him.  

“That gives us plenty of time.”  Masha whispered as she began to remove the travel pack from his back, placing it carefully aside as Rayne opened the fly of his pants.

“But....”  Talon began, then looked to where Lita was slowly but methodically rocking atop Keyren, her face a mask of sheer ecstacy.  Mara had flipped over, allowing Cole to enter her from behind as she tongued Kamber’s eager sex.  The young vigress’ belly had become so large that her knees no longer touched the ground and her huge breasts bounced wildly against it, causing milk to spurt each time they impacted it’s drumhead taut shelf.  Kamber writhed as Mara expertly licked her ever closer to orgasm, wrapping her legs loosely about Mara’s shoulders.

Talon shook his head and smiled as Rayne removed his travel worn tunic while Masha pulled his stiffened member from his now opened pants, gently stroking as she nuzzled the back of his neck, her belly and breasts pressed against his back.  Rayne knelt in front of the wolfcoon, taking his erect shaft in her mouth inch by inch until his entire length was engulfed, her tongue playing along it like ghostly fingers.  Masha continued to nuzzle and bite the back of his neck, pulling herself close to him as she slowly working the tip of her tail into her cunny.  The young wolfcoon’s eyes clamped shut as the sensations along his cock began to make his legs weak.  Rayne continued for several minutes, teasingly switching between eagerly working him toward orgasm and gentle tonguework on his more sensitive areas.  Masha began to moan as her tail found her over sensitized cervical valve, bumping against it each time she slowly thrust it into her sex.  Her breasts pressed tightly against Talon’s back causing milk to flow freely from her stiffened nipples, soaking her belly and his back.  Rayne’s breasts, already full of milk before she’d been impregnated, had grown much larger, increasing from her normal double E cups to Triple Fs, leaked profusely as she attended Talon’s erect cock.  The exotic white cheegress gave a final lick as she slowly stood, rubbing her belly and breasts against him as she took Masha’s arm in her hand, causing the young vigress to open her eyes for a moment.     Rayne gently guided Masha to the ground and onto her back as she led Talon behind herself by his cock.  The brothel girl used Masha’s tail like a sex toy as she bent and licked her closer to orgasm, thrusting the young vigress’ tail into her, slowly building up speed as Talon knelt behind her, slipping his erect member into the cheegress dripping cunny.

Mara rocked faster atop her huge belly as Cole continued to thrust into her, causing her pheromone glands to discharge fully as she orgasmed, sending another set of eggs into her chemically altered uterus.  Her head snapped up from pleasuring Kamber as Cole erupted within her, spurting a fresh quantity of seed into her, causing her to climax a second time as the pressure within her increased, the half dozen nethercubs increasing in size.  Kamber rose slowly to her feet as Cole disengaged from Mara’s sex.  The young vixen sorceress lowered him onto his back, guiding his sex slick cock into her awaiting cunny, her back arching as he penetrated her fully.  Kamber spasmed as Cole thrusted into her, his cock wet with chemical laced secretions from the hugely pregnant vigress he’d just mated.  Mara held her massively gravid belly as she rolled onto her side, swelling to the appearance of being due with twelve cubs as she watched Rayne bring Masha to an almost convulsive climax.

Lita could feel Keyren drawing close as she continued to ride his member, quickening her tempo as the form within her wriggled in anticipation.  The young lion roared as he arched his back in climax, his large cock buried deep within the young healer’s sex.  Lita’s hands went to her belly as his seed washed over the mass inside her.  Her belly swelled as the creature within her grew in size, sending her into a long series of mind numbing orgasms, growing to the appearance of being five months pregnant.  

“OH GODDESS   ”  Lita cried as her uterus clenched around the growing mass within her.

Keyren felt the young healer crumple contentedly atop him, her breathing still ragged as she nuzzled her face against his chest.  

Talon felt Rayne’s sex tighten about his cock as she began to shudder in climax, her mouth still attending Masha’s cunny.  Within her, the nethercubs absorbed the sexual energy, growing slightly as they continued to wriggle.  Talon seemed to buck as he climaxed, sending a load of seed into Rayne’s distended belly as she felt the pressure within her grow.  

Masha flet her sides begin tingling again as Rayne suddenly twitched, thrusting the young vigress’ tail deeper than anticipated.  Rayne slowly relaxed as Talon removed his member from her sex, allowing her to reach forward and begin milking Masha’s huge breasts.  The added sensation forced Masha over the edge, causing her to quake with a second orgasm.  She wrapped her arms about her gravid belly as the nethercubs inside her crowded uterus grew, one of them magickally twinning within her.  Her belly swelled as Rayne watched, growing to the appearance of full term with nine very healthy cubs.  Talon looked at Masha in amazement as she rolled onto her side and levered herself upright, looking very intently at his still erect cock.  The vigress guided him onto his back as she threw a leg over him, slipping his shaft into her eager sex.  Rayne situated herself behind Masha, wrapping her arms about the vigress so that she could continue to milk the vigress’ massive breasts, drenching Talon in a matter of minutes.  

Kamber trembled as strange sensations from her sex washed through her, causing each of Cole’s thrusts to reverberate through her.  The young vixen felt an odd tingle as her ovaries released, sending eggs to her awaiting womb.  Cole groaned in time with his thrusts as he neared his peak.  Suddenly, Kamber felt a wave of heat flood her being as the coyote’s shaft spurted inside her, the strange, yet pleasurable sensations from her sex suddenly intensifying.  She doubled over against him as she felt a wave of strangeness wash through her, then shuddered in utter bliss as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced seemed to tear through her.

Masha shuddered as she neared her third orgasm, rocking atop Talon’s shaft as Rayne expertly milked her huge, leaking breasts.  She clenched her vaginal muscles as the sensation grew stronger within her, causing the wolfcoon beneath her to gasp as he came.  His back arched as he orgasmed, sending the tip of his cock through Masha’s cervical valve, pushing her farther into ecstacy.  

“YES      OH GODS, YES  ”  She cried out as she felt her belly swell, the nethercubs within her all twinning at once.  “MORE  ”

Masha’s huge belly swelled as she tried to restrain it with her arms, growing until she looked due with a dozen.  She slumped back against Rayne’s now quintuplet sized belly, her head resting in the cheegress’ cleavage as she tried to catch her breath.  The young brothel girl was shocked as Masha began to gently massage the cheegress’ leaking breasts, causing her to let down once again.  Her milk ran freely over Masha’s shoulders, quickly drenching the vigress as Talon regained his breath beneath both of them.

“See?”  Rayne said to Talon as he watched she and Masha continue to milk one another.  “Plenty of time.”


Nesha wrapped another layer of the quasi solid darkness around her, still trying to recover from her not-so-favorable encounter with the aged lion.  She struggled to remember the last time she’d been this badly injured, finally remembering.  

“Ancient with his.....what did he call it?”  She muttered to herself.  “Lazor?  Lasar?”

Whatever it was called didn’t matter, she finally decided.  What had mattered was that it had fired a beam of purest light, very nearly killing her.  She smiled weakly as she remembered their societies destroying one another, their weapons falling into ruin.

“Most of them anyway.”  She said as she remembered what Rashelle was trying to unlock.  

The netherhound decided to check in on the power hungry sorceress, and perhaps learn what it was she was truly after.  She whinced as she tried to sit, trembling in weakness and nausea.

“After I regain my strength....”  The netherhound said as she slipped back into unconsciousness.   


Kaden surveyed the valley behind them, watching for more of the Imperial soldiers.  He growled as he dropped down behind the rocks, frustrated by this latest in a long string of delays.  He needed to find the female before she gave birth, and thanks to the ineptitude of K’Nor, that exact time was uncertain.  

“Any sign of them?”  Marko asked as the wolfram leaned against a boulder.

“No.  But you can bet they’re there.”  Kaden fumed.  “Is there nothing you can do?”

“I am a summoner and combat mage, nothing more.”  Marko shrugged.  “Had I the skill to gate us away from those that pursue us, I’d certainly have used it before now.”

“I say we kill them and have done with it.”  The hyena male muttered as he continued fondling the jynx large breasts.

“And have everything north of the Blackmarsh crawling with Imperials inside a month?”  Marko laughed.  “Not the wisest of plans Croft.”

“Where is the female we seek?”  Kaden demanded.  “Can your toy still sense her?”

Croft whispered into the young jynx’s ear for a moment.  Suddenly, the girl mechanically stood and faced southeast.  Kaden’s scowl faded for a moment as he looked the jynx over.  Her tattered clothing was almost completely destroyed after their flight through the woods, revealing most of what had barely been covered before.  He turned his thoughts back to business, relieved that their tracker could still feel her target.  He stood again, looking past the attractive young female to the mountain serving as her backdrop.

“How do the lot of you feel about a little mountaineering.”  The wolfram said as he started in the direction of the jagged peak.


“Escaped?”  Rashelle asked as another wave of heat from her cock hungry loins washed over her.  “How could she have escaped in her condition?  Search the grounds.”

“We checked the grounds and outbuildings.”  The nervous ferret guard said as he stole a look at the gravid sorceress’ exposed, leaking breasts.  “We believe she stole one of your special warhorses.”

“No one steals a warstallion.”  Rashelle laughed.  “They’re more intelligent than you are.  They simply can’t be stolen.”

Rashelle looked back at the guard, noting he wasn’t looking at his feet as he should be, but at her chest, starring actually.  She turned toward him, slowly lifting one of her milk laden spheres off the shelf of her swollen belly.  The ferret almost salivated, then blanched as he noticed she was almost burning a hole through him with her eyes.  The dark vixen looked to the side of the room, locking eyes with her healer.

“Erin, you’re not too full for a little snack, are you?”  She asked casually, noting the expression of horror that washed over the face of the impertinent guard.

“Never too full.”  The vampiric mink smiled as the guard turned and bolted for the door.  

The guard yelped as Erin was suddenly in front of him, blocking his escape.  Before he could react, she had pinned him to the floor, sinking her fangs into his neck.  Rashelle smiled as she watched the spectacle, eventually turning her attention to the other guard.  She cocked her head in approval, noting the doberman hadn’t even twitched during the whole incident.
“Tell me your name guardsman.”  She said as she lifted his gaze to meet her with a finger.

“Reeva, mistress.”  The guard said quietly, looking her in the eye without a hint of challenge.  

“Well Reeva, I have a set of tasks for you.”  Rashelle said as she held his gaze.  “First, you will pleasure me, as I seem to have a need and all my other lovers are spent.  Second, you will return the wayward young cougaress and warstallion to me.”

“It shall be done mistress.”  The doberman said, his eyes darting quickly to her nude, pregnant form and back to her eyes.

Rashelle turned and motioned for the guard to follow her, using a small amount of magick to make the weight of her pregnant with quintuplets sized belly far less.  She smiled as she managed a sexy saunter, passing Erin as the mink finished the last of the dying guard.  


Anya panted as another wave of need passed through her, adding to the wetness already soaking the thick horseblanket.  The young cougaress’ legs began to tremble again as she felt the muscular warstallion flex beneath her.  She tried to think of anything but sex, forcing her mind onto how amazing her new companion was.  The massive steed hardly jolted her at all as he moved, making her ride as comfortable as he could.  She looked at the stars as she rode, trying to find the pictures she’d heard they made when certain stars were grouped together.  The male flexed again, rubbing the blanket into her over sensitive sex.

“Oh.......oh gods......”  She gasped as the sensations shot through her.  “I don’t know how much farther I can make it.”

The warstallion’s concern washed over her again as she held her belly, now swollen larger as though she were late with octuplets.  She began to cry quietly as the desire grew stronger.  She sobbed as the huge male continued on through the night, picking his way through the dark forest as best he could without jolting her.  
“Oh......gods........OH ”  Anya sobbed through clenched teeth as the need became unbearable.  “Stop........please......stop.”

The huge warstallion halted, then lowered himself to the ground, allowing her to slide off and into a heap on the ground.  The stallion then stood, nuzzling her neck as he breathed in her spicy fragrance.  Anya looked up at the warhorse, her eyes pleading as tears streamed down her face.  The male gently touched her neck, sending his own way of desire through her.  She looked as he stepped back, finding his massive shaft already erect beneath him.  She turned, raising her sex for him, her legs splayed as far as she could make them.  She felt a wave of need wash over her again as the warstallion carefully stepped over her, positioning himself above her.  Need was replaced by relief as his huge shaft filled her intimate space again, sliding smoothly as he gently rocked above her.  

“Yes   OH.....gods Yes ”  The young cougaress gasped as the stallion’s cock again worked into her womb, causing her vaginal muscles to clamp down on his shaft.  

The stallion whickered in surprise as the sensations made him shudder.  He quickened his tempo as another wave of urgency washed through the female below him.  

“AAHH     UNGH      AAHH  ”  Anya moaned as he neared orgasm, adding her own rocking to his own causing his cock to drive in farther with every thrust.  

The young cougaress’ milk heavy breasts slapped against the top of her huge belly, spurting sweet fluid onto the ground beneath her as the male began to shudder.  A flood of relief in the form of seed pulsed into her, driving the urges back, but not entirely away.  She panted as the stallion remained within her, draining all he could manage into her cum hungry belly.  She stroked his massive shaft, still buried within her sex as she tried to catch her breath.

“Thank you.”  She whispered as she stayed impaled on his throbbing member.  “There’s no way..........I could escape........without you.”

The impression that he couldn’t leave her to Rashelle washed through her, then a sensation like a wave of thought, then concern.

“What’s wrong?”  Anya asked as he carefully withdrew his cock from her sated cunny.

The warstallion waited until she turned to face him, then nuzzled her gravid belly.  

“I know.  I’m not sure how many are in there or when I’ll be due.”  Anya said as she stroked his ear.

The stallion looked at her for a moment, then sent her the reason for his concern.

“Oh gods.”  Anya whispered as the male showed her the image of the foals within her, then the rest of the occupants of her crowded womb.

Anya sat in stunned silence as the warstallion nuzzled her cheek, neither of them noticing the form watching them from the shadows.

Rashelle curled herself into the pile of cushions, breathing in the scent of Anya and her many lovers as she stroked her gravid belly.  

“Damnable netherhound.”  She sighed as she tried to think of a way to perform the ritual in her current state.  “If she hadn’t gotten me pregnant, things would be going so smoothly right now.”

She smiled as Reeva quietly gathered his clothing and armor, then walked obediently out the door.  Rashelle looked across the room to where Terah’s massively pregnant form half hung, her belly the only light source in the room.  The luquine seemed unconscious after the amount of energy the sorceress had generated as the guard pleasured her.

Rashelle stood and walked to the suspended luquine, gently caressing Terah’s dripping breasts.  Rashelle sent a mental probe into Terah, guaging how much energy the huge creatures within her contained.  Terah’s eyes fluttered open as the dark vixen began to lick and suck her leaking nipples.

“I have good news for you my not so little wolfmare.”  Rashelle finally said as she continued to squeeze Terah’s hardened nipples, soaking herself with the luquine’s sweet milk.  “You now contain more than enough energy for the ritual, although it is a shame that I can’t use it right away.  You’ll keep it safe for me, right?  Locked within your very very swollen belly.”

“At......the rate.........you’re growing.........I may not.........be the first.........to burst........after all.”  Terah managed as she looked at the sorceress’ huge belly.  

Rashelle’s eyes narrowed as she thought about removing the rod from Terah’s sex, allowing her to rupture slowly due to the pressure within her.  

“Perhaps you don’t contain enough energy after all.”  Rashelle said hotly as she mentally summoned her lovers to the room, altering the spell so they would be ready for her immediately.  She then caused a huge pile of cushions to settle behind her, directly in front of the impudent luquine.
Toridar and several other males began filtering into the room as the dark vixen settled into the awaiting cushions, opening herself for the huge ‘taur as he eagerly mounted her.

Terah felt a stab of pain as the healing rod moved in deeper, forcing it’s way through her cervix and into her womb.  She then felt an unseen male enter her, working his shaft into her as the sexual energy in the room began to swell the creatures inside her.  Rashelle smiled as Terah’s screams and moans once again filled the room.

“This is much better.”  The sorceress purred as the huge ‘taur thrusted faster into her, rocking her swollen belly and milk laden breasts.  

Eventually, Rashelle attempted to stand, wondering how much time had passed.   The strange sensations from her belly had occasionally concerned her, but the sheer amount of pleasure she’d been experiencing had caused her to loose track of time, not to mention partners.  She fell back again, her hands going to her belly as she impacted the sex moistened cushions.  The dark vixen gasped as she rubbed her belly, finding it seemed to have doubled in size, now appearing due with nearly a dozen cubs.  

“You may.........be right...........little wolfmare.”  Rashelle panted as she levered herself out of the cushions.  She then smiled as she looked at Terah’s limp form.  “Or you........may not.”

Terah’s belly now looked as though she were filled with three full sized horses, lifting her even higher off the floor.  Rashelle stared in satisfaction at the creatures within the luquine’s belly, now glowing so brightly they could be seen through her flesh.  

“Now there is enough within you.”  Rashelle whispered as she watched the creatures slowly move.  “And too much..........within me.”
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Lita examined Masha as the others made camp, concern growing on her face at what she felt from within the vigress belly.

“What’s wrong?”  Masha asked as she looked up at the young healer.  

“You’re doing fine.”  Lita said as she knelt and caressed Masha’s huge belly.  “We just have a long journey ahead of us, and if we all keep bedding each other, it’s going to get far more difficult for you to walk.”

The young snow leopardess looked at Rayne and Mara as she walked toward the others, taking note of how much each of their bellies had grown as well.  Her hand went unconsciously to her own belly, now swollen to the appearance of being six months along, as she tried to think of anything that could possibly keep herself and the rest of the girls from craving sex so much.  The minty root she normally used to control her normally high sex drive seemed to have no effect, and the larger they all grew, the more sex they seemed to crave.  She looked up at the stars for a moment, silently praying they would make it to the temple before her fears came to pass.  Suddenly, strong hands began to rub her shoulders, causing her nipples to stiffen.  She looked back to find a concerned looking Keyren also facing the heavens.  

“I’m sorry you’re in this mess.”  The tall lion said quietly as he continued to rub the travel weary shoulders.  “And I wish I’d known sooner about....   I’m sorry.”

“I wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information.”  Lita said as she shook her head, trying not to think about bedding him but still wanting to enjoy his touch.  “I should have told you and the others.  I was just confused and embarrassed by the whole thing.  Now I just hope we live long enough to get help.”

Keyren watched as tears ran down the young snow leopardess’ face.  He pulled her closer, wrapping his well muscled arms around her, placing his hands on her swollen belly.
“We’ll get you there, and get you help.”  He said softly as he felt something within her move.  

“I wish I could be sure of that, but even now I’m getting........aroused.”  She said as she reluctantly pulled away from him.  “And the more I sleep with you, which was wonderful, the larger whatever is inside me becomes.”

She turned and slowly walked away from the camp to the small stream nearby, crouching at the water’s edge.   The young healer felt the stream, considering taking a short dip in the chilling water, wondering if it could wash away some of the urges that were building within her again.  

Mara sat as Rayne gently scratched her swollen belly, feeling another wave of arousal radiate from her womb.  She thought of the cubs inside her, wondering how long it would be before her triplets came, not to mention all the others.  Another wave of desire hit her as Rayne began rubbing her painfully full breasts, the cheegress belly rubbing her own gravid sphere as she shifted position.

“Goddess bless, you’re so full.”  Rayne said as she marveled at Mara’s hardened, swollen breasts.  “It’s like you can’t leak fast enough.”

“Whatever those bastards used on me has been making my breasts grow.”  Mara said as she touched one of her huge globular breasts.  “The more I milk them, the more they make.  It’s maddening.”

“I’ll bet they’re extremely sensitive.”  Rayne said with a sly look as she bent and took Mara’s dripping nipple in her mouth before the young vigress could protest, taking a long steady pull of milk from Mara’s rock hard breasts.  

Masha shook her head as she watched the young exotic brothel girl pleasuring her sister.  A pang of desire washed over her, tempting her to join them.  She took a deep breath, trying to clear the erotic images from her mind as she reminded herself they had a very long journey before them, had barely left the small town, and had already gotten substantially larger.  

“Alright, here’s the plan.”  Talon said to Masha as he watched Rayne squeeze Mara’s free nipple, spraying milk into the grass.  “We’ve got the shelter set up.  Only the girls are sleeping in there due to this afternoon’s little orgy.  We can’t risk having our guard down or any of you getting any more pregnant.”

“I understand.”  She replied as she slowly tried to stand, almost falling as her balance eluded her.  Talon quickly knelt and caught her, ending up face to face with the attractive young vigress.  She sighed as she stared into his eyes.  “Gods, this is so hard.  Every touch sets me on fire.  I don’t mean to sound bad, but I can’t go three weeks without sex.  I’ll go insane.”

“Then we’ll need to find a way for you not to get pregnant every time.”  Talon said as he looked down at her massive belly.  “Otherwise we’ll need to find a way for the temple to come to you.”

Masha laughed as the wolfcoon helped her to her feet, then lay her head against his shoulder as he helped her across the small clearing to the strange looking shelter JorAhn had provided.  Inside she found strange,  reflective bedrolls spread on the floor.  Talon helped her to lie down, then turned to leave, pausing as she held his hand.

“In those rare moments when I’m not completely consumed by lust, I find myself wondering how I’m going to care for so many cubs, and it scares me.”  Masha said as she looked down at her hugely pregnant belly.  “The thought of being pregnant with six was frightening enough, now I don’t know how many I’m carrying.  There’s no way I can care for them all.”

Talon placed a finger under her chin, tilting her head up so he could look into her tear filled eyes.

“As I recall, I’m to blame for some of those cubs.”  He said as a single tear ran down her cheek.  “Not to mention I find myself very taken with their mother and her sister.  If the two of you don’t mind sharing, that is.”

Masha burst into tears, pulling the handsome wolfcoon tight to her.  

“Are you saying..............”  She asked as best she could through the tears.

“Yes.  I am.”  Talon answered as he looked her in the eyes again.  “Now.  I need to go pry your sister and Rayne apart before they start including others.”

Reeva watched as the huge warstallion rocked atop the hugely pregnant cougaress.  He smiled as he thought of how easy it had been to find them.  They’d made it quite a distance, but not nearly as far as they should have given the stallion’s speed.  He looked on as his troops flanked them, slowly and silently forming a circle around the female and her mount.

“Or is it the stallion and his mount......”  Reeva whispered to himself as he watched the cougaress’ huge belly actually bulged larger each time the massive cock sank into her, it’s mass entering and leaving her uterus.

“Sir, th’ others be in position.”  Whispered his badger companion.  “We be takin’ er now?”

“Momentarily.”  Reeva said as he watched the cougaress’ breasts bounce wildly against her pregnant with septuplets sized belly.  “Let her enjoy her last few moments of freedom.”

“Never seed a fem do a ‘orse afore now.”  The badger said in wonder.  

“From what Rashelle told me, she’ll probably beg us to breed her as well.”  The doberman said as he listened to the cougaress moan, her climax not far away.  “That should make the return trip all the more enjoyable.  We may even take the long way.”

Reeva watched as the warstallion shuddered atop the cougar fem, sending her into a long orgasm of her own.  He listened for a moment as the female seemed to speak to the stallion, her tail wrapped about the huge shaft still deeply embedded within her.  The huge steed lowered it’s head and nuzzled her as it reluctantly withdrew from her sex, the female slowly rolling onto her side with her arms wrapped around her huge belly.

“Alright, on my signal.”  Reeva said as he raised a mailed hand, pausing as he heard a crunch from behind him.

The doberman turned to see a wolf fem drop the badger’s lifeless body to the ground, his head turned completely backwards.

“Your men are dead.”  The female said softly as Reeva went for his sword.  

As the doberman’s hand grasped the hilt of his weapon, the female opened her mouth wide.  A flash of green light blinded Reeva for a moment as a strange, burning sensation seemed to wash through his chest.  The stunned doberman looked down at his chest in wonder, starring at the steaming hole where his heart had been, then sank limply to the ground.

“Some things never seem to change.”  The wolf female said as she stood and walked around the bushes the males had been using for cover.
“Oh gods.....”  Anya said as she tried to stand quickly, falling as her balance escaped her.  “Oh gods no ”

The warstallion turned and placed himself between Anya and the female, taking an obviously aggressive stance.  The wolf female stopped, raising her hands.

“I am not here to harm you,”  The female said as she turned around to show them she was unarmed.  “But there were those that did.  They no longer pose a threat.”

“Who......who are you?”  Anya said as she managed to stand, wrapping her tattered silk sheet about her.  “And who else is here?”  

Anya backed away as the female slowly walked toward them, her warstallion companion staying between her and the newcomer.  

“There were six others ready to ambush you.”  The wolf said as she motioned to the woods.  “They spoke of returning you to someone named Rashelle.  They are dead now.”

“I won’t go back ”  Anya sobbed as she looked for a place to run, panic washing over her at the mention of Rashelle’s name.

“I’m not asking you to.”  The wolf said as she tried to calm the terrified young cougar fem.  “I can help you, if you’d like.”

Anya sank to the ground as the female drew closer, now within striking distance of the warstallion’s deadly hooves.  

“I won’t..........go back........”  Anya whispered as her hands went to her massive belly.  

The female wolf slowly extended her hand to the warstallion, never taking her eyes off the sobbing cougaress.

“Touch my hand metasteed.”  The female wolf said softly to the huge warstallion, causing him to whicker in surprise as she used the proper name for his species.  “Then you’ll know I can be trusted.”

The stallion cautiously lowered his head, touching his nose against the wolf fem’s palm.  The huge steed’s head snapped back in surprise, causing Anya to startle.  He neighed as he slowly touched the female wolf’s hand again, his stance becoming more relaxed.  The huge male then turned to face Anya, lowering his head so that his forehead touched hers.  Feelings of acceptance and wonder washed over Anya, causing her panic to subside slowly.  The feeling of trust in the newcomer washed over her, along with a sense of a destination.  The female wolf slowly knelt beside her, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.   

“I am called Taxton.”  The wolf said as she placed a hand on Anya’s huge belly.  “I know of a place that can help you.  Those I seek are already headed in it’s direction.  If we make good time, we should reach them soon.”
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Wow, look away for a few months, and look at all the neat stuff that gets written!

Bravo!  Encore!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Just wanted to let those interested know there's an update on the horizon.....

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: DragonKitsune on February 17, 2006, 02:40:37 am
Oh man I actually missed your last posts, the october's installments ^^; Last time I read this story was like six months ago. I better start from the beginning because I'm quite out of the loop at the moment.

And there's more to come? Awesome!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: DragonKitsune on February 18, 2006, 07:41:01 pm
My my there's so many loose threads to pick up at this point. Who's Taxton and what will Kamber think about her current condition to name a few.

The story is wonderful and deliciously graphic in details. Should be noted also that it doesn't fall apart even though there's a myriad of characters and intervening plots. Kudos to you Amenshawn for writing it and keeping it together. I can't wait to see more. :)

It'll be interesting to see though how will you solve possible the transportation problem caused by the femmes' swelling girth. No fooling around with the males will only get you so far(if they can that is) considering that the nethercubs seem to grow just from pleasure recieved(or was that just in the beginning of netherhound pregnancy?). Regardless of that the nethercubs inside Mara haven't twinned yet and if they do I don't think she'll be able to walk without help. Perhaps they come up with something that keeps the males from impregnating them during intercourse, rigorous masturbation to keep seed supply empty?

If the femmes get too large to walk without support maybe the group could pilfer a wagon somewhere on the way or Kamber could fix up a levitation spell(but that sounds kind of cheesy).
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Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: TB Tabby on February 19, 2006, 05:17:35 am
I hope Wolfie notices this spambot soon.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on February 20, 2006, 04:16:05 am

“Excellent.”  Kaden said as he looked through the small spyglass.  “It seems they’ve lost the trail.  Now, let’s get back to business.”

“Time to get trackin my pretty.”  Croft smiled as he bent, whispering into the jynx’s ear.  He chuckled as she mechanically stood, then turned due south.  “Any time you’re ready.”

“We move fast but quiet.”  Kaden said as he gestured back down the mountainside.  “We can’t waste any more time dodging those Imperial fools.”

Kaden turned, motioning for Croft to lead.  The hyena male spoke softly to the jynx girl, falling into step behind her as she suddenly darted into the woods.  

“She can’t have gone far.”  Kaden muttered to himself as they ran.  “Not in her condition.”

He growled as he thought of the entire day’s travel ahead of them, wasted time that would make the trip back to Rashelle’s keep all the more difficult.  He hoped the female could make the journey, considering the amount of accelerant used on her.  He shook his head as another thought crossed his mind.  If Nesha had already found her, there were likely to be even more problems.

“But then, I’ll get to kill the bitch.”  The wolfram thought as he ran, remembering that netherhounds couldn’t take mortals into the shadows with them.

He smiled as he tightened his grasp on the axe’s sculpted handle, deciding he hoped Nesha had found the female after all.


Rashelle rocked as hard as she could atop the huge black wolf, her arms wrapped tightly around her huge belly.  She felt another strange, uncomfortable sensation from inside her as she opened her eyes, looking at the other two henchmen attending her swollen breasts.  The urgency from within her doubled, causing her to shudder as the wolf’s cock began to spurt within her.  The sorceress felt the pressure inside her increase as the altered nethercubs within her grew, followed by another of the uncomfortable sensations from her packed belly.  The dark vixen used a small flare of power to summon more males, the increased urges almost impossible to resist.  The male beneath her spent, Rashelle immediately mounted another waiting shaft, determined to take in as much seed as her body craved.  She began to rock atop the new male, a large liger this time, only to feel another of the strange tightening sensations from her distended belly.  Within minutes, the liger spewed a copious amount of fluid into her, the pressure increasing yet again.  Rashelle opened her eyes, looking for another male, only to clench them shut as another of the strange sensations washed through her.  

“Need......more.....”  Rashelle gasped as she desperately tried to sate the need from within her now due with fifteen cubs sized belly.  “Got...to have......more.”

Erin walked quietly into the room, stepping over several of the exhausted males.  The vampiric mink watched as Rashelle rode yet another of her henchmen to climax, taking note of how the dark sorceress clenched her teeth and grabbed her huge belly at regular intervals.  The mink slid onto the huge bed, beginning to once again drink eagerly from Rashelle’s breasts.  

“OOHH  ”  Rashelle cried out as another of the sensations tore through her, causing her to pause in her attempts to make the newest of the males beneath her orgasm.  “Why won’t........it stop.”

Erin continued to drink from the sorceress milk laden breasts, counting as the sensations hit Rashelle with increasing frequency.  Rashelle felt the pressure within her belly increase yet again, followed immediately by another of the strange, tightening sensations from her huge belly.  The sorceress gritted her teeth as she looked for another cock to fill her, the pressure inside her belly increasing steadily as she attempted to crawl.  Erin slipped behind the dark vixen, slipping her fingers inside the sorceress glistening sex.  

“I thought so.”  Erin said as she licked the mingled fluids from her hand.  

Rashelle mounted another of the guards, a huge clydesdale, filling her sex with his massive cock.  Almost immediately, she grabbed her huge belly and ground her teeth as another of the sensations washed through her.  She attempted to rock atop the male, only to find the strength leaving her limbs, being replaced with the urge to push.

“Erin........”  Rashelle gasped as she slowly rolled off the massive cock impaling her.  “Whas....happ...ening....to....me ”

“You’re in labor.”  Erin said as she watched another of the contractions ripple across Rashelle’s gravid form.  “And fully ready to deliver.  Now lets see how many of those huge ‘taur cubs within you are grown enough to come out.”


Anya struggled to remain focused as Taxton led the warstallion along the trail at a slow run.  The constant feeling of the huge male’s muscles flexing between her legs was becoming almost more than she could bare.  They’d started their fast paced trek through the forest early that morning after allowing Anya enough time to ride the stallion in a different way.  The young cougaress looked at her massive belly rocking atop the warstallion’s back, shaking as she realized she had grown quite a bit since escaping from Rashelle’s keep.  The young cougar fem now looked as though she were pregnant with dectuplets and seemed to be growing more rapidly by the hour.  She shuddered as the male jolted beneath her, easily leaping a deep streambed.  Anya slid a hand beneath her belly, finding that her sex had again soaked the blanket.  The urges grew stronger as the steed continued to run, keeping pace with the female wolf that never seemed to tire.  

“Oh gods.....”  Anya moaned as another wave of urgency and desire shot through her.  “Stop......please stop.”

“Are you well?”  Taxton asked as the warstallion eased to a halt, lowering himself so that Anya could dismount.

“N....Need.....need to........mate.”  Anya managed as she rubbed her swollen belly.  “Please.........let him......breed me.”

“If you mate him again, you’ll get pregnant again.”  Taxton warned as she looked at the young female with concern.  “You’re already dangerously full.”

“S......spells..........spells make me.........need it.........”  Anya gasped as the urges made her legs give out.  She positioned herself as best she could for the male, using a small incline to elevate her sex for him.

The warstallion gently entered her, thrusting deep within her in steady rhythm.  Taxton watched as Anya tried to hold herself up with only one arm, attempting to milk her hardened breasts.  The wolf fem knelt, then slipped onto her back beneath the young cougaress, taking a spurting nipple in each of her hands.  Anya moaned in pure ecstacy as Taxton gently milked her breasts in time with the stallion’s thrusting, beginning to relieve the pressure in her huge milk laden spheres.  Anya opened her eyes in surprise as the wolf fem took a nipple in her mouth and began to take deep pulls from her, sending waves of pleasure through the young cougaress.  The stallion grunted as he neared orgasm, sending a wave of concern through her, mentally questioning if he should cum within her.  Anya clenched her stretched vaginal muscles tight about his huge shaft, pushing him over the edge, causing him to blast another huge volume of seed into her crowded womb.  Anya continued to rock against him, her own climax drawing near as Taxton alternated breasts, drinking deeply from the cougaress’ softening globes.  

“OOOHHH           GODDESS     ”  Anya cried as orgasm wracked her body, making her convulse beneath the warstallion as she continued to rock his massive cock deep within her.  “YES  ”
Anya gasped as the waves of overwhelming pleasure subsided, leaving the stallion’s huge member buried deep inside her.  She reached around her gravid belly, feeling her stretched sex and the shaft filling her for a moment, sighing in contentment.  

“I know........it makes me..........pregnant........each time.”  She gasped as she tried to explain.  “But it feels.....so good........when he’s inside me........”

“You don’t need to explain yourself.”  Taxton said as she looked into the cougaress’ eyes.  “I believe I understand what’s been done to you.”

“Then you.........know why..........I keep mating him...........despite the risk.....”  Anya said as she reluctantly let the warstallion remove the massive shaft from her cunny.

“Yes.”  Taxton said as she helped Anya into a sitting position.  “But understand that I’m no healer or midwife.  If you got into labor out here, unless he can help you, birthing unassisted will probably kill you.”

“Then we need.........to get moving.......because in a few.......hours............I’ll need it.........again.”  Anya said as she let the warstallion pull her onto her feet, then nuzzled her as she wrapped the torn remains of the silk sheet about her again.

“Alright metasteed.”  Taxton said after Anya had mounted.  “We need to pick up the pace if we’re going to get her to help in time.”

The warstallion sent a wave of concern through Anya, showing her the image of faster travel.  Anya grasped the simple hackamore as tightly as she could, steeling herself for the rough ride ahead.  Taxton easily hopped onto his back behind her, pressing herself close to make certain Anya didn’t fall.  After both riders were secure, the huge metasteed turned and ran down the trail, his massive hooves thundering as he pushed himself to his limit.


Talon shuddered as he crouched atop a ruined fountain.  The remains of places like this always made him uncomfortable, like he was being watched somehow.  The wolfcoon archer shook his head as he watched the others move slowly down the overgrown street.  Mara stumbled again as she tried to step over a small pile of rubble, nearly falling into Masha and Rayne before being caught by Cole.  

“We need to move faster,” Talon whispered to himself, “And they get slower by the hour.”

Talon scanned the ruins for anything they could possibly use, shuddering again as he peered into the gloom of one of the huge structures.  Again the uncomfortable feeling of being observed washed over him, causing him to think of the Netherhound responsible for impregnating the girls.   Talon extended his othersenses carefully, scanning the ruined buildings surrounding them for any sign of life.  He gasped as his senses swept over something crawling up one of the surrounding structures.  Talon steadied his breathing,, focusing on the alien creature he could feel drawing closer to the group, beginning to get a better ‘look’ at it.  Masha’s scream snapped his concentration.  Talon turned just in time to watch her fall through a tangle of vines and disappear.

Masha tumbled into the blackness as the vines continued to snag and tangle around her, slowing her fall.  The young vigress stopped short of impacting the bottom of the shaft, tangled tightly in a web of vines.  

“Oh Gods ”  She yelped as she swayed above the floor.  The vines which kept her from slamming into the floor below now wrapped tightly about her, squeezing her huge breasts and tangling her limbs.  Her huge belly protruded from the mass of vines, spared from the same constriction applied to her breasts.  “I’m stuck ”

Mara and Rayne crawled carefully to the edge of the gaping hole which had swallowed Masha, peering into the blackness.  Talon leapt from his perch atop the fountain and raced back to the group as Keyren and Cole dropped their packs and began readying ropes for a descent into the dark shaft.

“Arreshnayvel ”  Kamber called as she held her staff above her head.   Light erupted from the end of the staff, swirling about her and illuminating the hole Masha had fallen into.  

As the shimmering light chased away the shadows, Lita peered into the deep shaft, looking for the trapped vigress, but finding the remains of ancient markings instead.  The young snow leopardess shook her head as she tried to make sense of the ancient writings.  

“Gency   cess.  Use specif      Xits.  DANGER     Last do rs can aus jur or deat     Bio-we   ns resea h are    .  Gamma lev l secur y learance re    Red ”  Lita sounded out as she wondered what the red letters meant  

“Be careful down there.”  Lita said as Talon and Kamber moved to the edge.  “The sign says danger.”

“This whole place screams danger.”  Talon muttered as he nodded to Keyren and Cole, taking the rope they had secured to a large boulder and lowering himself into the shaft.  “Hold on Masha.  Help is on the way.”  

Kamber studied the faded writing on the wall as she crouched beside Lita, quietly chanting to herself as she pointed her staff at the markings.  Energy flared from the staff, outlining the words and restoring the faded letters.

“Emergency Access.   Use Specified Exits   DANGER  Blast doors can cause injury or death   Bio-weapons research area 6.  Gamma level security clearance required ”  The young sorceress read aloud as Keyren and Cole lowered Talon into the vine tangled opening.  “That doesn’t sound good.”

“That’s all we need.”  Cole muttered to himself as he played out more rope.  “Another ancient weapon running around.”

Lita reflexively placed a hand on her belly as she looked up at the coyote, noting that she felt a bit larger than she remembered.   The young healer gasped as a wave of heat washed over her, causing her limbs to tremble for a moment as desire welled inside her.  She shook her head and went through a centering exercise, clearing her thoughts a bit.

Talon pushed his way through another tangle of the tough vines, finally lowered to the same level as Masha.  

“Are you ok?”  He asked as he tried to pull some of the vines away from her face.  

“It’s....getting harder......to breathe ”  Masha gasped as he began to carefully cut several of the vines with his kukri.  “Please hurry ”

“I’m working on it.”  Talon soothed as he cut the vines binding her huge breasts.  “You’ll be out soon.”

“I thought I saw something down there.”  Masha said as her voice trembled with fear.

“Probably just some debris from when you fell in.”  The young wolfcoon reassured as best he could while extending his othersenses into the blackness below them.

Talon gasped as he felt something move below them, slowly making it’s way closer.  He explored further, trying to get some idea of what was approaching, only to find more of the same alien creature.  

“Or you could be right....”  He muttered as he began to cut the vines away faster.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on February 23, 2006, 12:08:10 pm

“We’re almost there.”  Taxton said to Anya as the huge metasteed leapt over another fallen tree, jarring the young cougaress’ massive belly.

“UNGH ”  Anya grunted in pain as the wolf fem behind her steadied her, keeping her from falling off the metasteed’s broad back.

“Are you alright?”  Taxton asked with concern as the warstallion slowed it’s pace, sending waves of concern through Anya.

“We need..........to slow down..........a bit.”  The hugely pregnant young cougaress gasped as she held her belly.  “I can’t take that............kind of impact.”

“Just a bit farther.  I can sense them nearby.”  Taxton said as she looked down the slope to the ruins below.

The metasteed slowed his pace, carefully picking his way around several fallen trees that littered the trail, finally stomping down the remains of ancient metal fence and entering the ruins.  Taxton looked about at the decayed structures for a moment, then patted the metasteed’s flank.

“Slow down a bit.  This was a military research installation.”  She said as she looked about as if to get her bearings.  “We don’t want any old sec systems activating.”


Kaden watched as the females rode into the ruins, smiling as he recognized the young pregnant cougaress clad in a ragged silk sheet as one of Rashelle’s slaves.   The wolf fem riding behind her he didn’t recognize, and she didn’t have the look of a slave.

“Just as well.”  Kaden whispered to himself as he watched them ride around a short wall and disappear into another tangle of underbrush.  “She can always learn to be one of Rashelle’s toys.”

“That pregger looks about to burst.”  The sabretooth mused as he crouched beside the wolfram.  “Croft’s pet says they’re nearby.  Any sign of your netherhound?”

“Not yet.”  Kaden smiled as he tightened his grip on the ornate handle of his axe.  “But that doesn’t mean she’s not about.”


Nesha swept the ruins again with her powerful othersenses, smiling as she found her quarry.  The netherhound chuckled as she felt the number and size of her offspring within the females she’d impregnated just over a day ago.  The though of bedding the three of them again ran through her mind, arousing her as she melted back into the shadows of a large overhang.

“I could always keep them for myself once Rashelle is finished with the female she needs.”  The sleek netherhound mused as she probed the area near them again, her othersenses encountering something utterly alien to her.  “What in the lower planes are you?”

Terah slowly woke, the huge creatures within her stirring again.  She listened for a moment before moving, trying to determine where the sound of a female in labor was coming from.  The luquine smiled as she realized it was Rashelle, birthing whatever was growing within her.  From the sounds she was making, the experience was proving to be difficult at best.  Terah smiled again as she thought of how Anya had used the sorcerous bitch’s own torture chemicals against her as she’d mated the huge ‘taur.  

“I hope she got away.”  Terah whispered to herself as the sound of heavy hooves entered the room behind her.  “That way one of us would at least survive.”

Terah grunted as the massive ‘taur mounted her, sliding his huge cock deep inside her.  Energy arced from her belly to the talismans surrounding her as her belly swelled, the creatures inside her drinking in the sexual energy of the male atop her.  Her moans joined Rashelle’s, filling the halls with the sounds of both females.


“Get them off   ”  Masha cried as another tentacle began to coil around her thigh.  “Please get them off ”

Talon hacked at the fleshy appendages with his blade, severing one and freeing Masha’s arm, only to have three more appear from below.  From above, he could hear the concerned voices of the others as they gathered around the pit, Cole trying to get a clear shot with Talon’s bow as Kamber chanted.  Suddenly, the young vixen sorceress went silent, touching the tip of her staff to the wall to the pit.  Reddish energy flared from the ornate staff, spiraling down the walls of the shaft, washing over the huge mass of tentacles.  From below, the shriek of something in pain erupted, reverberating off the shaft’s walls.  

“Take that you slimy...”  Kamber began, the sudden rush of tentacles cutting her off.

A group of the seemingly endless appendages snared the cluster of vines lining the edge of the pit, suddenly pulling the tangle of tough vines into the pit.

Mara and Rayne screamed as they tumbled headlong into the opening, followed closely by Lita and Kamber.  

“Lita ”  Keyren shouted as he watched the young snow leopardess get dragged into the pit, her ankles tangled in the mass of vines.  The muscular young lion barely had time to look at Cole before both of them were dragged into the pit by the vines as well.

Talon fought as the tentacles wrapped around him, slowly dragging him to the floor.  The young wolfcoon could hear the others near him, but couldn’t see them.  He tried to cut away the snake-like appendages carefully to avoid injuring one of the others, but they were very tough, and even his fine edged kukri was having minimal effect.  

Kamber struggled as the tentacles wrapped about her staff, slowly pulling it from her grasp.  The young sorceress could feel the others nearby, but couldn’t see anything in the pitch blackness of the pit they had fallen into.   She felt the ornate end of the staff slide into her hand, knowing it would soon be torn away.  Kamber screamed the simple cantrip for illumination, flooding the pit with light just as a tentacle moved in front of her face.  The alien appendage split open at the tip, forming a membranous cone shape.  Kamber felt her staff finally wrenched from her grasp as a blast of strange smelling gas erupted from the open tentacle.  Kamber’s eyes fluttered closed as the gas quickly stole her consciousness away.

Keyren’s eyes adjusted to the light as he and Cole struggled to draw their blades, fighting against both tentacles and the tangle of vines that had fallen on top of them.  Keyren watched as Rayne’s limp form was pulled down the hallway, followed closely by Mara.  Kamber and Lita seemed to be snared together, but were still close.  Cole finally drew his wakizashi, severing three of the writhing tentacles in one fluid motion.  The coyote turned to lever himself off his other scabbard, only to be blasted in the face by a pair of the open tentacles.  Keyren drew his uncle’s blade, Starless, from it’s travel worn scabbard, slicing through several of the tentacles and vines.  Three of the tentacles near the young lion opened as he drew back the ebon blade for another strike.  

“Defend ”  Keyren roared as gas erupted from the weaving appendages, causing him to stumble and fall as blackness took him.

Talon tried to hold Masha as several of the fleshy arms coiled about her, beginning to drag her away beside Lita and Kamber.  As he turned to look for assistance from Keyren, he saw a shadowy figure stand, holding the jet black blade in one hand.  The ghostly figure began attacking the oncoming tentacles, the magickal edge of the blade effortlessly cutting through them.  Talon turned back as Masha coughed, only to look into the open end of a tentacle mere inches from his face.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on February 24, 2006, 01:26:27 pm

Nesha slipped out of the darkness in the bowels of the underground labyrinth, her othersenses guiding her toward the females that had abruptly gone underground.  She casually walked through the dusty room, looking about as lights in the ceiling flickered from another nearby room.  Movement from the far end of the room caught her attention as she spun one of the high backed chairs positioned in front of a toppled box with a glass front.  

“There you are again.”  She whispered with wonder as she watched a long tentacle rise over the half height wall beside her.  “What manner of thing are you?”

Another of the tentacles rose beside the first, and then another.  Nesha moved closer as they swayed lazily before her, shifting into her larger, more powerful form.  The netherhound reached forward and gently touched one of the fleshy appendages, watching as it slowly began to coil about her wrist.  

“No.  I don’t think so.”  Nesha laughed evilly as she grabbed the questing tentacle hard, digging her claws into in.  

Nesha gasped as the tentacle pointed at her face and sprayed a sweet smelling gas at her.  She released her hold as she coughed, the room beginning to spin.  She turned, shaking her head as one of the tentacles wrapped about her waist.  She dug her claws into the coils, trying to use her otherworldly strength to tear it loose.  Another of the snake-like tentacles blasted her in the face, then another.  Nesha felt the world slipping away as the potent gas finally overcame her resistance, slowly melting back into her normal form.  A brief feeling of fear shot through her as she felt other coils wrapping around her, dragging her from the room, then terror as an unknown darkness beyond her control took her.

Taxton stood at the edge of the pit, watching for any signs of movement from below.  The wolf fem knelt, touching the smooth inner wall of the shaft, then smiled as she felt cold metal.  She looked back to where Anya sat atop the warstallion, then looked about for a safe place for them to wait.  

“I’m going to need to hide the two of you for a bit.”  She said as she stood and walked back to the steed’s side.  “It seems the group I’m looking for has discovered the ruins beneath us.”

“Can you...........see anywhere...........he and I can......” Anya said as she panted against the urges from her sex.  

Taxton looked to one of the wrecked structures, finding one with a large articulated door.  The wolf fem lead the metasteed across the clearing, kneeling as she reached the entrance.  After a moment of searching, she located a handle and pulled, only to have the ancient metal crumble in her hand.

“Lowest bidder.....”  Taxton muttered to herself as she dropped the remains of the rusted handle to the ground.  

Taxton drew her arm back and, to Anya’s disbelief, punched a hole through the door, creating a handhold.  The sound of protesting metal shrieked across the ruins for a moment as Taxton forced the ancient door up along it’s tracks.  She then lead the warhorse inside the dimly lit structure, nodding in satisfaction.

“You should be safe here until I return.”  The wolf fem said as she helped Anya slide off the metasteed’s back.  “Just try to take it easy.  You’re getting too big to keep this up much longer.”

“Can’t...........help it.”  Anya said as she lowered herself onto the moss covered floor, holding her huge belly as the urges caused her to shudder.  She looked at herself for a moment, taking note of just how much she had grown during their fast paced journey.  Her belly now appeared full term with nearly a dozen healthy cubs.  Her breasts spurted as she lifted them off her distended belly, each taking both hands to lift effectively as she smoothed her dusty fur.

Taxton nodded as she stroked the metasteed’s flank, watching as the young cougaress positioned herself for the huge male.  The wolf fem then turned and jogged back to the open shaft, taking a small hop at the edge and into the darkness below.

Anya moaned as the huge cock sank into her again and again, each thrust causing the unborn within her to stir.  She could feel the tip of the massive male’s shaft entering her cervical valve as he penetrated her deeper, eventually working the head of his shaft through and into the fluid filled confines of her crowded uterus.  Her huge, round breasts sprayed milk as they bounced against the shelf of her hugely gravid belly.

“OH GODDESSSS  ”  Anya cried as orgasm shook her.  “UNGH       OH        OH GODS  ”

The sudden tightening of her vaginal muscles sent her metasteed lover over the edge, causing him to pour another huge load of seed into her as his legs trembled with exertion.  Anya felt a wash of relief as the male atop her drained the last of his orgasm into her, shuddering as she wrapped her tail around the base of his huge cock, squeezing out the last few ounces.

“Well.  That was quite a show.” said a male voice from the open door.  

Anya froze in terror as she recognized the huge wolfram leaning against the doorframe.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Out of curiousity, why is it that when I cut and paste to the forum, it leaves out some punctuation?  Anybody have a clue?

Does this detract from the way the story reads?  :?
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Rowyin on February 24, 2006, 01:30:29 pm
which punctuatons are missing from the story, pray tell?
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Dash on February 24, 2006, 02:15:34 pm
I don't notice anything. They're great stories, and I can't wait for each installment!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on February 25, 2006, 06:51:43 am
The exclamation points just don't seem to carry over from my word processing program for some strange reason.  Oh well, could be worse I guess.  All the letter "e"s could be missing instead....

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Dash on February 25, 2006, 08:03:35 am
Quote from: "Amenshawn"
The exclamation points just don't seem to carry over from my word processing program for some strange reason.  Oh well, could be worse I guess.  All the letter "e"s could be missing instead....


now THAT would detract from the story XD
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Quote from: "Dash"
Quote from: "Amenshawn"
The exclamation points just don't seem to carry over from my word processing program for some strange reason.  Oh well, could be worse I guess.  All the letter "e"s could be missing instead....


now THAT would detract from the story XD

Yeah, all the girls would be prgnant.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Taxton surveyed the scene at the bottom of the shaft.  The three males lay unconscious amid signs of an obvious fight.  She carefully edged her way past the ghostly figure standing ready for combat in the middle of the hallway, taking care not to make any sudden moves.  

“Hello Starless.”  The wolf fem said softly as she admired the blade for a moment, marveling at how no light reflected off it’s surface.  “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this.”

Taxton wheeled about as she heard faint moaning echoing in the tiled hallway.  She peered into the darkness, her eyes beginning to glow as she shifted them through alternate spectrums of light.  The sound came again, louder this time.  Taxton began to walk down the hallway, pausing as long tentacles snaked out of a set of double doors nearby.  She froze as they slowly moved toward her, somehow sensing her presence.  The wolf fem cocked her head as one of the appendages slowly rose before her, it’s tip spreading open in front of her face.  Gas erupted from the fleshy tentacle, washing over Taxton as she watched the other tentacles questing for her limbs.  

“Interesting.”  She muttered as she stepped back away from the increasing number of tentacles, suddenly getting blasted with another cloud of gas.

The undulating mass of tentacles continued to try to snare the wolf fem, missing as she continued to deftly evade their grasp.  Taxton sensed she was running out of room as the tentacles tried to force her into a corner.  The wolf fem opened her mouth wide, raking the mass of tentacles with a flare of green light.  Several of the tentacles fell limply to the ground, their ends steaming as the rest retreated back through the wide doors.  An alien shriek of pain filled the air as Taxton kicked the doors open, catching a glimpse of the remaining tentacles as the recoiled around another corner.  Lights flickered on throughout the hallway, some illuminating fully, others sending showers of sparks falling to the floor.  

“Lockdown of genetics area commencing ”  A loud but calm female voice announced from a series of hidden speakers in the ceiling.  “Stand clear of all blast doors   Possible infiltration of facility   Deploying combots   All lab area personnel to the shelters immediately ”

“Great.”  Taxton growled as she leapt across the room in pursuit of the wounded tentacles.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Masha startled awake as a shriek filled the huge room.  To her horror, she found herself still restrained by the tentacles.  Mara, Rayne, and Kamber were beside her, their limbs bound by snake-like appendages as they lay motionless in the flickering light.  Masha gasped as she looked about in search of Lita, finding her laying on a metal table with a massive shape moving over her.  The form moved, allowing the stunned young vigress to get a better look at it.   The creature took up most of the huge room, hanging mostly suspended from the ceiling.  A trio of large, cloudy red eyes looked toward a series of the same windows she remembered form the ruins where she’d found the strange chair that had impregnated her.  Images flashed across them as what appeared to be a pair of long, spindly arms reached about, pressing various flashing buttons.  Heavy doors across the room slowly slid closed as a female voice began repeating a series of warnings over and over.  Several tentacles then lifted another female onto a second metal table, wrapping about her limbs and pulling her legs apart, positioning her the same as Lita.  

“Lita ”  Masha screamed as a large section of carapace opened, revealing several thick tentacles protruding from a large fleshy sac.  “Lita   Wake up ”

Masha shrieked as she felt her legs pulled apart, unable to resist the strength of the many tentacles wrapped about her limbs.  Beside her, Rayne and Mara began to stir, their eyes fluttering open as they slowly came to their senses.  Mara screamed as she saw the huge creature slip a thick, wet looking tentacle into Lita’s cunny, causing her to immediately wake.  The creature slipped another of the thick members into the jet colored female, causing her to moan, but not wake.  

Lita shuddered as the sensations from her sex washed over her.  The tentacle filled her cunny to capacity, slowly working in and out of her.  The urges flared in her mind, the desire to mate driving all other thoughts away.  

Masha struggled as more of the shiny, phallic tentacles moved closer to her and the others.  She could feel her arm slowly working it’s way free of the tentacle holding it to a metal post as she pulled harder.  As she looked at the remains of her clothing she saw the one thing she hoped could save her and the others.  Something JorAhn had called a “Super Redhawk”.

Kamber woke as the phallic member penetrated her sex, slipping deep within her.  The tentacle’s secretions immediately brought the young vixen to orgasm, causing her to spasm against the dozens of other tentacles restraining her.  Her eyes rolled back as wave after wave of amplified pleasure shot through her body.  The brief thought that the creature was trying to impregnate them flitted through her mind, only to be chased away by another wave of pleasure.  

Mara fought back another wave of panic as she felt the fleshy appendage slowly rub against her sex.  The sensation was incredible, causing her to immediately buck in orgasm as the tentacle slowly penetrated her, the glistening fluid coating it’s surface throwing her reproductive system into overdrive.  The series of climaxes continued to wash over her as the tentacle thrusted deeper into her, triggering her ovaries each time and causing the nethercubs within her to grow.

Rayne felt the tentacle slip into her cunny, immediately shuddering in climax as the appendage’s secretions mingled with her own.  The young brothel girl grunted in exertion as the phallic tentacle began to piston in and out of her.  Her heaving breasts rocked atop the shelf of her huge belly, milk pouring from her hardened nipples with each beat of her quickened pulse.  The nethercubs within her wriggled as they absorbed the influx of sexual energy, causing her belly to swell larger as they grew.

Masha watched as the huge creature shuddered, the huge fleshy sac contracting visibly.  The young vigress shuddered in orgasm as she continued to try to free her arm.  As she opened her eyes, she saw that huge bulges were moving through the huge phallic tentacles penetrating them.  As she felt another massive orgasm building, Masha watched Lita’s belly swell as the bulge reached the young healer’s sex.  Lita howled as her belly doubled in size, swelling from the appearance of being seven months pregnant to being full term with twins.  

Nesha woke as the tentacle erupted within her, causing her belly to swell to the appearance of being eight months pregnant.  The netherhound bucked as yet another orgasm ripped through her, clouding her mind as the tentacle continued to work in her sex.  Her long tongue involuntarily snaked out of her mouth as she climaxed again, spurting her own fluid as the regular tentacles restrained her.  As their anesthetizing effect worn away, the netherhound slowly became aware of what was happening to her.

Masha tore her wrist from the tentacle’s grip as the huge bulge moved closer to her.  She held her belly for a moment as she shuddered in yet another of the seemingly endless orgasms, her ovaries growing painful due to the strain of constant activity.  She felt the nethercubs within her wriggling as they grew, nearly panicking as she thought of them possibly twinning again.  She looked past her swelling belly to the bulge moving through the tentacle, her hand going to the grip of the heavy pistol.

Mara gasped as another of the uncomfortable sensations washed over her, chased away by yet another orgasm.  The pressure within her massive belly increased as the nethercubs, all five of them, magickally twinned, her belly swelling visibly as they joined the rest of her crowded womb’s occupants.  Mara gritted her teeth as another of the sensations, more painful this time, seemed to shoot through her belly.

Rayne moaned in sheer ecstacy as the climaxes continued, her face a mask of pure pleasure.  The tentacle filling her sex moved faster as the bulge grew closer to her, increasing the overwhelming sensations from her cunny.  The cheegress gasped as she suddenly felt the nethercubs within her begin twinning, her belly swelling dramatically as all eight quickly became sixteen.  She looked at her swelling belly as another climax built within her, only to have it shocked away as thunder deafened her.

Masha squeezed the trigger again, this time hitting the huge bulge.  The tentacle split along it’s length as the slug tore through it, splashing the three girls bound to the railing as it exploded.  The huge creature shrieked as Masha fired again, this round going wide of it’s mark, striking the flickering lights that lined the wall behind it.  The young vigress pulled the trigger again, blasting a hole through a portion of the creature, then yelped as the tentacles seized her arm again, stripping the pistol from her grasp.

Nesha tore her arms free of the tentacles as sparks from the damaged console rained down on her.  The netherhound held her distended belly for a moment as more of the tentacles whipped toward her, wrapping about her as they attempted to immobilize her again.  Urges to mate continued to wash over her as she stood, tearing away from the tentacles again.  Suddenly, water began to spray from the ceiling as smoke from the smouldering consol continued to slowly fill the room.  The netherhound looked about, searching for a way to escape the questing tentacles as they pulled at her legs.  Beside her, Lita moaned as the phallic tentacles continued to piston into her.  Nesha transformed, ripping several of the tangling appendages off the pregnant snow leopardess.  As she lifted the semi conscious healer off the metal table, the netherhound looked for another exit, leaping toward a large set of double doors.


Talon lifted himself off the floor, slowly coming to his senses as the effects of the gas wore off.  Beside him, Keyren levered himself up, looking about in a daze as he blinked repeatedly.  Talon shook Cole’s shoulder, causing the coyote to stir as the young wolfcoon tried to get to his feet.  Keyren rose, using the wall for support as he looked to the ghostly figure standing before him holding his blade.  

“Thank you Starless.”  The young lion said softly as he held out his hand.  

The ghostly figure turned, inverting the blade in it’s grip, and offered Keyren the hilt, vanishing as he grasped it.  

“Where are the girls?”  Cole asked as he shook his head.

“I’m not sure.”  Talon replied as he looked about in the dim light.  “That thing pulled them away, down the hall.”

“Then we’ll find them.”   Keyren growled as he stepped forward, his grip tightening on the hilt of his blade.  
Suddenly, a large set of doors at the end of the hallway opened, revealing a hulking shape.  Lights flared to life atop the thing’s back, blinding Keyren, Cole, and Talon as they tried to determine what the thing was.

“UNIDENTIFIED PERSONNEL.  REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE ”  A flat, metallic sounding voice commanded.

“What the hells is that thing?”  Cole asked as he spun one of his blades slowly.  

“I’m not sure.”  Talon relied as he slowly drew back his bow.


“We need find the girls, not screw around with this thing.”  Keyren growled as he took a step toward the huge thing.

“WEAPONS SYSTEMS ONLINE ”  The hulking thing voiced as a pair of metallic arms swung into view.

“Oh shit.”  Cole gasped as a pair of red dots appeared on the others.

The young coyote kicked Kamber’s ornate staff up off the floor as he let his blades fall away, catching it as it reached chest height.  

“SHOLARR ”  The young coyote yelled as a burst of fire erupted from each of the metallic creature’s arms.  Keyren fell to the ground, sparks flashing off his armor as a hail of bullets ripped the hallway apart.  Talon rolled sideways as several large chunks of floor exploded around him.  Energy flared before them as the cantrip Cole used created a magickal barrier, deflecting the incoming rounds.
“Keyren ”  Talon shouted as the young lion dragged himself into a sitting position.  Blood ran freely from several wounds as he struggled to remove his armor with his uninjured arm.  Talon quickly snatched Lita’s healer’s bag from the floor, looking at the wounds the young lion had sustained with concern.  Most of the wounds went straight through and were bleeding badly.  Only Keyren’s heavy armor had saved him from several fatal strikes to the chest.

“We need to move ”  Cole called above the roar of gunfire as he turned to look at the others.  “I don’t know how long that spell will last ”

“So do it over and over ”  Talon yelled back as he began to place pressure bandages on Keyren’s wounds.  “I need to stop him from bleeding to death ”

“UNKNOWN ENERGY SIGNATURE DETECTED.  GOING TO ALTERNATE WEAPON SYSTEM.”  The huge metal thing announced as the roaring gunfire ended, it’s arms spinning about briefly.  Suddenly, flashes of blue energy crackled off Cole’s shield as the young coyote called the command for the spell again and again, the staff beginning to grow hot in his grasp.


Taxton cursed under her breath as the huge blast doors shut before her, sealing off the entrance to the room the tentacles had retreated into.  The wolf fem opened her mouth wide, lancing the metallic doors with a blast of energy.  She shook her head at the result.

“Damn heat dissipating alloy.”  She muttered as she looked about, finally finding what she was searching for.  “Two can play this game.”

Taxton vaulted over a low wall and took a seat before one of the still active consoles.  The wolf fem pulled one of the terminal’s cords out of it’s housing, then pulled open a small seam behind her ear, plugging the cord into the small interface.  Before her, the screen began to flash various images of the facility, finally stopping on an image of the main genetics lab.  Taxton watched as the huge creature looked up, then the screen went dark, displaying only an error message.

“Now to override the lockouts you’ve placed in the system...”  Taxton said quietly to herself as her eyes began to glow, flickering as information changed on the screen before her.


Kaden turned to the sabretooth as the mist swirled about the huge room, watching as the mage summoned another of the hulking reavers from the lower planes.  Several of the huge monsters were already present, holding the metasteed at the far end of the room with thick chains.

“How many more do you need?”  The wolfram asked as the huge brute emerged from the mist.  

“You don’t mind if I have a pair of them guard her, do you?”  Marko asked as he looked down at the pregnant cougaress huddled against the wall.  “I’m sure they won’t harm her, but they will probably bed her.”

“That’s fine.” Kaden said as he hefted his axe and turned toward the heavy door at the rear of the building.  “She’ll probably like that given the spells Rashelle uses.  Now let’s get into this place and find our prize.”

Anya struggled as the huge reaver lifted her off the floor, panic racing through her.  She gasped as the massive rhino headed demon bent her over, ripping the remains of the silk sheet away.  The young cougaress felt a mix of terror and desire as she felt it’s massive throbbing member slowly glide up her inner thigh, growing ever closer to her cunny.  As the heat of it’s cock met her sex, the urges hit with renewed intensity, causing the young slave girl to forget the horrific nature of the thing behind her.  She moved her legs apart for the towering demon’s cock, panting as the desire to be filled by it drove all rational thought from her mind.  Across the room, the warstallion whickered in concern as the demon entered her, it’s huge member working into her deeper with each thrust.  Anya looked at her belly as she shuddered in orgasm, gasping as she felt the creature growing closer to climax.

“Oh gods......UNGH     UNGH   ”  She grunted as she felt the demon’s hot seed blast into her, the sheer volume of it increasing the pressure within her.  “Too..........much...........”

The felt the demon remove it’s huge cock from her after it had finished, her sex still hungry for more.  She felt a mixture of anticipation and dread as the next reaver moved behind her, knowing that after this one, there were still seven more.


Nesha dropped the young healer roughly to the floor as another of the waves of urgency washed over her, causing her unnaturally long tongue to snake out of her mouth to full length.  The netherhound parted the young snow leopardess legs as she lowered her head between them, the scent of the young girl’s sex causing almost painful arousal.  Nesha held her swollen belly with one hand as she slipped her tongue inside the healer’s sex.  The snow leopardess arched her back as Nesha’s tongue slipped deeper inside her, hitting every sensitive area within her as it twitched in her sex.  Lita’s arms wrapped aropund her swollen belly as the netherhound flooded her with seed, the creature inside her absorbing the influx of fluid as it grew.  Nesha shuddered as she drained herself within the mortal, feeling some semblance of relief as the urges waned.  After what felt like an eternity, Nesha slowly withdrew her tongue from Lita’s sex, levering herself up into a sitting position and holding her swollen belly.

“Thing.........got me.........pregnant..”  She mused angrily as she realized she was bound to the mortal plane until she gave birth.

The weakened netherhound slowly crawled into the comforting shadows at the far end of the hallway, feeling the effects of the mortal pregnancy already upon her.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I love this story, please keep it up.

can someone look through and give an female char listing and how many cubs they currently have, and how big they appear to be cause there was a lot of growth in that last installment.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Heh, I have to go through it again.  Haven't read the last three to five posts he has made, so starting from the beginning would be best for me.

I might do something like that, though don't expect a resulting list in the next few days.  I read slowly :P
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Cole held the hot staff with both hands, again repeating the cantrip.  Another layer of shielding shimmered into view as the huge mechanical monster pressed them down yet another hallway.  The young coyote felt the staff grow hotter as he put up another layer of energy, just in time to block another of the mechanical beasts volleys.  

“Damn it ”  Talon spat as he saw the huge doors at the end of the hallway.  “We’re stuck ”

“Check for another way out ”  Cole shouted as he turned back to see the shield he’d just erected eroding under their pursuer’s relentless attacks.  “I can’t stop this thing forever ”

Talon lowered Keyren to the ground, searching for a way out as the huge metallic beast continued to slowly advance.  


Kamber bucked as the huge phallic tentacle within her suddenly bulged, erupting the contents of the huge bulge into her uterus.  The young vixen’s belly swelled as the huge volume of seed was pumped into her, causing her to appear roughly seven months pregnant.  

“OH GODDESS  ”  She wailed as another orgasm wracked her body.  
The young sorceress writhed as the tentacle continued to piston into her sex, driving her closer to another of the exhausting orgasms.  

Mara clenched her teeth as another of the almost painful sensations tightened her belly.  She watched with tear filled eyes as the huge bulge moved closer to her cunny, finally disappearing from view beneath her huge belly.

Masha trembled as the huge creature slowly moved across the ceiling toward her.  The remains of the phallic tentacle withdrew from her sex as the massive thing slowly reached for her, the claws on it’s boney fingers gleaming as the water continued to pour from the ceiling.  Masha sobbed as the nightmarish thing drew closer, looking about for something she could use as a weapon.

Rayne’s head snapped back as another wave of pleasure hit her.  The young brothel girl quivered as she felt the end of the tentacle within her suddenly grow larger, the massive quantity of seed contained in the huge bulge beginning to move into her.  The cheegress spasmed as the thick fluid erupted within her, causing her cervix to open under the intense pressure, swelling her belly even larger as the creature drained itself within her.  In the young brothel girl’s womb, the nethercubs were bathed in the beast’s seed, all sixteen of them writhing as their mother shuddered in orgasm yet again.


Taxton paused for a moment as she noted activity on the monitors, mentally pulling up a floor plan as she watched the flickering screens.   She shook her head as she began overriding security codes one by one.

“Why is nothing ever simple...”  The wolf fem asked herself as she began opening the blast doors throughout the facility.  

Across the room, the huge doors retracted into their housings as Taxton stood and removed the interface from behind her ear.  She leapt to the opening, landing just as the huge, alien creature seized Masha by the sides of her massive belly.   Taxton opened her mouth wide, a flash of green energy severing one of the creature’s spindly arms, eliciting an inhuman scream.   Taxton fired again as tentacles rushed toward her, snaking about her legs as the creature shrieked again, one of it’s globular eyes vaporized by her blast.  Taxton targeted the beast again, desperately trying to locate some vital portion of it’s bizarre anatomy.  The wolf fem felt tentacles wrap about her waist lifting her off the floor as more of the snake like limbs coiled about her limbs.  She blasted again, this time wide of her mark as the tentacles attempted to strangle her.


“C’mon damn it   OPEN ”  Talon yelled as he dug the blade of his kukri into the narrow seam of the heavy doors.  

Behind him, Cole trembled as the staff seared his hands, refusing to release his grip on their only means of protection.  The huge metal beast wore away another of his shields, taking another step forward as he cast the cantrip again.  Talon pried with his blade, straining against the unyielding doors.  

“I can’t move it.”  The wolfcoon growled as he looked about at the wreckage on the floor of the hallway, trying to find something he could use as a larger prybar.

Suddenly, the door slid open, providing an escape from the relentless metal beast.  Talon quickly picked up Keyren, half dragging the semi conscious lion through the doorway.

“Move it Cole ”  Talon shouted as the coyote sagged against a wall.  

Cole turned and ran through the open door, pausing at Talon’s side as they both took in the scene before them.  

The huge alien creature had mostly released the girls it had bound to the metal railing, focusing it’s attention on Taxton.  Masha struggled toward the revolver laying on the floor as stray tentacles attempted to snare her.  Rayne, Mara, and Kamber struggled to free themselves, the huge bulge in the tentacle before Mara nearing her sex.  The creature smashed a female wolf against one of the walls as an energy blast erupted, punching a hole in the floor.  Masha sobbed as her hand finally met the grip of the heavy pistol, raising it toward the massive creature.  

Talon lowered Keyren to the floor as Cole leapt over a low table toward Kamber.  Behind the confused wolfcoon, the metal creature stepped into the room, panning about as it surveyed the room.  

“MULTIPLE TARGETS ACQUIRED   SCANNING ”   The metal voice announced as the alien nightmare spun, seizing Masha by the arm as she pulled the trigger again.  “”GENETIC TAG DETECTED   MULTIPLE FETAL METATROOPERS DETECTED.  ACCESSING NEW DIRECTIVES ”

Thunder erupted as the metal beast opened fire on the huge creature, it’s guns blasting chunks away, showering the lab with gore.  The huge creature shrieked as casings rained out of the combot’s ejector ports, shuddering as it dropped Masha to the floor.  The young vigress struggled away from the creature as it was ripped to pieces, eventually dropping heavily to the floor only a foot away from her.
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Kaden walked through the flickering lights with his axe at the ready.  Experience had taught him that places like this one were   best avoided.  He heard the others following him, Croft’s pet still pulling the hyena toward their quarry.  They descended another of the metal stairways, each of them startling as thunder rolled from somewhere within the complex.

“What in the lower planes was that?”  Marko asked quietly as he tightened his grip on his halberd.

“Probably something we should avoid if possible.”  Kaden laughed as he felt a strange wave of sensation roll over him, suddenly finding himself aroused.

Lita slowly approached the strange males, her healing gifts broadcasting her urges at full strength.  She held her swollen belly, now at the appearance of full term with quadruplets, feeling the creature within her continuing to slowly grow.  The young healer removed the remains of her ragged robes, revealing her nude form to the obviously interested males as she watched the axe fall from the wolfram’s hand.  She lowered herself to her knees, beginning to crawl toward them as the sensations from her womb became more intense.  She felt strong hands on her waist and a cock against her sex as the wolfram began to piston into her.  The young snow leopardess found another waiting cock with her eager mouth, taking the full length of the pulsing shaft in as she lightly played her tongue up and down it’s length.  Her gifts flared again, sending another wave of need through the males, finding herself quickly rewarded by a blast of heat as Kaden bucked in orgasm.  As the wolfram finished, she found herself quickly filled again by the hyena, her healing gifts washing any coherent thoughts from their minds, replacing them with the urge to mate her.

As the waves of desire washed over the young jynx fem, the strength of the restraints on her mind slowly fell away, the distant look in her eyes slowly replaced by one not only of arousal, but of awareness.


Nesha wriggled inside the small crawlspace, cursing under her breath as she found her belly barely fit through the small opening.  The netherhound slowly made her way through the confines of the narrow tunnel, using the bundles of cable and pipes to pull herself along.  
“Need.........to get out.........of here.”  She gasped as she began to pull herself up a vertical section of the passage, desperate to escape and find a place to rest.  “Then.......find out.........what I’m pregnant with.”


Anya grunted in exertion as she demon spewed seed within her, feeling her belly grow tighter as the huge cock inside her continued to slam deep into her.  She felt so full, her belly hard to the touch as she managed to briefly hold the sides of her hugely gravid midsection.   The young cougaress felt tears streaming from her eyes as another of the huge monsters approached, it’s massive cock already dripping a small amount of seed.  

“I.......can’t.........”  She gasped as she futilely tried to prevent him from entering her.  “I......can’t.......hold.....it ”

The demon picked her up, slipping it’s massive shaft into her slickened cunny, then lay down with her impaled on it’s huge shaft.  She sobbed as the spells again made her aroused, moving atop the huge demon as best she could.  Her belly felt so incredibly heavy as she tried to ride the massive cock, now so large it looked as though she were pregnant with sixteen full term cubs.  She held her hardened breasts as she continued to rock atop the demon, hoping Taxton would return soon.


“Masha ” Talon shouted as he saw the huge creature begin to rise again.  

“It’s.........too hard..........to move ”  Masha yelled back as she struggled to pull her immensely gravid body away from the creature.  “I can’t....get up ”

The huge creature shuddered as the barrage stopped, suddenly lifting itself off the floor.  Tentacles seized Masha as another set of the phallic limbs emerged from the carapace, snaking toward her sex as her legs were pulled apart.   Huge bulges formed at the base of each of the huge penis like tentacles as the huge fleshy sac contracted to half it’s size, forcing the fluid through at startling speed.  Talon drew and fired at the tentacle impaling Mara’s sex, his arrow striking just as the huge volume of seed began to spew into her uterus.  The strained tentacle exploded, splashing Rayne and Mara with the thick fluid.  The huge creature shrieked again as the wolfcoon drew again, sighting the bulge traveling quickly toward Masha.  Tentacles seized Talon around the ankles, pulling his legs out from under him.  

The mass of tentacles restraining Taxton stretched, then began to tear apart as the wolf fem slowly exerted more force than they could contain.  The huge creature turned, seeming to leer at the wolf fem as she watched the damage caused by the combot’s guns close, healing at a phenomenal rate.  Taxton opened her mouth again, sending another energy blast through the fleshy mass of the creature’s body.  

“How the hell do I kill something that regenerates this fast?”  Taxton thought to herself as she looked about the room.  The wolf fem watched as the combot cycled coolant through it’s guns, preparing for another sustained blast.  

Mara slowly began to drag herself away from the creature, grimacing as another wave of tightness traveled through her huge belly.  Tentacles again wrapped around her legs as the creature attempted to restrain her.  She screamed as she saw another of the huge phallic tentacles snake quickly toward her sex, the massive bulge rapidly approaching it’s tip.

Keyren dragged himself to Talon’s side, slowly pulling Starless from it’s scabbard as he levered himself up against the wall.  The young lion shook his head as he felt another wave of dizziness hit him.

“Too........weak to .......fight.”  He muttered to himself as Talon drew his kukri and hacked at the fleshy limbs.  “Starless........ATTACK ”

The ghostly form again formed, taking the jet colored blade from the young lion as if he’d handed it to another warrior.  Tentacles passed through the insubstantial wraith as it advanced toward the creature, slicing cleanly through the mass of limbs holding Talon.  Keyren smiled weakly as he slid back to the floor, slipping into unconsciousness as blood seeped from his bandages.

Cole kicked the tentacle free of Kamber’s sex, causing the young vixen sorceress to shudder again.  He bent beside her, grasping her by the shoulders, gently shaking her awake.  

“C’mon Kamber.  Please wake up ”  He growled with urgency as he looked at her swollen belly.  “We need you ”

Kamber moaned as she slowly regained her senses, her cunny still sending waves of pleasure through her as the creature’s secretions continued to affect her.  Her hands went to her swollen belly, it’s size startling her awake.

“Oh Gods ”  The young vixen cried as she realized what was happening.  “Cole ”

“Here ”  The young coyote shouted as he dropped her staff by her side, suddenly falling away from her as tentacles wrapped about him, snaking around his neck.

Kamber grabbed the staff, holding it toward to huge creature as she levered herself onto her knees, using the terror she felt as extra energy.  She chanted as the tentacles attempted to pull her legs apart again, the phallic limb nearing her sex.

Rayne dragged herself onto her hands and knees as the ghostly figure hacked at the tentacles groping for her.  She gasped as her belly dragged on the gore spattered floor, feeling the nethercubs still writhing within her as they continued to grow, absorbing the last of the energy the sustained orgasms had provided.  She turned as a tentacle grasped her ankle, her hand going to the ancient pistol Jor Ahn had given her.   

Masha struggled as the huge member entered her cunny, it’s secretions instantly causing her to climax again.  Her ovaries ached as she felt the massive bulge press against her sex, it’s contents stretching her wider as fluid began to erupt within her.  She held her belly as the bulge drained within her, swelling her to the appearance of being due with eighteen healthy cubs.

Mara clenched her teeth again, suddenly realizing what was happening as the tentacle pistoning into her sex began to spurt massive amounts of fluid within her, swelling her to the appearance of being pregnant with twenty cubs.

“Oh GODS ”  The young vigress cried as she held the sides of her huge belly, looking at Talon as he continued to hack at the writhing tentacles.  “I’m having..........contractions ”

“FREEHARNEESH ”  Kamber screamed as she completed the spell, sending a wave of energy down the tentacles holding her.  The creature shrieked as the tentacles turned to dust, the effect slowly making it’s way toward the creature’s main body.  The young vixen made her way to Mara as more of the creature fell away, changing to the consistency of ash, quickly washed away as the water from the ceiling continued to rain down upon them.
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Lita lay on her side, her arms holding her belly as she felt her womb slowly swelling larger.  The massive bison stood over her, his huge shaft gleaming wetly in the flickering light.  Across the room, the others donned their scattered bits of armor, each of them regaining their senses as the effect of the young snow leopardess’ healing gift faded.  

“That was unexpected.”  Marko said quietly as he hefted his halberd.  “I wonder if there are more like her running loose down here.”

“Enjoyable as it was, we can’t afford more distractions.”  Kaden replied as he looked the young healer over.  “Croft, where did you put your pet?”

The hyena looked about, growing more agitated by the moment.  Suddenly, he snarled, pulling a wicked looking set of cleavers from his belt.

“She’s gone ”  Croft roared as he spun about looking for her.

“Calm yourself.  She can’t have made it far.”  Marko ordered as he grabbed the enraged hyena by the shoulder.  “We’ll find her before we leave.  Besides, we know the others are on this level.”


Taxton turned from the combot, her eyes still flashing as she communicated with the metal beast.  The others had gathered by the rooms main exit, the contents of Lita’s medkit scattered about on the floor as Talon wrapped Cole’s badly burned hands.  Beside them, Kamber chanted a simple healing spell over Keyren, knowing that it was insufficient to heal his wounds, but it would keep him alive for a bit longer.  Taxton watched as Mara breathed through another contraction, her arms wrapped about her massive belly.

“We need to find Lita.”  Talon said as he looked to the wolf fem.  “She’s our healer.  Without her, Mara could very well...”

“I know.”  Taxton said as she walked over to the bank of monitors, shaking her head at the level of distruction the combot had inflicted.  “I have another girl for her to see to topside.  I’ll go look for her.  The rest of you try to get to the large set of doors down the hall with this symbol on them.”  The wolf fem said as she raised her hand, an image of the doors springing to life in the air above her palm.  “I’ll meet you there as soon as I find her.”

“There was another female here.  The creature impregnated her as well.”  Masha said weakly as exhaustion quickly stole the last of her strength.  “Be careful, I think it was a netherhound.”

“Nether planes creatures.....”  Taxton said as she looked again to the combot.  “Unit two four two, defend these civilians.”

“UNDERSTOOD.”  The metallic beast replied as Taxton jogged out of the wrecked lab.


Marko looked at the strange creature suspended in the large glass container before him, shaking his head as he moved closer.  

“What are these things?”  He wondered aloud as Kaden pulled the door out of the room open.  

“Relics of another time, best left alone.”  The wolfram said as he surveyed the wrecked room before him.

Water still trickled from the ceiling in places as the lights continued to flicker.  A huge pile of strange bones lay in a heap in the room’s center, along with a large number of chitinous plates.  Smoke hung thickly in the air as the wolfram stepped carefully into the room, followed by the others.
“They can’t be far away now.”  Kaden growled as he thought of his quarry.  He paused at the top of a short set of stairs, looking at the empty bandage wrappers.  “And some of them are injured.  Pity.”

The huge wolfram stepped into the hallway, his gaze landing on Talon as the wolfcoon helped Rayne sit down.  Talon suddenly spun, facing Kaden as the huge wolfram made ready to throw his axe.  

“Kamber   Shield ”  Talon shouted as he quickly snatched up his bow.

Before the exhausted young vixen could react, the huge combot stepped into the hallway, Kaden’s axe biting deep into it’s armor.  

“What in the seven hells? ”  Kaden wondered aloud as the combot’s arms swung into view.  “Back    NOW ”

Thunder roared in the hallway as the combot advanced on Kaden and the others, casings pouring from it’s arms as it blasted the doorway to splinters.  Kaden and Marko dodged the hail of slugs , both of them diving behind the heavy blast door housings.  Marko’s bison companion turned to dodge as well, only to be riddled with holes as the combot’s targeting system found it’s mark.  Sparks and red mist erupted from the hulking male as the combot’s miniguns tore through his armor, punching holes through the vulnerable flesh beneath.  The bison fell lifeless to the floor as Kaden, Croft and Marko hurried back through the ruined lab.

“Can you stop that thing?”  Kaden roared to Marko as the combot stepped through the door of the room behind them, sending a hail of bullets into the lab.  Glass suspension tanks shattered around them, spilling their contents onto the floor as Marko spun his halberd, a wall of energy forming before them.  

“For now ”  Marko shouted as the combot switched weapons systems, sending pulses of energy into the shimmering barrier.


Lita startled awake as someone tugged on her arm.  

“Wake up ”  Came an unfamiliar voice.  “They’ll be back soon ”

The young snow leopardess struggled to open her eyes, exhaustion making every fibre of her being feel like lead.  She slowly managed to lift her head, looking up at a female she didn’t recognize.

“We need to go ”  The female, a jackal lynx crossbreed, insisted as thunder again rolled through the underground complex.  “Can you move?”

“So...........tired...........”  Lita managed to whisper as the female lifted her shoulders off the floor.  “So.......heavy......”

“Whatever you did saved me.”  The jynx said as she began dragging the semi conscious healer down the hallway.  “Shattered the coercions on my mind.  So you’re coming with me one way or another ”


Mara clenched her teeth through another contraction, trying to count how far apart they were.  She looked up at Talon as she fought back the panic.

“They’re getting............closer together.”  She panted as she tried to lever herself into a sitting position.  “Where’s Lita?”

“I don’t know.”  Talon replied as he stood and looked over to Cole, watching as the young coyote wrapped gauze around his blistered hands.  “But I’m going to look for her.  Can you keep things under control here?”

“Not much choice.”  The coyote half smiled as he thought about their situation.  He looked down at Kamber, then over to the other girls and Keyren.  “Go find her.  If you don’t, what I do here won’t matter much.”

Talon noted the grave look in Cole’s eyes.  The wolfcoon picked up his bow again and ran down the hall, hoping to find Lita before his fears came to pass.


Marko looked back to the shield as the constant barrage ceased abruptly.  The magickal barrier still held the doorway, but there was no sign of the metal beast that had herded them into the strangle room.  Suddenly, Croft screamed as a shape reared up from the floor, sending his cleavers clattering away as he fell to the ground.  Kaden and Marko turned to see a strange, chitinous form tearing into Croft’s back, sending splatters of blood onto the nearby tables.  The hyena shrieked as the thing dug long tendrils under his flesh.  

“To the hellfires with this.  I’m gone ”  Marko shouted.

Kaden turned to face the sabretooth, fixing him with a murderous stare, only to witness the wall behind the mage explode.  Marko fell to the ground as chunks of concrete flew across the room.  Kaden dove for the exit, roaring in pain as bullets tore into his back.  The sabretooth grasped his staff, rolling onto his back as he shouted the last of the short incantation.  Red mist filled the room as the reavers he’d summoned earlier stepped appeared.

Kaden dragged himself around a corner, lances of pain causing his vision to blur.  He checked his back, snarling as he saw the amount of blood.  The wolfram slowly managed to stand, listening to the sounds coming from the room he’d just escaped.  He turned in time to see Marko emerge from the room, the mage’s expression one of concern.  

“That thing can harm reavers.”  The mage said with a touch of awe in his voice.  “We need to get.......”

Marko fell silent as he saw the shape loom up behind Kaden, taking a step back as the form knocked the wolfram to the ground.  Another of the strange, chitinous creatures dug into Kaden’s back, long tendril’s snaking through the wolfram’s flesh.

Marko turned and ran for the stairs as Kaden screamed in agony.


Anya tried to move, the weight of her gravid belly making standing almost impossible.  The warstallion nuzzled her neck, sending waves of concern through her as it tried to help her to her feet.  She finally managed to get her trembling legs under her, holding onto the metasteed’s neck as he walked her back out into the sunlight.

“Oh gods.....”  Anya gasped as she held the side of her belly, feeling her pulse in the drumhead taut flesh.  “I can’t.........”

The huge male led her to a small clearing, finding a patch of soft grass for her to lay down on.  Anya fell to her knees, exhaustion weighing as heavily upon her as her massive belly.  The young cougaress carefully lowered herself onto her side, her arms trembling as she quickly reached her limits.  The huge metasteed gently nuzzled her taut belly, extending his senses into her crowded womb.  The huge male’s head snapped up in surprise as he mentally felt a small contraction ripple through Anya’s uterus.  He whickered in concern to her, only to discover she had passed out, exhaustion and hunger finally overcoming her.


Talon fired another arrow at the strange, chitin plated creature, scoring another hit as the thing shuddered and fell to the floor.  He checked his quiver, cursing as he discovered he was down to five arrows.  

“Hopefully there aren’t any more of you down here.”  The young archer whispered as he shouldered open another heavy door.

At the far end of the hallway, he saw a female figure dragging a very pregnant Lita around a corner.

“Hey ”  He shouted as he bolted toward them, drawing another arrow as he readied himself for yet another fight.

The jynx looked up at the approaching figure, catching a glimpse of movement behind the sprinting wolfcoon.  

“Fffeeeeemaalle..”  The strange figure rasped as it stepped into the light.

The jynx screamed as she saw Croft, or what she thought was Croft, begin striding down the hall toward them.  Long whiplike tendrils slowly extended from the hyena’s now armor plated hands as he sniffed the air, cocking his head to the side as he stared at the jynx and Lita’s unconscious form.  

“FEEEMALE ”  The altered hyena screeched as he bolted forward.

Talon spun and loosed an arrow, it’s impact staggering the oncoming creature, but not stopping it.  Talon reached for another arrow, his eyes going wide at the creature’s sudden burst of speed as it raced forward.  The wolfcoon dropped his bow as the altered hyena leapt at him, his hand going for the hilt of his heavy bladed kukri.  Claws sank into his shoulders as he attempted to roll with the creature’s impact, tearing through his leather armor as if it were paper.  

“UNGH ”  Talon grunted as the creature landed heavily atop him, stars accompanying the lances of pain from his ribs.  

The armored creature stood, easily lifting the wolfcoon from the floor, then spun, sending Talon crashing through a set of heavy doors, his impact tearing one free of it’s hinges.

“FEEMAALE ”  The creature bellowed again as it leapt forward, it’s whiplike tentacles seizing the jynx by the shoulders.

“NO ”  She cried as the creature retracted the tendrils, dragging her into it’s grasp.

The slavering creature forced the young jynx to the ground, parting her legs as it’s huge member rose into view, thick fluid already dripping from it’s tip.  

“Oh gods....”  The jynx gasped as she felt the creature’s cock begin to slide into her sex.

A sudden flash of green light washed over the creature, blinding the young girl.  The jynx gasped as she felt the creature’s weight collapse atop her, forcing the air from her lungs.  She struggled as she felt fluid begin to spurt within her, the creature convulsing as death slowly claimed it.  The creature suddenly rose limply off her, allowing her to breathe once again.  To her surprise, a female wolf lifted the creature completely off her as if the heavy, armored thing weighed almost nothing.  

“Who are you?”  The wolf fem asked in a commanding tone. “What are you doing here?”

“Shae.......my name is Shae..”  The jynx stammered as the wolf fem easily tossed the heavy creature aside.  “He used to be my master.......before........what is that thing...”  

“It’s a type seven bioweapon.  It breeds with females, creating various types of bio-weapons as offspring.”  The wolf fem said as she rolled the thing onto it’s back, revealing the steaming hole in it’s chest.  “My name is Taxton.  We need to get out of here before any more leftover experiments wake up.”
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The wolf fem looked down at the young snow leopardess with concern, kneeling and lifting her carefully off the floor.  

Talon lifted himself off the floor, every breath sending stabbing pains through his side.  The wolfcoon managed to get to his feet, lurching out into the hallway, looking for any sign of Lita.  He slowly faded to his knees as he saw a pair of blurry figures approaching, his hand going to his empty kukri sheath.  

“Help him.”  Taxton ordered as she turned and kicked another heavy door off it’s hinges, sending it sliding through a room full of metal desks.  

Shae pulled Talon to his feet, draping one of his arms over her shoulders.  The young jynx followed, Talon leaning heavily upon her as his vision faded more and more, finally going completely black as they rounded a corner.

Cole stood, his blades wrapped into his wounded hands with guaze strips and what looked to Taxton like power cords from some of the wrecked computer systems.  The young coyote relaxed as he saw it wasn’t another wave of tentacles, leaning heavily upon the wall as they approached.
Taxton turned to a series of buttons beside the large doors, pressing several of them, then took a step back as the doors slid open.  



Nesha wriggled free of the access tunnel, her swollen belly barely fitting through the narrow hatch.  The netherhound stood, taking a moment to rest as she looked about, shaking her head as she found herself in yet another of the seemingly endless labs.  

“How large is this accursed place...”  She snarled as she unconsciously rubbed her rounded belly, slowly moving her hands up to her fully engorged breasts, gasping as she found they’d grown larger.   The netherhound shuddered as she brushed one of her erect nipples, nearly climaxing at the overwhelming sensation.  “What’s happening to me.....”

“It’s what’s about to happen that should concern you.”  A familiar voice growled from behind her, sending a wave of panic through the normally confident netherhound.

Nesha spun, her mouth falling open as she looked up at what she thought she recognized as Kaden, only the wolfram was now very different.  The huge male had grown even larger, increasing over a head in height and was ow far more powerfully muscled.  Armor plates covered his shoulders and back, as well as his forearms.  Kaden reached for Nesha, a long, prehensile tendril suddenly snaking out of his outreached hand, coiling about her neck before she could react.  Nesha’s eyes flared, glowing as she tried to shift into her more powerful form, only to find herself unable to change.

“What’s wrong Nesha?”  Kaden asked as he dragged the struggling netherhound closer.  “Finding it a little difficult to shapeshift?  You shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be impregnated.  I hear that limits netherbeasts to some degree.”
The altered wolfram smiled, revealing his enlarged fangs as he lifted Nesha off her feet, slamming her onto her back atop a cold, slick metal table.  The netherhound gasped as Kaden’s massive cock slowly lifted into view, thick fluid gleaming in the flickering light as it began to drip from it’s tip.  

“I plan to make certain you stay this way for some time.”  The huge wolfram growled as he parted Nesha’s struggling legs, pinning them apart as he bent and began to snake him tongue into the netherhound’s sex.

Nesha grabbed the wolfram’s curved horns, only to find her arms shaking as his tongue sent shockwaves through her oversensitive body.  Orgasm ripped through Nesha’s body, robbing her of more of her strength as Kaden continued to hold her in place.  Within minutes, the netherhound’s struggles became moans as climax after climax washed over her, stripping her of her will to resist.  She arched her back as she felt Kaden’s huge shaft fill her sex, pulsing inside her as it worked deeper with every thrust.  Nesha’s hands went to her belly as she felt Kaden shudder, the sudden eruption of fluid within her swelling her even larger.  

“Aaaahhhhh ”  The netherhound moaned as the hulking male drained himself inside her.  

Kaden smiled in satisfaction as he looked down at Nesha’s rounded belly, now swollen to the appearance of being full term with large twins.  

“This is even more satisfying than killing you.”  He whispered as he slowly began thrusting into her again.  “You’ll be my pregnant little tracker, and lead me straight to the viger Rashelle wants.”

Nesha could only moan in response as Kaden continued to work into her, slowly building toward another climax.


Rashelle felt relief wash over her as the Erin slipped the healing rod into her abused sex, slowly rubbing a hand over her still rounded belly.  The sorceress trembled as she tried to raise her head off the sweat soaked cushions, exhaustion flowing over her like a lead blanket.  

“How many?”  The dark vixen whispered as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“You are the mother of sixteen, with more to come in the near future.”  The white mink said as she placed a hand on Rashelle’s belly.  “Within the next few days I think.  It seems they’re going to continue to come in waves.  You may well be pregnant for the rest of your unnatural life.”

“How long do I have to complete the ritual?”  Rashelle asked sharply, trying to regain focus as she let that bit of knowledge sink in.  

“You can’t be serious.”  Erin laughed.  “You’re in no condition to go through with that now.  Not unless you know of a way to alter yourself to accommodate that much additional mass.”

“I altered Terah, did I not?”  Rashelle smiled as she thought of her captive hanging in the room down the hall.  “And if I have to alter my own womb in the same way, then I shall.”

“What is so important about this ritual?”  Erin asked as she leaned forward , taking a pull of milk from Rashelle’s leaking nipple.  “What is it you hope to accomplish?”

“The ancients once controlled the world through the use of their creations.”  Rashelle mused as she thought of her plan, her gaze drifting to the cadre of wetnurses tending to her newborn nethertaurs.  “I plan to do the same.”
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The heavy security doors slid open, revealing the ruins that had once been the front of the massive building.  Taxton and Shae moved quickly, pulling the others out of the elevator as the metasteed galloped into view, lowering his head as he picked his way inside the time devastated structure.  As he approached the wolf fem, he looked back toward the clearing, then touched Taxton on the shoulder, sending his concern for the cougar fem and showing her what had happened in her absence.  

“This isn’t good.”  Taxton said as she ran out into the overgrown field, the huge male at her side.  “I warned her.....”

Anya lay on her side, her face revealing another contraction as it tightened her huge belly.  Taxton slid onto her knees, stopping just short of the young girl, then lifted her, turning and racing back to the others.  

“Shae   Do you know how to deliver cubs?”  Taxton asked as she lay Anya beside Mara, the young vigress panting through another, stronger contraction.  

“I’m no midwife   We need a healer ”  The jynx responded helplessly as she looked about at the pregnant females laying seemingly everywhere.

“Lita’s our healer, but she’s unconscious.”  Cole said as he unwrapped his bloody hands, motioning to the young snow leopardess.  “If she were awake, she could help.”  

“I can try something, but it may not work...” Shae said as she knelt beside Lita, placing her hands gently on the young healer.

The jynx closed her eyes, exhaling slowly as she extended her gifts, letting her own energy flow into Lita’s body.  Lita’s eyes fluttered open as Shae slowly slumped to the ground, sudden exhaustion causing her to black out.  Lita struggled to sit, her eyes going wide with panic as she took in how much her belly had grown.

“What happened to me ?”  She sobbed as she managed to attain a sitting position.  “How did I get this big? ”

Cole knelt at her side raising her eyes to his, then held up one of his nearly cooked hands.

“Lita   We need a healer  Mara and this other girl are in labor ”  He said forcefully, snapping her out of her panic attack.  “Talon and Keyren are badly injured   We    Need   A    Healer ”

Lita blinked as she looked about, taking in just how bad the situation was.   Her breathing slowed as her mind subdued the rising fear within her.  

“Help me up ”  She ordered, startling as Taxton lifted her from behind, steadying her as she tried to find her elusive balance, finally shaking her head.  “Just get me to them ”  

Taxton walked the gravid healer to Mara and Anya, helping her to kneel between them.  Lita extended her healing gift, slowly stopping the contractions both girls were having.  She gasped as she felt how many cubs, and foals, were within Anya, then shook here head in dismay at how many cubs were within Mara.  Taxton then helped her to Keyren’s side, watching as the young healer stopped the bleeding from his many wounds.   The young snow leopardess then mended Talon’s broken ribs, her head beginning to swim at the expenditure of energy.  Finally, Cole again showed her his hands, then paused as he saw the fatigue fresh in her eyes.

“If you’re not feeling well....” he began, looking at her with concern.

“If you want to use these hands again, you’ll let me help you now, before scarring begins.”  The young healer said as she held his hands, mentally repairing as much of the damage as she could manage.

Cole caught her as she sank to the ground, the energy Shae had given her faded to nothing.  


“Alright Nesha, find them.”  Kaden growled as he slowly slipped his huge cock out of the panting netherhound’s sex, allowing her to stand.  He smiled in satisfaction as he looked at her huge belly, glistening with milk from her leaking breasts.  “If you can walk, that is.”

Nesha held her due with triplets sized belly, sagging against one of the metal desks as she tried to catch her breath.  Slowly she managed to extend her othersenses, finally looking up toward the surface as she located the females.

“They’re not far..........away from us............”  She said weakly, slowly looking back at Kaden.  “On........the surface.........”

“Good girl.  Keep behaving yourself and I’ll let you live.”  The altered wolfram growled as he pulled her to her feet.  “Now, let’s go catch our elusive little prize.”


Marko watched the group from the top of a tall pile of debris, taking note that only the female wolf and the warhorse seemed to be in any shape to fight.  He chuckled as he thought of the odds, which definitely looked to be in his favor.  The sabretooth smiled as he wondered what the females would be worth, in their present condition of course, to a slave brothel he’d done business with in the past.

“Probably worth more because they’re so damn pregnant.”  He mused as he began to plan, determined to make as much coin off this misadventure as he could.   “Only one way to fi.......”

His thought was cut short as something landed heavily upon his back, tearing the straps of his armor apart.  He shuddered as he felt something sharp pierce his back, then screamed as dozens of tendrils began boring into his flesh.


“What was that?”  Rayne yelped as she startled awake, a distant scream fading to nothing as she looked about.  

“I’m not sure.”  Talon said as he knelt near her, gently touching her overly pregnant belly.  “How do you feel?”

“There’s so much pressure.  How am I going to get any bigger? ”  The young brothel girl asked as tears welled in her eyes.  “I know I’m not even close to being due.  I already feel like I’m going to burst.  How am I going to live through this?”

“We’ll get you to the temple.  They can help you there.”  Talon said as reassuringly as he could manage.

He stood, trying not to let his concern show as he walked to where the wolf fem was rigging an improvised harness for the huge warstallion.  Behind them was a large metal wagon with rugged looking black rubber wheels.
“If only some of the vehicles still functioned.....” Taxton muttered as he approached.  “How are your ribs?”

“Better.”  Talon said as he tried to hide his discomfort.  His ribs may have been healed, but he was still bruised deeply, limiting his mobility and causing him to wince in pain when he breathed fully.  “Thank you for your help.  If you hadn’t come along, we’d all be dead now.”

“I was called.  Jor Ahn’s signal indicated someone he cared for was in danger.”  She said as she placed a steel bar across her leg, slowly bending it into a “U” shape.

“How strong are you ?”  Talon said as he watched the wolf fem bend the metal again, fitting it to both the wagon and the makeshift harness.  

“Strong enough.”  Taxton said quietly as she stood, looking the girls over.  “The trek through the blackmarsh is dangerous.  Are you certain you want to risk it?”

“It’s the only way to get them to the temple.”  Talon said as he thought about what lay before them.  “It’s the only place we can think of that can possibly help them.”

“Then I suggest we make a stop in the city of Thelarr.”  The wolf fem said as she tested the strength of the improvised harness, finally nodding her satisfaction to the metasteed.  “There is a small shrine of Althea there.  Perhaps one of the priestesses can assist us or tell us of a faster way.”
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...Yeah, a priestess of Althea will help them...  and probably get preggers herself. ;)
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And who's to say she isn't already?  8-)

Things are just starting to get rolling....

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Alright, then, *more* Preggers. ;)1
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Heh... sometimes i wish i could be in this story XD
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Yeah, that'd be kinda fun... unless we're one of the extras who gets killed, of course. ;)
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What can I say, every story gets redshirts...

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Yeah, that'd be kinda fun... unless we're one of the extras who gets killed, of course. :wink:

meh, i'd be happy with a walkby XD
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I have to admit, I have considered doing a RP based on this world, once the story is complete and has fleshed out the setting.   But then, I feel as though I hardly have any extra time as is, so taking on an RP online seems a bit daunting.

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Well, we'd see how things are once the story was done, right?

Oh, and consider me a playtester. ;)
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well, if you do get extra time... you can count me in for the rp  :-D
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Given the epic proportions the story seems to be taking on, it'll probably be a while before it's wrapped.  This should allow me to determine if my RL schedule, such as it is, will allow for me to do something like a RP.  Glad you guys seem interested though!

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Well, its no rush, whenever its convinient for you.  But yeah, definitelly interested.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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A while to wrap up, eh?  Hehe, I guess that means this story is only just getting started.  Hehe, more bellies ^^

And I'm up for an RP in this world, too.  *purr*
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Count me in :-D I suppose you will have a use for a female ? :P
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Update coming fairly soon, just been really busy of late.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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And hmm, I have male and female cahracters that I'd love to play in this world.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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update postponed due to an increase in workload.  Should have something by the end of april.....
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Just checking up on my favorite story in here... How's the update coming? ^_^
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Things got a little crazy of late but I should have something postable soon.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Awesome. :)
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Just letting you know I haven't forgotten this wonderful epic story. Just patiently waiting for the next installment. ^_^

Hmm a wagon... well it was quite obvious option with the metasteed and all I guess. The nethercubs don't twin more once do they?
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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This summer has been far busier than I anticipated, which is good for my bank account, but not so much for my other projects.  I'm gonna see what I can get done in the next few weeks, but I have so little time on my hands.... :?    On a more positive note, I do have a great deal more in store for our little group, so it should be fun for everyone who's interested.  

And, to answer the question about nethercubs, they usually only twin a single time unless exposed to extremely high volumes of sexual or magickal energy, or they've been exposed to an altered reproductive environment.....

Thank you all for the continued interest.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Kaden easily shouldered aside the huge concrete slab blocking the partially collapsed entryway, marveling at the strength the symbiotic creature had given him.  The altered wolfram stepped through, leading Nesha through the debris littered ruins, smiling as she stumbled, her balance eluding her as she held her gravid belly.  

“Which way now?”  He asked as she panted with exertion, his head slowly filling with the desire to breed her again.  “You know as well as I do that female can’t go much longer.  The amount of accelerant inside her could make her due any time now.”

“You have no idea....”  Nesha gasped as she watched Kaden’s shaft slowly lengthen, becoming erect as he looked her over.  “I got............those females...........pregnant as well.  If anything........they’ll burst........due to how..........many they carry.”

“What do you mean, females?”  Kaden snarled as he pulled the weakened netherhound close to him, his shaft pulsing against the lower portion of her heavily pregnant belly.  

“There are........two female vigers.”  Nesha smiled as she thought of them for a moment, remembering how much she’d enjoyed breeding them in the inn.  Her sex growing wet as Kaden’s massive cock throbbed against her taut, round belly.   “Which of the two.........are you after?”

“A pair of them....”  Kaden mused as he watched Nesha begin to tremble slightly, her breathing becoming more of an aroused pant.  “This could change things a bit.  I should inform Rashelle of this.  She’ll probably want both, just to be certain.”

The altered wolfram picked up his abused beltpouch, taking out the polished stone the dark vixen had given him, and began tracing the patterns on it’s surface.  He felt the stone flare to life, it’s energies reaching for their intended target.  Kaden’s eyebrows rose as Rashelle’s ghostly image appeared before him, taking in the changes to her normally lithe form.

“Kaden?”  Rashelle asked with shock as her image looked at the towering male, her eyes lingering on his erect shaft for a moment.  “What in the lower planes happened to you? ”
“I might ask the same thing of you.”  Kaden said as he looked at the sorceress’ distended belly.  “It seems a great many things have changed, like your little netherbitch here.”

Nesha panted as the urges to mate flowed through her, radiating from deep within her swollen belly.  She crawled closer to Kaden, taking his huge member into her mouth.  

“So it would seem.”  Rashelle said with amusement as she watched Nesha greedily suck Kaden’s shaft.  “Have you located the girl yet?”

“There are a pair of them.”  Kaden replied as the netherhound began gently caressing his huge scrotum.  “Talon has found himself a group of allies.  I had a few others with me, but there were, complications.”  The wolfram said as he held up an armored claw, showing it to the dark vixen.  “I don’t suppose you want her badly enough to send me some real help.  The netherhound is experiencing, difficulties.”

Rashelle watched as Nesha continued to work Kaden’s huge member, looking at how pregnant the netherhound now appeared.  The ghostly image of the sorceress shook her head as a thoughtful expression crossed her face.

“I can send you some troops, and something more.”  She said as she watched Nesha stop sucking and lay back, spreading her legs wide, panting as she looked to the wolfram pleadingly.  “Just find them soon.  As you can see, things have taken an unexpected turn for me as well.  I need her before she gives birth, and as you told me, that could be sooner than I had anticipated.”

“Then I’ll continue to hunt them.”  Kaden said as he looked down at the trembling netherhound.  “They should be easy to find now that I have my own tracker.”  

Rashelle’s image faded as Kaden bent over Nesha’s trembling form, lightly brushing the tip of his cock against her swollen belly.

“Find them for me, and you’ll have what you want.”  The altered wolfram whispered.  “If you don’t, I’ll simply let your cravings drive you mad.”


Erin watched as Rashelle shuddered in orgasm, both arms wrapping around her swollen belly as she sagged against the huge taur once again.  The vampire mink smiled as the dark vixen slowly lifted herself off the massive shaft, lowering herself onto the bed beside the exhausted male.  Erin settled into the bed beside the sorceress, gently touching the side of Rashelle’s belly.  The albino mink began tracing patterns across Rashelle’s drumhead taut skin as she extended her healing gifts, counting the number within the sorceress’ belly, now swollen to the appearance of full term with twins.

“I think the number per litter is increasing.”  Erin mused quietly, watching as Rashelle’s leaking breasts rose and fell.  “I hope Kaden finds his quarry soon.  If the number within you continues to increase, there may not be enough within the other female to offset your own bio signature.”

“Been in......my notes.........have you....”  Rashelle glared at the stark white healer.  

“Only to see if there is anything I can do to assist you.”  Erin soothed as she continued to gently stroke Rashelle’s belly, teasingly brushing a stray finger across the dark vixen’s over sensitive cunny.  “And the good news is, I think I have a series of steps you can take to ensure all goes as close to your original plan as possible.”

“Go on.”  The sorceress said as she trembled, Erin’s finger again finding her vaginal lips.

“First we need to make certain Kaden has the resources he needs.”  Erin reminded, sliding across the sheets to the edge of the huge bed.  “Then I’ll tell you, as I help you relieve some of the pressure in those enormous breasts.”


Lita groaned as she slowly opened her eyes.  The young snow leopardess gasped as she felt the creature within her move, slowly causing her belly to bulge as it shifted within her.   She looked down at her belly, now swollen to the appearance of being ready to deliver sextuplets, and extended her healing gifts, probing the thing within her.  Her head snapped back as she realized that the unborn creature within her was still absorbing the thick fluid something else had filled her with, along with the seed of several males she barely remembered.  She sobbed as her mind raced, trying to make sense of what was happening within her until she realized something.  For the first time in days, she wasn’t being overwhelmed with the desire to mate.  Curiously, she probed the creature within, and found it sated for now, so long as it had more seed to feed on.

“At least there’s only one of you in there.”  Lita whispered quietly to her belly as she looked the other females over.

The wagon rocked gently as it moved along the rough road, occasionally eliciting a moan or groan from the rest of the unconscious females.  Rayne was snoring lightly against Mara’s shoulder.  The young brothel girl’s belly now appearing due with at least eighteen cubs, and her breasts had filled out even more, dripping milk onto her distended belly as the wagon jolted.  Mara looked as though she could burst as she shifted her head against the metal rail of the wagon.  Her belly now rested on the floor of the cart between her parted legs, swollen to the appearance of full term with roughly twenty four cubs.  Her breasts looked painfully full and were now being pushed up quite a bit by the dome of her huge belly, causing her cleavage to rise to shoulder height.  She moaned in her sleep as another wave of lust washed through her dreams, each wave of urges causing her pheromone glands to release slightly.  Beside her, Anya groaned as she slipped her tail into her dripping cunny, desperate to relieve the overwhelming levels of need from her sex.  The young cougaress’ belly matched Mara’s in size, looking nearly ready to erupt.  Her breasts dripped steadily as she wriggled her tail deeper, waves of urgency driving her into a nearly incoherent state.  Masha rested against Kamber as the young vixen drifted in and out of sleep.  The young vigress’ belly had grown to the appearance of due with nearly the same number inside Mara and Anya, while her breasts had become even larger than theirs.  Kamber woke as the wagon jolted, looking about as though she’d had a nightmare.  Her hands went to her own swollen belly, now appearing a full nine months along, then to her breasts.  She gasped as she found her light tunic had ripped open, exposing her chest fully due to the rapid expansion of her milk heavy breasts.  She lifted one off the shelf of her distended belly, nearly yelping in surprise as milk spurted between her fingers.  Her breasts had quadrupled in size, each of them nearly two thirds the size of her swollen belly.  Shae dozed against the rear gate of the metal wagon, occasionally rubbing her abdomen in her sleep as she switched positions.  The thin fabric of her tattered tunic now strained to contain her swollen breasts, popping every now and again as the material slowly gave way thread by thread.  Keyren rested on a makeshift stretcher on the wagon’s side, listening as Taxton and Cole whispered to one another.

“I don’t see anything...” Cole whispered as he gazed into the darkened forest.  “Are you certain he’s there?”

“He’s perched on a fallen tree about thirty yards due southwest.”  Taxton replied quietly as the young coyote swordsman strained to make out what she’d described.  “Don’t strain you eyes trying to find him.  He’s very well camouflaged.”

“Then how can you tell where he is?”  Cole asked in wonder as he looked at the shapely wolf fem.  “I mean, I know you were one of the seven hunters, and that you’re supposed to be immortal, but from what I remember, you’re not a mage.  What are you.?”

“You’re blunt.”  Taxton said as a rare smile crossed her features.  “I like that.”

“So do I get an answer?”  Cole chuckled as he flexed his nearly healed hands.  “Or is it to remain a secret for all of time.”

“A relic of a forgotten time.”  Taxton said quietly as a thoughtful expression crossed her face.  “Struggling to keep up with a world that seems to become more alien yet more familiar every year.  Empires forming, technology advancing.....just with a far greater degree of genetic diversity than.....I was used to.”

Cole felt his jaw go somewhat slack as he mulled over her evasive response, realizing just how old the attractive fem at his side could possibly be.  He slowly looked at her again, only to find her peering into the gloom.

“And now young Talon is on a low cliff overlooking the trail...”  Taxton whispered as she shifted her gaze back to the coyote.  “A prototype amorphous wetware infiltration and combat chassis, developed during the genowars.”

Cole held the edge of the seat, fearing that he may fall out of the wagon as he looked at her again.  

“That means you predate the fall of the an....” Cole started, only to be cut off by a sudden crack of thunder.

“Yes, it does.”  Taxton said quietly as she peered up at the sky.  “Only a few more miles to go, but we’re going to get wet.  Come on, we need to cover the girls.”
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Yay!  More story!  I am happy! ^_^
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Ooh nice continuation. ^_^ Though I feel sorry for the cook who has to make the food for them next! :D ... or they just recycle all that milk flowing around.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Terah startled awake as a hand slapped her backside hard, sending a shudder through her overcrowded belly, only slightly larger now that she seemed to contain more than enough energy.  The luquine lifted her head as the dark vixen slowly walked around her hugely gravid flank, dragging claws teasingly across the taut flesh.  

“You get to assist me with a magick working.”  The dark vixen said as she marveled at the glowing creatures within Terra’s womb.

“Time for.........your ritual.........already?”  Terra managed, barely able to breathe due to the pressure within her.

“Not quite, but you get something you want.”  The sorceress said as she rubbed the wolfmare’s leaking nipples, slowly feeling her own sex growing wet as she examined her captive.  “I need some of the energy you contain, but don’t worry, I’ll be certain to have you filled up again.”

Terra’s head fell as she thought of the creatures within her growing larger, then grimaced as she felt them slowly roll within her.  Rashelle smiled as she watched the huge wormlike creatures vainly seek more space, slowly walking around behind the semi suspended luquine.  A pair of the dark vixen’s hulking guards entered, each gently lifting Rashelle into a leather swing suspended behind Terra.  The albino luquine gasped as she felt Rashelle press her sex against her own cunny, the sorceress’ claws teasingly scratching her shapely rear and tail.  

“Now my little wolfmare, this should feel very nice.”  Rashelle whispered as she used a small amount of her power to stimulate the slurm beasts within Terra’s massive uterus.

Terra shuddered as she felt her sex begin to open from within, the wormlike creatures extending their long, hollow tongues the length of her cunny.  Rashelle moaned as she felt the slurm beasts’ organs enter her already wet sex, wriggling deeper within her.  Terra heaved as she felt the gelled energy begin to pour  through her sex, flaring the writhing creastures’ tongues even larger.  

Rashelle wrapped her arms around her swollen belly as she felt the rush of thick fluid enter her, swelling her crowded womb larger.  The dark sorceress began pant as the pressure within her built, slowly making it more difficult to draw a full breath.  The dark vixen groaned as her belly doubled in size, then tripled, slowly getting closer to rupturing due to the sudden influx of the dense gel.

“That should.........be enough........”  She managed as she gauged the amount of energy within her.

Rashelle flexed another small flare of power, causing the slurm beasts to quickly retreat back into Terra’s distended womb.  She smiled as she felt the raw power she contained, reveling in the amount that still remained in the creatures inside Terra.


Kaden watched as the huge shape moved through the crackling gate, taking in the sheer size of Rashelle’s most prized implement of war.  The airship fully emerged, drifting away from the portal enough for Kaden to catch a glimpse of Rashelle’s gravid form kneeling in the distance on the other side, raw energy arcing from her to the gate.  At Kaden’s side, Nesha sank to her knees as she shuddered in orgasm, looking up at the huge shape looming in the sky, then back to Kaden’s fully erect cock.  

“You may get what you want after all.”  Kaden said as he felt his scrotum tightening.  “All this energy is having quite an effect on me.”

Nesha groaned as Kaden knelt behind her, roughly pushing her onto all fours.  The netherhound gasped as she felt his massive shaft enter her, reaching much farther into her than the it had mere hours ago.  Nesha moaned as his massive organ swelled even larger within her, filling her cunny to it’s limits.  Slowly, as Kaden raked his armored claws down her back, thick tendrils emerged from his palms, wrapping their way around the netherhound’s jett colored body.  She yelped in surprise as they snaked around her bouncing breasts, constricting each milk heavy mound until her nipples spurted, each continuing to knead and squeeze until the ground beneath her was soaked.  The massive wolfram shuddered as he erupted within her, thick fluid blasting into her already crowded uterus.  

“AAAHHH  ”  Nesha cried as she felt her belly swell larger, growing to the appearance of slightly overdue with quadruplets.  “Ungh   Too much ”

Kaden suddenly began to tremble as he felt his cock lengthen again, sending the netherhound bent before him into convulsions as another huge quantity of seed spewed within her.  The ink black netherhound whined as the tendrils roughly squeezing her huge breasts grew larger, beginning to drip thick fluid from their tips.  Another orgasm wracked her exhausted body, causing her tongue to snake out of her mouth, her own fluid spurting as she collapsed to the ground.  Kaden let her fall away, staggering to his feet.  

“Now, lets see what Rashelle has sent us, shall we?”  The huge wolfram laughed as he hauled the gravid netherhound to her feet.

Before Nesha could respond, Kaden snaked a tendril around her torso just beneath her still dripping breasts, pulling her along behind him, stalking toward the huge airship as it settled into a clearing nearby.


“I don’t believe this....”  Talon sighed as he looked down into the city from the rocky hillside.  “I mean, of all the times...”

“It is that time of year.”  Taxton sighed as she peered into the crowd at the city gate.

“I’d nearly forgotten it was time for the spring rites.”  Keyren said with mild amusement as he watched more of the crowd join the hoards filling the streets.  “Even the rain isn’t going to dampen their spirits.”

“Spirits?”  Rayne called from the wagon.  “Don’t you mean lust?”

“Either or both.  I don’t suppose anyone knows where in the city the temple is?”  The young lion wondered as he tested his still aching muscles.  His breath caught as a lance of pain shot through his side, drawing the attention of Lita.

“You should still be resting.”  The healer chided as she extended her senses over him, feeling the deep bruises that still lingered from the bullet wounds.  “I wasn’t able to heal you all the way.  If you put too much strain on your wounds, they could re-open or get infected.”

“I’m fine......well, almost fine.”  Keyren smiled at the concerned young snow leopardess.  “Besides, riding on the side of the wagon is making me feel ill.”

“Unless the temple was moved, I remember it being in the city center, just across from the southern arch.”  Taxton said as she effortlessly hopped back to the wagon’s makeshift seats.  “But that was some time ago.”

“One way to find out for certain.”  Talon sighed as he started down the rough trail toward the city gates, hoping that they found the temple without incident.  

Kamber gasped as a wave of pure power hit her, overloading her mage senses.  The young vixen began to tremble, her nipples stiffening as the energy coursed over her.  She closed her eyes as she felt her cunny suddenly grow wet, wave after wave of pure arousal washing over her as the energy slowly began to fade.  

“Oh..........oh gods.......”  The young sorceress moaned as she felt orgasm almost upon her.  

Kamber shuddered as a massive orgasm wracked her to the core, her sudden cry of ecstacy waking the others.

“What the hell?”  Cole said as he watched the shapely young vixen relax, her arms wrapped tightly around her belly.  “Are you okay?”

“Someone..........just opened.........a gate........using almost pure...........sexual energy.......as a source of.........power.”  Kamber panted as she managed to unclench her teeth.  “I’ve always been............sensitive to that..........but now.........it’s more intense.”
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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In the back of the wagon, Anya choked back another sob as the urges became maddening, struggling to rise to her feet.

“Please.........”  The young cougaress managed as she sobbed.  “Please..........fuck me...........”

“The spells the sorceress used on her require her to breed every few hours.”  Taxton said as she looked back at the hugely gravid cougaress with concern.  “Without sex, she’ll get worse as the craving for it drives her mad.  But, if she does have sex, she’ll most likely become pregnant again.  Personally, I doubt she can hold anything more.”

“Is there anything you can do for her?”  Talon asked Lita, who was kneeling at Anya’s side.

“Not really.”  The young snow leopardess said quietly as she stroked Anya’s back.  “This is sex magick far outside of my knowledge.  Kamber?”

“I may be able to negate some of the effects for a while, but without some knowledge of what ritual was used, I’m not sure I can help.”  The young vixen said as she tried to focus past the heat welling in her loins long enough to use her mage senses.  “When we get to the temple, I say we give her what she needs, then let the priestess there help her.”

“Please...............oh gods.............please.......”  Anya sobbed, holding her massive belly as she quivered with need.  

“Lets go metasteed.”  Taxton urged, turning back to watch the girls as the huge stallion picked his way down the steep trail.


The priestess moved through the crowd, enjoying the random caresses she received as she made her way onto one of the raised platforms.  As the shapely raccoon skunk cross began to dance, she looked about at the thronging crowd, smiling as she noted most of them were already taking part in what was quickly becoming a mass orgy.  She slowly, almost teasingly, began to open the front of her nearly sheer robe, revealing fully her pregnant belly, nearly due with twins, and her huge, milk heavy breasts.  Cheers and cat calls erupted as she slowly raised her left leg as best she could alongside her belly, eventually straightening her leg nearly vertically as she leaned against the decorated metal pole atop the platform.  She smiled wryly  as she saw one of her friends, a sexy deer fem, laying atop one of the tables, a huge tiger pistoning into her in time with the beat of the music.  The priestess sighed as she felt a pair of hands glide down her back, finally stopping on her hips.  She looked back to find a huge wolf horse cross nuzzling her neck, then felt his enormous shaft brush against the small of her back.  She sighed heavily as she looked at him with regret.  

“Lex, you know I can’t........”  She began, only to shudder as his enormous member slowly rubbed up the inside of her thigh.  

“But this is a fertility festival, and you Dari, are extremely fertile.”  The huge wolfstallion said softly into her ear as he continued to slowly rub her back and shoulders, eventually cupping her breasts with his powerful hands.  

“Too fertile for my own good.”  The gravid priestess sighed as she rubbed her hands over her swollen belly.  “I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever.”

“Isn’t that your gift?”  Lex asked as he slowly began to rock his throbbing shaft against her firm backside.  “To conceive each time?”

“MMMmmmmm.....”  Dari groaned as she felt herself grow more aroused.  “It has been a long time.....”

“And seeing you and the other priestesses pregnant brings hope to everyone else here in the city.”  The huge male said as he looked over the crowd.  “And you’re the only one pregnant right now.”  

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you.....” Dari said as she turned, pressing herself against the towering male.  “We figured out a way to fix the infertility problem.”

“Tell me later.”  Lex said as he gently guided his shaft beneath Dari’s belly.

He robe fell away as she guided the huge male onto his back, eliciting another round of approving sounds from the crowd.  The world seemed to fall away as she felt him enter her, beginning to rock atop him as the crowd cheered.  


“Kaden? ?”  The airship captain asked with shock as the altered wolfram walked up the ramp.  “What in the seven hells happened to you?”

“Come now Neves, you know full well I’m cursed.”  Kaden replied as he pulled the gravid netherhound onto the airship’s lower cannon deck.  

“But I thought you were turning into a ram, not a lobster.”  The muscular bull tiger cross said as he raised the eyepatch he wore, revealing the artificial eye beneath.  “Seriously.  What happened to you?”

“While we were pursuing a female that Rashelle wants, we stumbled into some trouble.”  The huge wolfram said as he rubbed the itching spot on his forehead.  “An entire underground citadel of the ancients.  I was attacked and woke up like this.”

“No........not like this.”  Nesha panted as she looked at the gathering members of the crew, feeling herself grow wet.  “You’re still........changing.”

“It does seem to be an ongoing process.”  Kaden growled at the netherhound as he pulled her off balance.  “Now, where are they?”

Nesha closed her eyes, extending her othersenses over the crew.  She gasped as the creatures within her began to wriggle, sensing the large number of males aboard the airship.  Her brow furrowed as she fought the urges within her, struggling to concentrate.  Finally she smiled, opening her eyes.  

“The city.........of Thelarr.”  Nesha said as she leaned heavily against one of the cannons.  “About four........hours by air.”

“Make for the city.”  Kaden said as he turned and nodded to the airship’s captain.  “Best speed this thing can muster.”  

“You heard him lads ”  Neves shouted, sending crew members scrambling back to their duty stations.  “Fire up the engines   Full pressure ”  

The huge craft rose into the sky, black smoke billowing from the twin stacks as it’s massive propellers drove it forward.  Kaden led Nesha to the forward observation deck, leaning on the rail as the ship broke through the first layer of clouds, leveling out and turning toward the city.  Kaden grimaced as he looked at the full moon, cursing himself for forgetting what day it was.

“Damn.”  He managed as he felt the changes begain.  

The energy of the curse washed over him, crackling lazily off the metal railing as he staggered and fell.  Behind him, Neves motioned for the crew to back away, watching as Kaden’s body writhed on the iron deckplates.


Taxton led the huge warstallion down a relatively empty street, finally catching sight of the stone arch she’d been looking for.  The scent of sex washed over her as the group entered the large plaza, causing her to pause momentarily as she noted the effect all the sexual energy was having on her.  She looked back with concern at the girls in the wagon, finding her fears seemed to be coming to pass.  Mara moaned as Rayne licked her cunny, the hugely pregnant vigress rocking atop her swollen belly as she young brothel girl expertly licked her closer to climax.  Mara’s pheramone glands were affecting everyone in the wagon, the wafting scent washing over the crowd in the plaza.  Anya’s own spicy scent joined the vigress’, washing over the group and the rutting crowd, carried by the cool, damp night air.  The young cougaress held her massive belly as Keyren worked his cock in deeper with each thrust, rocking her huge breasts against the top of her gravid middle.  Lita moaned as she slowly rode Talon’s shaft, her belly pressing against the wolfcoon’s chest as she rocked atop him.  Masha grunted with exertion as she held herself against the metal rail of the wagon as Cole entered her from behind, working her closer to orgasm with every thrust.  Shae held Kamber against her as she gently kneaded the young vixen’s breasts, locking the sorceress in a deep kiss.  Kamber eagerly returned the favor, slipping her fingers into Shae’s waiting sex as the jynx began to suck the vixen’s leaking nipples.  Taxton shook her head, taking note that the metasteed was also fully aroused, barely able to perceive his surroundings as he continued to pull the heavy wagon.  

“Just a little farther.”  Taxton reminded herself, pausing long enough for a small group to move aside for the wagon.

Mara wailed as she orgasmed, feeling the pressure inside her belly increase as the nethercubs within her grew larger.  Behind her, Rayne gasped as she felt Shae and Kamber pull her down between them, each latching on to her dripping breasts as they continued to finger one another.  Masha moaned as she felt her sides tingle, then shuddered as orgasm made her ovulate once again.  Cole’s head snapped back as he climaxed, his seed jetting inside the heavily pregnant vigress.  Keyren felt Anya’s vaginal muscles clamp around his shaft as she howled in orgasm, causing him to nearly collapse atop her as his legs went weak, his own climax a split second behind hers.  She grunted as his weight settled atop her, flaring the sides of her overcrowded belly wide as she pressed against the metal floor of the wagon.

Taxton stopped the barely coherent metasteed as the wagon drew up to the small shrine’s doors.  She released the straps of the makeshift harness, stepping aside as the huge male staggered to a nearby watering trough.  The wolf fem opened the heavy doors, peering inside the empty structure.

“No one home....”  Taxton sighed as she turned back to the wagon.  “Come on everyone, let’s get you inside.”

She turned to Cole as the young coyote was spreading Kamber’s legs, placing two fingers on the small of his back.

“YOUCH  ”  Cole yelped as she suddenly shocked him, causing him to spin around to face her.  “What the hells? ”

“Snap out of it for a bit.”  The wolf fem said as she repeated the process on Talon, then Keyren, causing both of them to cry out.  “We need to get the girls inside.  Then you can finish enjoying yourselves.  I’m going to look for the priestesses.”

Taxton leapt over the wagon as Talon, Cole, Keyren and Shae helped the others inside the small temple.

“I’ll be back soon.”  The wolf fem called back to them as she disappeared into the crowd.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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ooo... a raccoon skunk mix added to the story... me likey ^ ^
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Hehe :3 Excellent as always, man. This is a great series, I gotta say.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Kaden clutched the metal rail, the nausea of the transformation finally subsiding.  He could still feel the strange carapace on his back slowly changing it’s configuration and shape to fit his new form.  He smiled as he looked down at the wide eyed netherhound, his tongue exploring the new set of folding fangs laying against the roof of his mouth.  

“What’s the matter Nesha?  You look almost frightened.”  He said, slowly releasing his grip on the railing, still uncertain of his new lower body.

“What’s happening to you?”  The stunned netherhound asked, her eyes going to his huge, taur lower body, finding a second massive cock between his rear legs as well.  

“Didn’t Rashelle tell you?”  He said as he blinked his new eye.  “I was cursed.  A bit of revenge by a ram hedgewizard after I took advantage of his daughter.  He cursed me to become one of them, knowing what the people of Fenris, my clansmen to the north, think of those of impure blood.  It would seem that my newfound source of power is having a strange effect on his magicks.”

“It would seem.”  Nesha said as she found her gaze lingering on the huge member hanging between his rear legs.  “Do you think Rashelle can cure you?”

Kaden threw his head back, erupting in laughter that made Nesha shudder.  He then paced toward her, glaring down at her, his trio of cloudy red eyes seeming to hold her in place.

“Why would I want to do that?”


“This place is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.”  Shae said with wonder as she opened a huge set of double doors, her eyes going wide as she looked into the room.  “This is incredible ”

“What is it?”  Asked Kamber as she awkwardly raised herself off one of the padded benches, joining the jynx in the open doorway.  “Oh gods   A bathhouse ”

“Oh, goddess, to be clean again.”  Rayne said as she tried to rise to her feet, only to find her balance eluding her.  “Not to mention have a meal that’s not trail mix.”

“Here.”  Lita offered as she helped the hugely pregnant cheegress to her feet.  “We can all stand a good soak in something that isn’t cold rainwater.  Not to mention we all smell of old wet canvas.”

“And that little private orgy on the way in.”  Masha mused as she watched Kamber and Shae help Mara up and into the waist deep pool.  

“But that felt soo nice.”  Mara sighed as she found that for the first time in days, she could stand without help as the water supported the weight of her huge belly.  “Hey look   I can walk again ”

Anya grunted as the others lowered her into the pool, the pressure inside her seeming to increase ever faster.  The young cougaress discovered a seat submerged in the soothing water, sighing as she settled into it.  As she cleaned her sex sticky tail, she noticed the seat had leg rests.

“This is comfortable.”  She sighed as she continued to wipe away the grime from the long ride.

“It should be.  We are in a shrine dedicated to pregnancy.”  Lita smiled as she helped the cougaress wash her huge belly.  “Now if only the guys can find us a meal.”

“Look at this ”  Masha said as she discovered a small fountain at the pools edge, sampling a handful of the cool water.  “Water that doesn’t taste like a metal canteen.”  She drank another handful.  “This is wonderful   It tastes like spring water.”

“Where is everybody?”  Came Talon’s voice from the entry hall, along with the smell of roast meats and freshly baked breads.  

He, Cole and Keyren followed the sounds of splashing, each smiling at the sight of the girls, fully naked and enjoying the pool.  

“Anyone hungry?”  Talon asked teasingly as he set down the huge platter of meats at the pools edge.

“Starving.”  Masha and Anya said in unison, both eyeing the other heaping platters both Cole and Keyren carried.

“Not to worry.  The second course will be here shortly.”  Cole said as he handed Kamber a roll stuffed with seasoned turkey.  “And a third if we need it.”

“Unfortunately, all we could find to drink at the street vendors was various forms of beer, mead, and ale.”  Keyren said apologetically as he handed Mara and Lita each a breadbowl filled with thick stew.  “But I’m sure we can find something around here.”

“Don’t worry.  We have all the spring water we need.”  Shae said as she gestured to the burbling fountain.  “Although we could use some cups or mugs.”

“I’ll take a look around.  So long as you ladies don’t mind a little company in there after I find something.”  Talon said as he tossed his tattered cloak aside.  “I feel like it’s been an age since I washed.”

“I think we can make room for you guys.”  Anya said suggestively as she raised her knees out of the pool, spreading her legs wide as she lifted her huge breasts off her massive belly.

Talon smiled, turning to look for some form of drinkware as Keyren and Cole began to strip out of their armor and clothes.


Taxton hopped over another pair of writhing bodies, again shifting her eyes through alternate spectrums as she peered into shadows.  The wolf fem leapt again, nimbly landing atop a large statue overlooking the central plaza of the city.  Raised platforms ringed the area, all occupied by either nude dancers or small groups, the sounds of intercourse filling the night air, almost as an addition to the music.  Finally, Taxton caught a glimpse of a pregnant figure silhouetted by torchlight.

Dari trembled as she felt Lex erupt within her again, moaning as the huge male slowly drained himself inside her.  A second pair of hands slipped under her breasts, gently beginning to knead her sensitive orbs.  She turned to find an attractive vixen kneeling behind her, eagerly beginning to softly, sensually, nibble her neck.  The gravid skuncoon half turned, locking the vixen in a long kiss as she remained impaled on the huge wolfstallion’s throbbing shaft.  Dari smiled as she looked at the young vixen’s aura, turning back to nod at Lex.  

“Think you can manage again?”  The priestess asked softly as she slowly removed herself from his glistening cock, leaning forward to kiss him as he nodded.

“All night if I have to.”  The huge wolfstallion smiled back, turning his attention to the attractive young vixen licking his member teasingly.

Dari gathered her robe, draping it around her shoulders as she realized the night air had developed a slight chill once she was away from the torches.  The young priestess rubbed her swollen belly contentedly as she made her way down the steps from the platform, looking out over the crowd as the moaning continued all about her.  She chuckled as she saw her deer friend again, this time bent over the table as a huge elk took her from behind, and stopped to wonder how many children would come as a result of this night.  She turned, suddenly finding herself face to face with a wolf fem with eyes that seemed to be lit from within.

“You’re a priestess of Althea, correct?”  Taxton asked she startled young skuncoon.  

“Y-yes.”  Dari replied, taken aback by the stranger’s aura.  

“My companions require your help.”  Taxton said with relief, gesturing back toward the small temple.  “I’m sorry to ask you away from the festivities, but their condition is rather serious.  Our healer already stopped their contractions once, but may not be able to do so again, given she’s rather far into her own pregnancy.”

Dari shook her head for a moment, clearing the heady feelings of the festival away as she followed the strange wolf female into the torchlit street.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Glad you're enjoying.  I've stopped thinking of this in terms of a story and started thinking of it as an ongoing series.  With everything I have in store for the characters, this could take a while.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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“Don’t worry my little wolfmare, you’ll be filled back to capacity in no time.”  Rashelle whispered into Terra’s ear as the huge ramsdale taur mounted the semi suspended luquine.   The dark vixen rubbed her fingertips across Terra’s dripping nipples, feeling how heavy her captives breasts were.  “Erin, how are my wetnurses doing?”

“Your children seem to have almost no end to their appetites.”  The vampire mink said as she draped her arms over the sorceress’ shoulders.  “Your lactating ladies are having difficulty keeping up.”

“Then begin milking my little friend here.”  Rashelle said as she turned to the mink, letting her robes fall away.  “She seems to be producing more than my spells can restrict.  It’s a shame to let it go to waste.  Use the suction devices from the stables.”

“That’s only going to make her produce more, faster.”  Erin said as she patted the side of Terra’s rock hard breast.  

“That’s fine.”  Rashelle said as the mink began stroking her gravid belly.  “Soon there will be more of my children to feed.”

“Then let’s hope she can keep up with your birthing cycle.”  Erin smiled as she took one of Rashelle’s nipples in her mouth, purring as milk spurted into her mouth.  

Terra grunted as the sides of her huge belly flared, spreading out as Torridarr’s crushing weight settled atop her.  As the huge taur rocked atop her, the pressure inside her slowly grew, the creatures within her absorbing the influx of sexual energy.


“Oh goddess ”  Dari gasped as she rounded the corner, the scene before her causing her eyes to go wide in disbelief.

“I thought it would be better if you saw them for yourself, instead of trying to describe things first.”  Taxton said as she steadied the young priestess.  

“Bright lords and ladies   You don’t understand ”  Dari exclaimed as she turned to face the wolf fem.  “The water was treated before the festival   There’s not been a child born to anyone but me for the last four years   We found out it was the water supply, from the springs beneath the city.  We altered the water content to reverse the effect   This is the most potent of the springs.  The water in the rest of the town will promote fertility, but the water here increases it to ensure faster, healthier pregnancies ”

“That’s great.....”  Taxton mumbled as she looked into the room, shaking her head.  “How potent is it?”

“Very ”  The young skuncoon priestess sais as she watched the muscular young lion carry the jynx across the room, her legs wrapped about his waist as she continued to ride his cock with abandon.  “To bathe in the waters here for a few minutes is to increase the fertility exponentially.”

“What about drinking it?”  Taxton asked as she watched Masha fill another stoneware cup from the fountain.

“They’re......”  Dari broke off as she walked into the chamber, approaching the pool.  “Oh goddess, tell me they didn’t.......”

Dari looked about at the stoneware cups and mugs sitting around the edge of the pool, then to the mostly empty platters.  

“I need you all to get out of the water ”  Dari called as she bent to offer a hand to Masha, gasping as she extended her senses into the young vigress.  The shock of the images washed over Dari, nearly causing her to pass out.  As she shook her head, her footing slipped on the wet tiles, sending her tumbling into the pool.  

“Everybody out   NOW ”  Taxton called, shocking the group into action as she hopped into the waist deep water after Dari.

Dari stood, coughing as she tried to scramble out of the water.  She lifted herself out of the pool, stripping off her soaked robe as Taxton helped Masha and Mara out of the water.  Keyren removed himself from Shae, sitting her on the edge as he turned to lift Kamber out as well.  Cole lifted Anya onto the tile edge as Talon led Lita up the pool’s steps.

“Oh gods.”  Dari coughed as she realized she’d choked down several mouthfuls of pool water.  

Suddenly, both Talon and Shae snapped up their heads as they felt darkly tinged othersenses sweep through the room.

“Damn it ”  Talon spat as he looked for his clothes and weapons.  “The netherhound is back.”

Shae continued to peer at the stone wall, her eyes unfocused as she saw with her gifts.  She shuddered as she located the source of the otherworldly sensations.  

“We need to sound the city alarm ”  The jynx yelped as she looked at Taxton.  “There’s a flying warship coming ”

“We can’t go anywhere.”  Dari said as she looked at Mara.  “She’s about to give birth.”

“But I feel fi...........”  Mara started as a sudden contraction cut her off.  She sank to her knees, wrapping her arms around the sides of her enormous belly as she grimaced in pain.  “OH GODS ”

“Lita, can you....”  Talon broke off as he looked about for the young snow leopardess.  “Lita?”

“I’ll get the city defenses set.”  Taxton said as she looked to Dari.  “Take care of them ”


Lita wandered in a daze through the torchlit street, her mind awash with the overwhelming urge to breed.  Her healing gifts extended, finding their mark in the first male impulses they reached.  The large taur shape moved out of the darkness, approaching the young healer as her gifts continued to run wild.  The snow leopardess pulled the chakat into a deep kiss, groping the large herm’s ample breasts as she panted with need.  The chakat purred as hir cock slipped out of it’s sheath, swelling beneath the hir heavily pregnant belly.  Lita slowly lowered herself onto all fours as the huge cattaur moved to mount her, hir distended belly pressing down on the insatiable healer’s back.  She moaned as the huge shaft slipped into her already dripping sex, wriggling backward to take in more of it’s length.  The amber and black colored chakat rocked hirself eagerly atop Lita, feeling the huge load of pent up seed from hir male organs move closer to release as shi continued to thrust into Lita’s tightly stretched sex.  Lita’s gift flared again as she moved closer to orgasm, attracting another pair of large males to the area, a huge stag and a clydesdale.  The huge clydesdale took advantage of the chakat’s fem sex, entering hir as she continued to thrust into Lita.  The stag knelt in front of the moaning herm, groping hir bouncing breasts as Lita took his large shaft in her mouth, greedily attempting to suck the seed from his pulsing member.  Lita felt the herm begin to quake as shi suddenly paused, hir male organs struggling to release in the herm’s pregnancy swollen body.  Lita extended her healing gifts into the large cattaur, relaxing the muscles within hir.  Her reward came as an explosion of chakat seed, filling her seed hungry womb with over a gallon of herm hormone laden sperm.  Lita spasmed as her belly heaved, the creature inside shifting positions as the chakat drained hirself, eventually retracting hir cock out of Lita as shi moaned under the clydesdale’s attentions.  Lita quickly found her sex filled with the stag’s shaft, her gifts flaring again as she felt the thing growing within her continue to urge her on.  She opened her eyes as her belly continued to slowly swell, finding herself surrounded by nearly a dozen males, only to close them again, her mouth opened by yet another large cock.  Her belly began to press against the cool stones of the street as she slipped into a mating frenzy entirely, losing all sense of herself in the urges from the creature in her womb.
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Wow, this is awesome... Honestlyl, the things I've foudn most interesting is the interplay between magic and acnient technology...  Interesting concepts.
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Mara strained as another of the contractions shot through her, her claws digging into the leather of Talon’s bracer.  The vigress sobbed as she felt her over stretched abdominal muscles on the verge of tearing.  She looked up in a panic as another contraction came, feeling a lance of pain shoot through her.

“I’m........too big ”  Mara gasped as her head sagged against her sister’s breasts.  “I can’t.......I can’t.......push ”

“Her muscles are stretched far too tightly because of how over filled she’s gotten.”  Dari said as she extended her gifts over Mara, struggling to assist the unborn align for delivery.  “She doesn’t have the strength to push, and I can’t risk her other cubs by opening her.”

“But if she doesn’t deliver, it could kill her.”  Kamber countered as she lifted the ornately carved staff, hoping it’s vast power held some solution.  “There’s got to be something....”

“I can give her my strength for a short time.”  Shae offered as she knelt beside the panting vigress.  “Would that help?”

“It may.”  Dari said as she continued to mentally adjust the occupants of Mara’s huge uterus.  “And it would definitely help her fight the fatigue this is going to bring.  We could really use your healer to assist, because there’s more than one ready to come out.”

Cole and Keyren bolted for the door in search of Lita as Shae gently placed a hand on Mara’s head, extending her life energy into the straining vigress.  Kamber guided the jynx as she wilted, laying her gently on the pillows near Mara.  The vigress inhaled sharply as she felt another intense urge to push, her eyes going wide as she felt a slender hand slip into her vagina.

“I’ve aligned them as best I can, now push ”  Dari commanded as she felt the top of the first cubs head touch her fingertips.


“Can’t we just bombard the city?”  Kaden rumbled, his patience growing thin as the urges to breed welled within him.  

“You want this done right, let me handle it.”  Neves snorted as he checked his watch.  “My men know what they’re doing.  Just wait for it.”

The huge altered wolfram felt a warm tongue run up the length of his rear cock, playing across his massive sac as Nesha began to lose her grip on restraint again.  He turned, glaring down at the swollen netherhound.

“Must you distract me?”  The huge male growled, shoving the heavily pregnant Nesha aside.  “I find it hard enough to remain focused without your interference.”

Nesha smiled, turning her back to him as she went to all fours, then bent, laying her swollen breasts on the metal deck as she spread herself wide.  

“What’s the matter Kaden.”  She asked with a sultry voice.  “Feeling a little pent up?”

She slowly raised her tail, revealing her glistening sex to him.  Kaden shuddered as he caught her scent, feeling both his huge cocks go rigid.

“Go ahead.”  Neves said as he again raised his eyepatch, looking down toward the city lights below.  “You have time before everything’s in place.  I’ll let you know when it’s time to get into the fight.”

Kaden growled as he turned, practically leaping atop Nesha as she gasped at his sudden movement.  Neves chuckled as he watched Kaden’s huge rear shaft disappear into the grunting netherhound’s sex, then turned back to the railing, watching for the signal from his crew.


Lex downed the huge tankard of berry flavored mead as he leaned against the fountain.  He laughed as he was mock tackled from behind, the impact sending his empty tankard to the ground.  The huge male half turned, grabbing his good natured assailant in a bear hug.

“Well, you’ve got me.”   Willow, a lithe young deer fem, smiled as she wrapped her legs around Lex’s waist.  “Now what are you going to do?”

Lex smiled as he turned, sitting her on the edge of the fountain.  

“There is one thing I had in mind.”  Lex whispered as he softly bit her on the neck, slowly massaging her ample chest.  “But if I show you, you might end up a little pregnant.”

“Just a little?”  She asked as she began to stroke his pulsing shaft.  “Aren’t you underestimating yourself?”  

“Just thinking it would be a shame to sideline one of the best bladedancers I’ve ever seen.”  Lex said as he made eye contact with her.  

“Then let me help you with your decision.”  The deer fem sighed as she slipped the tip of his shaft into her sex, lifting herself off the fountain edge so that he sank deep inside her, baring her weight mostly on his cock.  “Besides, you’re not my first this evening.  My biggest, but not my first.”

Lex chuckled as he lifted the impaled deer nearly the length of his shaft, only to slip himself in deeper as he lowered her.  Willow arched her back as the huge wolfstallion worked himself in a little deeper each time, moaning as she felt his huge cock fill her to her limits.

“Oh.......oh yes.....”  She gasped as the huge male continued to work her the full length of his shaft, his powerful arms holding her lithe frame with ease.  

The young deer squealed as she felt the huge male begin to tremble, climax nearly upon him.  She pulled herself tight to the base of his cock with her shapely legs, crying out on orgasm herself as she felt his shaft erupt deep inside her.  She smiled as she panted against his chest, feeling the heat of his seed within her.  

“Tired already?”  Lex asked as she slowly stretched, still enjoying the feeling of him pulsing deep within her.  

“I had watch duty last night, and there was no way I could sleep knowing festival was today.”  She said as she rocked her hips from side to side, causing him to groan with pleasure.  “I was too excited.”

“That’s one way to......” Lex trailed off as he noticed a strange glow from the roof of a nearby building, then a faint plum of colored smoke.  “Are they adding fireworks this year?”  He asked, turning so that she could see.  


Taxton turned, facing another of the armored figures, letting the limp body in her hands fall away, it’s head facing the wrong direction.

“Marking flares.”  She snorted as she looked out across the city.  

“Aye.  An’ our gunners are fine shots.”  The unkempt liger sneered as he took a step forward, slowly drawing a wicked looked curved blade.  “Too bad you won’t be alive t.....”

Taxton watched as the liger clutched at the steaming hole where his heart had been, his eyes wide with disbelief as he stumbling back and then off the roof, landing heavily in the courtyard below.
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Lita pulled herself to her feet, shaking her head as she tried to remember what had happened.  She remembered being in the shrine with the others, then vaguely being out in a street.  Then the fogged memory of a large chakat swirled through her mind.  The young healer’s eyes opened wide as she suddenly remembered mating with the large cattaur.

“Oh, gods......”  Lita whispered as she wrapped her arms around the sides of her belly.  “How many times did I....”  She broke off as she fought to remember.  

Her belly had grown considerably, now appearing due with octuplets.  She quickly probed the creature inside her, desperate to determine how long she had before it was ready for birth.  She gasped as she realized the sheer size of it.

“It’s not going to stop growing until.....”  She shuddered, feeling panic begin to overwhelm her.  “And I can’t stop it.  Oh gods, what am I going to do......”

“Lita ”  Cole’s voice echoed through the darkness, catching the young snow leopardess’ attention.

The coyote slid to a stop as she carefully made her way toward him.

“Mara’s in labor again, and this time there’s no stopping it.”  He rattled off quickly as he moved to help her.  “Why did you wander....”  He stopped as he noticed her tears, then the size of her pregnant belly.  

“Just get me back to her.”  Lita sobbed before he could say anything more.  

He looked into her eyes with concern, trying to think of something reassuring to say, only to be cut off by the thunder of distant cannons.


“What the hells was that?”  Rayne asked with concern as the small temple trembled.  

“Cannon fire.”  Talon realized as he opened his othersenses to the city, trying to get a sense of what was going on outside.  “That airship is bombarding the city ”  

Mara clutched his hand as another contraction shot through her, clenching her teeth as Masha gently stroked her hair out of her face.  

“Almost there.”  Dari said, coaching the vigress as she pushed.  “Just a few more like that.”

Kamber stood, trying desperately to keep from falling due to her shifted center of balance.  The young vixen looked down at Anya and Rayne as she pulled on her robes, leaving them open after discovering they had no hope of covering her.  

“I’m going to see if I can help with the defenses.”  She said as she hefted her staff, shifting her gaze to Rayne and Masha.  If anyone comes in here looking for a fight, shoot them.”


The huge bull looked down at the lithe deer fem standing naked in the middle of the street, then back to the rest of his group.

“She probably thinks we’re here for the festival.”  He sneered as he slapped his broad axe across his hand.

“Hells, just take her back to the ship.”  A lanky hyena cougar cross snarled.  “Then you can do her all you want.”  

“You boys think you can handle me?”  Willow smiled as she teasingly shook her ample breasts at them.  “I don’t know.  There are only four of you.  I don’t think you can, either in bed or in a fight.”  

“Oh, we’ll handle you.”  The bull laughed, taking a step forward.  “Till you can’t walk right anymore.”

Willow began softly tapping her foot as they approached, slowly bringing her arms from behind her back revealing the long, curved fighting knives in her hands.  


Another raider fell, a steaming hole cored through his head.  Taxton looked back at the sky, targeting another incoming round as she pulled her gore covered arm free of a dead raider’s ribcage.  Her energy blast impacted the shell, illuminating the night for a moment as it detonated.  Another large male figure rushed her, twin blades spinning in a whirl of gleaming steel.  The wolf fem hurled the heavy corpse into the attacker, knocking him to the rooftop as she again targeted the night sky.

“Damn thing isn’t close enough.”  She growled, noting the raider rising to his feet.  

She opened her mouth wide, a pair of green energy flashes revealing the face of her assailant.  The weasel shrieked as his arms fell away, flopping wetly to the stone roof.  Taxton gripped him by the throat, raising her other hand up to his face.  Electricity arced between her fingers as she lifted him off his feet, then dangled him over the roof’s edge.

“How many of you are there?”  She roared into his face, her voice reverberating through the city streets.
“I..............I dunno .............”  The panicked weasel shrieked.  “‘Bout.....hunert.....or so ”

In the distance, cannons thundered again.  Taxton released the raider, letting him fall to the street below as she tracked the incoming rounds.


Lex watched as the half dressed lion spun under the armored figure’s guard, the jett colored blade slipping through the raider’s armor breastplate as if it were tissue.  Another pair of menacing figures appeared from the alley, charging the young lion as he yanked the blade free of the twitching body.  Lex hefted one of the serving tables, sending it flying into the pair of raiders, and sending them crashing to the ground as the table splintered.

“Thanks.”  Keyren nodded to the huge wolfstallion.

“No problem.”  Lex replied as he picked up one of the fallen raider’s blades.  

“Which way is it to the.........temple of Althea........from here?”  Keyren asked as he pressed his arm tightly against his side, pain shooting through him from the partially healed wounds.

“This way.  There’s someone there I need to check on anyway.”  Lex motioned as he noticed one of the raiders beginning to rise from under the shattered table.  

The raider’s head snapped back with a crunch as the wolfstallion’s huge hoof impacted his helm, knocking him back to the street.
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Willow snatched the scimitar from the dying raider’s hand as he slowly sank to his knees, her blade buried to the hilt in the gap beneath his breastplate.  She turned, ducking under the arc of the bull’s axe, the heavy weapon slicing off her last opponent’s head. The towering male gurgled as he felt the curved blade bite into his armpit, exiting through the neck of his armor.  The deer fem continued to twirl as the bull staggered to the ground, leaping over a low swing from a large mastiff’s jagged claymore.  Her remaining blade pierced the back of his neck, it’s tip protruding just below his chin.  The raider grasped his neck as she gave the knife a yank, continuing to spin as she forced the slender blade free of his neck.  He fell to the ground as she slammed her foot into the rear of his knee, the life slowly fading from his eyes as he watched her cartwheel over the headless body at his side, gracefully retrieving her second blade.

“Bastards ruined a wonderful evening....”  Willow said angrily as she wiped her blades on one of the fallen raider’s tattered cloaks.  

She looked back to the end of the street just as Lex and a large male lion raced past, disappearing from view as another explosion shook the ground beneath her.  

“Lex ”  She called as she sprinted after the pair.  “Wait up ”


Kaden watched as another of the strange green blasts intercepted a round in mid flight, detonating it harmlessly above the city.

“What sort of defenses does this city have?”  He asked as he looked at Neves.  
“Not something I expected.”  The bull tiger cross growled as he starred intently down at the city.  “It appears to be a female wolf among the rooftops.  It looks as though she’s spitting energy at the cannon shells.”

Neves suddenly turned, leaping from the observation platform to the high cannon deck.  

“Load cannister shot, guns three and four ”  He shouted as he motioned the gunner of the cannon aside, taking the badger’s place at it’s controls.  “We’ll see if she can hit buckshot.”


“Get this lot back to the skiff ”  Shouted a huge grizzly raider as his men added another female to the line of shackled prisoners.  “And find that viger   We ain’t leaving without her ”

The hulking male turned, pulling his blade from the chest of a fallen guardsman as the pregnant vixen caught his eye.  The attractive fox fem looked ready to birth as she did her best to walk quickly toward them.

“And catch that one for me ”  The huge bear roared, shoving a wild eyed wolverine boar cross toward her.  “I’m in the mood for something ripe.”

Kamber brought her staff up defensively as three of the invaders rushed her, softly muttering the cantrip needed for a barrier.  The raiders charged headlong into the barely visible wall of energy, each falling to the ground with a stunned expression.

“Let them go ”  Kamber shouted, trying to choke down the lump of fear in her throat.  Here she was standing mostly naked in a street filled with armed marauders, heavily pregnant, and with no apparent assistance.  

“Shoni ”  The bear called, half turning to a male dark tiger.  “Got a little mage girl for ya to deal with.  Don’t fuck her up too bad.  I wanna save her for later.”

The tall male threw back his hood, turning toward Kamber as he brought up his skull topped staff.  

“Oh gods.......” Kamber gasped as she watched the skull’s eyes flare with power.  “A ghost walker.....”
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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The impact sent Taxton plummeting off the roof into the street below, crashing through several of the wooden tables.  Another hail of shot ripped through the surrounding structures, sending a cloud of debris into the air around the fallen wolf fem.  

“Ungh........”  Taxton groaned as she dragged herself from under the shattered wood planks, pink fluid draining slowly from the numerous gaping holes riddling her body.  “Got to............override regen..........”

She slumped onto her side in the middle of the street as darkness began to fall over her, barely noticing the figures racing toward her.

“Taxton ”  Keyren roared as he watched the wolf female collapse, her body riddled with holes.  “Oh gods no.....”

The young lion slid to his knees beside her, lifting her carefully off the debris littered street, only to feel a searing pain shoot through his side due to her weight.
“I’ll take her.  You’re in no shape to.”  Lex said as he flung the raider’s blade aside, gently lifting the wolf fem from Keyren’s arms.  “She’s heavier than she looks.”  He mused as he looked at her in astonishment.

“We’ve got to get her out of here.”  Keyren said as he grimaced in pain.  “Which way?”

“This way ”  Willow called as she took the lead, keeping her speed to a jog to let them keep up.  “It’s just a few blocks.”


Cole led Lita into the shrine, both their heads snapping up in surprise as the squall of a hungry newborn greeted them.  They hurried to the large bathing chamber, finding Mara nearly unconscious against her sister’s huge belly.  Dari held one of the huge chakat cubs, cradling it atop her rounded belly as it sucked greedily from her breast.  Rayne held the other, looking up to the pair as they made their way into the room.  

“You almost missed it.”  The cheegress said quietly as she nodded to where a groggy Shae lay with a pair of small bundles.  “Only one to go.”

“And if you’re up to it, she could really use some healing work on her womb and abdominal muscles.”  Dari said as she handed the squirming taur infant to Anya.  “And after she’s done, we’ll worry about what we’re going to do with all of you.”

Lita awkwardly went to her knees beside the sweat covered vigress, lightly touching her on her still huge belly.  Mara groaned as she felt her muscles regaining their strength, her belly slowly becoming taut once more, then clenched her teeth as another contraction tore through her.

Talon looked with concern at Lita’s larger belly, his eyes locking with hers for a moment.  The young healer looked away as tears welled again in her eyes, focusing her attention on Mara.  


Kamber threw up another barrier, this time combining it with pure electrical energy, hoping it would hold the ghost walker back until she could formulate a plan.  

“You can’t stop me little foxling.”  Ths skull atop the staff mouthed as the dark tiger spoke.  “Not even with such an impressive toy.”

“Damn...”  The young mage whispered as she watched the raiders drag the line of captured females around a corner.  “Bastards are getting away.”

She jammed the butt of her staff into the street, sending a ripple of power shattering the paving stones, opening a deep chasm beneath the ghost walker.  The dark tiger smiled as the skull staff sheathed him in blackish energy, holding him in place for a moment, then vanished.

“Where did...”  Kamber gasped, only to shriek in agony as a bolt of dark energy crackled off her back.  

She wilted to the street, her strength fading as the ghost walker approached.  Her vision began to blur as a huge equine shape appeared far behind the dark tiger, maneuvering behind a stack of crates.

The metasteed’s neigh caused the dark tiger to half turn as a wall of shattered crates and pottery sent him crashing to the street, nearly buried in shattered timber and fired clay.  The huge warstallion slid to the ground beside Kamber, slowly rolling her onto his back as the wreckage covering her fallen adversary erupted off his glowing form.  The huge male scrambled to his feet, carefully bolting back to the shrine as dark energy seared the stone buildings around him.  


Neves smiled as he watched a pair of the airskiffs returning to the huge warship.

“She could be aboard either of those.”  The huge bull tiger smiled as he looked down at Nesha, watching the gravid netherhound hold her huge belly as something within her moved.  “Feeling a bit full?”

“Too much.......inside me.........”  She managed to gasp as bulges moved beneath her hands.  “Can’t.........hold much..........more........Things inside............growing too fast.............But I........I can’t stop.......mating him.”

“Then we’ll just test a little something Rashelle sent along with us.”  Neves smiled as he knelt beside the hugely pregnant netherhound, placing a hand on her rock hard belly.  

The huge male flipped open a small chest, taking out a phallic shaped device, then a large container of thick fluid which he attached to the base of the device.  He pulled open Nesha’s legs, teasing her glistening sex for a moment with the tip of the device.  Nesha shuddered as the cold false cock sank deep inside her, feeling it lance through her cervical valve.   Neves activated the device, holding it in place with his knee as it began to spurt the fluid into the spasming netherhound.  

“What are you doing to my tracker?”  Kaden asked as he stalked toward the pair.

“Just making more room inside her.”  Neves chuckled as he removed the device from her sex, it’s container empty.  “She was complaining about being too full.  Now there really won’t be any limit to how much she can contain.  If this concoction of Rashelle’s works that is.”

“One way to find out, right Nesha?”  Kaden sneered as his tendrils snaked around the netherhound’s midsection, just below her breasts, his forecock rising into view.

Nesha gasped as she felt her pregnant with octuplets sized belly begin to tingle, the chemicals from the device altering her as Kaden began to fuck her once again.
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“Dari ”  Lex shouted as he shouldered the heavy door open, carefully swinging Taxton’s limp form through the opening.  “Dari   Are you in here?”

“Back here ”  Dari called as she stood, holding another small bundle to her breast.  “How bad is it ou...Oh Gods....”  The young priestess gasped as she saw Taxton’s limp body in Lex’s arms.

“She’s torn up pretty bad, but she’s stopped bleeding.”  The huge wolfstallion said gravely as he laid the tattered wolf fem down on a padded bench.  “Trouble is, I can’t find a pulse.”

Dari shook her head as she looked the wolf fem’s body over.  Deep wounds covered the left side of her body, some over an inch in diameter, while several gashes marred her right side, some with bits of masonry and wood still in them.  

“Her aura says she’s still alive.”  The skuncoon said quietly as she inspected a long gash beneath Taxton’s right breast, her eyes going wide at the sight of her golden, metallic ribs.  “But I haven’t the slightest idea how to treat her.”

Before Lex could respond, the heavy doors to the shrine flew open, nearly ripped from their huge hinges as the metasteed crashed into the building, his hooves sliding on the polished tile floor.  The huge warstallion fell into a slide almost gracefully, placing himself between Kamber and the furniture he crashed through, grunting as he came to a halt against a marble statue of the goddess Althea.

“Kamber ”  Cole shouted as he leapt to the stallion’s side, lifting the unconscious vixen from the floor.  “What the hells happened to her?”

The metasteed craned his head back, touching the young coyote on the arm.  Images flashed through his head, relaying what had occured moments ago.  

“Oh shit.  She tried to take on a ghost walker by herself.”  Cole said as he carried her to Lita’s side.

“You mean the guy in the doorway?”  Willow asked as she assumed a fighting stance, her foot beginning to fall into rythme on the stone floor.


Rashelle groaned as her belly swelled, her unborn shifting within her, growing as they absorbed the energy of the male pistoning into her sex.  The huge male grasped her hips, pulling her tight to the base of his cock as he climaxed.  Erin smiled as she gently touched the dark vixen’s distended belly, extending her healing gifts within Rashelle’s crowded uterus.  The huge grey wolf behind her removed his shaft from her cunny, moving aside for the next male.  Rashelle moaned as her sex was again filled, this time by a huge black lion.  

“Twenty six this time.”  Erin said quietly as she began to slowly pull on Rashelle’s nipples, spraying milk onto the sheets.  “With another group already waiting in line after those.”

“How.......many in ......the next..........”  Rashelle gasped as she felt her belly, now swollen to the appearance of being due with quintuplets, begin to brush the bed beneath her.  

“Twenty at present, but none have twinned yet.”  The vampire mink replied as she rolled onto her back, slipping her head beneath the sorceress’ bouncing breasts.  “But you can be certain they will.”

“Then we.........do as.........you sugg.......gested.  Rashelle gasped as she felt her vaginal muscles begin to clench, orgasm nearly upon her.  

“Then after you’re done here, we’ll need to find a test subject.”  The albino whispered as she sank her fangs into Rashelle’s hardened breast, her mouth filling with blood and milk.


Neves watched the colored flares rise above the city, then flipped his eyepatch back down.   The bull tiger turned, shaking his head as he watched Kaden hold Nesha impaled on his still pulsing forecock.

“My men are encountering organized resistance, plus a small number of imperials.”  He said as he looked to the line of slaves being unloaded from one of the airskiffs.  “Probably just in town for the festival.”

“I loathe the imperial army.”  Kaden growled as he dropped Nesha to the deck.  “Any chance you can kill them as well?”

“No shot currently.”  Neves shrugged, turning back to the rail.  “Besides, they’re not what you’re here for.”

“It would be a nice bonus.”  Kaden said as he joined the airship captain, looking down at the burning city below.  “What was that?”  He asked as he noticed a series of bright flashes from the far side of town, then heard the low roar of distant guns.

“Defense guns ”  Neves shouted as he spun, leaping toward the ship’s control deck.  “Take evasive action ”


Rayne flinched as Lex impacted the wall near her, landing heavily on the floor at her side.  The ghost walker pressed Willow to the floor with his booted foot as Rayne fumbled with the catch on her thigh holster, sobbing as she watched Talon sink to the floor, smoke rising from his fur.

“Now, if you are all quite finished.”  The skull mouthed, the dark tiger’s voice filtering eerily through the smoke and darkness.   “My mistress requires this pair for a working.”

Black energy arced from the staff, enveloping Masha and Mara as Rayne finally pulled the huge handgun free.  The ghost walker smiled, the eyes of the staff beginning to glow slightly as the translocation spell sought it’s destination.  Dark energy flared from the staff as the magnum thundered in the young brothel girl’s grasp.  

With an otherworldly scream, the skull shattered, the metal jacketed round tearing it to pieces.  Energy erupted from the ruined item, arcing off the smooth tiles of the shrine.  Kamber shuddered awake as her mage senses were overloaded, going rigid in Cole’s grasp.  Across from her, Anya gasped as the markings of Rashelle’s duplication spell flared to life, glowing as they absorbed the wildly flaring power.

“Oh.......Oh gods........”  Anya stammered as she felt the spell’s effect take hold.  “K.......Kamber    Help ”

The ghost walker spasmed as the energies of the staff wracked his body, arcing wildly about the hall until suddenly, the staff exploded.  The shriek of the staff’s bound spirit filled the night air, it’s release sending a wave of black energy rippling through the city.  

“Mara ?  Masha ?”  Talon shouted as he struggled to his feet, looking for the vigress sisters.  

The wolfcoon turned, looking to the spot where the ghost walker had been, pinning the young doe to the floor with his foot, and found only a scorched spot on the tile floor.  The dark tiger, the deer fem, and Mara and Masha had all vanished.

“NO  ”  He screamed, feeling as though his heart had been torn out.  

Dari turned to the young cougaress, her eyes going wide as she saw what was happening.  Anya’s belly was swelling visibly as she tried desperately to hold it back.  The number of unborn within her was increasing by the second, rapidly bringing her closer to her body’s limit.

“Lita ”  The priestess shouted as she quickly knelt at Anya’s side.  “Heal her   Quickly ”

“Can’t...................hold.....................any........................MORE ”  Anya panted as her belly continued to swell, groaning noises emanating from her taut flesh.

Kamber held her staff over her head, her eyes going white with power as she reached into the staff’s vast arcane memory, desperately looking for anything that could save the young cougaress.

“That’s it.”  She whispered as she found a spell of displacement, releasing it’s power over Anya.  She doubled over as her spell took effect, dropping the staff to the ground.

Shae and Dari both caught her as she fell, energy suddenly crackling off them as well, binding them to the unleashed magicks.
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“Where are we?”  Masha whispered, her eyes wide with fear as she looked about the darkened room.  

“I don’t know.”  Mara answered weakly, still drained from labor and delivery.  

“Bastard teleported us somewhere.”  Willow said as she rose to her feet, snorting as she realized her fighting knives were nowhere to be found.  “Hey   Mage boy   Wake up ”

The young deer fem rolled the dark tiger over with her foot, shocked to see the burns from the staff’s explosion.  Much o f his light armor had been ruined, buckled by the proximity of the blast.  His left hand was mangled, splinters of the dark staff still deeply embedded in his flesh.  As the young doe knelt beside him, the dark tigers eyes fluttered open.

“Where.....’cough’.....where.......am I.”  He managed as he grimaced, obviously in agony.

“We were about to ask you that.”  Willow replied angrily as she seized his good arm, quickly applying a wrist lock.  “What the hellfires did you do with us?”

“Not.............me........”  Ha gasped as she applied more pressure to his wrist.  “It was...........the staff ”

“Like I’m supposed to be.......”  Willow began, cut off as a huge door swung open, revealing a quartet of armored guards flanking a robed male white lion.

“Perfect.”  The albino lion smiled as he looked pointedly at Masha and Mara.  “Now I can find out just what Rashelle wants with the pair of you.”

Another explosion rocked the shrine as Talon slid to Kamber’s side.  The wolfcoon gasped as he rolled her onto her back to check on her.  Her belly had swollen to the appearance of being pregnant with octuplets.  He quickly looked to where Cole was lifting Shae, finding that she now looked extremely pregnant as well.

“She’s not breathing ”  Cole said, panic evident in his voice as he looked about for Lita.

“Neither is she ”  Lex exclaimed as he knelt beside Dari, cradling her head gently.

“I don’t think any of them are ”  Talon said as he desperately tried to remember how to perform basic resuscitation.  

Lita knelt in the midst of the group, extending her healing gifts over the unmoving forms of Kamber, Shae, Dari, and Anya.  The young snow leopardess let her power surge through them in a single pulse, shocking their bodies back into activity.  She sagged as each of the unconscious fems suddenly gasped for air, jolted back to life by the sudden influx of energy.  Lita levered herself into a sitting position as she tried to recover from the strain of such an overwhelming flexing of power.  

“Ungh...”  The young healer grunted as she felt the creature within her suddenly kick.  “Ouch...”

Kamber slowly opened her eyes, shaking her head groggily.  She looked up at Talon, dazedly wondering why the handsome wolfcoon was holding her and looking so very concerned.  Her eyes opened wide as the memories came rushing back, her hands going to her overly pregnant midsection.  

“Anya ? ”  The yong sorceress gasped as she looked about for the heavily gravid cougaress.  

“She’s fine.”  Cole assured her as he checked on the semi conscious former slave, stroking her cheek as she fluttered open her eyes.

“Then it worked.......”  Kamber sighed, then furrowed her brow in realization.  “I’m not as big as she is..... Oh Gods ”

Kamber levered herself into a sitting position, looking at both Dari and Shae in disbelief, her jaw going slack as she realized what had happened.  Dari’s belly had grown even larger than Kamber’s, now looking roughly full term with dectuplets.  Shae held her pregnant with octuplets sized belly as she looked about with confusion.

“What happened?”  Dari managed, looking up at Lex as she rubbed her forehead.  “I feel so drained.”

“You nearly died.”  The huge wolfstallion whispered gravely.  “You were caught in a spellsurge.  The healer managed to save you.”

“What about the others?”  Dari asked with concern as she looked about weakly.  

“Same as you, dazed and very pregnant.”  Lex said as he looked about at the others.  “The young cougaress most of all, but she was the target of the spell.”

Dari looked to where Anya lay on the tile floor.  The young priestess sighed with relief as she noted Anya’s belly had grown only slightly.  The young skuncoon then gasped as her hands went to her own hugely distended belly.

“Oh goddess ”  She exclaimed.  “I’m enormous  ”

“I was trying to save Anya by.............taking her unborn..........into my womb.”  Kamber said as she struggled to stand.  “You and Shae......... must have gotten..............linked in when you......................touched me..........I’m sorry.”

Dari struggled to focus, finally managing to get the swirling lights in her head to stop.  She gasped as she felt the huge number of unborn within her, biting her lip as she realized the exactly how many there were.  She did the same with the other girls, her eyes going wide as she felt the contents of Anya’s overcrowded womb.

“We need help.......”  The gravid priestess whispered to herself....


“What the hells do you mean they aren’t there any longer?”  Kaden growled at Nesha.  “What happened?”  

Nesha gasped as the huge wolfram taur squeezed her tighter, the snakelike tendrils beneath her breasts slowly crushing the air from her lungs.  

“Put.....me down........”  The netherhound gasped, her vision beginning to black out from the constant constriction.  “I can’t.....find them.........if I’m unconscious.”

Kaden lowered the jett colored female to the deck, dropping her roughly against the metal railing.  Nesha whinced as her head impacted the deckplates, glaring up at the huge male.  Kaden watched as the netherhound closed her eyes, his anger building more every passing second.  He flinched as the armored carapace on his back suddenly separated slightly, releasing a dozen more tendrils along his back and upper flanks.  

“They simply aren’t there any longer.”  Nesha sighed as she scanned the city below.  “I don’t know where they..”

“LYING BITCH ”  Kaden roared, seizing the gravid netherhound about the neck.  “You want them for yourself ”  

The huge altered wolfram taur hauled Nesha off the deck, his fangs flexing forward as she struggled in his grasp.  

“AAAAHHHH ”  Nesha screamed as she felt Kaden’s four inch fangs pierce her shoulder.  

“What the hells are you doing?”  Neves shouted as smoke from the guns wafted across the deck around him.  

Kaden turned, pitching the injured netherhound to the deck.

“UNGH ”  Nesha grunted as she landed belly first on the metal deckplates.  

The netherhound groaned as she lay still on the cold metal, blood oozing from her punctured shoulder as Neves crouched at her side.  Kaden turned, still glaring down at Nesha, then made his way off the observation deck as the airship began to bank again.

“See to her wounds.”  Neves said absently to a small ferret as he looked after the hulking form descending the stairs.  “It may be time to alter our mission slightly.”
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“How could they have gotten there?”  Talon asked as he handed Shae another pillow.  “Rashelle’s keep is no where near the south bank of the ‘marsh.”

“I’m not sure how they ended up there, but that’s where I sense they are now.”  The jynx sighed as she added the pillow to the pile behind her.  

Rayne shifted as she felt desire building within her, trying not to think about sex as she fed another of the newborns.  She gasped as the sensations from her oversensitive nipples shot through her like electricity, causing her to shudder slightly.

“Are you alright?”  Lex asked the young brothel girl.

“I’m fine.”  She replied, her eyes lingering on his nude body.  “Just not used to breastfeeding.......well, cubs anyway.”

Cole knelt beside Taxton, gently cutting away the remains of her garments.  He grimaced as he looked at the damage, silently counting the ragged wounds.  The young coyote shook his head as he checked for a pulse again.

“She doesn’t have a heartbeat.”  Cole said quietly as Lita knelt awkwardly beside them.  “Is there anything you can do for her?”

“Nothing I’ve tried has had any effect.”  The snow leopardess sighed as she again extended her healing gifts over Taxton’s limp form.  “I’m afraid.....”

Lita startled as the door to the shrine shuddered under impact, losing her balance and falling onto her side as Cole stood and rushed beside Keyren to the temple’s heavy doors.  The young lion looked back to Talon, nodding as he noted the wolfcoon archer already had an arrow knocked and ready.  Lex grabbed a sturdy ironwork table, laying it in the hallway as a shield for the girls and cubs.   Keyren pulled the door open as Cole drew his blades, hopping backwards as a limp body fell through the opening.  Across the street, a huge black male wolf swung one of the armored raiders by the ankle, sending splinters flying from a wooden wagon as the raider’s helm smashed through the heavy planks.  The towering male swung the limp form again, sending the raiders back around the corner as several imperial troops passed the shrine door, picking off any stragglers from the berserker’s onslaught.  

“Wait!”  A female voice called as Keyren began to close the door.  “Don’t close the door!”

Cole turned to find a pair of attractive young females in priestess robes leading a pregnant chakat toward the shrine, shielded by a pair of huge imperial troopers.  He and Keyren stepped back as the trio entered the hallway, closing the heavy door behind them.

“I’ll find Dari, you make hir comfortable.”  Said a rather busty horse fem as she started into the shrine, only to stop in her tracks as she saw the occupants of the disheveled temple.  “Oh, goddess.  What in Althea’s name is going on in here?”

“I’ll explain later.....”  Dari said as she turned, the other priestesses’ eyes going wide as they saw her enormous belly.

“What in the hells happened to you?”  The other priestess, a black panthress, gasped as she unconsciously grasped her belly.  “It’s not the cure is it?”

“No, it’s not that.”  Dari said as she shook her head, trying to think of a way to sum everything up quickly.  “I believe this situation requires communing with our Lady.”

“We need to stop hir contractions, then we can help with.....oh bright goddess.”  The panthress broke off as she saw Rayne and Anya behind the overturned metal table.  

“I’ll need to get them into the meditation chamber.”  Dari said as she braced herself against the heavy table, the building shuddering again as the city’s defense cannons thundered in the background.  “If anyone can help us, it’s Althea.”

Lex looked to the bench where Taxton lay, then back to the others.

“What should we do with your friend’s b......what should we do with her?”  The wolfstallion asked, noting the hopeless expression on Lita’s face.

“Well, you’d damn well better not bury me.”  Taxton replied weakly, causing Lita to gasp in shock.  “I hate it when people do that.”


The white lion chuckled as Willow folded another of his guards in half with a spinning kick, watching the graceful bladedancer as she worked her way through the surprised males.  The deer fem ducked beneath a male tiger’s mancatcher, causing the overbalanced guard to stumble forward.  Willow seized the startled tiger by the breastplate as she went suddenly to one knee before him.  The wicked looking mancatcher clattered from his grasp as his nose met the stone floor with a crunch.

“And to think I pay these men.....”  The white lion muttered as the deer fem swept the legs from under his last upright guard, causing his helm to shatter a wooden chair on his way to the floor.  With a smile, he made a quick gesture with his hand, causing symbols to flare to life in the empty air before him. “Mahrl Eak Navron....”

Willow suddenly stopped as though seized by some unseen force, then slowly wilted to the floor.  A pair of the downed guards regained their feet, angrily advancing on the young deer.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”  The lion asked as he casually walked to Willow’s side.

“She needs a....”  The bloodied tiger began, cut off by the lion’s glance.

“Position as my personal bodyguard?”  The lion laughed as he watched his men seethe.  “She bested the lot of you, empty handed.  You should be more upset with your performance than hers.  Now, take the male away for interrogation, while I see to the ladies myself.”

“What do...........you want............with them?”  The dark tiger managed as he shakily lifted himself off the floor with his good arm.

“If Rashelle wants them, then they have value.”  The lion grinned as he knelt before Mara and Masha, placing a hand on Masha’s enormous belly.  “And while I haven’t been able to determine what that value is exactly, I’ll bet it has to do with their overly crowded wombs.”


Kaden pressed a hand against his throbbing head, gasping as another wave of disorientation cut through the maddening headache.  He closed his eyes tight as he slowly lowered himself to the floor of the storage chamber.

“What............the hells...........is........”  He groaned, feeling a wave of intense heat wash through his body.

Unconsciousness dragged him into it’s depths as the airship banked again, rising into the night sky.


“No sense wasting ammunition when our quarry has eluded us.”  Neves said thoughtfully as he watched the city fall away into the distance.  “You’re certain they’re to the south?”

“That’s where............I feel them.”  Nesha gasped as she felt the occupants of her swollen belly move.  “How they..........got there...........I don’t know.”

“We’ll find them.  After we take on a few new troops we’ll make for the marsh.”  The bull tiger mused as he unrolled a large map.  “Then I’ll signal Rashelle to gate us back.”

The massive airship finished it’s turn, rising above the low clouds of another storm system.  

“Make for the city of AshVale!”  Neves called to the helmsman, chuckling to himself as he rolled the map once again.  “I know a merc captain there who owes me a favor.”
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Hey!  Check that out.  The exclamation points converted!  (shakes head at own lack of computer knowledge...)
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Yay, exclaimation marks!
Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I was wondering what ever happen to this story. I would hate to see this fade away and not continued.

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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I plan to work on it more as time allows.  Only thing is, I work an insane amount of hours and by the time I get home, my brain is fried.  For now, enjoy what there is and check back now and again for random updates.....

Title: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
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Quote from: "Amenshawn"
For now, enjoy what there is and check back now and again for random updates.....

Oh we will! We will. :3
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Uh... is this series dead or not? It is only a few weeks from 2008 and the story hasn't been continued yet. Come on.
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Uh... is this series dead or not? It is only a few weeks from 2008 and the story hasn't been continued yet. Come on.

Tell ya what.  You run my cabinetry installation business all by yourself for the 65 to 75 hours a week that I put in, and I'll write more often  ;)

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Uh... is this series dead or not? It is only a few weeks from 2008 and the story hasn't been continued yet. Come on.

Tell ya what.  You run my cabinetry installation business all by yourself for the 65 to 75 hours a week that I put in, and I'll write more often  ;)

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Deal. :P
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Terah gasped as the sensations from her nipples slowly drew her closer to climax.  The wolfmare panted, hoping the suction device would somehow stop working.  The pressure within her huge breasts was more tolerable now, but the constant sucking sensation on her thumb sized nipples was causing her to orgasm repeated, causing the massive slurm beasts within her to swell larger as they took in the sexual energy. 

“Oh gods.......not again..........”  She managed as the door swung open, revealing Rashelle’s hugely gravid form.

“Bring her in here.”  The dark vixen smiled, looking over to Terah’s suspended form.  “Since my little cougar escaped, you’ve had no one to keep you company.”

A pair of the sorceress’ hulking guards dragged a struggling female form into the chamber, dropping her roughly to the floor near the mound of cushions.

“But it just so happens my raiders found me a replacement.”  The sorceress smiled with lust as she pulled the tattered cloak off the female, revealing a black maned white unicorn fem bound with heavy iron shackles.  “One that just happens to be perfect for Erin’s little............experiment.”  She paused as her belly suddenly jolted from within, her hands grasping the sides of the drumhead taut flesh.  “This little plan of yours had..........better work.”

“It will.”  Erin said as she walked into the room, Rashelle’s trunk of magickal artifacts in hand.  “She’s a creature of magick, which means her very nature will anchor the spell once it’s cast.  We just need to be certain those shackles hold.”

“They’ll hold...........her just like they held..........the one you perfected this on.”  Rashelle smiled coldly as she lowered herself into the pile of cushions.  “Shame that she..........didn’t survive the experience.”

“True, but it’s not like she went to waste.”  The vampire mink mused as she licked her lips, then opened the trunk and began arranging various items before her. 

The albino watched Rashelle hold her huge belly for a moment, taking note of how much the dark sorceress had grown.  The almost constant sex had caused the nethertaurs within Rashelle to twin repeatedly, swelling her to the appearance of being ready to deliver octuplets already, and that was merely over the last few hours.

“Once we finish this ritual, you can have all the sex you want, and not have to worry about them twinning within you.”  The mink said as she took her notes and knelt beside the gravid sorceress.  “Plus, I’m tweaking it ever so slightly so that she actually feels pleasure when it happens.  Wouldn’t want all that potential energy to go to waste.”  The mink smiled up at Terah’s semi suspended form.

“Then what are you waiting for.”  Rashelle smiled as she forced herself to relax, closing her eyes as Erin began tracing symbols onto her swollen belly.


“My Lady, we have need of you.”  Dari whispered as she placed her hand against the statues’ outstretched palm, marveling as light began to emanate from the smooth metal.  The heavily gravid priestess stepped back a pace as the eyes of the sculpture slowly began to glow. 

The room darkened as the other priestesses turned down the lanterns, then helped Dari to lay down upon a pile of cushions before the statue.  Before they could turn to help the rest of the overly crowded females into the room, the statue looked down at Dari.

“Bright havens daughter!  What have you been bedding!?”  A female voice asked with shock. 

“We have a problem my Lady.”  Dari said as she levered herself into a sitting position.  “Actually, several problems....”
“Gather as many as you can before the altar.”  The voice from the statue said with obvious concern.  “Then I can better see how I may help.”

Within a few moments, Talon and the others had Kamber, Lita, Anya, Rayne, and Shae arranged on the cushions beside Dari.  As the extremely pregnant females finally made themselves comfortable, light from the statue washed over them.  Suddenly the statues’ outstretched hand moved carefully toward Dari’s rounded midsection.  The young skuncoon priestess leaned forward as best she could, pressing her taut belly against the statue’s hand.

“How in all the worlds.....”  The statue’s voice said as the glowing eyes flickered.  “Most of these aren’t even yours.  Most of them are growing at an extremely accelerated rate.”

The statue of Althea then slowly turned toward Kamber, gently touching her belly.

“The same within you, only there is a huge amount of.........”  The voice trailed off for a moment.  “I’ve not seen seed of this type in an age, and you’re nearly bursting with it.” 

The statue then touched Rayne’s swollen middle.

“More of it, gallons......”  The voice said with awe.  “And nethercubs as well.  You were correct my child.”  The statue said as it turned toward Shae, placing it’s glowing palm on her full term with octuplets sized belly.  “None of the seed, and a womb full of another’s unborn.”

Lita began to sob as the hand touched her belly.

“Oh child.......”  The statue said after a moment.  “How did..........  And it’s causing your gifts to flare......”

“I know........”  The young snow leopardess sobbed as she held the sides of her belly.  “And I can’t stop it...........from growing...........and it’s started kicking.”

“Not in centuries, but not the first time.”  The statue’s voice said softly, almost to itself.  “There is hope.”

The statue then turned to Anya, gently placing it’s glowing palm on her huge belly.

“What in the seven hells did they do to you.....”


Masha felt a wave of energy wash through her as the white lion touched her belly at the end of the incantation, a smile crossing his features.

“So that’s what she wants....”  Farinous chuckled as he looked into Masha’s eyes.  “It’s getting crowded in there.  I doubt you even know how many you’re expecting.”

“H....how many...”  Masha quietly asked as the lion stood and smoothed his robes. 

“Enough to make even Althea herself raise an eyebrow.” The lion mage said, turning to look at Mara.  “I doubt either of you can survive much longer at this growth rate.  There’s simply too many within you as you are.”

Masha and Mara looked at each other in fear, their hands going reflexively to their enormous bellies.

“No need to worry.  The young within you are far too valuable to allow you to burst.”  Farinous chuckled as he watched the pair for a moment, taking note of the scent beginning to permeate the air.  “I believe I can prevent an untimely end, although I cannot speak for what Rashelle may do once I’ve traded you to her.”

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“How...........much farther......”  Nesha asked as she attempted to stand, her full term with dectuplets size belly causing her balance to elude her. 

“No more than two hours with this lovely tailwind.”  Neves replied as he watched her lean heavily against the airship’s railing, her erect nipples dripping profusely.  “Why, are you feeling the urge again?”

“Not for.............any more of Kaden..........”  The netherhound sighed as she looked back to the bull tiger.  “But all this..........constant sex............and being pregnant...........has me craving a female..........or two.”

Neves chuckled as he watched a small amount of seed trickle out of the corner of the netherhound’s mouth.

“We took on a number of comely looking prisoners during the raid.  They’re in the main hold, if you’re up to it.”  The airship captain said as he patted the side of her hugely gravid middle, drawing a glare from her.

“I think I can............handle the likes..............of a few mortal females.”  Nesha panted as she pushed his hand away, turning toward the main cargo hold’s heavy doors.

The heavily pregnant netherhound could barely contain herself as the scent of sex wafted from the females behind the doors. 

“Out of my way.....”  She managed to say around her fluid dripping tongue, fixing the guards at the hold’s entrance with an icy stare. 

She began to tremble with need as she saw the females attempting to cover themselves.  She flared her otherworldly aura, allowing her amplified level of sexual need to wash over the two dozen females.  The nearest fems in the hold stopped cowering and began to pant as they became completely aroused, approaching the swollen netherhound as the guards closed the doors behind her.  She took the first fem to reach her, a rather busty lioness, and lowered her to the floor, nearly falling on her as her center of gravity escaped momentarily.  The lioness parted her legs as Nesha began to work her fingers into her sex, the netherhound gasping as she felt another of the fems begin to lick her sex eagerly.  The lioness gasped as Nesha began to lick her cunny, slowly slipping more and more of her lengthy tongue inside.  Nesha quivered as she erupted within the lioness, causing the fem to buck and arch her back, squealing as the otherworldly seed filled her.


Rashelle looked down at the stunned unicorn fem, watching as her belly swelled.  The sorceress continued to ride the huge cock within her, smiling at the lack of appreciable growth of her own huge belly.

“It works.........quite well........”  The dark sorceress panted, still rocking atop the huge black wolf cock within her.  “She seems to be.............containing all of them.....................nicely.”

“And enjoying herself, as I said she would.”  Erin smiled as she patted the side of Terah’s massive belly.  “Which in turn makes your pet here ever larger.  She’s already quite full.  How much longer do you think she can contain them?”

“A little..........extra energy................in reserve can’t...............hurt.”  Rashelle smiled evilly as she felt the male suddenly cum deep inside her.  “She can hold..............a bit more....................due to the spells.............I’ve placed on her.”

“C...........can’t........................................keep...........................................growing......”  Terah managed weakly, still shuddering as her belly groaned in protest. 
Rashelle lifted herself off the spent male, crawling over to the quivering unicorn fem.  The fems belly now looked full term with quads, still swelling slowly as the nethertaurs within her sought more space.

“She still seems to be aroused.”  Rashelle smiled as she watched the unicorn fem shudder.  “I think she could use some company, just to sate a few of her cravings.”

“Too bad you’ve used up most of the males in your little army.”  Erin mused.

“They can’t seem to keep up with my needs................”  Rashelle said as she furrowed her brow.  “But we could change that............”


“Here, put this on.”  Dari said as she handed Rayne a shimmery dark blue robe.

“That’s not going to cover much.”  The cheegress smiled as she looked at the silky garment, then to the iridescent blue robe the priestess had pulled taut over her leaking breasts. 

“It’s not supposed to.”  The priestess smiled as she watched Anya slip a similar robe on, tying the belt just beneath her huge breasts.  “But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Rayne watched as Dari gracefully crossed the room, almost sauntering despite her now huge belly, and offered a hand to Anya.  The stunned cougaress gasped as the skunkoon pulled her to her feet, amazed that she could walk under her own power.

“My belly hardly weighs anything ”  She exclaimed, bouncing up and down as she wrapped her arms around her massively gravid girth.  “I still feel all the pressure inside, but almost none of the weight.”

“These are traveling robes.”  Dari said as she watched Rayne carefully rise to her feet.  “They’re for times when priestesses who are nearly due or carrying multiples need to go out into the surrounding area to assist other females or for when we have to get someone with a complicated pregnancy back here.  I thought they would be useful.”

“This is incredible.”  Lita whispered as she walked into the room, her belly protruding from the front of her new robe. 

“And I’ll have another item for you as soon as Rowan returns from the Keep.”  Dari said quietly as she approached the healer.  “It should keep you from projecting your gifts.  That should keep you from repeating what happened earlier.”

Lita nodded as she felt her sex go wet, the sensations of need from her womb slowly growing stronger.  She turned away as images began to flash through her mind, grateful that Keyren, Talon, Lex, and Cole were out getting supplies.  She passed Kamber and Shae, both of whom were showing Taxton the revealing traveling robes they were wearing, and stepped out the side door, looking for a place to get air that didn’t smell so much like aroused females.  Lita turned and looked about, realizing she had wandered out into the small stable area behind the shrine.  Her eyes widened as she felt her healing gifts flare, the huge metasteed looking back at her with surprise in his eyes.
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Wow, awesome work.

Though at this point, I'm almost tempted to ask for a cheat sheet to keep track of all the characters, their species, and how many children they've sired/are pregnant with by who. ^^;
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How do you think I keep track  ;)
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It's great to see an update after so long! Hopefully we'll see more after these. And I have to echo Rikmach, there's so much going on that occasionally I've had to look back and figure out what the current situation is. Though I'm not complaining by any means. :)
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 ;D :D ;D :D YAY!! you updated!!!! This has to be by far my favorite WISWRP story.
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Agreed.  Not only is the detail fantastic but the escalation is amazing; The very first post made it sound like Masha was bursting at the seams, and now she's been knocked up several times over and she's still growing, not to mention that some of the other characters are even larger than she is.  I can't even imagine how they're going to end up at this rate.
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Kaden slowly lifted himself off the floor of the storage room, blinking his glowing red eyes, all five of them, as he attempted to take in all the changes.  His skin, along with his remaining fur and the strange carapace, had turned jet black.  He stood, finding that he had grown in size as well, now towering the full height of the fifteen foot ceiling.
“What in the hells........”  He managed, finding his voice had been altered to an otherworldly growl.

Kaden blinked as he realized the darkened room he had passed out in had changed, now seeming to be lit throughout by some unseen source.  He struggled to place the fragments of memory together, his mind clouded by strange sensations.  Kaden laughed as it slowly fell together in his mind, his lengthy prehensile tongue sliding over his extended fangs.

“..........altered by biting her.........”  He mused as he noted several of Nesha’s altered form traits blended with his form.  “I wonder....”

He closed his eyes, concentrating on the netherhound he’d been mating regularly.  He smiled, a clear vision of Nesha blazing in his mind’s eye.  A wave of urgency rushed over him as he watched her slip her tongue into an athletic doberman fem, slowly crowding out all his coherent thoughts.  The walls of the stroage room seemed to melt away as he stepped forward, his thoughts fixed on the room filled with writhing females. 

Nesha gasped as she felt a massive form settle atop her, tendrils wrapping about her legs and shoulders.  The netherhound grunted as an incredibly large cock slipped into her dripping sex.  The doberman fem she’d been tongue fucking suddenly pulled away, lifted off by more of the jet colored tendrils.  Nesha felt her belly press hard against the metal floor, the pressure within her heavily pregnant uterus increasing as thick seed poured into her. 

Kaden held the swollen lioness’ legs apart as he slipped his dripping tongue deep inside the already seeded fem.  Just below her, several of his thick tentacles worked the doberman fem onto the huge shaft between his front legs, the fem arching her back as her uterus swelled more and more.  He could feel Nesha feebly struggling below his lower body, the walls of her sex stretched tight around him as he pistoned more seed into her swelling belly.

Nesha gasped as she felt her belly growing.  The pressure from within her increased with each of what she knew must be Kaden’s thrusts.  His crushing weight caused her belly to flare to the sides as she grunted in time with his thrusts, real fear of bursting racing through her sex fogged mind.

“Don’t.............need................you..............any..........................more ”  Kaden growled as he let more of his bulk settle atop the grunting netherhound, driving his massive cock deeper into her sex.

“But I could still use her.”  Neves snarled as he stepped into the hold.  “Now, get off her before you kill her.”

“Don’t.............take orders.................from you ”  The massive Kaden taur growled as he continued to spurt thick fluid into Nesha’s huge belly, causing ominous groans to emanate from her taut flesh. 

“Fine, have it your way.”  The bull tiger said as he swung the barrel of a menacing looking shotgun into view.

Kaden laughed as the mercenary captain took aim. 

“Mortal weapons...........don’t work...........on nether creatures.”  The massive taur thing roared as more tentacles extended toward Neves.

“Do tell.”  Neves smiled as he pulled the trigger, the room suddenly bathed in white light as the phosphorus shells erupted.

Kaden screamed as the white hot shot tore holes through his flank, pain unlike any wound he’d ever known driving him off Nesha.  The shotgun thundered again, striking Kaden in the upper torso and sending both females dropping onto the makeshift bedrolls littering the floor.  The searing pain from the molten metal burning within him sent the huge taur thing clambering backward.  Neves chambered yet round as Kaden roared, then disappeared into the darkened corner, vanishing from sight.

“I’ll have............Rashelle’s prize...............for myself ”  Kaden’s voice echoed through the hold, coming from every shadow.  “And.........breed her..........and that sorceress bitch.........till they burst ”

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“They’re safe.  They feel nervous, but I’m not getting that they’re in any immediate danger.”  Shae said as she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of Rayne staring at her swollen breasts before the cheegress looked away.  “And I saw the other girl, Willow,  there as well.  She’s unconscious, but unharmed.”

“That’s quite a distance to travel.”  Talon said as he looked with concern at the jynx’s swollen belly.  “Are you certain you want to go?”

“You’ll need me.”  Shae replied, her eyes going to her gravid middle.  “Besides, we’re all going to the same place anyway.  And this robe should allow me to move without slowing us down much.  Just because I can’t see my feet anymore doesn’t mean I can’t travel.”  She smiled as she moved into a more alluring pose, the robe pulling taut over her nipples.

“She’s right.”  Taxton said as she walked into the room.  “If they’re moved before we make it there, we’ll need her sight to locate them again.”  The wolf fem paused as she looked about, noting all eyes on her.  “What?”

“Are you up to this?”  Cole asked as he looked at the bandaged area on the wolf fem’s side.

“My seal and heal systems will have this taken care of in no time.”  Taxton shrugged.  “Just one of the benefits of being me.”

“But...............what are you?”  Dari asked as she tried again to make sense of the aura around the wolf fem.

“A relic.”  Taxton sighed.  “A wetware body with a metallic skeleton.  That’s why you can’t feel any strong life force from me.  I’m not really alive in the classic sense.  Now, what are we going to do about Mara’s young ones here.  It’s too dangerous to take newborns where we’re going.”

“They can stay here with Rowan and Lecia.”  Dari said as she looked across the room to the black panthress, smiling with relief as she watched her breastfeeding another of the hungry chakat cubs.  “There are a few wetnurses who help with emergencies.  They’ll be fine until we can send for them.”

“Then we should get moving as soon as possible.”  Talon said as he stood, turning to the huge wolfstallion.  “You coming with?”

“You think I got all dressed up for nothing?”  Lex replied as he cocked an eyebrow.  “I can’t leave Willow prisoner somewhere.  Besides, these ladies need as many burly protectors as we can manage.”  He smiled as he noted both Rayne and Anya both glance at his scalemail kilt.  “Besides, I haven’t broken in my new toys.”

Talon managed a smile as Lex held up a pair of fighting shields, shifting his glance to the door as Keyren and Kamber walked in.

“Have any of you seen Lita?”  The vixen asked as she looked about at the others with concern.

The young healer grunted as the huge warstallion continued to work into her, waves of her healing gifts flaring over the huge male, drawing him closer to another climax.  Lita could feel the unborn creature within her slowly rolling as it absorbed more of the metasteed’s seed, growing and changing, swelling her belly larger.  Tears rolled from her eyes as she felt how large it was now, wondering how much longer it would be before it was ready to emerge.  She probed at it with what little of her gift remained under her control, trying to be as logical about her findings as she could manage. 

“Each time...................it takes in...............................fresh seed.....................it goes...................................dormant for....................................................a time.”  She managed as thoughts began to race through her head.  “Just need................to keep...........................feeding it..............to stay alive.”

Lita groaned as her belly stretched tighter, the huge stallion draining another load into her womb.  She sagged as the exhausted male slowly removed his shaft from her sex, shaking his head as he trembled with exertion. 

Lita levered herself over, propping herself against the wall, grateful that the robe did away with most of the weight of her swollen belly.  Her eyes went wide as she looked at her middle, now swollen to the appearance of being full term with a dozen. 

She slowly got to her feet, then hugged the still quivering metasteed in silent apology.  The huge warstallion whickered quietly as he looked at her, pressing his head against her shoulder.   The feeling of understanding washed through her, then a confirmation of what she had been thinking out loud earlier.

“So I’m right?”  She asked, tears rolling from her eyes.

The huge male nodded as it flicked an ear toward the sound of footsteps entering the stable. 

“Oh bright goddess ”  Dari exclaimed as she saw the size Lita’s belly had grown to.  “Put this on, before you draw any more males in here ”  The priestess said as she quickly held out a small golden circlet.  “It should keep your gifts from going crazy.”

“It won’t kill me if I keep feeding it more seed.”  Lita sobbed as she looked at Dari.  “But I can’t keep growing like this much longer.”

Dari extended her gifts over the young healer’s gravid belly, shuddering as she realized how close Lita was to bursting.
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Yes, more story and so worth the wait!
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Post by: Rikmach on February 22, 2008, 06:39:01 pm
How do you think I keep track  ;)

Care to share, or author's-eyes only?
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Post by: Amenshawn on February 23, 2008, 03:35:03 am
I have a current listing that I could post, however, I don't want to throw out numbers that could possibly take away from the storyline.  I know that there are a lot of folks here that like to know the outcome first, but I hate to give away plotpoints or suprises.
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Willow slowly opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings as the numbness of the spell wore off.  The young blade dancer levered herself off the floor as quietly as she could, hoping the guards she could hear in the hall wouldn’t notice.  She slid into the shadows at the rear of the small cell, slipping silently toward the door. 

“Damn.....”  The young deer fem whispered to herself as she counted six guards in the area she could see, one of them obviously a mage.

Willow quietly moved away from the door, peering into the shadows of the cells across the hall.  She startled as she found a pair of feline eyes staring at her from the gloom of the cell. 

“))About time you woke up((“ The dark tiger’s voice sounded clearly in her head.

Masha panted as another wave of energy washed through her.  The arcane symbols the albino lion had carefully painted across her gravid middle flared, glowing in the darkened room as more power flowed over her.  Strange yet pleasant sensations slowly made their way into her sex, seeming to work deeper inside her almost like a lover as energy continued to crackle around her, arching off the walls like miniature lightning.  The heavily pregnant vigress moaned as more of the energy filled her, flooding through her massive womb. 

Mara shuddered as the energy filling her finally peaked, orgasm causing her to buck in her restraints.  The gravid vigress grunted with exertion as her belly filled with power.  Slowly, the incredible pressure from within her began to subside, replaced by the rush of surging energy.  Mara opened her eyes, blinking against the bright light of the spell.  She gasped as she watched her belly actually grow smaller, tightening around the energy within her. 

“There.......”  Farinous smiled as he looked at the restrained sisters.  “Plenty of..........room to grow..........for your cubs.”   

“What have..........you done.............to us......”  Masha gasped as the aftershocks of climax still chased through her.  “My cubs..........”

“Are fine.”  The mage smiled as he placed a hand on Mara’s gravid belly.  “And now, you have more than enough space within you to carry them all to term.  You’ll just look ready to give birth to a healthy litter from now on.”

Masha looked at her belly, much smaller than it had been, looking full term with around ten cubs.  Mara looked roughly the same size, still panting in her restraints as Farinous gently ran his hand over the peak of her belly.

“And now that you’re both in no danger of rupturing, I must see about contacting Rashelle.”  The lion mage said, turning toward the door, pausing with a troubled look as he peered into the shadows of the room’s corner.


Nesha grunted as the pressure within her continued to grow.  The gravid netherhound looked across the cargo area to the swollen lioness and doberman fem, need once again washing through her.  The pair that the Kaden taur had filled had continued to swell, each now looking full term with quints.  Nesha’s own belly now looked ready to deliver sixteen at any moment, swelling even faster than the others. 

“What.........did you.............do to me..............Kaden.........”  The netherhound whispered aloud as she felt something begin to press lower within her, pleasure washing over her as something writhed slowly through her, feeling as though she were being fucked from within. 

The gravid netherhound gasped as the sensation grew, feeling her sex part more and more.  She rolled onto her back, her eyes going wide as her hands encountered a mass of tentacles emerging from her stretched cunny.  Thoughts of the huge creature in the ancient underground complex raced through her mind, slowly being drowned out by the urge to breed the rest of the females in the hold.


“So how are we going to cross that much distance in time?”  Lex asked as Shae pointed to an area far removed from their current location.  “I’m not sure taking the girls into the marsh in such a great idea.  Even Dari’s having trouble determining when they’re going to be due.” 

“Well, you’re not leaving us here.”  Kamber said as she absently rested hand atop her swollen belly.  “We all need to get to the temple if Althea is going to help us.  That means we go.”

“Plus we can move around without much help now.”  Rayne said as she turned to give them a profile view.

“They go.”  Taxton said as she walked back into the room.  “As for how we cover the distance, the cliffs of Aberdeen are nearby.  If I remember things correctly, there is something there we can use.  But it means your horse friend will have to stay behind.”  The wolf fem said as she looked at Anya.

“I’ll need to.........”  Anya began, realizing how much she’d been breeding on the way to the shrine.  “I can’t help it.  The spells she used on me make it unbearable not to...............to.................OOHH      Oh goddess   I think I’m....UNGH    ............gonnaOOHH   ..............give........................................”  The cougaress managed as she sank to the floor, her arms wrapped around the sides of her massive belly.

“This is what I was afraid of.”  Dari said as she lowered herself to the floor beside the straining cougaress.  “If she starts birthing cubs now, she’ll have litters regularly every few hours.  It’s because of how regularly she’s been bred.”

“I can stop it for now.”  Lita said as she placed a hand on Anya’s belly.  “But I don’t know how many times I can keep it from happening.”

Anya quivered as her uterus shook in the first birthing orgasm, feeling the urges slowly subside as Lita’s gifts washed through her.  She panted as the healer caused her labor to stop, the urge to push replaced by the need for sex.

“One last.........time before..........we go.”  She said as she stood and walked toward the small stable area.

“Are you guys sure you can keep up with the needs of the ladies?”  Taxton asked as she watched Lita shudder as she stood, the young healer’s nipples rock hard with arousal.

“I think we can manage.”  Cole smiled as he looked first at Kamber, then to Rayne. 

“Then we should go, just as soon as she’s done........saying goodbye.”  Talon said as he looked at the area of the map Taxton seemed determined to reach. 


Rashelle moaned as Torridar worked into her, pressing the sorceress into the huge bed as he fucked her from behind.  Erin watched as his sac pulsed, swelling and contracting as he pumped seed into the gravid sorceress, the potions he’d taken earlier in full effect.

“He seems to be doing well.”  The vampire mink mused as she watched Rashelle slowly swell larger, seed pouring over the curve of her lower belly and onto the bed.  “How do you like it?”

“It........feels..............fantastic.”  The dark vixen managed as she placed a hand on her slowly swelling belly.  “But he..........may have.................taken too much............ He’s cumming........far more...............than he should be.”

“I thought it would help if I doubled the dose, because of his size.”  Erin said as she watched for Rashelle’s reaction. 

“You....WHAT?”  The dark sorceress gasped as she tried to stop the massive taur from pistoning into her.  “I already............had it mixed............strong for him.............and you doubled it?”

“Think of it like this.”  The healer said as she looked into the dark vixen’s angry eyes.  “At the rate your needs increase, he’ll be able to keep up for that much longer.  Besides, you’re nearly due with this load.”

Rashelle gasped as she felt her belly continue to tighten, seed continuing to flow into her.  Her huge belly now looked due with twenty huge taur cubs, and still had a bit of growing to do before they came due. 

“You.........may be right..............”  She managed as she felt Erin’s hands begin to pull on her erect nipples.

Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Shuriken on September 24, 2008, 10:37:03 am
I know this has been sitting here as is for a long time, and I'm just a random lurker... but frankly, I'd really, really like to see how this continues and turns out.

I kinda sat back and didn't say anything because I'm one of those people who just usually stays in the background and watches as things unfold... But since it's been so long since someone's actually said anything about this one (And it's been quite awhile since I've been able to come to this forum), I figured it wouldn't hurt to state that there's still fans (I'm sure I'm not the only one) of this story, just waiting to see what comes next! :)

This story is fantastic! Please, don't let it just die off!
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on September 24, 2008, 12:31:53 pm
I truely appreciate that folks out there like this series.  It's one of the few things that seems to be going right in my life of late.  I know that there are many people following this that are eagerly awaiting the next bit o storyline, and to them I say that I have absolutely no intention of just letting it die off.  I've got a pretty bad RL shituation going on currently.  Long story short, eviction and all the wonderous joys that come with it.  The RP based in the CotA universe I've got going currently is one of the few things, besides my family and friends, that makes me smile currently.  With this in mind, I don't want my RL troubles to have a negative impact on the series.  Frustration and depression are horrible muses, at least to me, so when things get a little brighter, I'll feel up to continuing.  For now though, wish me a little luck and know that this series isn't over.  "I ain't heard no fat lady!"
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Shuriken on September 25, 2008, 02:55:46 pm
Understood, man. Glad to hear you're hanging in there, despite the insanity involved with such a big issue, and I'd say the choice is a good one - even if it leaves a few people hanging, lol.

All I can say is good luck, and I hope things work out well. :)
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Silmarion on September 25, 2008, 06:43:17 pm
Good Luck. Just remember, once things are down low enough, there's nowhere to go but up.
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: nikaro on November 17, 2009, 03:56:52 am
Hey! I can't wait for the next installment! Just remember to come back once things settle down for you ok?
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Zephr on November 17, 2009, 02:58:16 pm
Hey! I can't wait for the next installment! Just remember to come back once things settle down for you ok?

Nikaro, it has been over a year.  I hope he comes back to work on it longer, but it has a good chance not to.
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Niji Iscariot on November 17, 2009, 10:23:54 pm
if he doesn't come back it's a shame, because he was an amazing writer.
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on November 20, 2009, 02:34:45 pm
Kinda makes it sound like I'm dead...  I did have a great time at the hospital recently, but I don't remember dying...  There was the CT scan..  Then a bright light..only because I looked into one of the targeting laser thingys though. 

Truth is, I did have some medical issues of late, on top of classes and a ton of unexpected work and financial stress (ain't life great?), but I have started writing again after basically retreating from the world for several months.  Just needed time to heal and regroup is all.  The good news is, I am writing again, and will get back to this series eventually.  Currently I'm working on a little project that I've been posting over at Expansion Mansion.  Due to the content not being furry, I wasn't sure if I should post it here.  It's more of a superheroine based tale.

Anyway, I'm not dead, I've got a far lower stress level going than I've had in a LONG time, and I actually feel creative again.
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: c6 on November 24, 2009, 11:50:16 am
At least a link would be nice :)
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Amenshawn on November 25, 2009, 10:50:47 am
And here ya go....

Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: Niji Iscariot on November 27, 2009, 05:13:22 am
Well, welcome back! Even if you were dead. Which is not all that hard to be these days. lol.

I know how you feel about the creativity lacking, real life has a horrible way of doing that. I hope your recent hospital issue was nothing too serious and that you're all better, and I look forward to seeing new pieces from you because as I said you are an amazing author.
Title: Re: Ok, so I finally got around to writing something.....
Post by: falloutghoul on April 22, 2013, 06:53:36 am
And here ya go....

I'm sorry if this is necro-posting, but I'm wishing to give an update about this link.
It's dead. ExpansionMansion is down, and the link is dead.

Amenshawn, if you still have the added sections to the story on ExpansionMansion that isn't on this site, please post them here.

EDIT: And also, I'm surprised that I haven't seen any illustrations from this story.