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Title: A lass of a different time.
Post by: SS_paul on July 02, 2020, 01:09:25 pm
I was young, healthy and full of energy to tackle this crazy, overwhelming world! Then, as if out of a crispy blue night sky the moon glistened upon me. these eyes have never been the same since. She was by far the most beautiful thing i have ever known, beyond what i could register into simple words. With a light just behind those exquisite jade green eyes stacked upon a perfect smile that danced within the blank corners of this already gullible mind. Her name, I had to know it! Before long that became evident, soon after that she began to pursue me in an almost aggressive manner. Being of two different age groups made this relationship doomed before it began as i wouldn't have it. Stubborn and mad for a woman i could never truly know, she caused me to become a man far too early in my life.

After a time or two we grew closer still, this majestic creature i craved, needed and wanted beyond anything I've ever known before. Eventually as fate would have it, there came a time when the fracture grew into a split. Divided by a handful of reasons almost stronger than my now insane lust for her I couldn't part with this new begging as it ended far too soon. Then a miracle happened, She became pregnant.

Oh and not just pregnant with one, but two. Yes twins! her belly, breasts and butt began to grow and increasingly sexy rates. When it became obvious that birth was only a few days or less away I knew she was mine! A knock on the door, an invitation only for one perpose. Something I deasperately needed before the end. A dance, of our bodies combined in a fashion only drempt of in the twisted ways of a passionate, rather uncontrolled urge to be something we could never become. That song still plays within the back of my head. Her luscious hips cradle two incredibly overgrown unborn children aching to burst forth, slowly rocking a gentle yet seductive sway.

I can only see her within a passing thought, buried deeper than being alive itself. She calls my name on occasion. I plead to return, only to find the faded glimpse becoming void. Every now and then it finds my veigns codderizing my very soul. I hope, pray, even dream that we can still have that one, last dace.